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Most imaginative title ever.
My entry for *The-Z's random ninja contest. Basically you just grab a description from a generator and then try to draw it.
Here's what I got:
This opinionated female ninja is very short and has a muscular build. Her slanted eyes are green. She has straight, neck-length, gray hair. Her plain outfits are usually yellow and include a belt with many pouches. She uses a straightforward form of martial arts that emphasizes dodges. Her preferred weapon is a club. She is skilled in disguise. She can summon a dog-ghost.

What appealed to me in this description (okay, apart from the ghost-doggy, wiseguy) was its inconsistency. I mean, plain outfits, relatively short hair, straighforward... to me all that commnicates a no-nonsense tomboy-type personality, but yet she prefers wearing yellow. And her fighting technique emphasizes dodges, i.e. staying away from your opponent, but a club is very much a contact-weapon.
And with the doggy I took some major artistic liberties by basing him on a british ghost dog barghest. Don't ask me how he ended up in Japan, it just felt fitting. The kanji at the back is the pup's name, Gen'ei, meaning 'phantom', 'vision' or 'illusion'.
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This is for 's contest in which participants are given a description via a randomizer (?) and then must draw the character being described...

What i got was:

"This secretive female ninja is very short and has an elegant build. Her wide eyes are red. She has curly orange hair. Her outfit includes a lot of belts. She uses a brutal form of martial arts that emphasizes breaking an opponent's bones. Her preferred weapon is a whip. She is skilled in breakfall and socializing. She can merge with rock."


Coming up with this character was quite fun. Challenges were inevitable specially when you only have to rely on a paragraph for reference.. XD My favorite thing about this character was the belt thingie.. i really brain stormed hard on how to make the belt not make the character a bondage uke. XD Also, the character's weapon can also serve as a belt and a bone breaking tool that can sometimes deflect kunai's. :)

The color wasn't really that hard for i relied on the last part of the description.. "...she can merge with rock..". So her color palette is based from the most simple rock/stone colors. (Which i hope i got right... )


I have already screwed up with another project... so poor Iwane was left to be rendered with flat colors T_T. But a re-color will be possible for this.. coz i love this piece all in all. There might be proportion problems.... but now i know better! :lmao:

Hopefully this gets accepted... (Don't you just love one click sending via Note?.. :giggle: )

Koishi Iwane Me.
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This is an entry for a 'Random Ninja' art competition. You had to go and get a 'random ninja' from this one random generator site, and then do your interpretation of it. Here's mine...

This plucky ninja is very short and has a broad-shouldered build. He has a wide chin. His hooded eyes are lavender. He has charcoal-colored hair worn in a style that resembles a horse's mane. His outfit is in shades of blue. He uses an odd form of martial arts that emphasizes dodging one's opponent and using submission holds. His preferred weapon is a katana (which seems to be almost alive). He is skilled in comedy. He can teleport.

While I didn't show him actually teleporting (which would've been hard anyway), I figure that's how he managed to get behind his opponent, put him in that obviously uncomfortable elbow hold, and sit on him. The purpose? Why to tell him a joke, natch... those samurai never /do/ appreciate a good laugh, the grumpy bastards.

"...So /anyway/... a kitsune and an ogre walk into a bar..."
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This is picture for a fun little project BGM is doing, which we draw a tarot card for the characters we play. Nagi, being the little foolhardy 'defender of justice' we all know and love, is the Knight of Swords.

No border or anything of the sort, as one will be added later to each picture to try to unify all the pictures together.

I'm considering doing one for Elaine (an original character), another character I play there. For her, it'll be the Page of Cups.
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This my entry: Midorihou Yuudoku ( みどりほう ゆうどく ) oh how clever, a name that says what he is :P

For 's Create-a-Nin Contest --> [link]

description given:
This opportunistic ninja is tall and has a lithe build.
His beady eyes are blue. He has straight, short, soot-black hair. His uncomplicated outfits are usually olive-green.
He uses a classic form of martial arts that emphasizes deceiving one's opponent.
He is skilled in poison-making, acrobatics, and negotiation.
His body has traits reminicent of a panther.

So, I made his outfit very uncomplex, not many buttons and holes and fashionable accessories. He does have a panther claw motif on his pant legs, his boots and on his bandana/dew-rag, that's about as flashy as it gets.

I really disliked the colors that were choosen, but I do think they fit well with the deception part (cameoflague!).

The claws on the end of his knuckles and fingernails are poisonous, and he keeps extras on one of his silver belts. The second silverbelt holds throwing needles; his arm guards also hold these poison-tipped needles as well.

His face is painted to accent his panther-like looks. His is the only black ninja (ningro? :lol: jk) so far I think to enter. The tail he carries is a trophy attached to his hip with the silver chain. He has purposely sharpened his teeth to look more intimidating. He keeps a trim diet to be flexible and stlk "prey" through the trees where he is light on his feet and keeps a steady grip with his hand and foot claws.

As far as negotiating, as you can see, he has one...with someone from Konoha village. Tsk-tsk should have listened to a crazy 7 ft tall black panther nin.

I included the bw art because I think my color ruined it. I also included the sketch where he is standing normally so you can see how simple his outfit is.

Yeah, I'm tired. Wish me luck! I worked hard on this- mostly out of respect of Z, a long time sempai.
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This is my entry for the Seventh Sanctum Class Act competition. [link]

Generator: Humorous Fantasy Class Generator
Class: Florist Ninja
Media: Pens, pencils, letrasets.

Toshiro was always picked on by the other boy ninjas for constructing bouquets as a hobby - the girl ninjas adored him for it and he wooed many girls with beautiful flowery gifts.
With the coming of the new era and the decline of traditional occupations and services such as the ones that samurais and ninjas offer, these specialists were forced to find another way of life.
Toshiro untied his head protector, donned a bandanna with a quaint flower logo on it, and opened a small but increasingly successful florist business.
He still likes to employ his ninja skills in his new job, using kunai to trim flowers, throwing shuriken to detach blossoms from the tallest of trees and even bunshin (clone) himself when lots of orders come in.
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Entery for Seventh Sanctum Magical Girl/Knight contest ^^

Here's the description:

~This humorous magical girl's narrow eyes are the color of smoke. Her waist-length, straight, silky hair is the color of the evening sky, and is worn in an odd style. She has a very feminine build. She has avian powers that are invoked by concentration. Her uniform is black and red, looks like a fusion of a princess' royal outfit and a barbarian queen's leathers, and it includes a pair of wings.~

I named her Luyu, a name that suits her if you know it's meaning. I'm fairly happy with the background but wish I could have done more; but I'm running out of time. (It's been pretty nerve-racking today; lots of computer problems and paintshop crap =_= ) Hope you like.... I'm tired.
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Flame Puritymage is a powerful Plasma Warlock who can wield awesome plasma energy through the use of ancient magical techniques. The symbols and glyphs on his outfit help him tap into and control the mighty plasma energy.

Created for Cross Genre Character Contest at Seventh Sanctum [link]

Fusion Class Generator = Plasma Warlock.

General Person Generator = This gentleman reminds you of a mysterious shadow. He has deep-set orange eyes. His fine, curly, night-black hair is medium-length and is worn in an utilitarian style. He has an angular build and nearly-nonexistent eyebrows. His skin is black. His wardrobe is weird and tight, with a completely gray and orange color scheme.

Extreme Fantasy Name Generator = Flame Puritymage.
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There was once a human martial artist named Fang Lee, who traveled the land protecting the weak from vile tyrants and corrupt rulers.

There was once a kraken scholar named Sven, who worked as a biology professor at the University of Atlantis.

But then an arcane ritual gone horribly wrong fuses them into a single hybrid body. Now with two minds living inside a shared body, they travel the land in search of a way to undo this involuntary transformation and restore their original bodies.

But in the shadows lurks the vengeful ex-overlord Dr. Hydrophobe, who is well aware of their predicament. He sees this as a golden opportunity to punish Fang Lee for dethroning him from his empire of evil, while simultaneously making Professor Sven pay for that failing grade he received in Comparative Magical Engineering 101.

Will our hero(es) succeed in restoring their former selves? Or will Dr. Hydrophobe succeed in killing two birds with one stone?


This is my “Just-for-Fun” entry for the Seventh Sanctum Fantasy Fusion Contest [link=[link]. It took me a while to decide which generator result to use, mainly because I was having a difficult time coming up with ways to portray all the aspects of the character. I ended up going with the following generator result:

“The educated, heroic male half-Kraken martial artist. His face hints at his non-human ancestry, but he otherwise appears human.”

My original idea was to draw a martial artist with one of those long, thin, cliché mustaches, but made out of tentacles instead of hair. I didn’t want to go with a full beard, otherwise I’d just be copying Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean (and besides, martial artists are typically beardless). I wanted to go with something different, so tentacle mustache was it!

Drawing the half-kraken head proved to be a little difficult. Not because of the mustache, but rather the facial expression (eyes and mouth especially). The first rendition looked too villainous for a “heroic martial artist.” In other renditions, he looked too much like an alien or an illithid/mind flayer. I suppose the main reason for this is that villains are all-too-often the ones with bald heads, tentacles, and/or lab coats. You’re mind just automatically thinks “Villain” instead of “Hero” when you see these things. To help fix this, I dropped the original “calm and serious warrior” look and changed his expression to a cocky grin.

Speaking of the lab coat, I threw it in at the last minute. For the longest time I couldn’t think of what he should wear on his torso (I knew what his head would look like from the start, and every martial artist needs cool baggy pants). Since the Kraken aspect of the character was a Professor, I decided to go with a lab coat. I still don’t know how a Kraken is able to wear a lab coat prior to becoming a half-human hybrid, but I’m sure anything is possible for a mythological creature from Scandinavia. Besides, it’s really fun to draw long coats on martial artists.

I had fun with this art style. I wanted to try drawing in a style that was vastly different than my previous work, so I decided to go with using primarily one color and a contrasting spot-color. As I was working on it, I found that it began to resemble a comic-book drawing style (which it weird because I’m not a fan of the superhero genre). While accidental, I think it fits since the character is a heroic martial artist (or at least half of one).

I drew the line art in Flash, while the colors and textures were made with Adobe Photoshop CS.
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EDIT: Color!!! Thanks to David Marquez for his scanning services.

Another entry for Seventh Sanctum's Fantasy Folk contest. I only have the Black and White version for now, due to my lack of a color scanner. I'll replace it asap, but I wanted to put this up. If that conflicts with site rules, please don't accept this until the color version is up.

The description this time:

"The race of otter-people. The only kind of magic they can do is fungus magic. They worship a matriarchial pantheon of gods and goddesses. They believe the powers that be are intimately involved in their lives. They are integrated into another culture, but have no land of their own. Their history is unknown even to them."

In time immemorial this race lost their watery kingdom above and was banished to the underground world of the funguloids. Still in close contact with their gods they use their divine connection to fungus magic to provide healing to injured workers. For this service they are allowed to live amongst the funguloids. Here their most powerful goddess, Leelle the Virgin Hospitaler, lends her divine will to the fungus magic being wielded in her name.
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