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Meme: [link]

Comments? :3

Doctor Who [c] BBC

OTPs: Amy/Rory, Doctor/Martha, Doctor/River
DISLIKE: Master/Martha, Doctor/Master, Doctor/Mickey
LIKE: Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Grace, Jamie/Victoria, DoctorDonna, Rose/Mickey, Doctor/Clara
OKAY: Doctor/Idris, Jack/Doctor [friends], Jack/Martha, Barbara/Ian, Doctor/Sarah Jane, Doctor/Nyssa
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Ally has a new kitty: Rita (from Animaniacs) :D :giggle:

Ally (c) Me
Rita (c) WB
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This is the colored and shaded version (with background) of an absolutely stunning and awesome family picture by ChixWarners :iconchixwarners: - you can see the original picture here: [link]

On the picture you can see Agetian (my OC :iconagetian:), Dot Warner, his wife (in "The Mystery of the Warners" fanfic), and their children, Meggie and Tal.

Original sketch by ChixWarners :iconchixwarners:
Wall pictures art (left to right) by AngelinaHarijau :iconangelinaharijau:, Agetian :iconagetian:, Airy-F :iconairy-f:
Coloring/shading of the main art and the background are by Agetian

:heart: Hope you enjoy the picture! :heart:
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Here's surprise part 1! :aww:
This is a portrait of Ag and Dot's family!
This is a pic from Agetian's fanfic "The Mystery of the Warners".
I definitely recomend reading it! :clap:
It's very good! :nod:
And I have to say, I was very excited about trying my hand at drawing little Meggie!
She sounded SO cute! :love:
And it was very sweet of Ag to name her after me! :blush:
Characters (left to right)
Dot Warner, (c) Warner Bros. studios
Meggie Warner, Dot and Agetian's adorable daughter!
Agetian Warner, Ag's OC (that wears a suit =D)
Tal Warner, Meggie's sweet little brother!
I hope you're very happy with this, my friend! :blowkiss:

Agetian, Meggie, and Tal (c) Agetian on dA
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Yakko lay on his bed staring out the window looking very depressed. He had been like this for hours. He barely said anything and just didn't seem like himself. His siblings were starting to worry.
"Yakko, are you okay?," asked Dot.
"Huh? Oh...yeah, I'm fine," he answered, a little distracted.
"You've been like this all day," said Wakko, "what's going on?"
"Nothing's going on," said Yakko defensively,  "I just...have a lot on my mind."
"What?...," Dot started to say. Then she realized something.
"You miss her, don't you?," she asked.
"Who?," asked Yakko.
"Kat," said Dot.
"I do not!," said Yakko.
"Are you sure?," asked Wakko.
"Yes I'm sure," Yakko answered.
His siblings stared at him in disbelief for a minute.
"Okay, it's true," Yakko said finally, " I miss Kat. I haven't seen her or talked to her in months and I can't stop thinking about her. "
"Well that's understandable," said Dot, "and I bet she's thinking about you too."
"You think so?," asked Yakko hopefully.
"I'm sure of it," said Dot, giving him a hug.
Little did they know what was going on a few houses down.
"Kat, do you have an answer for problem three?," asked Hope.
"Huh? What?," asked Kat, who seemed to be in another world.
"Problem three; do you have an answer?," Hope asked again.
"Oh sorry," said Kat, "I don't know."
"Is everything okay?," asked Hope.
"Yeah, everything's great," answered Kat, "why do you ask?"
"Well, you seem a little...distracted," replied Hope.
"I'm just...thinking about someone," said Kat.
"Yakko?," asked Hope, almost laughing a bit.
"Is it that obvious?," asked Kat.
"Well,  you've drawn about a million little pictures of him all over your notebook," Hope said, flipping the pages in Kat's notebook. On each page were many pictures of Yakko; some with his siblings, some with him and Kat, and even one of them in a heart with the words "Love Forever" written under it.
"Okay I miss him," said Kat, "It's like I can't get him out of my head."
"Well, I can understand how you feel," said Hope, "but we need to get this algebra done or we'll both fail."
"All right," said Kat, "just give me a minute."
She walked out of the roomj and started dialing a number on her cell phone. She heard the phone ring for a minute and then heard a familiar voice on the other end. It was Yakko.
"Hello nurse!," he said.
"Yakko?," she said.
"Kat!," he said happily.
"It's been so long," they said together.
This is my continuation of :iconsuprgrl1995: 's series of stories about her Animaniacs OC Kat. Hope you like it! :aww:

Kat (c) :iconsuprgrl1995:
Hope and story (c) Me
Animaniacs (c) WB

Kat: ([link])
Hope: ([link])
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But if looked epic so I thought why now
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This is a little something I've drawn during the gap between the classes I had to teach at the Uni today. :heart: This is Kessie Vernon, Tal's loving wife and the mother of two adorable twins, Michael and Michelle, Ag's and May's grandchildren. :heart: She's somewhere between 18 and 20 years old here, her college age (thanks to suprgrl1995 for a suggestion :aww: )

This is the first time I do a sitting pose. No reference was used. Also, I redesigned Kessie's look a little bit, changing the pattern of her red stripes in the hair and giving her ears a stylized appearance. :aww: No time to shade, unfortunately... Might actually shade it later. ^^; Hope you like this picture! :heart:

Tal: *awww* :drool: :heart:

Kessie Vernon is an Animaniacs OC created by :iconsuprgrl1995:
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The uncoloured original can be found as no.5 here:

Ohh lord, hell did I have fun with the background on this. :XD: I must've spent about an hour figuring out why it kept deleting the background layer~
Then finally getting it working~
And then when I placed the foreground in, it decided that when I coloured to alpha the entire picture was white.... Yadadadaa...~
And THEN the magic wand tool would only work when I restarted the program, in which I had to go through this all AGAIN!

Ignore my "fantastic" placement of fireworks; The brushes can be discovered here: [link]

The little green one wouldn't disappear!! Not the nicest thing for my nerves at half 12 in the morning. :X

I suddenly realised after I discovered that my 3 month premium membership runs out this week, that I had vowed to draw Agetian something for his efforts.
Will this do? :meow:
I'm rather ashamed, really~ I totally lost the vibe with my colouring technique, so while I was going tide in, the artwork was going tide OUT. =P

ANNOYINGLY long story short, this is a picture of Agetian & May's family looking at some fireworks. :giggle: I couldn't have them all wowing at nothing!
Agetian belongs to this amazing dude: :iconagetian:
May belong to my pickle saving dudette::iconchixwarners:
Nia, Meggie & Tal are all the children of these respectful owners :meow: :iconagetian::iconchixwarners:
And Lillie belongs to this little sweetheart::iconlillie45:
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A pic I did of Lillie and Wakko and their children. (sorry if it isn't perfect)

From L to R: Blue, Sapphire, Lillie, Wakko, Little Luke, and Rosie (with her star friend Chrysanthemum :))

Wakko (c) WB
Lillie, Blue, Sapphire, Little Luke, Rosie, and Chrysanthemum (c) :iconlillie45:
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This is the next of my "Little" series pictures, Little Michelle, Tal's and Kessie's beautiful sweet daughter (one of the twins) and Agetian's and May's granddaughter. :heart: :love: Isn't she an adorable sweetie? :aww: :heart: I hope you like this picture, my friends! :hug:

No time to shade again... dang... ^^; :( Hope to find time to shade it properly soon (as well as Kessie :aww: )

Michelle is an Animaniacs OC, she was created by :iconsuprgrl1995:. The color scheme by :icondmitrablue:. :heart:
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