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oh gawd sorry for wonky deer animations ;______;

also hi! this started as a quick speed paint and then it was so moody i wanted to add some animation..and then it consumed my life :< .... inspired by many things...including but not limited to s:s&s art lead (he's so good at painting rocks..*jealous*) ..hiking...and something i saw once

anyways...i think its finished u___u ..ish...the animations are pretty amateurish but i like it :D

I imagine the apprentice asking a lot of silly questions and really annoying the ..master? whatever...

may i be so bold as to suggest a little www . rainymood . com (i realize i didn't animate rain >_> haha)


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There it is, my most recent film, finished in 2010 as a graduation project in university. It's done some mileage so far (it was screened in approximately forty festivals around the world), but its festival life is nearing its end so I'm posting it online now!

Drawn on paper, scanned and coloured in Toon Boom Digital Pro. The backgrounds were coloured in Photoshop. Everything was assembled in Adobe Premiere Pro.

I hope you like it :heart:

24 scenes
1,860+ drawings
2 semesters
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This was made for a school assignment. we had to make an interactive flash animation of a kids story.

I know it's kinda gay but I had to make it child friendly and all that. I think it was still worth posting, even tho a lot of it is lazily animated coz it was only a school assignment.

Any way I just wanted to show u guys some other stuff, coz I don't just do emotes.

I hope to start doing emotes and submitting regularly again. and I really need to finish of the EMOTE pack that I started years ago. believe me I'm really trying but school is just taking my life from me now.

uploaded the final version with sound.

retarded comments I get:

*"I was going to favourite this but I don't like the way you used the word gay" (So.. like I give a shit if you fav or not and Fuck you I used gay in it's original context "bright and showy". educate your self before making stupid comments.)

*"ermergerd you spelt 'decided' wrong" (yeah I Know I spelt it 'dicided' rather than 'decided' so what. The text was the least important part. I wrote it out in a hurry very late the night before the assignment was due. I was so tired I could barely see the screen. Besides it's a multimedia assignment not a fucking English paper... cunt)

*"That's not the way the story goes" (yes it is. look it up. ok I changed it a bit.. but This is a lot closer to the original than most of the modern day versions.)

* "that was violent/that wasn't a children's story" (yes it was. These types of story's were made in violent times. They were meant to scare children a bit, so they would learn from the moral of the story and behave accordingly.)

Now that I've addressed these. I don't want to see any more comments like these :evileye:
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"hey you should make more games"

Mm.. ok. :)

About my last game, Woodland Adventure:
it's gone because deviantart took it down (along with a bunch of others, with no warning at all :(), because it had mochiads on it. I don't have a working .fla, or a .swf without the ads, so I can't put it up again, sorry :/ If you want to play it, you can do so here:


thanks guys. if you find a bug lemme know, i'll try to fix everything.

:bug: EDIT :bug:
I'm so sorry that some of you were having bugs that interrupted the game :( I submitted a new version, and the following bugs have been fixed:

- the exiting the Snax Shop bug where the screen would turn black.
- a bug where you'd get stuck in the wood area when talking to the handyman lion.
- I also widened the annoying bridge barriers, so bridges should be easier to cross.

Again, apologies to those who had their game interrupted :( Hopefully those who play again won't run into these problems.

Thank you so much for your comments, and keep letting me know if you find anything else wrong!
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** For the people that said they can't view it on DA, here is a link to my vimeo one =)! : [link]

A short (and first!) film I made in my last year at Emily Carr.

I spent 8 months on this film, from story boarding to animating the whole thing and finishing it. I killed off about 3 story boards and had a break down in the middle of trying to find my story, since everything I made just turned out into non-sense and garbage to me. After many helpful critiques and editing, I finally found a more simple story that hopefully makes sense ;v;.

For those 8 months, nothing existed in my mind except my grad film. My schedule pretty much only consisted of waking up, animating the whole entire day, eat, then sleep and go to school looking like a zombie when I have classes.

There are a lot of animation in the film that I hoped I had more time to do, but the most important thing was to get the film done.. I can barely look at the run cycles I've made.. but I'm happy I was at least able to complete this. Every panic, frustration, and pain was worth it~

Thank you for everyone that helped me made my film alive ;_; especially Nicholas and Ayaz who volunteered to help me at the last minute when my original sound designer and composer quit on me.

Talented Voice actors from : and

Protagonist: Neo_skywalker
Artist: Ryusuke
Boss: Edwyn
Child: Topleka

I hope everyone enjoys watching this ;v;!!

(This film recently got selected to be screened at Vanimation at Rio Theatre on November 25th in Vancouver =) )

[EDIT: Aww thank you so much ShadowDragonFox for suggesting this as a DD ;v; Totally made my day~!! and thank you everyone for the lovely comments <3 I read all of them ;v;~]
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Wow I can't believe this recieved a DD x__x
Thankyou so much everyone :hug:
I wish I had the time to reply to you all individually right now!

Ahh finally it's finished, Calvin's story!
A 2D side scrolling point-and-click adventure game.
Talk to characters, interact with the environment and solve puzzles ^__^

Please don't post comments to the answer of any of the tasks in this game, feel free to note and message other members.
I really don't want any spoilers on this page! If I find any I'll hide them.

I really hope you guys like this, I've been working on it solidly for just over a month now. The game has all been created on one frame on the main timeline- and the coding has all been done in AS3 on the main timeline too. *pats self on the back* I've learnt SO much from doing this and hope to start making a few other bigger flash games <3

It's been really fun being able to use nearly all my characters in one game n__n I guess most my new watchers will have never seen Pom, Blinky, Cloud and Chuck before >.<

My eyes are in a lottttt of pain from computer glare right now, youch! :c I've never suffered with this before, I've been writing and editing over 1000 lines of code. It hurtttts! The amount of bugs I've had to fix in this too! XDD Let me know if you find any? I really hope I managed to get them all. x__x

Happy playing! :heart:

Edit: Guh, DA seems to be glitching my code for some people. If you're getting a problem that seems out the normal for the game, hit refresh! It probably just hasn't loaded the code up properly >.<

Edit 2: DON'T PRESS THE ENTER KEY ON THE PASSWORD/PIN CODE BOXES. This adds spaces to the password!! If you've done this, then keep pressing delete and make sure there aren't any spaces left before typing the password in again. I need to fix this bug!

Thought I'd also mention that Calvin is a Capybara!
Capybara look like oversized guineapigs :giggle:

My Facebook Page: [link]
My Tumblr: [link]
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:iconpoopgoblyn: & :iconvest: & :iconitsbeautifulplz:

To see the other Flash Games for project Applo, be sure to check out:

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:
Bootin' - Pickin' - Blastin' - Choppin' - Fixin' - Scoopin'


You guys suggested I include a music track. Here you go: [link]

Or if you prefer a death metal track: [link]

All right, now that you've got that playing in the background, jump on in. First off, thanks to all of you guys for your suggestions and constructive criticism. I've addressed a number of the issues, and have fixed a few hitches (framerate, button response, graphic flickering).

I've also added in a 'combo' system. There's really no extra score bonus for getting a super-high combo, but it does unlock more intricate fireworks the higher you get it.


Whew, now this is a game that takes me back into more familiar territory. It's my preferred game type, was pretty easy to code together, and really, was just an excuse to have a lot of bright flashy explosive colors obliterate the screen.

This is one of the simplest game's I've made, one of the smallest memory wise, but dag nabbit, I'll be git'n, it's so cotton' pickin booty'ful tha's fer'shure.

This game is actually the second attempt at a game I was working on at the end of last week. The coding got so ostentatious, so oblong, so unnecessarily complex, I cut my losses and tossed it.

The whole time I've been on Applo, I've never had to toss a game project. And I never would've imagined the reason being 'inability to write a functioning code to achieve desired game design.'

That's the real challenge with game design. Most people think it's a question of 'is it fun?'. True, that is the most important question. But in a close second of importance is 'is it possible?'.

Of course it's possible, have infinite time, resources, man-power, and motivation. But once you run out of one of those four things, you're toast. On the last game, it was a total loss of motivation, and a fleeting lack of man-power. It was just too complex. My humble brain couldn't handle it. I couldn't get it fixed to remain on schedule, couldn't figure out the problem, and really, was losing all faith that the game itself would be fun in the first place.

Then, come Monday afternoon, as I'm walking around the block to cool off and get some fresh air after abandoning that project...

...something clicked.

A whole new game design swept over me.

I went dashing back inside, and in a matter of hours, coded a functioning engine for this game you see here.

So even after cutting another game project and starting a whole new one completely from scratch, this one came together so gracefully that I was able to make up for lost time and still remain on schedule for Applo's production pipeline.

Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop CS2
3d Studio Max
Wacom Tablet

Comments appreciated. Criticism honored.
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"Disconnect" (2011) is an animated film I created/directed, exploring themes of depression and loneliness. The protagonist - Malcolm - struggles with his inability to connect with the world and the people around him.

This was my graduation film for Emily Carr and took about 8 months to complete. To date it's the largest project I've worked on. I feel I could have done better, but I'm still very proud I what I managed to accomplish.

Special Thanks to my family and friends for putting up with me during the process.

Created With: 3D Studio Max 2011, Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS5, Adobe After Effects CS4/CS5, Adobe Premier CS5

Film doesn't work? Watch it on Vimeo
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This was made for the game Serf Wars. It's a Facebook game i worked on while i was at Meteor Games.

Its probably my favorite theme hehe..i want that castle o__o

The little chickens were animated by my pal :iconsierralewis: , everything else done by me! ^_^

Please respect that this is property of Meteor Games :) thank you!
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Years of playing Harvest Moon has really made me want to cobble together some kind of cooking game! QuQ So here it is LOL

Lovely lace design by [link] !

Error reporting by [link] !

Amazing music by someone on Flashkit, but when I google the title of the piece I can't find it for credit! ): EDIT: It is a copy/piano version of "Seasons" by Vincent Cheng! It was one of a handful of songs preloaded on Creative's "Zen" MP3 player. (Thank you to the great deviants who helped me with this!)



- added epic ice cream asfdg LOL (recipe by ToddNTheShiningSword)
- added meringue (recipe by ~voracioussketching)
- added chocolate-covered strawberries and butter cake (butter cake recipe by Yuna-yurble)
- added milkshake and pancakes (recipes by alexiussana)


- There are 16 possible desserts you can make (and I don't bake so the game might be kind of nonsensical TTuTT)

- Just drag the ingredients to the oven

- If you manage to make all 16 desserts, you can download all the desserts as 50x50 pixel art icons and use them for...I guess deviantart icons LMAO

- Sorry for all the copyright signs! Don't want my stuff to get stolen by companies again :T

FOUR RECIPES: (in case the game is hard lol ;u; )

Caramel pudding: sugar, milk, caramel, eggs

Mango pie: flour, sugar, milk, assorted fruits, butter

Chocolate cookies: flour, sugar, chocolate, butter

Lemon parfait: milk, assorted fruits, caramel

If you are desperately stuck (quq), the whole list of 16 recipes can be found here! [link]

the numbers correspond to the ingredients from left to right, so flour is 1 and honey is 7, for example. ouo
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