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You're on the DA front page, browsing as much as you can. You try to soak in all the different varieties of great art from photography to paintings, the colors and skills that many of the different artists are pleasing and impressive for the most part.

That's when you run into it.

A black monolithic square box that almost takes up all your monitor space when you look at it. It's huge, unappealing, artistic only to a hardcore Andy Warhol, and it has a message it want to share with you. A "cry" for help that screams like a teenager who watches too much angsty anime and listens to too much Linkin Park and Evanescence. You wonder who the hell made this ugly travesty and how it got to the TOP of the most popular in the last eight hours category.  

You click to the artist's gallery: THEY'RE EVERYWHERE, And all of them have immense amounts of views and likes. Comments are not allowed on any of them. Those who speak their mind and dislike this account are blocked.

This atrocity is known as Deviantart'secrets :icondeviantartsecret:

This is really something that should be posted on Tumblr, not an ART site. They might say that "anything" can be art (a cop out argument made by the "smypathetic"  defenders of this site.) but These MEMES made in Paint and Wordprocessor under five minutes are getting more attention than an artist who sweats and bleeds over his art for hours on end.

So at the very least these guys can say something significant, right? Some uplifting advice? An embarrassing story that would actually constitute as an actual secret?
Nah, here's what you get!

"nobuddy undderstands me!!1!!"    "I iz SOOO suicidall." "my faimelly hatez me!!" So on and so forth.... So what DO you do with something that only spews negativity into what people could already call a very negative minded art community?

MAKE THE BEST OF IT. :iconyeahplz:

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls I present to you the; DEVIANTARTSECRET's DRINKING GAME!! Here are the rules:

1. Whenever a secret's primary color is black. Take a sip!

2. whenever someone uses Comic sans. Take two sips!

3. If it's about love: shot!

4: If it's about growing up? Shot!

5. If they are "suicidal"? TWO SHOTS.

6. Gay lesbian bi or tranny? :iconrainbowfaceplz: :iconsaysplz: SHOT!!

7. there secrets are terrible and no one could possibly understand their pain? shot!

8. Are comments allowed? Two shots!


10. Do they cut themselves? THREE SHOTS!! :iconallthethingsplz:

11. Everytime the english language is butchered, Half a shot!
You'll be getting your stomachs pumped after the first page garanteed!! :iconthumbsupplz:
  • Listening to: HEAVY F**KIN\\\' METAL.
  • Reading: Lord of the rings and more comics
  • Watching: You while you fap... ewey.
  • Playing: With your mind
  • Eating: Meat... Vegetarians be DAMNED.
  • Drinking: Coffee... Mother of God all this coffee...
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Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Explore ‘Game of Thrones’

Do you enjoy Game of Thrones? Of course you do. So do we! That’s why we wrote this in-depth look at the show, its importance in the cultural zeitgeist, and its origin as well as the origins of other shows of its ilk. Get your fix here.

Tom Hardy To Star In 3 More ‘Mad Max’ Films

So here’s some interesting news: Tom Hardy has announced that he’s committed to doing three more Mad Max movies after Fury Road, which comes to theaters next month. The trailers we’ve seen for Fury Road so far look absolutely stunning, and we’re cautiously optimistic about the prospect of having three more Mad Max films. On the one hand, we love Mad Max, and we love Tom Hardy, but on the other hand, is three more films bordering on too much of a good thing? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Autumn Afternoon

Attempting to describe this beautiful oil on canvas piece by eddiecalz is leaving us breathless. Just take a look for yourself and enjoy the experience of it.

‘The Muppet Show’ Returns?

So a project is currently in development that would closely resemble the old Muppet Show that was on TV back in the late 70s and early 80s. If you’ve never seen The Muppet Show, it’s pretty hilarious, and it spawned any number of classic bits still widely-known and referenced today. The show still has a way to go before being greenlit, but the success of the recent Muppets movies provides some hope that this is a project audiences will be eager to watch.


When life is too absurd to be depicted in realist forms, Surrealism enters to search for the truth by bending the nature of reality. Find out more about the movement championed by artists like Salvador Dali in our profile of Surrealism.

What Is DeviantArt?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to put what the DeviantArt community is and what it means into words, check out this amazing journal from our very own Heidi.

Why is Dad So Mad?
by Seth Kastle

Post Traumatic Stress Book

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects people all over the world, but it can be difficult for friends and family of someone who has it to understand what that person is going through. This is especially true for children of adults with the disorder. That’s why Seth Kastle, a US Army veteran who suffers from PTSD, decided to write “Why Is Dad So Mad,” a children’s book that seeks to explain the disorder to children. Kastle, a father, wrote the book about his struggle with PTSD to help his daughter understand what he’s going through. You can learn more about the book or order a copy of it here.

How To Train Your Wind Waker

This is a crossover that we’re 100% on board with: How To Train Your Dragon and Wind Waker. Major props to TsaoShin for creating this beautiful piece.

Play-Doh Movie

People seemed to really like The Lego Movie (it grossed approximately $250 million US) when it premiered last year, which means that any and all children’s toys remotely similar to LEGOs that can be bought by studios and turned into movies will be bought and, you guessed it, turned into movies. This trend is kicking off with Play-Doh, evidently, which Deadline is reporting Paul Feig may direct. Feig’s involvement could spell good things, as fans of Bridesmaids and The Heat can attest, but a lot could happen between now and the film’s premiere. We will refrain from holding our breath in the mean time.

Luther Strode Sequel

The Legacy of Luther Strode is drawn by Tradd and colored by sobreiro. Issue #1 will be available April 8th! Check out a preview here.

Ads & Art

Can advertising be art? That question is the theme of a community discussion that we’re hosting here. If you’ve got an opinion on the subject, we want to hear it.

Minimal Challenge

CRFractals has announced their minimalism challenge for April! Learn more about it here.

Cute Collection

This collection of cute by Andorada is sure to put a smile on your face. Sleep in all weekend and hang out with these adorable images instead of getting up.

Painted Programs

LunaticLenny is seeking recommendations for software that are good at achieving a "painted" look. Help him out with your suggestions here.

Here’s a short film

Whoa, this short film, called Burnt Grass, is really cool. Basically it’s about a couple who find a way to duplicate any organic matter. In the first scene, their dog stumbles into it and is instantly cloned. Then things begin to get dark. If you’ve ever thought about what life would be like if you could clone yourself, we highly recommend watching this eleven-minute film.

Today's Headlines From The News Desk 4–4–2015

Authors: techgnoticeawood 
Curator: Moonbeam13 

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
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Collection: Shine A Light

Tue May 12, 2015, 12:37 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

Light means so many things in our lives beyond mere illumination.

Cinematographers call the hour just before the sun sets “the magic hour.” Movie producers and directors schedule the shooting of love scenes and other important moments in their script to take advantage of the powerful effect that “magic hour” sunlight subliminally exerts on our psyches. The Dutch master painters of the 17th century were expert in focusing the eye on the “story” of their canvases by how they presented the light source of a scene. But more than that. In those times before modern heating, the northern cities of Europe could be cold, rainy and depressingly dark for much of the year.

The bright hues of yellow and gold in the Dutch paintings added value to their worth, for the “warmth” they brought into the homes of the wealthy when hung on their walls. From the earliest times when the light of fire was used to drive more powerful beasts from the caves so that our ancestors might have shelter, and firelight each night at the entrances kept out those beasts as well as the evil spirits that lurk in the darkness, light has been our salvation. Here’s a gallery of photographs and paintings demonstrating how much lighting impacts our senses, our moods and memories and the stories of our lives.

I decided to fly through the air and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could.”

— Evel Knievel

I think of marriage as a garden. You have to tend to it. Respect it, take care of it, feed it. Make sure everyone is getting the right amount of, um, sunlight.”

— Mark Ruffalo

Plants exist in the weather and light rays that surround them - waving in the wind, shimmering in the sunlight. I am always puzzling over how to draw such things.”

— Hayao Miyazaki

The sunlight ranges over the universe, and at incarnation we step out of it into the twilight of the body, and see but dimly during the period of our incarceration; at death we step out of the prison again into the sunlight, and are nearer to the reality.”

— Annie Besant

Light means so many things in our lives beyond mere illumination. Cinematographers call the hour just before the sun sets “the magic hour.” Movie producers and directors schedule the shooting of love scenes and other important moments in their script to take advantage of the powerful effect that “magic hour” sunlight subliminally exerts on our psyches.

Author: RWSlavin
Curator: ellenherbert
Designer: seoul-child

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
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NaNo Resources

Sat Mar 14, 2015, 7:46 AM
I'm no good at preparing ahead of time, but I feel like I need to. So, I've started collecting resources to help me do just that. And it seemed like something that might help more people than just me, so here's what I've got so far! Please let me know if there are other resources you swear by, I'll happily add them to my list.

Don't forget that if you're having trouble finding any particular resource, there's also a Helpful Resources & Sites forum on the NaNoWriMo site where you can post a thread and hope someone else has good ideas. (No, Camp doesn't have its own forum, all links to forums from the Camp NaNoWriMo site all go to the larger site. There is an area of the NaNo forums devoted to Camp, however.)

New Update: I'm just going to throw this out there... a friend linked me to Jim Butcher's blog about how he outlines his stories, and after reading that (linked below under Outlining) I began reading from the very beginning. He's got a lot of good advice, and I really recommend skimming entry titles at least. Very good stuff.

Where to Write

These items are either places to write for a while that will keep track of your current wordcount for just this session or programs that will save your whole project. If anyone is willing to vouch for other software or has suggestions for good editors to work in, please let me know and I'll link to your comment so people can ask you questions if they have them. (I'm not going to list anything I haven't used myself without someone to direct questions to.)

  • Write or Die is exactly what it sounds like. For those of you who've never used Write or Die, this will time you and keep track of your progress. There are options for rewards, consequences, or stimuli if those help. (Beware kamikaze mode, it will start unwriting your project if you take too long to continue on. Amusing at times, but crazy-making at others. Use at your own risk.) Not a great way to save an entire project, in my view, but you can copy everything out of the editor once you've completed your word count or timer for the day/session.
  • For the whole project, I'd like to try browser-based Scriptito this time around, since I prefer the speed of my Chromebook to the ancient processor of my MacBook. But it's clunkier and will take getting used to. We'll find out how well it works, and I do have my MacBook to fall back to. Unfortunately I've found a bug in the software (or repeated user error) and so I've decided not to use this. Maybe I'll try again some other time, it would be really nice to write from anywhere, on any computer, rather than just the computer I've got software installed on.
  • I can vouch for Storyist, which is what I have on my old MacBook as well as on my iPad (tied together so I can work from either platform). There's an iPhone version as well, but I don't see a lot of point in working on a tiny screen. Maybe that's just me. This software creates a single project file which glumps your manuscript, section/scene sheets, plot sheets, character sheets, setting sheets, and additional notes and images all together in one file. Syncs with Dropbox. Discounted for NaNo participants.
  • I have also tried Scrivener, which has support for more platforms (Windows, Mac, beta Linux?) and more types of writing (fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, etc). I actually found it had almost too much for my humble pantsing methods when I tried it last (hence Storyist), but it certainly covers everything you need to build your world, characters, and story. Free trial, and also has a discount for NaNo writers. (Download the free trial first, because if you win there's a larger discount.) I'm playing with this right now, and there's potential here, too.

NaNoWriMo error message by voldemortsangel

How to Track Your Progress

Anyone can cross off dates on a calendar, but there are specially designed trackers and calendars for NaNo participants that you can find by searching dA or Google. A couple I've bookmarked include:

  • NaNoWriMo 2014 Word Tracker Spreadsheets are the most recent multi-page month-long-project tracker spreadsheets posted by SvenjaLiv. The last ones in her dA gallery are outdated, but just as useful. Downloads are in .xls format from her website, in a variety of designs. (I am having a bit of trouble getting all the graphics to display properly in my Google Spreadsheet, but the functionality is 100%.)
  • There don't appear to be any Camp 2015 calendars posted on dA just yet, but I did find a generic Camp Nanowrimo Progress Log that lets you fill in the calendar as you go.

Prep Resources: Characters and World

Different people have different methods of outlining their characters, from the ridiculously long and excessive (see Big-Ass Character Sheet and Blank Character Sheet) to the minimal. It's hard to search all of dA for these, because you get everything from anime reference sheets to actual literary-oriented reference sheets. I've tried to provide links to a few that are in my favorites, but if you have more please let me know! I'd recommend finding one that suits you and sticking to it, but if you need to create your own, go for it.

Plot bunny error by storytellerX

Prep Resources: Plotting/Outlining

I have never been good at outlining things ahead of time, by-the-seat-of-the-pantser FTW! :dummy: Except, it doesn't win, because I start to fumble when I'm trying to keep up with the NaNoWriMo-paced writing. So, this year I'm trying to forcibly teach myself how to outline a story before writing a single word... I'll let you know whether it works or not. :B

Writer Support

  • There are groups for people writing, both in general and specifically for NaNoWriMo, and of course CRLiterature is always your friend. The only active group I've found so far is NaPoWriMo, which Medoriko is kickstarting again just in time for April. theWrittenRevolution and CRLiterature are planning to post some weekly prompts to keep the poets going, and who knows, they might be useful for novelists with blank scenes, too!

  • I should also mention the Scribophile site, which is just amazing. (I fervently hope someday dA can implement some of Scrib's critiquing tools!) I have found their groups/forums somewhat useful, depending on what I'm looking for, so it's worth mentioning. I don't have a subscription there [yet], so the usefulness does have its limits, but at least one friend has encouraged me to get one, so there's at least one dA voice boosting this!

There are also chatrooms that you can hang out in if you're looking for distractions or interested in taking a break from writing to talk about your project, someone else's pothole, or what have you.

  • #CRLiterature is home to the literature community of dA, so this is always a valid hangout. I expect I'll be spending time in here as long as the discussions aren't too distracting. Not specifically a NaNo chat, but there are likely to be people here with appropriate answers to your questions, whether they're taking part in craziness this month or not.
  • #NaNoWriMo is the primary NaNo-themed chatroom I've found, though DrippingWords also created :#cananowrimo: (and since we're in a cabin together, I expect we'll hang out there a good deal). I'll try to be in these when I'm not busy writing!
  • #WriteRoom has been suggested to me as an active place, but I don't chat enough to really have spent any time getting to know it. Let me know if you have feedback on it!

Other Resources

  • Check out the Sponsor Offers for software, classes, and tips. Some sponsors offer free trials of these software products and a discount for winners, or just a discount for participants. Not everything works on all computers, so don't forget to check compatibility before you buy! Me, I've got a Chromebook so anything that isn't browser-based is out.
  • kirylin also directed me at Derek Murphy, who has a cover design business but has made a really useful DIY Book Covers site with freebies as well as extended member (purchased) content. He's trying to teach the less artistic of us how to use Microsoft Word or even his free online tool and some templates to create book covers that will sell. I'm totally going to waste time this week playing with it. I am a dummy! From the looks of it, you still need to have decent art, and that's the part I fall short with. Photomanipulation is not my strong suit, but heck, I'll try it anyway. I can always bug someone else and whine until they consent to fix it just to shut me up. :D

Still Looking for Something?

If you're still looking for something, try the Writing folder over at Divine-Tutorials. It's a collection of all sorts of advice on writing. I can also recommend both OokamiKasumi's Tips and Tricks gallery and JosephBlakeParker's Advice gallery.

Where to write, progress trackers, character sheets, writer support. I'm no good at preparing ahead of time, but I feel like I need to. So, I've started collecting resources to help me do just that. And it seemed like something that might help more people than just me, so here's what I've got so far! Please let me know if there are other resources you swear by, I'll happily add them to my list.

Look for an 'Upcoming Events' journal from me closer to April as well. :aww:
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Untitled-1 by techgnotic

I'm Ready For My Close Up by MadRain92

Don't Give Up

Amazing things happen when you don't give up. You just need to get through the hard part first but we promise, it gets better.

PUISHER V DAREDEVIL colour by DeclanShalvey

Marvel's New Punisher

Jon Bernthal, best known for playing Shane in The Walking Dead, will be the new Punisher for Marvel Studios and will make his first appearance in season two of the Netflix series of Daredevil. He'll be the fourth actor to play the character but his first TV appearance.

on the radio by irrr

The World Trembles As Apple Launches Beats 1

Tim Cook announced the next stage of Apple's take over of the music business with Beats 1, its own radio station. Despite losing some of their top DJ's to Apple, the BBC's Radio 1 boss Ben Cooper denies they're worried about the new competition.

Tutorial - The MAGIC SketchBox by FionaCreates

The Magic Sketchbox

FionaCreates has put together this wonderful tutorial that shares the secret of the magic sketchbox. If you haven't heard of this handy trick before, prepare to be amazed.

100 Place Of Dance

Matt Bray loves to dance and he loves to film himself dancing. This time around he finds 100 places to dance and edits it almost seamlessly together in one video. Check it out.

Stock by La-Catalina

Get to Know a Deviant

Cassy-Blue puts together a regular feature that showcases rising stars in the Stock community and the latest edition, features La-Catalina. Check it out and be inspired!

Static Shock Fan Film

The DC Comics character created by Dwayne McDuffie, Static Shock, gets the star treatment in the short film Electrogenesis by Harjus Singh. Static had a successful run as an animated Saturday morning kids show and this short shows the potential live-action feature.

Happy Love and Friendship Day! by barananduen

Join A Group

barananduen has compiled a list of groups that you should check out on DeviantArt. What are some of your favorite groups? Share them with us in the comments below.

Juan Carlos Llorca/AP

Texas Shuts Down Two Thirds Of Their Abortion Clinics

Federal Justices decided to uphold the new law, HB 2, which requires abortion facilities to comply with hospital-like standards, stating their belief that it does not pose an undue burden for the majority of women seeking abortion in Texas, millions of whom will now have to travel hundreds of miles for an abortion. Only seven clinics in the state comply with these new laws. It is important to understand that these clinics do far more pap smears and breast cancer screenings than they do abortions and that closing these clinics will bring hardship and potential health risks to millions of women across the state.

Love by Leons-Photography

You're So Sweet

LadyLincoln has reprised her community project, The Sweetest Deviant. Take a moment to nominate someone who inspires you in the community and they could be rewarded for their awesomeness! Get all of the details about this community love project here.

MOSUL by azoozi20

Jasmine, Inside Mosul

Jasmine is a sculptor in Iraq. She is trying to recapture and preserve what was lost when the IS soldiers destroyed the monuments there. The group still occupies the territory making it doubly hard for Jasmine to do her work.

Satellite NX-12 by Dekus

Internet In Space

Elon Musk’s SpaceX company has asked the federal government for permission to begin testing an ambitious project to beam Internet service from space, a significant step forward for an initiative that could create another major competitor to Comcast, AT&T and other telecom companies. Their plans call for launching a constellation of 4,000 small and cheap satellites that would beam high-speed Internet signals to all parts of the globe, even its most remote regions. Elon Musk has said the effort “would be like rebuilding the Internet in space.”

Follow Our Rules by AquaSixio

In the Forums

Rules are generally in place to steer us in the right direction but let's be honest, some are downright silly. I mean, why can't we wear white after Labor Day? Share the foolish rules you've heard in this forum.

Voodoo by J-u-d-a-s

Happy Birthday

Today we wish J-u-d-a-s a super happy birthday! Be sure to check out his amazing gallery when you head over to say hello.

Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6–10–2015

Authors: Moonbeam13DeevElliott 

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
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Thanks so much to everyone who's joined the group so far and all of you who participated in this week's discussion! There were some great insights into what makes a good story.

I listed off everything mentioned, and it's really cool to see how many of you said the same things. To me, this suggests good storytelling isn't as subjective as it universal. Here's a chart I made of everything brought up and how many of you mentioned the same thing:

Almost all of you said a good story makes you feel something. I've always considered this to be the most important aspect of storytelling, and so have many other storytellers. Teresa Strong-Wilson said, "Language is felt before being understood; it is also felt in order to be understood." I think the same can be said of stories.

Aristotle proposed that, in order to pursued someone, you need to appeal to them on three levels: ethos, pathos, and logos. That is, your argument must appear credible and appeal to a person both emotionally and logically.

Image source:…

What is storytelling if not the ultimate form of persuasion? You’re trying to convinced people that something you totally made up is not only believable but also entertaining. Not all stories are meant to spread a message, but all good stories have a theme or universal truth we can all understand and that will, hopefully, enlighten us in some way.

I love how TorySteller put it: “Good stories make me feel something. Great stories I can play in my mind, and feel as if I'm a living witness to the events taking place. And excellent stories make me question and challenge my own thoughts, beliefs and sensibilities. It offers a different perspective lens to view the world through.”

So what are the most fundamental aspects of good storytelling? How can you apply ethos, logos, and pathos to your storytelling? Here's a diagram I created that hopefully puts it all together.

Everything else about storytelling stems from these fundamental branches, and they're all important because these things are important. If it wasn’t important for a story to have pathos and appeal to your emotions, then it wouldn’t matter if we cared about your characters. But it does matter, and this is why.

This is how humans are wired. We have emotions, intelligence, and morality (ethics). Good storytelling expertly hacks into these things and convinces us that something unreal and untrue is the most real and true thing we could experience. Bad stories are like an amateur trying to hack into the NSA; we know right away that something’s fishy.

My plan is to talk more in depth about each of these things and then discuss the finer points of storytelling techniques like characterization, plot, conflict, theme, tension, and all that good stuff. I’m not going to hold myself to a set schedule, though, because I know I’d fail miserably if I tried. I plan to stick to this format and first ask questions about a topic and get everyone thinking and talking, then come back with some of your insights, add in my own, and provide resources on the subject. Also, I'm an analyst at heart, so I'll definitely be creating more charts and diagrams!

If you come across any cool resources about storytelling or know about something interesting related to the topic at hand, please share!

- Grace AKA illuminara
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1 mth PM Raffle+ Art Gifts [CLOSED]

Sat Jul 4, 2015, 10:51 AM
Okay !! Sorry I took quite a while because I had some health problems I had to visit the clinics and so but here is the number !!

You have 1 week to claim it from us by sending a NOTE to us.

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If you failed to claim by this week then  its over.

And please do not rush the artist as they have their art to do too / / Thank you for understanding !

* Consider joining my friend's :iconpactmaker: raffle ~! ♪ PactMaker's Art Raffle!
*Update: Please follow rules thank you*
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Hello guys !! smile

I am sorry for being ass late as usual. But here I am gonna open up a raffle. 1 mth PM raffle + Art Gifts to be won!! It's a lil bit to congratulate that I got over 20 ,000 PV too lololol

Thank you :iconsacchan-sama: :iconpactmaker: :iconsapphyriah: :iconmiau-nya: :iconmayuriko: for contributing gifts Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] Without you guys maaan I'd suffer :iconplak5plz:

[You don't have to be watchers but please only watch me if you like my work !!]

It will be appreciated if you guys join. If there is less than 10 people I might consider cancelling it sadly ;;;;;;


So here is the prize. Suho : Fabulous

:bulletgreen:1st place: :bulletblue:1 mth PM ( Or equivalent :points: from :iconraynef:
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                                                  :bulletblue: Chibi by :iconmiau-nya:

:bulletgreen:2nd place ::bulletblue:A colored Headshot from :iconraynef:
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                                                     :bulletblue: Chibi from :iconsacchan-sama:
                                                      :bulletblue: Waist up sketch from :iconmayuriko:

:bulletgreen: 3rd place : :bulletblue: A simple sketch colored from :iconraynef:
                    :bulletblue:100 :points:  from :iconpactmaker:
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[PLEASE READ]Rules ! + 1

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My friend is doing a raffle too !! Please check her out! :iconsapphyriah:


Please refer to my front page to see what I can do and what I cannot do. :iconlazeplz: Thank you!

This raffle will end at 21 July  which is a Tuesday at 11 pm  ( GMT + 08:00 ) !

Good luck! Peashy Talking Icon

Skin by SimplySilent
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  • Listening to: Tea Party
  • Reading: My assignments
  • Watching: Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy and Nobunaga the Fool
  • Playing: Pokemon Shuffle
  • Eating: Chinese cuisine by daddy
  • Drinking: Lo Han Guo ( Herbal Tea )
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Foreign Words the English Language Needs

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 20, 2012, 8:31 PM
Foreign Words the English Language Needs

Because language shouldn't be a barrier.

Oh hello. I’m finally getting around to making this news article that I said I might do, like, a month ago. Sorry, I’m not used to writing news articles. Bear with me.

Back in August, I started a series in my forums for cool foreign words. It went over extremely well and numerous people requested that I combine them into a handy-dandy news article for deviantART at large to enjoy. So, here you are: fifteen foreign words that the English language needs to steal appropriate.

Hiraeth (Welsh)

What it means: A feeling of longing associated with displacement, but not necessarily displacement from one’s original home. An intense yearning to be somewhere you are not. Hiraeth also expresses a sort of ache or longing for something of the past, somewhat similar to the notion of "golden" or "good old days," but with more ancient connotations.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: I speak as someone from a country with a rich history of immigration and diverse ethnic culture, and as someone with a longing to see Ireland. Wanderlust is a near compulsion some days. We can always use more words to describe intangible longing, and maybe, in the process, make that longing a little more accessible.

Further Reading: [link]

Koi No Yokan (Japanese)

What it means: The sense one can have upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love. Differs from “love at first sight” as it does not imply that the feeling of love exists, only the knowledge that a future love is inevitable.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: Because we're far too damn taken with this teenage "love at first sight" bullshit.

I don't begrudge anyone their fairy tales and indeed I know the words to nearly any Disney song you care to name (and have something like 150 of them collected in my iTunes >.>), but this concept has always bugged me thanks to the way it influences real-life relationships. Koi no Yokan describes a relationship that evolves and progresses - "true love" carries an implication that the relationship is the same from day one to forever, because if it's a perfect match/relationship, why should it ever change? A new word, no less romantic, but with different connotations, is a good place to start getting out of that rut.

Rhwe (Tsonga, South Africa)

What it means: To sleep on the floor without a mat, while drunk and naked.

Why is needs to be a thing in English: College.

Ya’aburnee (Arabic)

What it means:  Literally meaning ‘you bury me’, this is the hope that a person or loved one will outlive you as to spare yourself the pain of living life beyond that person. Often spoken by parents to children.
Why it needs to be a thing in English: Are you kidding? Did you read the definition? That’s not some whiny “I can’t live without you” declaration of love. Ya’aburnee is hardcore. You fall so hard with Ya’aburnee, it puts you in the ground. Not to mention the word is like a sonata to the ears. Go ahead – say it out loud.  Ya-ah-boor-nay. Morbid and gorgeous.

Sabsung (Thai)

What it means: “To slake an emotional or spiritual thirst; to be revitalized.” Sabsung is the thing that makes you happy to be alive, the thing you struggle through a long workday just to get to.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: We all have hobbies, but sabsung goes deeper than that and can have spiritual undertones that the word hobby simply doesn’t carry. Maybe your hobby is something as domestic as cake decorating, but if you get a true joy and release out of it, then it’s more than that – it’s a need, not something to pass the time.

L’appel du vide (French)

What it means: The “call of the void.” The urge some people get to jump from high places when they encounter them, for example when close to the edge of cliffs. Laden with pseduo-philosopical connotations.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: The closest thing I can think of is “suicide,” or perhaps “vertigo,” but that’s not it. It’s not a sense of disorientation or a suicidal urge at all, and indeed never even appears until one happens to find themselves in a high place – say an office building, or perhaps while hiking. The call of the void is that tiny voice in the back of your mind that says “jump.” The one you would never listen to, but can’t help but wonder what the free fall is like. The urge to do exactly the wrong thing in a given situation, something Poe might have called “the imp of the perverse.” It’s a siren song, enticing with promises of the unknown.

Zeg (Georgian)

What it means: The day after tomorrow.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: It’s such a simple thing. Why don’t we already have a single word for this concept of time? It honestly doesn’t make any sense now that it’s been brought to my attention. And the English language could always use more Z words.

Mono no aware (Japanese):

What it means: Literally “the pathos of things” or “a sensitivity to things.” A term used to describe the awareness of the impermanence of all things and the gentles sadness one feels at their passing.  Somewhat similar to the Western phrase “memento mori.”

Why it needs to be a thing in English: English is a language of instant gratification, and of the present tense. Our society looks forward to brighter things, better things, to the newest fads and trends. The wistfulness inherent in a term like mono no aware is foreign to how our minds work.
Mono no aware recognizes that earthly things are beautiful precisely because they are temporary, that the spring must be tempered by autumn. In a culture obsessed with eternal youth through surgery, the so-called golden years are giving way to plastic years. 

Greng-jai (Thai)

What it means: A rather uniquely Thai concept, greng-jai involves not wanting to put someone else in an uncomfortable position. That feeling you get when you don’t want someone to do something for you because it would be a pain for them. A little bit similar to the “little white lie” in that the lie is told to spare the feelings of the person lied to, instead of lying to save face.
Why it needs to be a thing in English: What’s interesting about this word is what a big perspective flip it is. Say you have three people in a movie theater. One person is on their cell phone – not loudly, not enough to ruin your movie experience, but just enough to pull your attention away. It annoys you. But the third person in the row is not bothered at all, enjoying their popcorn and laughing at all the jokes, happily ignoring the interruption. You are the one with the problem because you can’t push aside the minor distraction. You are the one that needs a sense of greng-jai.

Gotong (Indonesian)

What it means:  To carry a heavy burden together; the relationship between two people who carry a burden. Similar to reciprocity as the carriers often bear the burden as a mutual arrangement.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: It’s just one of those feel-good words, one somewhat similar to charity, but without the negative connotation of accepting without giving back. Better to bear a burden together than be another charity case, right?

Wabi sabi (Japanese)

What it means: Finding beauty in something considered imperfect, like the crack in the liberty bell, or the Venus de Milo’s lack of arms.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: I’ve always liked the concept of finding magic in small places – the dandelion growing in a sidewalk crack, the streetlight spotlight, the oil on puddles. Wabi sabi gets right to the heart of that and goes even further by insisting that a thing is beautiful precisely because it is imperfect. So quit fussing over your hair so damn much, it looks fine in a messy ponytail.

Cafuné (Portuguese)

What it means: To repeatedly run your fingers through someone’s hair. Usually done in a soft and affectionate manner.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: I’ve used this concept before in my own writing, and I still really love it. It’s so pretty and simple and I just want to make it a verb in English so I have an excuse to use it.

Retrouvailles (French)

What it means: The joy experienced after meeting again after being a long time apart.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: It’s another one of those simple words where everyone knows the feeling and we don’t have a nice concise word for it. “Happy” is probably the closest equivalent, but it’s a very specific kind of happiness, one that anybody can relate to instantly. Given the increasingly global world we live in, this is the sort of word we need when we come home from a long trip abroad.

Komorebi (Japanese)

What it means: The sort of scattered, dappled light effect that happens when sunlight shines in through tree leaves.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: Oh my GOSH, I love this word. It’s amazing. It sounds so much better than dappled. And it’s more than just the dappling effect of the shadows – it’s about the scene as a whole. That sort of translucency just isn’t captured by dappled. Dappled is what you call a spotted horse, not the elegant play between light and shadow.

Koev halev (Hebrew)

What it means: Identifying with the suffering of another so closely that one hurts oneself, that one’s heart aches.

Why it needs to be a thing in English: Sometimes “empathy” just isn’t good enough.

And there you have it - 15 words we need to update our discourse with. What are your favorites? And which ones have I missed? :)

At least three or four people really wanted me to make these a news article. Here you go. I'll see about doing more in the future, but I make no promises :lol: At least now you can have them all in one place :la:
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Screen-Shot-2015-07-14-at-12.40.29-PM by techgnotic

Hey Seuss by theCHAMBA

Today's Inspiration

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!

— Dr. Seuss

Suicide Squad

During San Diego Comic-Con a sizzle reel was shown for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Someone in the audience recorded the footage that was meant soley for the show attendees and then posted a horrible copy of it online. We opted not to share the leaked footage yesterday but Warner Brothers has since released a pristine copy to the internet for all to see and we're happy to share it with you now. Bear in mind that this movie is still in production and this isn't the full trailer that will come out after the movie has been completed. That being said, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Big Fish by YaelPardina

Photomanipulation Treasures

Emerald-Depths has put together a lovely feature of photomanipulations for you to enjoy. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

Give a Hand by gilad

Human Hands are Primitive

It might surprise you to learn that, evolutionarily speaking, human hands are more primitive than those of chimpanzees. The earliest form of hands evolved to grasp and carry objects, and the hands of both chimps and early humans had very similar proportions, closely resembling the hands we humans have today. While humans remained on the ground, the ancestors of chimpanzees took to the trees, and their hands continued to evolve in order to handle their specialized lifestyle of swinging through the trees. As their hands adapted, their fingers became longer and their thumbs shorter, much better suited to their highly specialized life among the treetops.

Writing Crew by purplekecleon

Literature Goings On

If you're looking to catch up on what's going on in the Literature community on DeviantArt, this journal is for you! This post is updated regularly so be sure to bookmark it.

Tom Makes it Possible

It's been said before that Tom Cruise does his own stunts but the extent of the crazy he pulls off is fully revealed in this footage that shows him hanging off the side of a moving plane while shooting the latest Mission Impossible. First, the plane leaves the ground and second -- he shot this EIGHT TIMES. Do you plan on seeing Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation when it comes out? Also are you impressed that he does his own stunts? Let us know in the comments.


Leadership Lessons from Fish

Effective leaders strike a balance between being assertive enough to guide their school while not being so assertive as to leave them behind, at least according to trained Notemigonus crysoleucas, a fish more commonly known as golden shiners. Scientists conducted a study where they trained 90 fish to find a food bowl, then put them in schools of untrained fish. Some of the trained fish proved to be better leaders than others, leading their new school to food, while others were less effective, leaving their school behind or being ignored by their peers. It seems humans aren't the only species capable of good or bad leadership. Next time you want to brush up on your leadership skills you can skip the seminar and check out your local aquarium instead!

debate by niimo

Debate It

It's time for a new debate over at CRPhotography and this time the topic is watermarks. Do you feel they are necessary or do you think they detract from the photo? Chime in with your opinions here.


Pluto Mission Successful

This morning NASA confirmed that New Horizons successfully completed it's mission to fly by the dwarf planet. Pictures from the actual flyby won't be transmitted until well afterward. In fact, it will take more than a year to get back all the data — 16 full months, or until October or November 2016. However, what we do know is that, thanks to measurements taken by the spacecraft, Pluto is actually larger than anyone imagined, in fact 50 miles bigger. While this is still tiny by solar-system standards, it means that Pluto is the largest object in the Kuiper Belt, which is considered the third zone of the solar system. Completion of this mission means that the United States is now the only nation to have visited every planet in the solar system. You can read more about the mission on NASA's website.

Project WE Promotional Art 7 by yuumei

Thanking a Mystery Deviant

DamaiMikaz received a gift in the mail from an anonymous deviant and wants to thank them. That's super thoughtful of you whoever you are! Have you ever received a gift from someone on DA? Have you ever sent one? Let us know in the comments.

Fantastic Four

The final trailer for the Fantastic Four has been released and we get a better look at each of the characters including Doom himself. It's clear from the trailer that it's a superhero movie but it's a little generic after that. Thankfully, we don't have to wait long to see the whole thing as Fantastic Four hits the big screen on August 7, 2015.

Steampunk Computer by steamworker

In the Forums

When you write do you sit down at your computer and pop open a program or do you take pen to paper? Share your preference with us in this forum.

Where Subscriber's Money REALLY Goes by priteeboy

Happy Birthday

Today we wish a very happy birthday to priteeboy. Be sure to check out his gallery here.

Today's Headlines From The News Desk 7–14–2015

Authors: Moonbeam13damphyr

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Fri Jan 16, 2015, 6:50 PM
102-img-00 by techgnotic

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived a life of exemplary personal sacrifice in the face of the constant threat of violent reprisals, including sudden death.

He is synonymous with civil rights and the icon of the struggle of Black Americans for racial, economic, and social equality. He earns his place in history as one of the legendary rare human beings who really made a difference, really contributed to ours being a better world, by adhering to a belief in the transformative power of peaceful protest and other acts of love.  He refused to hate. He is considered by most a genuine American hero whose lessons and actions have inspired the entire world.

The American civil rights movement led by leaders such as Dr. King evolved in the late 1950’s as the practices of racial segregation in the American South and the discrimination against blacks throughout the society reached intolerable levels.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Baptist preacher and extraordinary orator, based his strategy for the advancement and eventual equality of Black Americans on the ideas and methods that had been successful for Mahatma Gandhi in India, centrally, the power of non-violent protest over violent revolutionary means.  King’s oratory, encouraging an appeal to the white majority’s conscience and sense of basic decency, steered many away from the incendiary “by any means necessary” armed revolt rhetoric of the more militant leaders.

The pinnacle of Dr. King’s career as peacemaker and agent of change came during the 1963 March on Washington.  Standing before the Lincoln Memorial, addressing a quarter-of-a-million marchers, King delivered his now famous “I Have a Dream” speech, which has now taken its place in prominence in American history right alongside Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address.”  In 1964, King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his efforts to end racial inequality by nonviolent means.

Dr. King refused to give up on the vision that was his “dream” to make America a land where black and white children could grow up together in peace and harmony as equals; but for that dream, he was killed by an assassin’s bullet in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968.

In his last years, his focus spread to include the disgrace of American poverty. His speeches against the U.S. waging the war in Vietnam angered many of his liberal, patriotic supporters including the then President of the United States, Lyndon Johnson.

Remarkably, he would be only 86 years old today had he lived.

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of "interposition" and "nullification" — one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.”

— Martin Luther King

Legends are all too frequently born from violence and the circumstances of his death remain clouded in suspicions of broader conspiracy despite the immediate capture of his assassin. However, his legacy lives on and, like Gandhi, continues to grow and inspire countless generations of all colors around the world. Dr. King reminds us all to be the change in the world we want to see.

What will your contribution be?

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you think you would have been able to march non-violently as on-lookers spat on you or hurled bricks at you as Dr. King was?
  2. Do you think Dr. King’s “dream” has come true and if not, why not?
  3. Should we think of the social media as the equivalent of a massive on-going, non-violent expression of public sentiment on social causes?
  4. How can making or distributing art be an equivalent to the use of non-violent protest to achieve social change?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived a life of exemplary personal sacrifice in the face of the constant threat of violent reprisals, including sudden death. He is synonymous with civil rights and the icon of the struggle of Black Americans for racial, economic, and social equality. He earns his place in history as one of the legendary rare human beings who really made a difference, really contributed to ours being a better world, by adhering to a belief in the transformative power of peaceful protest and other acts of love. He refused to hate. He is considered by most a genuine American hero whose lessons and actions have inspired the entire world.

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