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Merry christmas!

This little guy's name is Placenta Claus. He once functioned
as a temporary organ joining the mother, " virgin" mary and fetus,baby jesus. placenta claus used to transfer oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the fetus, and permitted the release of carbon dioxide and waste products from the fetus.

After jesus's birth on the 25th of december, Placenta was disposed of...without any thanks..

But now he is BACK and out on revenge, on christmas eve!!!! So watch out!@

( might take some time to load, it has got sound)

5 hours

I see it has a little hickup. Ill try to fix it.( think it has something to do with the sound...)

If some stuff looks strange ( outline moving seperate from the colors, etc) Try refreshing the page by hitting F5. wuut wuuut

EDIT 3: hopefully the lineart problem is fixed now. merry christmas
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Commissar Soundboard. See you guys again whenever I feel like churning another one out.
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Animelody Pxndx - "Narcisista por Excelencia"



Presiona las teclas direccionales en tu teclado tal y como lo indican las bolitas al tocar el receptor.
La clave esta en seguir el ritmo de la musica;solo subele el volumen a tus bocinas y ya!


Por fin!
ya esta listo!

Ahora puedo alzar mi voz al cielo y decir que he cumplido uno de mis dos sueños guajiros flasheros.....
hacer un juego musical

Fue muy dificil dar con un codigo en action script que reuniera todos los requisitos que necesitaba un juego como este,hasta que amablemente unos compañeros me pasaron el link a un tutorial.
(el cual estaba en ingles y muy mal explicado....y sin imagenes,asunto que me dificulto aun mas la labor)

Solo necesitaba hacer modificaciones al codigo fuente...hacer un personaje...establecer el mapa de las "bolitas que caen"....hacer el diseño dela interfaz...acomodar la cancion para que cuadre con las "bolitas que caen"...y otros detalles mas....muchos mas..
solo les pido de favor que si llegan a encontrar un problema o un bug en el juego solo avisenme,sale y vale?

Asi que oficialmente ,en este deviant, doy por iniciado la franquicia de "Animelody";el juego musical en flash (basado en pop n music de benami, mi viejo amor del psone) asi que esperen muchas mas canciones en proximos juegos!

Les presento a Dodo, el personaje de esta cancion....dile hola a todos, dodo!.....*se esconde*....que timido....

Bueno,ya por ultimo quisiera agradecer infinitamente a estas personas por ayudarme con este juego, muchas gracias !!

:iconsantiw93: :iconsoulabluerose: :iconraffix:

gracias por jugar!

Macromedia Flash MX 2004

Este juego flash fue hecho solo con fines de entretenimiento y no involucra ninguna actividad de lucro.

Pxndx y todas sus canciones son propiedad de Movic Records ©

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Old thing I made.

Shamelessly derived from
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And that's how I won the national "Run Like an Idiot Whilst Balancing Invisible Sandwiches in Each Hand" challenge.

Years of practice, folks.
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Just having a little fun learning Flash again. The kitty doesn't appreciate having the cursor in itz face much :)
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SUBMITTED AT 4:06 PM PACIFIC TIME (-800) ON 17/2/2010

CODED BY ME (~HiddenSpartan) AND GRAPHICS BY ~yadu

UPDATE - Version 1-1
--- Love The City --- A game of love vs time.
In Love The City, you play from a bird's eye view of a small landmass where you are tasked to build and maintain a small city. To finish the game, get all your houses combined producing 200 love. If 100 turns pass before the love total is reached, the game ends.

Love: Love is (like) a resource produced by houses in the radius of a flag (not a road). Each house produces +1 love for having access to food, access to blok and access to their interest, for +3 total. Once 200 love is being produced, the game is won.

Turns: When you have finished building for that turn, hit enter to go to the next. On a turn update, resources are calculated and set, including love. You also receive tax income from shops on the turn update.

Predicted resources: The resources that are going to be set next turn. There was a design reason for these, which I now can't remember. They aren't always 100% accurate.

Structures: Buildings basically. They are the only way you can interact with the world.
Food: Feeds citizens. Comes from farms.
Blok: A luxury. Makes people who get it happy. Comes from factory.

Fertile Soil: Slightly greener, more saturated squares. Can build farms on them
Bloksource: Tiles with that orange mound on them. Can build factories on them.

Roads: Roads are a cheap way of increasing your building radius. If you want to build on a singular square a distance away from your flags, then you could build a road out there for a fraction of the price
Houses' Interests: Every house wants a certain thing from you. Providing them with it makes them provide an extra love point. On the right hand side of the bar at the bottom of the screen there should be some text like 'struct-flag' or 'struct-farm'. This is because I was too lazy to write out a switch statement that'd put 'Flag' and 'Farm' down instead. When hovering over a house, this area shows something like 'struct-house wants struct-library'. This shows the house's interest. If the house in in range of this building, then it will provid an extra love point.

'struct-library': House is interested in education, build a library close by.
'struct-station': House is interested in protection, build a station close by.
'struct-cinema': House is interested in entertainment, build a cinema close by.

Arrow Keys: Move The Cursor
Enter: End the Turn
Backspace: Demolish buildings. You do not get any refunds for demolishing a building.
Number Keys: Build Buildings
1: House. Provides 3 Population. Costs 25 credits
2: Grocer. Provides food to nearby houses. Costs 70 credits. Provides credits on turn (equal to houses in range * a random number between 2 and 5). Needs one food to build.
3: Blokshop: Provides blok to nearby houses. Costs 75 credits. Provides credits on turn (same as grocer). Needs 1 blok to build
4: Farm: Provides 3 food to the city. Costs 120 credits. Can only be built on fertile ground.
5: Factory: Provides 3 blok to the city. Costs 125 credits. Can only be built on a source of blok.
6: Library: Makes nearby houses interested in education happy. Costs 225 credits.
7: Station: Makes nearby houses interested in protection happy. Costs 225 credits.
8: Cinema: Makes nearby houses interested in entertainment happy. Costs 225 credits.
9: Road: Can build in adjacent squares. Must be built in either flag's radius or in adjacent to another road tile. Costs 10 credits
0: Flag: Can build buildings in it's radius. Costs 515 credits.

All buildings except the Road, Flag and House require 1 population to build.
You cannot build buildings over other buildings, you must demolish them first.

You definitely need to read this, because it is extremely easy to screw yourself over in the first turn. The very first thing you need to do is place a flag. Put it somewhere where there is both fertile soil and bloksources nearby. Once build, build a couple houses around it. Then put some farms and factories down on the fertile and blok-y soil. Build some grocers and blokshops around the houses. This should start you out well for the coming turns; you now have an income of money each turn.

The grey bar at the bottom of the screen is where information about the current game is shown, it is laid out like so:
| Set resources | Predicted Resources | Love/Turns | Current structure info |

Yeah it's still buggy, but It's somewhat cleaner than the Beta. P:

Added In-Game Cheat Sheet -> No longer have to scroll down to see PRESS TAB TO VIEW
Added Radius-Viewer -> Hold SHIFT plus a number to see all the radii of those buildings. Should be close enough.
Added Something with the cursor -> Can't describe it that well, If you hover over a place in the range of a flag or road it's yellow, elsewhere red. Should be somewhat helpful.
Changed the thumbnail too something much cooler.
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Since I had some extra little time, I figure I made this mini click able poke-a-Bloo, although I can't get his original ouch voice so I pick another one, somehow when I imported into flash, the sound is different XP And this was made for people to have fun or release some stress and tension on this poke-a-Bloo XD
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my intro to Flash Animation final project...... I really got tired of tring to make this look good. I hate it. Completely and honestly, I hate it.
Morten tried helping me put it all together, but the files he sent couldn't be opened on my school's CS5. So I did all of this by myself in a rush, and it shows.

Oh well, at least I met all of the requirements for the final, that's all that matters :>

Overall I LOVE animating frame by frame! Really, its so much fun! Sadly, I do not have Flash at all on my laptop, so I won't ever beable to do it again (le sigh).
Any who!!! The bubbles you see are things/people that I like:
-Infinity scarves (durrr)
-Ludo (one of my fave bands)
-Jason Segel (my celeb crush)
-Morten *MNRart
-Morgan ^ditto9
-Pokeball = POKEMON!!!!

Total Time: more than get everything drawn and sized correctly.
Tools Sai/Photoshop for everything drawn & Flash CS5 for the animation and music
MusicAdrian Holovaty- Super Mario Brothers Theme

(I had a ton more people I wanted to include...but I ran out of time and motivation to do so. I hope you all forgive me...)
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So I'm doing my Pokemon Green Let's Play, and I'm surfing along on my Rhydon and I meet a swimmer who says:

'Ahoo! You mount on a good bike! Give me that if I win!"

And then I got this image in my head and I HAD to animate it XD I like doing this silly little 2 frame animations, it's like speed painting for animators almost ahah.


If you wanna see the LP vid where this happened, it's this one, at 7:05
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