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I still don't know why our friendship broke apart... She stopped talking to me suddenly and was never answering me ever again not even when I asked why... after three weeks in a situation like that I wrote her if she wants our friendship to continue she should answer within two weeks, but she never did...

That girl was not only a friend of mine for me she was the sister I always wanted but never had.

One day I saw her again and she shortly talked to me about random stuff like everything would be alright. I don't know if that hurted me much more than it would if she would have ignored me...

That all is about three years ago but I still often think about her wondering if she is alright and what she's doing right now. So I hope you are as happy now as we were back then together.

Moreover I am really asking myself what I did wrong to get in a bad situation like that loosing someone THIS important.

I am gifting this picture to you because yesterday when I was thinking about you again I got the intention that I have to draw something for you.

I don't know for what the red ribbon is truly standing but I drew it standing for our friendship and think it fits in there.

The scanner ruined the colors of the picture... >.<" The gray went too much violet. =/

That was the first time I tried to draw without being too perfectionistic at all and I think it turned out very well for that. ^^

inspired by [link] from :iconb-keks:

Media: Copic Multiliner 0.05, Copic Multiliner 0.1, Copic Ciao, Copic Sketch, white gel pen and a red fineliner
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        Points for :iconviolaceus1plz:

    I am FINALLY happy with Wifi's design completely.
    Numerous revisions over the course of a year (possibly more, I lost count), but it was worth it. I felt her original design was good, but after playing her and actually getting to know her, it wasn't Wifi.
    I am very happy with her design now and I don't see any real changes in the future. Some clothing change, but that is a seasonal thing.
    Alright, off with you for reading my random crap XD

    character sheet and bio links:
    #52weekproject week 10
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Just like last month, I enlarged my drawing for my Over the Ages Meme (found in my gallery!) And made it into its own deviation. It's just a simple drawing just to show my improvement over the months :) This is for the third month.

I hope you like it! :D
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this is a character from shuffle I love her looks and I just
had to draw her xD the flowers used to be sunflowers but I prefer blue ones I dunno why! >.< I'm going to colour it too :D
hope you like it

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meet my new OC, "Atella" (it means Dark Hair)

so, who said i dont have a female OCs.. well i love bishies, but i also love a sexy lady :icondignitylaughplz:

sorry, she is not a pirates.. she is a gipsy.. (epic fail.. :iconotlplz:)

i have a serious project for this OC, i'm gonna made a comic and she is the main chara, but i think i need to improve my BG and story telling skill.. and i need to finished "Inevitable" first.. :iconsebastianstressedplz:

i wont give you too much spoiler, but well the story setting is fantasy futuristic... and believe it or not, Atella is a mother,..(Yeaaaaaaaaah, sexy mama ;p )

C and C are very welcome..
faber castell colour pencils as usual.
Atella (c): ME.. >:-D
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if i still desperate and regret everything.. it won't solve anything...

i know its really hard... but i need to be strong... its begin with fix everything that's near me, repair my own self to be better...

and its really hard for me to keep smiling in this situations.. but for all the people that prayed for me, for the people who cheer me up..
i'm smiling for you.... only for you...

thanks for all your supports...

best regard~kuro

this is the oposite pict for this one
since :iconichara: ask me to draw a strong pict to bring out good mood and optimism.. so here is it..

i'm still survive right now, and i'm fine as long as i have so many amazing friends at here...

i love you all.. :hug:
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cute chibi of my OC Toyo =D
it came very cute ^^
The winter finally came to israel !!!!!! YAY
I didnt shade or colored her yellow parts of her hair
I decided to leave it like that XD
hope u like it ^^

tools: Sai and wacom
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commission for :iconvampiric-yuko:
sorry to make you waiting.. :icontearplz:

this is her OCs, Hisako and Dezaia

for real i made this one in my class :p

faber castell colour pencils in 3 hours

feedbacks are very apreciated.. :la:

hisako and dezaia belongs to *Vampiric-Yuko
art by *kuro-alichino
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commission for :iconkokorotamashii:
thanks for commissioning me.. :iconarigatouplz:

this is her ocs josephine.. (short hair)
and Gwendolyna (gipsy girl).. well i made character design for gwen based kokorotamashii descriptions.. hope you like it my dear.. >_<

jo is a withces and gwen is a gipsy girl..
for real.. i love gipsy, and i read lots of salem tragedy's articles.. so i'm very happy when i draw them together.. :iconhappyblueplz:

dunno... but in my mind.. i think the plants will grown up when gwen dancing.. and jo can summoned a nature creatures..;p

i made this one in A3 size.. well kokoro doesn't ask me to made it in A3 size.. but.. i can't put a BG details in A4 size... :iconotlplz:.. so here is it.... it took one week to finished this one.. :iconruncryplz:

and tadaaaaaaaaa.... another sunset BG from meh.. hohohohohohoooooo... *slapped* :iconrocketpunchplz:

faber castell colour pencils.
A3 size

jo and gwen belongs to ~KokoroTamashii
art by *kuro-alichino

will open paypal commissions after this.... i need some money for buying a college textbooks :iconcryforeverplz:
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commission for :iconxilveroxas:

huweeeee sorry to make you waiting.. :icontearplz:

La... la.. la..... straight couple.... i just realized that i need to drawing 2 more straight couple for the commissions.... yeaaaaaaaah... where is my yaoi spirit.. :iconcryforeverplz:,
haha it doesnt mean i hate straight couple.. i'm just a badass fujoshi you know... ;p

just get the idea for this one when i looking the blue sky from my roof.. :la:

hope you like it..
colour pencils in 4 hours
feedbacks are very apreciated.. :iconepiclaplz:

characters belongs to *xilveroxas and =reiashford
art by *kuro-alichino
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