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April 2012 IIIHello Ocean by kim-e-sens.: S u n r i s e :. by oguzcengThe World's Awake by Emily-WhiteUntitled by abdieftL e g a l i z e W e e d by AliWithAnEyebehind my hands by KizukiTamuraOla I by littlem695Sun love by AnastasiaSiaclose your eyes and kiss me by RioTAngiEmoon's bride II by prismeshow fragile we are II by prismesluscious look by columbiapowernot the way that you left me by falsereality748672 by SlevinAarono13 by SlevinAaronq0005 by SlevinAaron00016-some moments are perfect by SlevinAarontenderness. ... by light-from-Emirates.: moonlight :. by GokhanKaraag865343 by aleksandra88dreamy afternoon by mj-magicRendez-Vous part one by werolD I S C O by MarcoHeislerOne Million Tears by MarcoHeislerchilhood dream by EbruSidarPortraitgreen day by EbruSidarPortraithear the wind by EbruSidarPortraitfragile by EbruSidarPortrait:thumb293997400:livin in a dream by navidoutlawLittle dreams in the rain by naked-in-the-raini hate goodbyes by birazhayalci:thumb290901552:flying in my sleep by EliaraHunting for butterflies by YaraKlaproosreflection by The96th:thumb289263857:portrait by soulminingava by prismesRevelation by KrzysztofJedrzejak89-766 by aleksandra88Hush, but the heart beating.. by KhomenkoOut for a Walk by IsacGoulartNext to You II by IsacGoulartOn the branch by Fra-EmerSeagulls - by nurtanrioventhe lullabies by nhuthanhGrassy Green by nhuthanhLabyrinth 9778P by Sooper-DeviantWinter will come by Inside-my-ARTflames. by impatienssFur of the Earth by soulofautumn87:thumb2859April 2012 III3 years ago in Art Features More Like This
Undiscovered TreasureThis week's collection was discovered through the "Undiscoverd" option for browsing the DA Gallery. It has become my favorite choice for finding great art!

passive turmoil by zeruchPause (burden of silence) by AlwaysRainCheckHalf Made Whole by copper9livesA Boy and His Hound by kallielefDeath in Autumn by Valentinadhara
Blueberries by astra888leddherwhy mailmen + mathematicians make shitty gardeners by ChloroformBoylove is not for fish by NullibicityWallflower Dreams by TwilightPoetess3 by hoooook
Cougar by makangeniSummer Lights by TrashinsDeus Ex by Le-Arc-7thHeavengnashing. by A-Lovely-AnxietyDeath and Rebirth into Light of Mother Ayahuasca by mmastriani
.:My Rain Dance:. by SummerDreams89White Fairy Ii by zeiruch:thumb484112570:Long Ago (for AWL) by AlecBellfor the few and far between by peaseblossoms
annotation by FallingAsleepTonightInhuman by desenhogiroAngry Zombie by DugStanatPirate Isle 3D Environment 02 by Adrian-DrottRuthgar, Mother of Cakes by 3-hares
droplets to drop by NullibicityThe Passing by tvurkIgnore The Machine by bliXX-aFar From Home by JackEavesArtBrooke and Romahni 5 by Plage-Photo
Dormant River by NataliaDrepina:thumb484506682:Deep in the Stinging Woods by V-L-A-D-I-M-I-Rold villa / Black Jewels clothing no1 by snottling1Synchronicity by vamosver
Left-behind by CindysArthate crimes and other ways to give back by toxic--sunriseDuchess by elanesse-vThe Kiss by mimikascraftroomDelphinwelt by gestandene
Undiscovered Treasure6 months ago in Personal More Like This
Welcome December

Angelic by MoonZaphireLeaking Light by Len1Blue demon by barbelith2000adNosferatu by BattlePeachCorrupt by machinedeer
Ground Control by CoferosaDragons do not fly, the ground falls away by williamfdevaultUndefeated by Leah084Ellen by GedogfxTrapped in this World by pompafunebris
Charon sent me back by lady-of-the-quillFear and Greed by xeena-dragonkizzOnce Upon A Time by Blacksand459Church by IvanVladikUntitled by lisans
The school Prom by aldwarkeHoly Reverence by crimsonvermillionButterfly Angst 88 by CheleBellesLairHow to Celebrate Black Friday by BlanzeflorEvery Street by WolfxButterfly
Purple ketamines by frightenthelittlesinThe Olympian project: Goddesses (total fr/en) by lombregriseFrom Grace by Medorikoit is perhaps a bit mystical by alapipOrgan by MadnessMalice
Frost, Jack Frost. by TIAvalentinaWinter Queen... by VillenueveMalaga Cathedral again by JuanChavesA Measure of Reprieve by timeraiderHaiku Winter 12 by druidoaks
We Don't Talk About College by RavynLaRuea d v e n t by creativemikeyShe who Hunts ur Dreams by BrennsArtAtticSilent Spaces by TwilightPoetessTraveler by crimsonvermillion
The Children of the Woods by juhohamPath to nowhere by Softyrider62Gift for a friend by LotharZhouWinter Flower by mashamaklautSummer landscape by pin100
Butterfly Effect by EithenThe Flowers Fairy by BrookeGilletteBetrayal by pompafunebrisAd(vices). by BleedingPropheciesComing Home For Christmas by MyStarryDream
To My Mother, On Her (Still) 29th by WikitaRosary by mj-magicBeauty of Melancholy by Lady-Yumeyoung Green Peacock by AlsaresLynxAdventures of purple octopus by Fiery-Fire
The Cook by burningmonk:thumb497416
Welcome December4 months ago in Personal More Like This
Welcome, November!

Opium by MadnessMaliceBob Dylan revisited by Les012:thumb139082437:A Witch's Night by PrincessMagicalHighlands-24 by Kaarmen
The Changed Intensity, or Colouring With Light by jamboe89What are you looking at? by Chiichiichan94Talismans by TwilightPoetessbeginnings by AlleyanaInner demons by J-u-d-a-s
Far from home by Softyrider62Promise by vampirekingdomRose by AnjaMillenSoul Collector by artztoodShadows Of Past by CDemirkan
Mistress of Shadow by jhoneilOwl butterfly in green world by Momotte2Old World Swallowtail ~ by fetchingfeastBeloved Swan by xeena-dragonkizzTake five by Raipun
Forest by LillianEvillXimena by autumn-spiritDiamonds by gertrudisesmeraldinaThe oracle by UnreliableRuthCrystal Dark by LuneBleu
Stained Glass by LadyEruOne more step by lady-of-the-quillThe Samhein Vessel by mippieArtThe Dragon Queen by BrookeGillettePerspective by AlwaysRainCheck
Just a play (with my little dragon) by Altair-EThe Crow by TIAvalentinaKeepsake by Blacksand459Witching Hour 2014 by FrozenStarRoThe Red Hood by kelogsloops
:thumb491700874:Pumpkin Wife by IrrevocableFateBella Muerta by LT-Artsadded degrees of tilt by alapipIn the Garden of Babylon by LancelotPrice
The Marquise by nightshade-keybladeAutumn in Gettysburg by CinnamoncandyBeach by BarkSmiling Fox by AngelaLouweAbout the Blues by xlntwtch
Everything Human by Leah084Enchanted Halloween by Juli-SnowWhiteHopeful Anticipation by mj-magicSnake Hound by machinedeermy cat Victory by Liadain88
Welcome, November!5 months ago in Personal More Like This