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Neon start orb pack for win 7 start orb changer.....
diff styles ...:)

:+fav: comment :)
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Current version: 1.01b
- Changed the taskbar and removed the secondary option.
- Changed fonts and sizes. Also disabled AntiAliasing.
- Removed the dropdown !bang lists and added links instead.
- Removed the Start Button and Tasks functionality.
- Removed the clock from the taskbar and wrote a standalone skin for it.
- Added a Spotify control skin written for the taskbar.
- Added a Winamp control skin written for the taskbar.
- Added a Gmail notifier skin which displays new emails.

NOTE: Only tested on native 1920x1080p monitor but should work on any resolution.

LoveKush is what I called a Rainmeter skin I wrote for myself whilst trying to clean up my desktop.
My roommate saw the skin and asked what it was called and who made it: I told him it's called LoveKush,
he laughed and asked if I was serious. For those of you who don't get it: ..really? - He tested the
skin for me and soon after I released a screenshot here on dA. I got some good feedback and after a little bit
more testing I released the skin. I abandoned the project long ago. I had great things in mind for LoveKush
but it got pushed aside for other projects. When I saw it's one of the 100 most popular Rainmeter skins of all
time on deviantART I decided to re-touch it and hopefully make it worthwhile having installed.

- Customizeable "taskbar" or "objectbar" for Rainmeter.
- Standalone clock skin with similar design as the taskbar.
- Standalone Spotify control skin which fits on the actual bar.
- Standalone Winamp control skin similar to the Spotify one.
- Standalone Gmail Notifier, displaying how many new mails you've got.
- A "menubar" with some graphics and extra shortcuts.
- Drop shadow effect beneath the bar, looks good on dark wallpapers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Original post REMOVED.
Feel free to modify. But releasing a mod as your own is a douche move (:
Instructions in the .ini file not enough? Check out the docs @ [link]
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Due to getting my Master's Degree, I do not have the time to be able to support this theme. I regret having to say that, but that is what must be said. These themes are HTML and CSS so they should be fairly easy to edit, even by the most amateur coder.

Thanks for downloading, and supporting me!


I was messing around with the icon shadows last night and came up with this. I wanted to share it with everybody, so here you go.

I hope you enjoy.

The icons are not my work, they are from the theme Genesis. I did not create them, and I am not distributing them. They are simply in the preview because that is the theme I used when creating these shadows.
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Animated Preview!

Download Rainmeter (required)
Download PlaySpace (Ad.Fly - Supports Development)

PlaySpace is a Rainmeter skin designed to imitate Sony's PlaySation Menu or "XMB". Unfortunately I have no time to continue development and don't feel it's right to make empty promises. This is the only and final version. Maybe someday I'll finish it but with everything going on I can't see it happening any time soon.

(All icons are individually customizable and you may do so at your own discretion. I only ask that you do not attempt to re-submit your altered version to the public as your own creation)
In order to use PlaySpace you'll have to install Rainmeter first (see above link).
Step 1: Download and install Rainmeter.
Step 2: Download PlaySpace and launch it.
The installer takes less than a second and PlaySpace should appear on your desktop. Position it to your liking and enjoy~

Settings Icon (Temporarily Interactive)
Left Click: Opens Control Panel
Right Click: Opens God Mode Control Panel
Network Update
Left Click: Launches Windows Update
USB Connection
Left Click: Opens Drive H:\
Video Settings
Left Click: Configure Screen Resolution

Photo Icon
Camera (Currently Inactive)
Memory Stick
Left Click: Opens Pictures Library

Music Icon
Memory Stick
Left Click: Opens Music Library
Right Click: Launches Windows Media Player

Video Icon
Memory Stick
Left Click: Opens Video Library
Right Click: Launches Windows Media Player

Game Icon
Saved Data Utility (Currently Inactive)
Memory Stick
Left Click: Opens Game Library

Network Icon
RSS Feed (Currently Inactive)
Internet Browser
Left Click: Launches Mozilla Firefox
Internet Search (Currently Inactive)

PlayStation Network Icon (Currently Inactive)
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These are start orbs based on the Start tips in Windows 8.1 These start orbs can be used in Windows 7, Classic Shell and most other start menu programs

What it includes is 16 different colored start orbs that can be used

To Do...

Make small version for small taskbar
Add more colors

EDIT: I tried to make a version for the side located taskbar and I can't make it go from the edge of the taskbar to the edge of the screen. This is due to a limitation of Windows 7 where the maximum orb size can only be 54x54. When I attempted to make it larger, it distorted the image to make it fit into the 54x54 area and it didn't look good
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tHiS iS the Windows 7 and 8 Mixed VS! edited from the original AERO, sharping it's corners, and little tune ups with the startmenu and the controls.

01/04/2012 = First Relase

Sorry for my bad english.
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Rainmeter Skin I just kind of threw together. Clock and Date are all you get, two separate skins. I don't remember where I found that wall, but it's awesome, so let me know if it's your work so I can give you credit.

Please feel free to download, comment and rate.

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Aero Zen VS :

:bulletred: All Chages Are Provided in The Preview

Firefox Skin : Strata 4.0

Universal Theme patcher can be found here : [link]

Instructions: the Theme Patcher in Administrative mode (right-click "Run as administrator") UAC must be turned off.

4.After patch, restart the computer to take effect.

2.Extract contents (Aero Zen & Aero Zen.theme) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and double-click on Aero Zen.theme

3."log off or restart to make the theme works properly if it's necessary "

the vs was tested and works fine in windows seven final x86 & x64

Don't Release/Distribute Modified Versions of This Theme/application or Anypart Without My Written Permission

comment are welcome !
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Hi everyone! Here i put my MLP boot animation for android devices. It was created for 480x854 resolution but if you want to use it with 480x850 you should redact desc.txt file. You can find it in archive.

Installation guide from - [link]

Root Explorer method:
1. Put files "part0" and "desc.txt" to archice and name it (MAKE SURE YOUR COMPRESSION METHOD IS STORE! OTHERWISE, THE BOOT ANIMATION WON'T WORK!). Then put your boot animation on your SD card
2. Open Root Explorer and copy to /system/media. This will replace the existing boot animation
3. Reboot your phone

Also i've created wallpaper special for this animation. You can find it here [link].
I hope you'll enjoy it)
And sorry for my English, I'am from Russia.
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Features :

Image Display
Music Player (Full & Condensed variations)
Search Bar
Wallpaper Foreground

Credits :

Wallpaper by ~Bobbyperux

Info :

Minimum Requirements: Windows XP Rainmeter Version
To move a panel behind another one, refresh the skin by clicking the middle mouse button
Dimensions 1920 x 1200 | 1920 x 1080 | 1680 x 1050 | 1600 x 900 | 1440 x 768 | 1366 x 768 | 1280 x 800

Instructions :

Run the installer.
Use the picture provided in the wallpaper folder as your wallpaper. (Right click the picture, Set as Desktop Background.)
Open the and edit the settings "...Skins\Sand\Variables\"
Choose the foreground skin that fits the width of your screen
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