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:target: Warning! Full view is large... very large.

It all started three years ago on deviantART. [link]

A project to bring the federal budget to the people that pay for it.

Gaining momentum on deviantART [link] and then blossoming worldwide, Death and Taxes: 2008 is culmination of months of work and years of refinement.

It is the 2008 Federal discretionary budget of the United States. is a representational poster of the federal discretionary budget; the amount of money that is spent at the discretion of your elected representatives in Congress. Basically, your federal income taxes. The data is from the President's budget request for 2008. It will be debated, amended, and approved by Congress by October 1st to begin the fiscal year.

The poster provides a uniquely revealing look at our national priorities, that fluctuate yearly, according to the wishes of the President, the power of Congress, and the will of the people. If you pay taxes, then you have paid for a small part of everything in the poster.

So now you know what you've paid for, the next question to ask, is why?

:target: Spread the word! This is a poster of your near future!

View the poster in an interactive flash viewer.
Buy the poster
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Here is the zoomable super huge version


^^^ Go there ! ^^^
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*i know this satire has been done before but i just had to do my own so spare me those comments*

as you might know all the images come directly from [link] ...the Dept of Homeland Security's website on how to survive a terrorist attack... its really quite laugable.... i hope this is equally as laughable too

props to :two11two: for the insight

...full size print available soon...
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My best Dr. Frankenstien impression.

A composite of engravings from Henry Gray's "Book of Human Anatomy" published in 1918.
A vein here...a couple of orifices there... and a few weeks later its finished.

parchment stock from ~temabinastock
thanks to *wicked-eve for the pointers and suggestions
thanks to !derivablezero for the drunken proofreading

Enjoy the high quality print. To view some of the actual size images, visit my journal. [link]
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have you ever been an addict.  and im not talking
about the hey-i-like-to-do-this-alot type of addict.
im talking about the
type of addict.  im an addict.  ive never blown anyone
to get it.  i dont think i would.  but i havent been
given the opportunity to either.  the reason i say 'i
dont think i would' is because i like to pretend that
i still have something thats mine.  dignity, pride,
standards.  but i know i would easily toss those away
just to get it.  i know because i have.  so all i
really have is it.  for one hour.  for two hours.  for
fifteen minutes or however long it last.  however long
i can afford it to last.  ill be high for fifteen
minutes if thats all i can get.

im an addict.  i dont get high just to get high.  i
get high just to get my mind off getting high for a
few hours.  after a fix im good for eight hours.
maybe.  then the last of my previous highs memory
cells dry up and i want.  need.  how can i get
my next fix.  when.  how soon.  can i afford it.
scratch that.  how soon.

i timed it once.  seventy seven dollars got me high
for just shy of a hundred minutes.  but i got my fix.  and
yet i was broke.  funny how they call it a fix.  each
new fix is like a hollowtip exploding out my backside.
internal bleeding.  external bleeding.  but i dont
feel it.  until i come down.

i should get help.  i know.  i should get help finding
it and paying for it because the more im high the more i
live.  do i want to stop.  yes.  i want to stop
searching for my fix.  i want to stop the hours
inbetween each fix thinking about the next fix each
fix whispering to me that it will be better than the
last fix.  i want to stop.  and i will.  i will when
im rolling around in fields of my drug.  when i wont
need a fix because its everywhere and i dont have to
get high because i already am and i will be forever
because everywhere i look is my drug and its holding
me and telling me that im sexy and i will never come
down because i live in a castle in the sky.

so now you know what addicts dream of.

i am an addict.  and i love it.  it has its positives
and negatives.  and im positive im negative.  or so im
told.  by myself.  my brain can hold two opposing
thoughts.  one, that this fix is just what i needed.
and two, that i need a fix.

and now its time.  

i can hear my drug calling.  i pick up the phone.

i say hello.
she says i love you.
my fix.

and im good for another eight hours.
i wrote this because i am an addict.

SS photomanip by #wicked-eve

drug. weee.
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i had this idea while watching the presidential debate.

i think it sez it all.

it had been awhile uh?
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You and me will all go down in history,
With a sad Statue of Liberty,
And a generation that didn't agree.

System of a Down - Sad Statue
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Full title: Smile the world is going to shit.....ahaha well I juz can't help but feel with all the disasters and what not..the world is going to shit !! wheee!!!
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Illustrator 10 and PhotoChop 7
Made into stencil for shirts.
Good tutorial on making shirts cheap & EZ here: [link]
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WAR - fuck qualitiy - made in u.s.a !!
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