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Was listening to blink so i decided to make a desktop wallpaper.


<<Bl!Zz d(*.^\\)
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Patrick Twist color setting turnaround by bordonSteam Hunter random page by bordonsteam hunter - page 16 by bordonsteam hunter - page 17 by bordonRhapsody 2 by bordonDirectedByBordon:DanteVsAnubisFightAnimatic35shots by bordon
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Simple wall i made using their greatest hits album cover

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Just a mecha concept...
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:iconthe-arhzung-tribes: :iconthe-arhzung-tribes: <3 JOIN JOIN <3 :iconthe-arhzung-tribes: :iconthe-arhzung-tribes:

Name: Kaio
Nickname: " The Little Prince of Thieves " or simply "Kaļ"

Age: 16... 14?8? Who knows.... ( if you say him he lies on his age he'll just headbutt your crotch ! )
Gender: Male
Race: Pygmy marmoset
Tribe: Ex-Leader of the Monkeys (willing to fight to have his position back !)

Height: THE taboo thing... you should'nt ask ( or he'll kick you in the shin) 4'63 = 1m38
Weight: Light as a feather
Eye color: Golden
Appearance: He looks like a lively tiny little boy with tanned skin and ash-blond hair. He has covered his body with tatoos. He has tatoos on EVERY part of his body exept on the face. He's used to wander... naked... only wearing a strap holding his boomerang in his back. Yet if he is forced to (and that's often), he wears a simple green loincloth but don't expect him to clothe by himself. In his hair, he has fastened a matching jewelry made with a Jade Stone that he shares with Sargass, his tiger bestfriend. Those claws scars he wears on his torso are a mystery. He didn't have it before disapearing.
Weapon: He is using a huge Boomerang (See here : [link]) but in general, he simply uses his claws and teeth xD.

Personality: He is always all lively and full of energy, climbing on trees and jumping everywhere. He usually always stands on hight places, when he is not riding somebody's shoulders. Also, he likes to play pranks all day long and as soon as something pleases him he NEEDS it and won't wait to steal it as soon as he can ! That's why he is known to be the prince of thieves, and he his far too agile and quick to be caught easily !!! ( he is really barely caught, even less red-handed in fact. Except when he lets people get him but he usually has something in his mind when he does that... ). One of his favourite things is to steal random objects and only give it back in exchange of delicious fruits, pretexting it is his reward for finding it. He talks a lot... and can easily sulk if you don't listen to him ! Also he hates to be reminded that he is really short. You should'n't say things like tiny or little or every word refearing to his height or he might hit you where it hurts the must...

At least that's what he was... before...

Now, he has become quite antisocial : a real pest, despising people and easily angrily glaring them. He has that sharp look full of hatred and his way of speaking has become more like a hissing than the happily child melody he used to have. He has decided not to trust nor to love someone anymore.

Likes: Climbing on trees, playing all day long, tricking people, riding tall people shoulders, precious things, being naked, eating delicious fruits all the time, Sargass ( because he is huge ans he likes to climb on him and stuck to his back to go for a walk... ), Gross & JackJack.

Dislikes: Clothes, being forced to be clothed, people looking down on him, every word or expression meaning "little" or "kid", people mean to Sargass, lions, HYENAAAAAAAAAAAAS KILL THEM ALL !!! THOSE SLOBBERING, MANGY, STUPID POACHERS !, deep waters.

Background: He actually is the grandson of the famous Monkey Leaders Kaiolan, one of the most respected leaders monkeys could have had. Both his mother and father, who was the actual leader back then, died in a landslide when he was still a baby. Then, he has been raised by his retired grandfather, in the hight montain rainforest. Kaio has always loved and admired his old grandfather, who taught him all he knows.

Kaio often wandered alone to go to play in the jungle or with other monkey children in and around the village, and was always making his grandfather worry when he escaped in the wild. When he was 4, he fell into the river while trying to catch a fruit in a tree. He was saved from drowning by Sargass (a young male tiger passing by at that time) and never let him go since then, claiming he had a debt.

His grandfather is the one who designed all the tatoos of his body, like each member of his family. He tatooed the first (the upper left arm one) when Kaio was 8, at his traditional coming-of-age ceremony (the age where young monkeys of his family are believed to be enought old to go to "haunt" with the elders). Kaio really liked it and then, asked more and more tatoos so that he could look like a proud tiger just like Sargass.

Hearing the death of the actual Leader of the Monkeys, Kaio returned to live in the valley and asked for the Leader place. He won it quite easily despite is young age and ruled over the monkeys without letting other people despise them for several years. He sure was young and seemed to be a tiny braggard but no monkey went against him and his orders because they all knew his valor...

Yet, despite everything he suddenly disapeared after the "Tiger Leader accident"... people could barely recognise him... his behaviour, his way of acting... It simply wasn't him lately... Everyone thought it was because he was deadly worried about Sargass, who had previously been missing, and went to look for him but no one would have thought he would just have left like that, wihtout telling someone, not even his own tribe.

It's been almost a year since he gave no sign of life...Not even seeing him with his grandfather, a lot of people began to think he was just dead... or even had been murdered... But lately some people reported to have noticed a long golden tail looking just like his, sneaking into the lands and people's houses... robbing jewelries or fresh fruits. Even if no one could definitly tell it was him... But the reality is there... Kaio has finally decided to come back to the AT. What has he been doing for this time ? Only Gods knows...

Deeply hurt by the fact that Sargass had abandoned him, he fought his anger by despising even more other leaders and especially tiger's former one, Penzima. Then, he returned to live with his grandfather, hiding from others and hardly trained himself in the rainforest hight montains, swearing no one would haughtily look at him any more.

Yet, now he returned. Alone or with Sargass ? You'll soon know... But what you should definitly know is that he didn't came back with peace... Who would know how angry he felt when he learned someone took HIS place.. THE GREAT KAIO place ! No... He is not intending to act all friendly anymore... No... he isn't going to be the lovely little monkey he used to be... He comes back with anger, broken desilusionments and hatred towards people who betrayed and fooled him... People who let someone usurping his throne and the tigers one... What he is bringing now is GUERILLA !

Additional info:
- Noone in his tribe, except his grandfather and Sargass, really knows his age.
- He has claimed himself as Sargass' bodyguard.
- Nicknamed "The LITTLE prince of thieves" but don't say it if you don't want him to bite your butt..
- He has teeth, claws, feet and he is not afraid to use it !!!
- Favourite hit point : Between your legs because that's were it hurts the must...
- His house is located in the hightest tree of the monkey tribe. It is so hight that only people as agile as a monkey can reach it. That house is full of jewelries and other precious and interesting things he "found".
- He oftens visits his grandpa, that one being known as the Great Sage of Arhzung and living single in the hight jungle montains.
- His grandfather is reaching his 96 years and is the oldest living monkey. He is like a big encyclopedia. Nowadays, Kaiolan still lives separatly from the tribe and enjoys peace as the Great Sage.
- Since he came back to his village, he wears a strange claws scar on his right side and gained some tatoos on the torso.
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After I decided I was going to make The Taskmaster the new Captain America I came up with some ideas of what he could look like.
I didnt have any luck drawing his hood so I took that away.
Then I thought that his old mask was too scary so I used his mercenary mask. I decided to keep his older outfit because the design was so much like Cap's already.
The only diffrences where colors.

When I went on to make the new designs I stared off with as close to Cap as I could get and would tone it down.
I also did Vice versa with the Taskmaster colors.

In the end the comments I got where not that supportive.
One person commented on how he looked like Optimus PRime, and another said he wanted the hood.
So I went for it and tried to make it work.
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This is what happens when you got a nerd with waaaaay too much time on his hands, and a lot of years of RPG's. Ive been playing a Star Wars rpg with my friends since the early 90's! Anyhow Im sure there are some nitpicks you could do with this, but overall I think its better and more useful than any of the other maps I could find online. About 75% is from Star Wars cannon and wookieepedia. The rest is just stuff I made up and from the game my friends and I play. Any other gamers out there are free to use it and modify it.
Also, you might wanna check back a few times. I still might add more stuff and modify it slightly.

update- 11/5/10
WOw 500 downloads!??! Seriously??!! ANd only 2 people commented? C'mon people, gimme a shout out!! I guess most of the downloaders are gamers and not on this site. OK shoot me an email

update- 1/24/12
Well Im rapidly closing in on 1500 downloads. After all that and not a single email from anybody out there. But I did get a few nice comments here, thanks! Anyhow Im thinking I should really make it as good as can be. I would like to add on about 3x as many planets and make it more like a galaxy. Any suggestions for details I could add? Extra info on the outside? Graphics? Help me out people!
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Drew this in mid February. It's based on an old story from Dwarf Fortress.
A dwarf became rather moody and began work on a mysterious construction. He would soon complete an artifact floodgate, and would carry it around the fortress with him.
There was an engraving on the floodgate as well, depicting a dwarf getting killed by an elephant.
Strange enough, yeah?

But no. Years later, this floodgate was slowing down the dwarf so much, he was unable to escape from the local wildlife.
An elephant slaughtered the poor fool.

He basically foretold his own demise on his artifact, his one in a lifetime masterpiece.

Good stuff.
I love Dwarf Fortress.
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A quicky animation for mah fav OTP at the moment♥
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this is one of those days that our models are the celebrities around the city scenery :D
pretty fun :nod:
everyone was happy .
i was with my cousins this day .
i was very happy to have them around :heart:
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