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Help me,
Hold me,
Save me from myself.
When I turn away,
Will I feel your once practiced blade,
Recently dormant,
Yet meticulously cared for,
Bite into
The old, fading scars
Across the pale flesh of my back?
Ummm...I don't know what to think about this one. Definitely a late night poem. Written for the poetry challange under theme #38: Abandoned.
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You will never be a teenage mother
or a teenage prodigy.  
No teenage kicks excusing drunken antics;
you are no longer a teenage dirtbag.

You will never break world records now
or have a distinguished academic career.
You will never be head girl
or swing your schoolbag hand to hand on sticky summer days.

You will never again be innocent
you have nothing left to learn
and you feel you know so little.  
You don't have the excuse of youth

nor the wisdom of age
to keep you safe from prying eyes
and mocking tongues.  

You will never know young love again
or suffer for sneaking out on schoolnights
and you will never sneak in underage
or stand outside defeated.

You will never again be 'far too young',
yet still too old to dream,
and never again will you be forced from the room
for the grownups to talk and you to idle.

No, you will never again be young:
now that you have learned to be young
you find yourself at sea; old.  
shitbiscuits, I'm twenty somehow :S

Critique meeeeee
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The Ice King wasn't sure why he had decided to sneak out to the candy kingdom that night, to lean there, peering over the edge of her roof, watching as she stood there, whispering prayers for the safety of her people, and happiness to those around her. Oh, he knew why he had come there, as he was fully planning on kidnapping her as she slept, but when he saw she was awake… his heart, as cold and made of ice as it was, melted by the beauty and warmth the moonlight gave her pale cotton-candy skin.

Foolish, it was, for him to be as obsessed for one particular princess. But obsessed he was. Even his own heart desired nothing more than the princess', and although he would call the methods of retrieval unpractical at best, it still rang true to the Ice Kings own desire for her. It felt as though he could go without his heart at times if her safety was at stake, as he could say, in completely metaphorical terms of course, that she had stolen his.

She would not be his, though, and it angered him, to a point of madness. Yet the insolent boy Finn and his dog took such dedicated measures to ensure that what should be the Kings' stayed in her kingdom, making everyone else happy when he is sure that the joy he would provide for the Princess would span even further than his own domain.

Goodness, did she look wonderful tonight. It tickled at the back of his throat what it would feel to kiss her, no further then the cheek. But he would not ambush her tonight; more so, he could not ambush her, from both fear of seeing the hate she feels towards him in vivid awareness, and knowing she could probably call Finn much easier if he attacked while awake. With a sigh, his mind fluttered away as sharp hands propped his head up for maximum viewing pleasure.

"Are you going to kidnap me or just watch me all night?" The Ice king stifled a scream as his elbows slipped off the roof, swinging his body forward and into the air, forcing him to start flying just a few inches from where he fell. Maybe a trick of the light, or an inane desire to see it directed to him, but his mind screamed over and over that she had cracked a smile if only by half a millimeter. As if that's what he needed for his aged and beaten heart that already couldn't stop roaring past a level containable for any living being.

"…No?" He squeaked, sharp teeth scooping into a smile as his eyes attempted to unblur themselves by the shock she was addressing him and hadn't screamed yet. Bubblegum's eyes narrowed, her neck straining as he prayed she was only struggling to make him out instead of thinking of the many ways she could get someone to obliterate him.

"That… isn't a logical answer." Ice King blinked, then began to laugh, a rumble filling his belly as he could taste yesterdays lunch coming for a visit in the back of his throat, his body drooping closer to the ground as he lost focus, his arms and legs feeling rather twitchy as he attempted to keep his body in the air.

"Ha ha, yes, well, that is rather correct princess oh how ridiculous I feel oh HAHAI'llbegoingnowsorry." Getting closer to her worsened his nerves and he couldn't get any gladder than to just fly away from there and back to his home, and maybe make a nice, warm cup of powdered milk as he curled up in his bed, reading up on Plantoids in his best pair of tidy whities right after taking a good long ivory scented bubble bath and just try forget about the embarrassment of this whole situation, and then come back much later to try and kidnap her another day, and make her his bride.

"Wait," She spoke, waving a hand and making him stop cold in his tracks, pulling his attention back to her wide eyed face as she leaned with gentle intrigue against the railing of her balcony, a stare of blank indifference stitched onto her lips, "Aren't you going to try and kidnap me?"

His mind stalled for a moment, a thought crossing his mind. A thought so fanatical he scolded himself for even thinking it. "No." The Ice King said, mouth still, eyes calm, beard flapping in the wind as the both of them stared at each other. Her eyebrows dug deep together, eyes questioning his shivering body as it floated there in the wind.

"And why not?" Her voice stung as if she were scolding a cat for peeing on the carpet, but yet, it rang no sort of emotion in his ears, a truth so true it flabbergasted even his own self, sending his body into a chill and holding him still in its icy grasp.

"I… don't want to." A breeze shot through the night sky as a hiss screaming over the mountains, bringing a somber quiet between the both of them. And he knew his eyes weren't tricking him, and the screeching in his head could be put to rest because he could see her grin, and his ears could pick up the tiniest of a micro chuckle as she waved a waved a hand at him.

"Very well then. Another time, I suppose?" The Ice King cracked the best smile he could as he killed the largest laugh that scratched at his gut, his nose tickling with delight as he raised a hand a waved back.

"Yes… Yes, of course- of course!" He grinned, flapping backwards the best he could without tumbling into a happy spiral of joy by making her laugh and smile with his very own existence, "I will kidnap you another time!" The laughter he heard he would never be able to tell was his or her own as the ringing was too loud, but the smile she had gave him hope that this time, she'll stay in his home forever and for all eternity as his wife.

"Well, then, until that time, goodnight… Ice king."

"Goodnight… Princess!"

Actually, you know what? No. NO. What is wrong with YOU people for not having anything Ice KingxBubblegum Princess related, huh? DO YOU HAVE NO SHAME?
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I was bored, and I thought it would be a cool idea to do this poem with this picture. They fit together well I think.
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I see infinity lying at my fingertips
When the moon rises and the stars quip
In their speechless tongue,
Measured in nanometers and wrung
From the union of basic simplicity,
The language of our complicity
In mysteries billions of times
Beyond our scale and sublime
Before our minds ever existed:
We are small, yet we persisted
In walking out of ourselves
Into foreign gravities, to delve
Deeper into the words stars shine
Into our eyes and trace their lines
Back to the beginning, so that one day
We may see a foreign sunrise and say
"It's beautiful" in the company
Of others from another place, and finally
Know why everything came to be.
I don't understand the words reaching me,
But trusting the possibilities of their meaning
I continue in observing the sky and freeing
My fellows from the surly bonds of Earth;
For their meaning I'll give all I'm worth.
For all the astronauts, astronomers, and other space explorers out there.
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I can hear the bones crackle,
I hear the pitiful moans.
I grasp tight on my pistol,
In the dark all alone.
They come from the shadows,
And they tear down my walls.
They follow my steps,
As I run down the halls.
I shoot as I tremble,
I keep them away.
With a cold dripping fear,
I keep them at bay.
They're crawling so closer,
I can't hold them off.
They grab and they gnaw me,
Please! Just please make it stop!!!
But you came along,
And you blew them to pieces.
Not a knight in white armor,
But you've still left me speechless.
We head down the stairs,
We have no time to waste.
We go as a pair,
To our inevitable fate.
The creatures become numerous,
Though the few that we shot through.
Before we go down,
I just wanted to tell you.
Though they scare me to death,
Though the terrors are rife.
Fighting zombies with you,
I had the time of my life.
I'd just like to thank [link] for dealing with my bullshit, and having to edit this over and over. Thanks Mel! You're awesome =)

Inspired by listening to "Long Live" and "Haunted" By Taylor Swift.
Over, and over, and over.
As well as playing Black Ops
Enjoy! =)

Necrophobia: The fear of dead things... Especially when they move

I've been told by a lot of people that the idea of "Zombies" doesn't come to them until the last stanza. Maybe I should give it a mention earlier in the poem? Also, it feels like there's something missing...
I also wonder if the fear really goes through in this...
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Yes, I seen the house burn,
Yes, I saw the flames blister without care,
Yes, I knew people were inside,
Yes, I heard their screams and cries,
Yes, I walked within,
I mean.. why wouldn't I ?

Yes, I felt the heat that almost pierced my skin,
Yes, I strolled through each room seeing the unidentified, detached bodies,
in their remarkable sins,
Yes, I left without a care,
Yes, I the one who saw and witnessed this,

The one who had the matches,
The one who stroke and heard it clap against the pack,
The one who gently threw it upon,
The one who wanted them to pay,
The one who was determined to feel at ease and erase,
all memories of that day,

I looked back at that burned house with a fresh smirk pressed on my face,
I hear a slight whisper saying,
" Well done, They deserved it",
I turned and walked away,
Yes, I seen the house burn,
and if anyone asks,
Yes, I was there
I'm really proud of this piece, and I just hope you like it :)
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Behind the mask
Honesty is law,
Emotions are raw.

Behind the mask
Lies dont thrive,
Nor even survive.

Behind the mask
Many tears fall,
Hearing the call.

Behind the mask
Intentions are true.
My forty-ninth poem. Everyone wears a mask, some times we take it off in front of only certain people, whether it be with our friends, loved one (gf/ bf) or no one at all.
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All my life I've felt alone,
Shunned from those who wouldn't accept me,
Into your arms was where I was thrown,
Now forever, together we shall be.

Nobody ever gave me a second glance,
The darkness was my constant friend,
But you offered me a second chance,
A place to call home; just around the bend.

Your words of comfort helped me sleep at night,
When the nightmares would invade my mind,
You were my savior; you were my light,
When home was something I couldn't find.

Please don't leave me; please keep me safe,
I don't want you to go, stay here with me,
I know now that this was all planned by fate,
Now forever, together we shall be.
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It's filthy when it rains
I said,
my voice faltering
against the flagstones
on the terrace.
Mud, thick as suet
clogs my arteries,
and the harsh pelt of woe
beating the windows
like an angry mourner
makes a river
of my cheeks and chin.
I can almost smell
the gorge of puddles
looming at my feet
and the sweet bile
of soft loam rising
out of the swollen river
to claim me again.
But it will keep me guessing,
salt marsh and weeds
trapped under my foundation
and that deft chink
of lightening
left festering in the sky.
I told the psychiatrist I felt like I was standing in the middle of a constant thunderstorm with veins full of mud. For those of you who are bipolar, you know what I mean. For those who are not, welcome to our world.

I do not believe you should ever use a condition or situation as an excuse for behavior. While we cannot always control the world around us, in many cases we can choose how we act and react to it. But perhaps this poem will help others to realize why we make the choices we do - it is meant as a frame of reference.

You are not alone – you are surrounded by a much larger support group than you might realize. However, sometimes it is still easy to be overwhelmed. I encourage anyone who is suffering to seek help, either through a professional or a family member/friend. The first step is up to you. Getting help is a choice and requires a good deal of courage and strength. I can assure you that things do get better….
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