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Through my eyes,
The abyss flows.
A gentle breeze,
A stream of shadow.
The masking cover,
The cloak of night,
It hides my actions,
And shows your fright.
This revealing light
Shall be snuffed out.
And your pleas muffled,
Every single shout.
I come for you,
And I come for your soul.
Clothed in darkness,
To swallow you whole.
I am the end,
I am your fear.
Yet your frightened breathing
Is all you hear.
I am death.
Hope you like it, for those with more macabre tastes.
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You believe you
speak of truth
yet all I see
is contradiction.
Your acid tongue
lashes out,
leaving boils
on my skin
for every single
word you've spoken.

These lies
you tell
cannot provide
You can only
so much of
your own reality
before you're
forced to
break mirrors
just to save face.

-Brian Shuffett
June 29th, 2010
I know that I can turn you on,
I wish I could just turn you off;
I never wanted this.
-Marilyn Manson; Mister Superstar
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Help me,
Hold me,
Save me from myself.
When I turn away,
Will I feel your once practiced blade,
Recently dormant,
Yet meticulously cared for,
Bite into
The old, fading scars
Across the pale flesh of my back?
Ummm...I don't know what to think about this one. Definitely a late night poem. Written for the poetry challange under theme #38: Abandoned.
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Bent broken, full exposure.
Hurt heart, heavy soul.
Tears stained of red colours.
Cried out but no one heard.
Broken frames and torn pictures.
Letters burning because of hate.
A mind that is sad and tortured.
Of the memories you gave her.

Along comes a boy who loves her.
A guy who cares about enough her.
One who will wipe all her tears.
Fixing her slowly, mending her heart.
He will teach her the important things.
How to smile and laugh again.
So along will come a stand up guy.
Who will win her heart forever.  
I did this with ~ASadCatastrophe
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You will never be a teenage mother
or a teenage prodigy.  
No teenage kicks excusing drunken antics;
you are no longer a teenage dirtbag.

You will never break world records now
or have a distinguished academic career.
You will never be head girl
or swing your schoolbag hand to hand on sticky summer days.

You will never again be innocent
you have nothing left to learn
and you feel you know so little.  
You don't have the excuse of youth

nor the wisdom of age
to keep you safe from prying eyes
and mocking tongues.  

You will never know young love again
or suffer for sneaking out on schoolnights
and you will never sneak in underage
or stand outside defeated.

You will never again be 'far too young',
yet still too old to dream,
and never again will you be forced from the room
for the grownups to talk and you to idle.

No, you will never again be young:
now that you have learned to be young
you find yourself at sea; old.  
shitbiscuits, I'm twenty somehow :S

Critique meeeeee
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Why do you feel like you have to lie?
Why can't you say what you truly feel inside?
Can't you see that there's no reason to hide from me,
whatever your true feelings happen to be?

To me, you have no obligation,
I know where I stand.
I know I'm just an opportunity
here to take away the sting of lonliness,
willing to be your toy,
at least for a little while.

I have needs too,
ones only you can fulfill,
so come lay with me,
and I'll kiss your troubles away.

I don't mind being used,
at least that's what I tell my heart.
It's happened before,
but then I was stupid enough
to think of it as and wish for more.

I'm wiser now.
I know not to expect or hope for anything else.
So please, don't bullshit me,
don't make this into anything more than what it is.
There's no point lying,
I know you don't see me as anything
but a friend with added benefits.
this was inspired by :icontallinois: poem and what society is like nowadays, friends with benefits happens all to often

this is about a girl who looks for love in all the wrong places and sadly has gotten used to being used
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I've been searching for a while
For those things that I once knew
Racing through blurred memories
Missing pieces hide the view

Its been so long since I've looked back
Faint flames have long since died
These fragile thoughts I've kept intact
My ghosts won't be denied

A strange sensation leads me on
Through doors I've left for dead
Forgotten feelings draw me in
Lost dreams locked in my head

The matching keys rusted away
I now look back with shame
Millions of chances gone to waste
Alone I take the blame

This desperate search I choose to end
My heart now says goodbye
I've found no way to resurrect
The ghosts of days gone by
This poem was a bit more cryptic then what I usually write, and I'm happy with that. I got a chance to use a bunch of uncommon words in this piece of writing as well, which was pretty cool. But anyways.. this poem wasn't started with anything in particular in mind. I just had a title. What I personally put into this poem I intend to keep a secret. But I hope you find something in it.

I had a lot of fun with this poem, although it carries a more serious note. I hope you enjoy it.
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I was bored, and I thought it would be a cool idea to do this poem with this picture. They fit together well I think.
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For all the things I couldn't do,
For all my plans that fell through,
For the lies I told in lieu of truth,
I am sorrowful.

For all your tomorrows that wouldn't come,
For all my wrongs in their awful sum,
For the words I used that made you glum,
I am regretful.

For all the smiles you put on my face,
For all your beauty and all your grace,
For the warmth you gave in each embrace,
I am joyful.
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I see infinity lying at my fingertips
When the moon rises and the stars quip
In their speechless tongue,
Measured in nanometers and wrung
From the union of basic simplicity,
The language of our complicity
In mysteries billions of times
Beyond our scale and sublime
Before our minds ever existed:
We are small, yet we persisted
In walking out of ourselves
Into foreign gravities, to delve
Deeper into the words stars shine
Into our eyes and trace their lines
Back to the beginning, so that one day
We may see a foreign sunrise and say
"It's beautiful" in the company
Of others from another place, and finally
Know why everything came to be.
I don't understand the words reaching me,
But trusting the possibilities of their meaning
I continue in observing the sky and freeing
My fellows from the surly bonds of Earth;
For their meaning I'll give all I'm worth.
For all the astronauts, astronomers, and other space explorers out there.
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