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An alternate flag of the People's Republic of China based off of several original proposals from the Maoist period. This can also be used as a flag for Leftist/Maoist Chinese opposed to the current Conservative-leaning government.

Red represents Socialism/Maoism, the Stars represent the non-wealth based Social classes united under one government, the hammer and sickle represent union between proletariat and peasant, the 3 stripes represent the Yellow, Yangtze, and Mekong(?) rivers.
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EDIT!!!: Here's a link to the newest version, with an uninstaller: <[link]>

Download here: [link]
Feedback is appreciated.
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Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic saluting presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Why is it that the best candidate for president (Paul) is always unelectable, while the worst candidates (Bush, Obama, Palin, Trump) are completely electable?
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Commission for :iconrythmear:. This was the most delightfully crackalicious thing I’ve ever been asked to draw :D

It's a poster of sorts for a certain TF2 server. It may require future tinkering but there's some school stuff I need to get out of the way first.

(I challenge you all to name all the characters)
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Weeaboos are so horrifying that they're slowly giving me PTSD.

Sorry. I'm a hypocrite. I stole an image.

Honestly, re-creating Axis Powers would have been better than creating the monsters who call themselves OTAKUS.
I read like four mangas this morning and there were repetitive plots, and I couldn't tell the difference between any character. PLUS messed up anatomy; crooked nose, fat neck, too skinny and too tall. :/

Lucky star is especially disgusting. The main character is a sue. She's athletic and lazy at the same time. and the first four minutes of the anime is agonizing. Lots of manga characters have super sad background stories and mangakas are just ABUSING their characters.

I'm not that much of a hypocrite, I like anime and mangas but I like them for the stories because most of the art is messed up. and I see so much fanart done better. (but the majority of the fanart sucks ass)
(Fuyu No Semi OAV has great visuals, the color work and detail in the backgrounds)

**ANOTHER NOTE: For Germanophile Weeaboos; did you know that Japan were with the bad guys? I FUCKING SWEAR even a lot of HETALIA FANGIRLS probably don't know that! -.- I looked into WWII before Hetalia.
Those fangirls are annoying, they should get a fucking grip, they're making everyone else who likes it look bad.

***AND ANOTHER: Ok, so people are saying* (writing) some stuff that kinda miss my point, so to be clear:
I've watched FIVE MINUTES of lucky star, and from reviews, along the series, it stays like the first five minutes I've watched; the anime is pointless and it will not get anywhere.

****AND ANOTHER ONE: the hetalia comment; just to show you guys how fangirls are biased, I know there's anime fans with sanity, so lay off of this one.

*****AND A LAST NOTE: I've suffered the fate of being Asian and being treated like a Goddess by weeaboos for like two months. I met this weeaboo at my school and she wanted to be my friend because I'm an Asian artist and called all my stuff "kawaii manga" and said all my female characters had tiny boobs. -.- leave it, people, and admit it; weeaboos ar biased like these few examples I met in real life an there's a lot more examples on the internet. No denying it; weeaboos are like this if you say "not all weeabos are like this" , then , you're not referring to a weeaboo, now, hush.
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No comments have been added yet. proudly presents: terragen - solitude (adagio of peace)


once again all you see here is fantasy and no reality simulation kind of work. imagine you're on a distant planet. maybe stranded... totally lost. the only thing you hear is the roaring wind that strides through the canyon. the slight sound of smoothly flowing water. you see that impressive wide view of an alien desert like environment... to finally look up into the sky to see a planet's asteroid belt rising... soon followed by the planet itself.


what you see here is a panorama. a wallpaper thought for dual-screen setup.

the actual terragen background consists of 7 different pics. merged and maniped together within photoshop. that was quite a task... beside the usual manip work i did. for the planet i used parts *alyn's planet tutorial and it offered me some hints how to create the belt for the planet. my overall target was to create a well balanced serene scene... and i think i succeeded. =) a great start into 2005.


rendered with // terragen ver. 9.19
terrain created with // /
rendered resolution // 4500x3375
work resolution // 8912x3375
rendering time // 6 rendered pic - ca. 40hrs
render without post process // n/a
post process done in // photoshop cs
post process time // over a period of 3 weeks (ca. 25 hrs work)
total filesize // ca. 550mb
total layers // 47
inspired by // my imagination

happy viewing... and thanks if you read all down to this spot =)


ps: sorry for the large filesize. usually i try to stay below 1mb - here i had no choice. quality counts.
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I've seen countless drawings on here of Himmler and Heydrich (and all the others) drawn in flattering, cutesie poses by fangirls who seem to think that mass murderers are sexy anime boys and World War II is a fandom.

So here's something a little different.


Yeah, this is retarded. One of many Nazi-related inside jokes (all unflattering) that exist between =inkpenofdeath, ~JROTCMuffin and myself. Scrapping soon.

(They're Beavis and Butthead, in case you've been living under a rock for the last 20 years.)
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To the guy who shouted “cockblocked!” last night when Moira interrupted the satellite scene and later commented on her again, I thank you. There will likely be more of this sort of nonsense to come!
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Fast gift I wanted to do for :iconsammet-metal:! :dummy:

She's Torrid, her character :meow: Wanted to draw her since forever, but I always forgot to do so xDD Hope you like it, Mel! :heart:

(Yup, I'm hyper and sleepy at the same time 8D)



Regalito rápido que quise hacer para :iconsammet-metal:! :dummy:

Ella es Torrid, su personaje :meow: La quería dibujar desde el año cero, pero siempre me olvidaba xDD Ojalá te guste, Mel! :heart:

(sip, ando tarambana y con sueño a la vez 8D)

Torrid Kaileena Hellfire (c) ~Sammet-Metal
Sonic style (c) SEGA Sonic Team
Art by me
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check it out...screenshots from the next game of smash bros!!!

Pit vs Sir Meta Knight!!!

if you don't know who they's called google!!
but if you have played nintendo games you should know who they are!!!

I think this game play is gonna be awsome!!!
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