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EDIT!!!: Here's a link to the newest version, with an uninstaller: <[link]>

Download here: [link]
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Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic saluting presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Why is it that the best candidate for president (Paul) is always unelectable, while the worst candidates (Bush, Obama, Palin, Trump) are completely electable?
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Well, the gang has been travelling for quite a while, and they're all stopped at an inn to recharge their batteries. ^^ Yuya WAS concentrating on unpacking some clothes, but it seems that Kyo has other things he thinks are more interesting to...unwrap. *laughs*

Whee, I drew Kyo in his original body! Rowr! *waggles eyebrows* This is obviously set much later in the series' timeline, if not after it. ^^

Just a sketch in graphite right now, I'll be tidying it up and coloring it, I think. Then I'll put it in my gallery proper. ^_^

A very late birthday prezzie for . I hope you like!
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drew this outta the blue...i woke up too early and there was no class..coz teacher is sick! *pms* wke up for nothing...*sigh*

hard to think of a title. so i name it ff7 vs ff8
LoL the odds are like 3:1
specially kadaj's double edge katana got a length extention!! same as sephi's ....who can loose? xD
Cloud's Ultimate Gun and yeah...

squall in tux --> [link]

sketch --> [link]

peace out V

thankx for the penholder bro :icongunblade7777777:
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23 April 2010: Updated with my new map style, looks much better. Check out the links if you haven't seen the whole project or want more info.



Part I: [link]
Part II: [link]
Part III: [link]
America Map: You Are Here!


Map of North America, circa 1950. Pretty self explanatory. If by chance you have no idea what this is about, then welcome to alternate history! Basically this project explores what the world may have been like if the Confederate States of America had managed to win in the American Civil War. I use real research to do a lot of it, but in the later parts I'm forced to take some artistic creativity in what happens, as by that time things have changed so much there is no way to determine what is likely and what isn't. It's a bit of a long read, and you may not understand it all, but if you like history and/or a good story, then go ahead and take a look. At the very least you can appreciate the maps and how much I improved over the course of the project.

EDIT: If you're wondering what the states are, I'll list them below. And yes, both Alabama and Alberta are abbreviated "AL." That's okay because they're in two separate countries.

EDIT-EDIT: If you're wondering, the capital of the USA is Philadelphia and the capital of the CSA is Havana.

Alberta, AL
Apsalook, AP
Arizona, AZ
Bahamas, BA
British Columbia, BC
California, CA
Cheyenne, CH
Colorado, CO
Connecticut, CT
Dakota, DA
Delaware, DE
Deseret, DS
Franklin, FR
Idaho, ID
Illinois, IL
Indiana, IN
Iowa, IA
Jamaica, JA
Kansas, KS
Maine, ME
Manitoba, MN
Maryland, MD
Massachusetts, MA
Michigan, MT
Minnesota, MN
Missouri, MO
Montagnais, MG
Nebraska, NE
Nevada, NV
New Brunswick, NB
New Hampshire, NH
New Jersey, NJ
New Mexico, NM
New Russia, NR
New York, NY
Niagara, NI
Northwest, NW (Pronounced "Nor-west," not "North-West," a bit like Newfoundland)
Nova Scotia, NS
Nunavut, NU
Ohio, OH
Ontario, ON
Oregon, OR
Pennsylvania, PA
Philippines, PH
Quebec, QC
Rhode Island, RI
Rupert’s Land, RL
Saskatchewan, SK
Vermont, VT
Virgin Islands, VI
Wisconsin, WI
Yukon, YK

Alabama, AL
Arkansas, AR
Baja, BJ
Chiapas, CP
Chihuahua, CU
Coahuila, CU
Columbia, CL
Cuba, CB
Durango, DU
Florida, FL
Georgia, GA
Hispaniola, HI
Kentucky, KY
Louisiana, LA
Mississippi, MS
New Texas, NT
North Carolina, NC
Sequoyah, SQ
Sinaloa, SI
Sonora, SO
South Carolina, SC
Tennessee, TN
Texas, TX
Virginia, VA
Yucatan, YU
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Northfield Brecksville Highlevel Bridge crossing the Cuyahoga River and the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad. (Ohio)

Same location as Journey into Darkness , only now the trees are green.

Enjoy full view recommended !

2 exp. HDR, Raw processed with Photomatrix / CS2 / LucisArt
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A little experience I did with a drawing I did at work with a ballpoint pen & Photoshop. (Yes, again an alien ! I think I'm obsessed again ! DX)
I wanted to give him a metallic look, but from copper and not iron this time, not like most of classical Giger's dark creatures.

Of course, the teeth look weird, but that's my silly version of it. YES, my battle droids have a mouth but my alien has no jaw and no tongue... poor thing ! XD

Alien---->Fox or Giger...
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Nintendo 3DS AR card: A-1. Vectorized for big prints. SVG vector format.

Click preview for raster image.
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11 png, ~500-1000px
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