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Voice Act #1: Peanut
Animated by me
Voiced by bladewolf000

A short animation I made for fun and practice.
I wanted to practice lip syncing with more expressions. There was more to animate but was too lazy. Might save the recordings for other things.

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Merry Christmas, and whatever else, everyone! :) This is a piece I've just finally competed for my father for Christmas. One of his and my favorite historical individuals, George Washington. I wanted to depict him in a truly epic way. I first had the idea of depicting him as he was as a colonel in the French/American Indian war, as that is where the most famous of instances with him being shot at and surviving happened. Well, then there was this time the British sharpshooter had him in his sights when he was a General in the American Revolution, but he just felt the need to drop his weapon... At any rate, as a colonel, he was ordered to deliver a message by horseback across the battlefield to his acting general. He did so, but not before surviving two horses shot out from under him and three bullet holes through his clothes -- two through his coat and one through his hat! Needless to say, that's quite the image of a man having his horse shot out from under him and his clothes riddled with bullets, yet still he doesn't waver, presses ever forward, and survives unscathed! I liked the uniform probably better from his colonel days, being an awesome red and blue. But, ultimately, I decided to meld that in with this showing him in his General regalia, leading his men in the Revolution, instead. So, it's a piece more depicting the seminal character and symbol of George Washington now than any one particular event.

My next thought was animating this to music, and I really got crazy ambitious with all of that. First, I've never animated a flash piece before and second, I've never composed a musical score before. I was very rusty on my reading of music, and have only ever played the trumpet over a decade ago in my Elementary through High School days (graduated in 97). However, I have mixed musical scores for films before, and I found that I could work midi through Garageband and also ProTools. I wish I would have started with ProTools, because having to switch back and forth due to Garageband not having adequate ways to share was painful. But, anyway, I was intending to use the Star Spangled Banner as inspiration. This is The George Washington March, as I've now labeled it. *One final master was mixed to give little more separation to the instruments by a friend that offered to do it really quickly, once he heard it. I eventually animated this piece, fighting it tooth and nail because of how large and slow it was, through After Effects, then had to search around crazily to try and get it properly converted to swf. After Effects, let's just say, while it can do it, I wouldn't recommend it for something this large. A 1GB to 5GB flash file also is completely useless. I wound up saving the portion I could get working to an MOV file, editing that in Final Cut Pro, and taking that MOV file and using a converter to make it into a workable swf file. The MOV, I think I will upload to YouTube later. *later is now :)

With all of that together, though, and after 2 1/2 months of composing, photoshoping, and animating (the animation itself didn't take but a night, or two), literally forgoing lots and lots of sleep, exercise, and working sometimes all night and all day (I felt like I was possessed), here I finally have my ode to Washington and a tribute to him for my dad -- the best dad I could ever ask for :)

I hope you enjoy it, too. PS: if you're not American, I hope the piece at least speaks to you also in some way :)

View the Painting by itself here:

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Commissar Soundboard. See you guys again whenever I feel like churning another one out.
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Merry christmas!

This little guy's name is Placenta Claus. He once functioned
as a temporary organ joining the mother, " virgin" mary and fetus,baby jesus. placenta claus used to transfer oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the fetus, and permitted the release of carbon dioxide and waste products from the fetus.

After jesus's birth on the 25th of december, Placenta was disposed of...without any thanks..

But now he is BACK and out on revenge, on christmas eve!!!! So watch out!@

( might take some time to load, it has got sound)

5 hours

I see it has a little hickup. Ill try to fix it.( think it has something to do with the sound...)

If some stuff looks strange ( outline moving seperate from the colors, etc) Try refreshing the page by hitting F5. wuut wuuut

EDIT 3: hopefully the lineart problem is fixed now. merry christmas
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Here ya go you silly Dib fans... I got 12 votes on Dib in my poll, I was VERY surprised when I only saw 3 votes on Gir because majority of the IZ fans are just crazy Gir fans.

This is an animated interactive turn sheet of Dib!

You can download it and use it anytime as a reference!

I made this animated interactive turn sheet for :iconprojectizfas:

JOIN IZFAS!!! We need your help to continue the IZ series! We're currently working on "Nubs of Doom"

LINK HERE!- [link]

If you don't update it, you can't use the magic in this animated interactive turn sheet. Sorry
Flash update- [link]


Flash Animation © *haloflooder
Invader Zim and Dib © Nick/Jhonen Vasquez
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Well...It's my Compilated flash of doom loops ^_^
There you can find my 14 loops + one secret ^_^

I put on it more loop music but i don't know all sauce of it:

1) Imogen heap - hide and seek, DMX - where da hood at
2) Lavanda - modeli (remix)
3) Dschinghis Khan - Moskau
4) Tune up - ravers fantasy
5) -
6) Dinga dinga dinga - I am supergirl!
7) Foo fighters - the pretender
8) Basshunter - i can walk on water i can fly
9) Coburn - we interrapt this programm
10) Loituma's polka rus
11) Hamster song
12) Haddaway - what is love
13) - (Source swf: Osaka elevator escalator)
14) Moonbootica - Mustang 86
15) Anonymous 8bit author - Sn0w St0rm

*secret loop is on the right up coner*

Well..enjoy....if you wish ^_^
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Stereo Matrix.
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¿Y tu qué harás al respecto?

Link a youtube: [link]

And for those who want to take this down because I used Spanish Flea, or something, this is for a good cause, so please spare this one. And sorry, but this one is for CHILE

Animation by me
Spanish Flea by Herb Albert
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So I'm doing my Pokemon Green Let's Play, and I'm surfing along on my Rhydon and I meet a swimmer who says:

'Ahoo! You mount on a good bike! Give me that if I win!"

And then I got this image in my head and I HAD to animate it XD I like doing this silly little 2 frame animations, it's like speed painting for animators almost ahah.


If you wanna see the LP vid where this happened, it's this one, at 7:05
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sad little story I wrote on the bus, and I just had to make somethign abouth it!
sad dog stories are my biggest weak point, I almost cried making this, cuz I kept thiking of my own dog, and my previous dogs.

anyways, quick little thing, hope you liek it ;u;

used flash to make this obviously,
art and stuf by me ;u;

I want to put sad music on it but I dunno what song would fit lD
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