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Here is my new desktop theme

Background - Clouds: [link]
Windows Theme - Elune: [link]
Facebook Feed/Menu Left - Omnimo 3: [link]
Icon Menu (Middle) - Rossella Launcher (with a few edits): [link]
Weather - ToxxWeather: [link]
Cpu Monitor/Network Monitor/Drives - Implosion 2: [link]
Corner Clock - CornerClock: [link]
Recycle Bin (right): [link]

Hope you guys like it!
Any suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated
P.S. This is my first post on deviantart so sorry if I did anything wrong
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I've been designing a character for some time now who uses an Alchemy-like power. I took the word "Technomancy" from a game book I had...I can't recall which, but techno mostly for the fact that it has circuit-board-like components. Either way, he uses circles like this to create, attack, defend, etc. I may come up with a better name, but for the meantime, this'll do. I also have to work on the runes...those ones were almost literally thrown together, although I am fond of the beaker-like components.

Any thoughts on it?
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this thing always seemed kind of ridiculous to me...ever notice that since september 11th it's never moved from yellow?

so i read the dhs memo on right wing extremist the other day. i thought it was a little over blown. i think it's a little suspicious that they would want to label brave men and women who swear an oath to uphold and defend the u.s. constitution as possible security threats.

why would they want to do this? could it be that they know that some of their directives are close to being un-constitutional? could it be they also know that these men and women would, if given an un-constitutional order such as seizing firearms from the american people, would not obey and possibly resist therefore becoming a national security threat in the eyes of the dhs?

anyway, i was thinking about this when i made my call to the dhs office. i told them that my neighbor had a ron paul sticker as well as an iraq veteran sticker on his car. i told the guy that i had read the dhs report on right wing extremist and was needing to know what to do. you will not believe what he suggested i do....he told me that if i was concerned i needed to call my local fbi office and make a report! i could not believe it! i swear, sometimes i do not know where i am living!

here's a link [link] to the real dhs advisory system.
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Mark 2 of the Original DEM: Ouroboros: [link] This I feel is a far more up-to date version in terms of my style & abilities, although when digitally editing this one I was a trifle lazy.

The alternate version is here:
I think it illustrates what I'm trying to get across much better, if only through the use of colour.
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So I created this party logo for a generic Menshevik political party. I believe I created it for the Russian Mensheviks given that I used the Russia's flag colors around the rim of the logo.

So the base is the coat of arms for Udmurtia (look it up :) ), I edited its colors and added the first as well as changed and added the stars.

Hopefully I've covered my bases and you enjoy :)
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Now check out Glass Notepad v2.0

Thank you for over 30,000 views and 25,000 downloads, just from DA!

WOW! I can't thank everyone enough! This app has been added to So[link] and has been added to DownloadTube! I didn't even ask for it either! And i have recieved an award from DownloadTube for this! This has been given the Top Software award from DownloadTube as well! Here are the links to the two new locations - DownloadTube and So[link].

Coming soon: French and Arabic translations, thanks to Abderrahmane KASSAR

I have been receiving alot of messages about pasting into this app lately, and i want to clarify some thing. If you paste using right click or the edit menu instead of CTRL+V the text will be visible, also if you do insist on pasting with CTRL+V i added a button down at the bottom that says "Color to White", if you click that it should make your text visible. Also if you try to open a file with this and nothing shows up but the app, im sorry, you'll need to use File->Open, i am still working on it taking command line arguments to open files. Any other bugs, just PM or e-mail me, i love to get suggestions, and constructive crit. (just don't go to harsh on me!)

Program: Notepad (Glass Edition)
Programmed By: Tyler J. Colby-Wolter (That's me!)
Company: Matrix Softworks™
Copyright ©: 2009

This Software is available under the creative commons liscence

Notepad (Glass Edition) is a program i made
in my spare time to try and make boring old
Microsoft Notepad look a little spiffier and
modern. It has a completely glassed surface
which goes well with the "Aero" theme on
Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you would
like the source code just PM me, i'll send you
the visual studio solution file. It is programmed
in C#.

v1.0:Initial release
v1.1:Fixed a minor bug
v1.2:Added Text Alignment

OS: At least windows Vista, but i added code to make it
compatible on earlier OSes, you just wont have the glass effect. (No, this won't work on Mac or Linux, sorry guys)

.Net Framework 3.5

<a href="[link]>DownloadTube
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A design I did for the 2012 Ron Paul movement. I wanted to do something that would grab people's attention when they see it. Not commissioned from Ron Paul or his campaign but from a group of people who want to make people informed of the truth and the availability of other options other than what Fox News tells you about. We got lost in the day to day routines of working, going to school, feeding our families, etc and lose the interest to research and understand what is going on in the country we live in. I appreciate any feedback about the art and understand that there are those who disagree with Dr. Ron Paul's beliefs and that is one of the very freedoms he looks to preserve. So please feel free to criticize my work and give any advice(I am new to this type of art) that might make it better but please keep the political debates to other forums. Thanks for taking the time to look!
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This might become a t-shirt in the near future.

No meaning to the design, I just wanted to draw Abe with a couple of arms kinda like the deity Durga.
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:new: SP1 Released as of 30.05.2012
:bulletorange: "No logo" is discontinued
:bulletorange: Since few people will be upgrading to Windows 8, I will refresh the code and remake every graphic element to make this the best login screen (again).

:bulletorange:Over downloads: 30 000
Aurora Logon made possible with resources from Longhorn Build 4074 and Longhorn Reloaded Project.
WORKS also on SP1
:bulletpink: For this to work, you have to restore your original Windows 7 Logon and remove any Logon Changer, Logon Backgroung Changer, etc.

DirectUI Tweaks were made.
Dreamweaver was used for XML DirectUI syntax.

Wallpaper from Aurora Reloaded Pack by Uribaani

:new: (1 Aug. 2010)
authui.dll bug fixed. Hope you like this release!
x64 link back online, after long struggles (Thanks go to Rebdominator and Kimba for their support)

:new: (3 Aug. 2010)
Security Update:
:bulletorange:Fixed the possibility for someone to change your password permanently from the UI of this Logon, when you pressed "Ctrl+Alt+Del".
:bulletorange:Disabled the ability for someone to create a bootable flashdrive and access your computer from the UI of this Logon, also when you pressed "Ctrl+Alt+Del".
:bulletyellow:Also changed the arrows, scrollbars and cleaned the code a little bit.
Thank you for your support!

Aurora Background:

:bulletyellow:Easy Background Changer that works with this type of Logon
Mediafire Download Link (works both on x64 and x86):[link]
(I know that in the preview it still looks like the default 7 Logon, but it really does change your background, just hit "Test" button!)

:bulletorange: N00b Guide:

:bulletyellow: For Windows 7 X64, 64bits:
in "System32" you have the x64 files ---> main x64 system files
in "SysWOW64" you have the x86 files ---> dependencies for the 32bit processes running on your Windows x64.

So you should download the x64 link, and replace the files manually in the "System32" folder. If you are runnig the x64 version of Windows 7.

:bulletyellow: For Windows 7 X86, 32bits:

If you run the x86-32bit, download from the x86 link and replace in "System32" also.

That is IT!

Don't forget to take ownership(Search with Google for that, it's a *.reg file) and replace manually (also, make a darn backup, before replacing!) Tutorial on how to take ownership of a file:[link]
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Current progress on the UNSC Missile cruiser. Still plenty left to do, finally got around to doing the engine housing. Hoping to have it done tonight or early tomorrow.

CnC is welcomed~!
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