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This is the original style of anthros that I would draw before joining FA and taking more human-like commissions.

I've always adored this more animal-looking style. More animal-like anthros seem to have a certain grace and beauty to them when I see them. I was a little confused at first about the humanized anthros. The attraction to the anthro fandom is the animal aspect of the characters, so to give one a human body with just an animal head and tail and humanize it so much seemed ironic to me, but I do enjoy the style very much now. It's a fun mixture and challenge, however I will always favor this style, the style I started with. :)
It's very werewolf-like, and more believable as a real creature. It also has a more animal behavior, with a human intelligence. It's also so fun to draw all the lanky muscles and joints, however I enjoy the other style too, especially because I enjoy the human form so much.

I will continue to post these anthros here on dA on the occassion that I draw them, because I do enjoy them.
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Gen-o-Tech Industries, paving the way for genetic alteration since 2009!

For $500- cash- you could become bigger, stronger, or even furrier. Dan had seen this advertisement while walking through town and it caught his eye. He had never really considered taking up the offer, but there was one time that sparked his interest enough. You see, Dan had been heading home from the store when he saw a tiger walk out of a shop across the street. The tiger walked out on two feet, wearing clothes like anyone else and was talking with some human friends. At that moment, Dan realized that that could be him. He went straight to the bank, withdrew some money, and gave the company a call. He scheduled an appointment for the weekend and waited.

The company’s building was sketchy, and Dan knew that. The building was hidden half-way around the city, down a few alleyways, and past some abandoned structures. After some time walking, he came across the address he was given. He walked through a half broken door up to a small wooden desk with a woman sitting behind it filing her nails.

“Hi, I’m here for the treatment,“ Dan calmly stated.

“Appointment?” she asked, momentarily stopping to look at him.

“Yeah, for Dan.”

“Go right in and sit down,” replied the woman, going back to her nail filing.

The woman pointed to a large metal door just off to the right of them both. Dan looked at the door for a second and momentarily back at the secretary before heading into the room. As Dan walked into the what he assumed to be the operating room he looked around at all the complex equipment that cluttered the entire space. He sat down at the only place he could find: a large metal chair in the center with straps that closely resembled a barbershop chair. Not too long after sitting down a doctor walked in to greet him.

“Dan, you’re here to become a fox, right?”

For some reason hearing those words out loud like that made Dan a tad uneasy. Should he go through with this?

“Y-Yeah,” Dan made out, slightly nervous.

It was like a switch suddenly changed the mood in the air because the doctor smiled and gave Dan a thumbs up.

“Alright, sounds good! Follow me and we’ll make you into your new furry self.”

The doctor motioned for Dan to follow him and he left. Dan followed the doctor into another room that was identical to a normal doctor’s office, corny posters on the wall and everything. This seemed a bit odd to him; not the fact it looked so normal, just that he was expecting something more like out of the transformation stories and pictures he had read and seen. The doctor pulled out a mirror and a syringe. He handed Dan the mirror.

“Here you go Dan, you can look at your human self, one last time.”
Dan took the mirror and looked back at his human reflection. After a few seconds, he set it down.

“Alright, I’m ready.”

“The target is the Vulpes Vulpes, the red fox, am I correct?”


“Alright, I’m going to give you this sedative and we’ll get started. “

Dan flinched slightly as the needle pricked his skin. Almost immediately he felt his body go numb. As the doctor spoke to him about his changes, Dan felt like time was lagging behind. He was only able to grasp a few words.


Dan began to lose consciousness as the changes began. He felt his skin tingle as his new coat of red fox fur began to grow. He felt his fingers growing claws, his feet elongating into paws, and his spine slowly extending. Even in this state of numb he could feel his ears changing as well into pointed fox ears. As his nose pushed out into a vulpine muzzle, Dan fell asleep.

When Dan awoke, he was lying on his back on the table. As he opened his eyes, he felt that his entire body was different. His eyesight, hearing, and smelling were all intense. Everything was clearer. He sat up on the table and looked around for the mirror. He saw it lying on the cart near him and he reached for it. He froze when he saw his arm. Hovering right over the mirror he saw a furred and clawed hand with orange and black fur just like a fox’s. He grabbed the mirror and looked at himself. He was a fox. An anthropomorphic fox that is; just like his fursona. Everything about him was different. He looked over his new body with awe, feeling himself to see if it was real. And it was. His tail began to swish behind him and the biggest smile he had ever smiled went across his muzzle. Dan began to yip and giggle with joy. He was the fox he always wanted to be. The treatment had worked! Just then, the doctor walked in.

“So I see you like the alterations.”

“Oh yes, every bit!”

“That’s good. Now, your body has not had enough time to get used to your new senses and appendages, so you head home and get some rest.”

“Yes of course!” exclaimed a happy Dan, tail wagging. “Thank you so much!”

Dan hopped off the table out of excitement, but fell over a bit due to his inexperience with digigrade feet. He thanked the doctor, gave him the cash for the treatment, and headed home. On the way back, Dan got all the looks someone in his position would get; his newly sensitive ears picking up all the comments behind his back. Dan didn’t care though; he loved his new foxy features. As soon as he made it home he was tired. The long walk on his new paws had taken all the energy out of him. Dan went into his room, disrobed, and looked at his new fur coat in the mirror. His tail was still swishing out of joy. As he stripped down, he crawled into bed. He glanced across from him at a small fox plush and used a clawed hand to grab it and pull it close to him. He cuddled the plush and licked its button nose. Dan smiled as he closed his eyes and laid his new tail across his legs. Tomorrow was looking to be one of the greatest in his life.


This is an old commission I did for :icondsdfox: . He wanted to be an anthropomorphic red fox, and that's exactly what I made for him ^.^ Story was included as well :3
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I was feeling kinda guilty I haven't uploaded much else except for comics and cartoons lately. So I whipped this up quickly. I wanted to draw something happy and impressionistic. <3 There are some things that really bug me but I did just sort of charge straight into it.

As a project for my holidays, I'm translating an old 9th century letter from Latin into English. It's called the "Epistola De Cynocephalis", or "Letter of the Dog-Headed people", and it talks about whether people who have dog heads should be considered a kind of human or not. And the writer says they should be treated like people. It's a bit of a surreal experience. xD

If you're curious, here's where I'm posting my translation as a go along: [link] I couldn't find any complete English translation of it, and I'm more used to translating Classical Latin, so if you have any knowledge of Medieval Latin at all I really welcome any advice/corrections that you want to give.
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Commission for K
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Master of titles...

So, I figured that instead of tearing open my imagination to find something logical and explainable to draw that wasn't a completely boring pose and shit background, I'd just draw things without it completely making sense. You know, for the sole purpose of getting used to different poses and just finishing pictures. 

And in light of recent events, I apparently have to say that I don't want critiques unless I ask for them. Otherwise, they're just pretty much bordering towards being insults. That's how I feel it, at least. 

^I had to say it, because I'm pretty happy with it and unwanted critiques ruin that. 

Took me about 4 hours. It was worth it though - I really like how the boots turned out. 
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all i draw is draggins
and she never looks the same twice
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streamed this drawin'
just kinda cause
I LOVE DRAWING DRAGGIN IN EVERY WAY I CAN OK her anthro form is really fun too
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Request for Darren Sapphire on FA of his character, a jackal – photo by him

Animal stock by ~MichelleB-Stock and *Lakela
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Werewolf? - There wolf! (Anyone remember that movie? ;D)

Another practise on drawing furry beings with a slightly indicated background.

Tipps are very welcome!
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Just some fun filler art for this week as well. Sorry, but the next strip's a bigg'un. Gonna take me a while, plus, I got a few gifts to draw.

I've never fully understood all that cup size stuff. I'm just lazy to learn.

What size are you? 360? Gamecube? Wii and Nunchuck?....

.. NES?

And as sexist as it may seem, I hope no feminists hold it against me and understand it's just a joke.

I also needed an excuse to draw the other ladies since June's kinda hoggin' the spotlight. I'm not usually this mean to her either, but it's not often I get to poke her chest fun at her.

Wh-HEY! Zen..

1. Floating and using your tail for height boost? THAT'S CHEATING! You're shorter than Kalley and I!

2. Those are MY Pajama bottoms!


Raquel-!!.. I don't have anything to complain about you yet.

You're ALL temporarily fired!

Still, I had alot of fun with this. While drawing and art has gradually become my main passion, every once in a while, the gamer in me will rear his head and inspire me.

And on the subject of gaming, I'm pissed the ESRB kicked the K-A rating. To me, it seems that K-A branded any and every offbeat game that has a special place in my heart.

I miss K-A.


I'm rated K-A..
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