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What is Child Sexual Abuse?
Child Sexual Abuse is the use of a child for sexual gratification by an older or more powerful person. The offender is usually an adult, but could also be a more powerful child. Both girls and boys are vulnerable. Besides being a public health concern, it is a crime punishable by law.

Types of Child Sexual Abuse
Child Sexual Abuse includes the following Touching and Non-Touching Behaviors (but need not be limited only to these acts)

Touching behaviors include
-Fondling a child's body for sexual pleasure
-Kissing a child with sexual undertones/inclinations.
-Rubbing genitals against a child's body.
-Sexually touching a child's body, and specifically private parts (breasts and genitals). Includes encouraging or forcing a child to do likewise.
-Making a child touch someone else's genitals, or playing sexual ("pants-down") games.
-Encouraging or forcing a child to masturbate, with the child as either a participant or observer.
-Encouraging or forcing a child to perform oral sex (mouth-to-genital contact on or by the child)
-Inserting objects or body parts (like fingers, tongue or penis) inside the vagina, mouth, or anus of a child; includes attempts of these acts.

Non-touching behaviors include
-Encouraging a child to watch or hear sexual acts either in person or lowering the bars of privacy
-Looking at a child sexually
-Exposing one's private body parts to a child (exhibitionism)
-Watching a child in a state of nudity, such as while undressing, using the bathroom, with or without the child's knowledge (voyeurism)
-An adult making suggestive comments to the child that are sexual in nature. Commenting on the sexual development of a child
-Encouraging or forcing a child to read/watch pornography, giving pornographic material or using the child in pornography

Myth: Children are rarely abused in India, as the Indian socio-cultural system inherently does not allow for its children to be sexually abused.
Fact: Statistical data from available research and reported incidents (from children and adult survivors) clearly indicates that child sexual abuse is a widespread problem affecting an extremely large number of children in the country.

Myth: Child sexual abuse occurs mostly in poor, illiterate families.
Fact: Child sexual abuse occurs in all social and economic classes of society.

Myth: Sexual abuse generally occurs in surroundings unfamiliar to the child.
Fact: Most children are sexually abused inside their own homes. In a predominant number of cases, abusers have the trust of children and their families and access to their homes.

Myth: Only girls are the victims of child sexual abuse.
Fact: Both girls and boys are victims.

Myth: Children with disability (differently able children) cannot be sexually abused as the abusers either find them sexually unattractive, or feel sorry for them.
Fact: All children are vulnerable to sexual abuse. Research has proven that differently able children are in fact more likely to be abused because of their increased vulnerabilities.

Myth: Children lie and make up stories about sexual abuse.
Fact: Children do not lie or weave stories about being sexually abused. The pressure to remain silent to uphold distorted concepts of honor and respect is immense. Also, children in our society are kept ignorant of sex and the possibility of abuse. Given these two facts the child is not lying when he/she relates an incident of sexual abuse.

Myth: Often precocious children provoke sexual abuse by their "seductive" behavior.
Fact: Children can never initiate sexual abuse. Terming a child's behavior "seductive" is an adult justification, projection and misinterpretation.

Myth: Children are usually abused by strangers.
Fact: The majority of abusers are known to the child and are often in positions of trust and power vis--vis the child. Example: Family, relatives, neighbours, teachers etc.

Myth: People who sexually abuse are mentally ill or "sick".
Fact: Abusers are seldom mentally ill; on the contrary they are "regular" people who lead "routine" lives

Myth: Women do not sexually abuse children.
Fact: Though most of abusers are men, a small number of women abuse children sexually.

Myth: Child sexual abuse is usually accompanied by physical violence.
Fact: In most reported cases the abuser is not physically violent but uses emotional manipulation to coerce the victim.

Myth: Somebody in the family usually knows the child is being sexually abused.
Fact: Usually nobody is aware that the child is being sexually abused.

Myth: A child should be encouraged to forget about the abuse, as there are no harmful effects of child sexual abuse.
Fact: Child sexual abuse usually has harmful effects and can lead to behavioral, emotional, physical and interpersonal problems.

Myth: Reporting of child sexual abuse can cause more harm than good.
Fact: If child sexual abuse is not reported then the same abuser may harm other children or may target the same child again.

Myth: Abuse is usually a single isolated incident.
Fact: There is very often a pattern to abuser's behaviour. They usually repeat their behaviour and with many children as well.

Myth: Only adolescent children get abused.
Fact: Children of any age can be abused. Reported incidents show that even infants have been sexually abused.
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A request from :iconshy-too-shy:

It seems this phrase has become quite popular with her and her friends and she wanted an emote to show it in action. :D I was only too happy to oblige her. The idea is that you are so excited over something that you actually shit kitties. :giggle: I was amused, to be sure.

:lmao: I am so amused that this got a DD. I remember how hard I worked on that cat. Thank you so very much, `CookiemagiK, you have made my day. :D
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My Valentine's deviation for 2010 =)

Based on my personal experience ahaha. I often go to my boyfriend's house to wake him up. And I do it by... well... kissing him :blush: just like prince charming does with sleeping beauty. But the one who's doing the sleeping is the prince :rofl:

And without fail, he would wake up every single time. :O
It's quite amusing so it became my habit :XD:

The penguin is a gift I gave him last year. It doesn't exactly look like it though. The real thing is way cuter :love:

Hope you all like it!
And Happy Valentines or Single Awareness Day =)

EDIT: A DD! Thank you sooo muuuuch ;;_____;; Thanks for all the fav's and comments!
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© Art, character – Daieny Schuttz
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<div align=center>

This is dedicated to my beloved boyfriend.
Thank you very much for all the wonderful moments you share with me!
I LOVE YOU! :heart:

thank you very much for the great stock!
*magikstock model (purchased)
~ChainBound & !Villesgodgirl clouds
~darkrose42-stock heart balloons
~hellhunt keys
~blacksockstock rose
~Falln-Stock veil
rest painted + heart brush by me

!!! Do not post anywhere on the internet without my written permisson !!!
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Fat bunny wants love. Who could deny those eyes?
Available as a greeting card print!

This is also available through the deviantART valentines exchange! :D Thank you for supporting my art!
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This once was made for MrHellz's :heart: :heart: HEART Contest. :heart: :heart: Now it's a message of love for Valentine's Day! :iconttaasst:




:iconro-stock: :iconredheadstock: :iconrogue-stock:




Major Update May 20, 2008: Finally I was able to prepare this as print! Originally the work was done in size 500 x 500 pixels so I really had to recreate the whole picture. :faint: But now it is done and I even made a lovely wallpaper from it after popular request.

:pointr: Take My Heart - WALLPAPER

Take My Heart - WP by Lilyas Happy Valentine's Day by Lilyas
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Ok I'm done posting for today xD

Yes, it's for the Valentine exchange. Now go spam people with it.
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Christmas presents dont substitute for a familly.
Even if she lives in this big and warn house,
Even if she get a lot of presents,
Everything is cold today.

:bulletblue: And even if it is too early, sincerely, Joyeux Nol ! :heart: (it means Happy Christmas of course )
I know I drew a sad drawing, even though Christmas is an happy day. But this drawing my present for you.
Of course I dont say that to get more favs o_o; I just wanted draw something for you, for Christmas.

I dont like... this drawing, hum...ok, I explain, I think is quite flat, but I will do better for the next !

This character is called Jade, indeed it's a new character
I wanted to draw something for Christmas, but something which is supposed to be original, not too foolish or macabre....
I was inspired by a photo [link] from ~ForestFaeri (Thank you :p) The pose is hard to do, very hard ^^; so indeed I drew bad the pose ^^

:bulletblue: Time: 24 hours
Software: Photoshop 7
Tool: Mouse
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For sale:

Check our facebook fanpage to know how the keychains will look like: [link]

Edit2: I'm thinking about selling keychains and bookmarks of this one. Please contact me for more details.
Approximate price: $5 + post office fees

Edit: I'm surprised by the amount of people that left sweet comments here. That my drawing made their lonely day a bit better and happier. Or that they liked it so much so they sent to their special ones. I'm not used at receiving so many comments in such a short amount of time, because of that I'm a little lost, and I probably won't be capable to answer everybody (and I feel very frustrated for that). So I'm leaving my words of "thanks" here. Happy Valentine's Day to everybody! Have a nice day!

I wanted to make my own version of the famous phrase "You're the last piece" for the special Valentine's Exchange in Deviant ART!

And you can use it to send your love to any other Deviants :heart: The fun starts tomorrow!

I'm still wondering why I chose the hardest Heart Container in Zelda to draw...

Link from The Legend of Zelda
Heart Container from Skyward Sword version

Other Zelda arts that I want to present here:
For more (number of thumbs limit isn't enough), check: [link]
Check my comission list: [link]

Liked my drawing? Please check my commissions prices if you are interested: [link]

Thanks a lot for the comments! ^_^
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