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Coloration Tutorial in german!

Since this is really outdated I wont make an english one but I translated the parts so those ppl who don't understand german can somewhat tell what the have to do to achieve this kinda look. Plz remember that this is totally not my coloration style anymore and I think that you can find way more effective tuts for open canvas here on dA.

STEP ONE: Do a sketch
STEP TWO: Create a new Layer (Opacity 30-40% depends on your likes) on top of your sketch. Now Zoom to ca. 300% and do the outlines very carefully. Sometimes it is better to work with small strokes to get a decent result. Always remember your drawings shouldn't always have black outlines choose different colors.
STEP THREE:Hide your Sketch Layer, select the Outline Layer and do some brightness&contrast correction (Filter>Tone of Color>Brightness&Contrast) until you think the result fits your lines...
STEP FOUR:Now we're starting with the coloration itself. 1st create a new Layer under your outline Layer so you'll not harm your outlines during the coloration process. Always remember the Outline Layer is the top layer. To make things easier create an additional layer under your outlines for your background. Since I wasn't as experienced at the time I did this Tutorial I colorated the pic with a white background BUT since your background helps you to create the feeling of your picture you should always pic atleast the Background Color FIRST).

STEP FIVE: Skin. The Basic Skintone Color in this picture was #fffbe3, light shadows #ffe5ca and the really dark shadows #ffe5ca (use whatever color you likeee~) Just fill every skin part with the basic color. Do some shading with the watercolor tool and if you want some strokes to become softer use the blur tool, but don't overdo it.

STEP SIX: Since Eyeballs are round you should colorate them like a round object. So add shadings to the white part of the eye (I dunno what it's called and since this is a simple translation this will do it). Choose a few colors for the iris (i think) I chose 4 Blue Tones that seem to look a little bit alike and just repeat the way you colorated skin in the step before, because basically it's always the same.
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edit: yes
distribution: edited only, not hairs itself
credit: yes, please

in preview picture left to right:
- Nigamon's Teto hair
- Nukude's Big Al hair
- Nukude's Defoko
- Nukude's Leon
- Shuki's Sweet Ann
- TwilightAnimeLife's Prima
- Kio's IDK
- Toru's Luka

credits: Toru,Kio,Nigamon,Nukude,TwilightAnimeLife
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Just a simple lineart I did today ^^
Since I haven't posted anything in a while....heh, so yeah.
I did this with the pen tool O.O my first time using it, IT HAD TOTALLY DRIVEN ME MAD until I got a hang of using it, but now I think I fell in love with it, LOL :D :D
It's once again, Princess raine ;)

You're free to color it as long as you credit me and tell me with a note :)
Have fun ^^

p.s: Download to get the full size if u wanna use it :)
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Well, I always "teach" something to my friends... why can't do a tutorial for everyone?
Well, this will be 2 parts combining Phosothop and SAI tutorial, one with the lineart and other with the colouring
Hope you learn something of it!!
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a heart shaped ehoge

ONLY EHOGE the extra hair is NOT included.

funny I drew something like this in school a couple days ago then found this mod. 0 3 0

credit me
link back
edit all you want

want MORE heart stuff!?

Heart Ring - [link]

Heart Necklace - [link]

Heart eye patch - [link]

Heart Ehoge - [link]

Cupids Arrow heart earrings - [link]

Heart Sneekers - [link]

Space HEART stage - [link]

Mecha Heart hero - [link]

Cute heart boots - [link]

Heart Earrings - [link]
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This is for :iconmiloyou7: She is my new sister ^-^ And she asked me to draw a wolf for her. So I did.
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Are the eyes too big?


Sugarrr oh my honeyhoney
you are my candy girrrl.



added a background lol cause i was bored and
thank you =mukkuru for teaching me that
outline-y thing lolol

does it look better this way or the one before?
idk lol
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Another background for anime/manga. Most mangas happens in highschool. I thought it would interesting to make such a background. You can use it for personal use. The picture is quite big. It took me the whole afternoon to do it. Let me know if you use it, I would like to see the results.

New!: I have another one for you (slightly different) here:

Anime Background - Classroom II by FireSnake666 

Another one from outside:

Anime Background: Classroom III by FireSnake666 

Another bedroom:

Anime Style Background - Girl Bedroom by FireSnake666 

Thanks for your support!


The Girl from the Stars II - PS / Mandelbulb 3D by FireSnake666  Hot day at the Beach by FireSnake666 Cyborg Mercenary - Photoshop / Mandelbulb 3D by FireSnake666 
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Drew this months ago and had the sketch in one of my journals even :nod: Finally got him done since I felt like finishing him the past few days. Not perfect but I don't care so feel free to stfu about the imperfections if ya get that urge :heart:

All prismacolor pencils and permanent marker under the the black color pencil parts. The background is sloppy watercolor yay~!
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thought I'd upload something
because i was bored and I hadn't upload anything for a long time so i decided do draw miku
I hope you guys like it !
software: paint tool sai
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