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A word I didn't know the meaning of
Not until you held me in your arms
Not until I felt your breath on my face
And the beat of your heart in my ear

A word that had no meaning
'Til I saw the mask you wear shatter
And for once I saw the person that was inside
A person with weakness but so much more strength

A word without meaning
Until you wiped away my tears
Until you let me cry as you held me tight
Until I sobbed into your chest only to have you pull me back together

You are my strength
You are my power
You are my weakness
You are my everything

For you I will be strong
Alright this is being written like now I mean for once I don't have it copied into a notebook so that I can then copy it onto the computer. This is just off the top of my head throught of after a few recent events of this weekend.... The person that it's for.. Well he'll never see it... well maybe he will time will be the answer to that...

Comment and Critique please

And is it me or is this my first poem in a really long while?
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Robin lay stretched out on his bed, mask and top tossed carelessly on the floor. His utility belt was draped across the nearest table, and his boots were kicked to the end of his bed. Every nerve in his body screamed for him to move, but he kept himself inactive for fear of doing something walking up to Raven and kicking her in the shins. Sighing, he reminded himself for the hundredth time that he had no right to feel any ill toward the gothic girl. She had given him more than he deserved.


“She’s still waiting, you know.” The simple statement would have startled most, but Robin had long since accustomed himself to people appearing from shadows.

“Hm?” Robin asked, not bothering to look up from his scrutiny of several Jump City maps.

“Starfire. The two of you were supposed to go to the movies, so she’s been sitting on the couch for over two hours,” Raven said, taking a few steps into the room. Again, Robin responded without looking up.

“Starfire and I are going to the movies Thursday. Why would she be waiting tonight?” There was a pause.

“Today is Thursday, Robin,” she stated. This brought Robin up short. Frowning, he glanced at her before digging through the papers on his desk to find a calender. Finally pulling one free, he checked the date and his frown deepened.

“Huh. Well, I guess we’ll have to reschedule,” he said and dropped the calender on the other side of the desk. Pulling the maps back in front of him, he continued, “Could you tell her I’m sorry and that we’ll set it up for another day? I’m this close to finding Slade’s new hideout, I’m sure of it.” For a moment, the shadows in the room seemed to flicker, almost as if they were trying to reach out and strangle the oblivious young man. The moment passed, and the shadows receded. Raven’s eyes dimmed from bright red back to their normal color, and a look of resolve was set upon her features.

“No,” she said, and this time Robin stopped working and gave her his full attention.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“I said, no, I will not tell her you’re sorry. I will not apologize for you, nor will I make any more excuses for your behavior. You pull her in with rare displays of non-committal emotion, only acting like you’re in a relationship when it’s convenient for you. Starfire deserves better than that, Robin. If you can’t see that by now, then maybe...” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then captured Robin’s gaze with her own. “Maybe she deserves better than you.” Robin saw her intent in her body language but found himself asking, just to be sure,

“What exactly do you mean, Raven?” The air was thick with tension, and neither teen was willing to break eye contact.

“I mean, Robin, that you have one last chance to make Starfire happy. If you can pull yourself away from those maps and that damned one-eyed psychopath long enough to go to the main room and apologize to her in person, then I’ll stand back and never bring this up again. But if you don’t take this chance, this one opportunity to make her smile again...then I will.” Raven continued to stare at Robin, even as he finally broke eye contact to glance down at his work. “What will it be, Robin? Is it really that hard for you to walk away from all of this?”

Robin glanced back and forth between Raven and the maps. She had to be kidding, right? She wasn’t seriously going to-

“This is it, Boy Wonder. Last chance. Going once.” The shadows started to creep up around her, and he knew he had only seconds to leave this room before she disappeared. Otherwise, he could never beat her to the living room. His eyes fell back to the maps.

“Going twice.” Could he really leave when he was so close to finding Slade that he could feel it in his bones? It took mere seconds to switch his gaze back to Raven, and just that quick she was...



Gone, along with his last chance to tell Starfire how he truly felt for her. At first, he didn’t really believe that to be true. Everyone knew Raven could be a little protective of the jovial alien, but in love with her? Robin wasn’t even really sure Raven could feel love without losing control. He was wrong. The next time he saw Raven and Starfire, they were sitting at the breakfast table and giving each other the goofiest grins. Well, Starfire had on a goofy grin. Raven’s was more of a shy smile. Whatever you call it, the sight made Robin drop his bowl in the sink, cereal and all. The two girls didn’t even notice the clatter.

As the days passed, Raven and Starfire put on more and more public displays of affection while Cyborg and Beast Boy, who were both understandably shocked at first, grew gradually more comfortable with the two girls as a couple. By the end of two weeks, you couldn’t say one girl’s name without the other...and Robin was no closer to finding Slade than he had been the night Raven confronted him. To top things off, he had to go and be a complete dick about things by spying on the girls. He’d followed them on more than one date, and one night he even put a camera in Raven’s room to see what they did when they returned home from such dates. Half an hour after they got home, Robin switched off the camera and took a long, cold shower. He knew what he had done sent him straight to the top of the ‘asshole’ list, but he missed Starfire more than he ever imagined possible.

Now here he was, laying half-naked in bed and wishing his heart would stop pounding so damn hard that his chest hurt. He felt his heart thud at the mere thought of her name, and his whole body shuddered with the ragged breath he took. Finally giving in to the urge to move, he stood up and began pacing about his room. He came to a stop in front of a poster carrying Slade’s face, one of many that had been posted in every station-house across Jump City. As he stared into the picture’s unblinking gaze, he found himself wondering for the first time not about the mysteries the mask held, but about the chances he had passed up in pursuit of a face he couldn’t see. He leaned against the wall as his vision began to blur, closing his eyes to try and fight the tears that threatened to fall. A moment later, he forced himself to open his eyes again. All he could see were flashes of green eyes, red hair, and golden skin. In an explosion of pent-up emotion, Robin began ripping all the posters down from the walls. Suddenly every piece of paper and clue gathered was nothing more than a reminder of every date he’d blown off, every moment he’d missed, and every time he’d never told Starfire how pretty she actually was. He tore everything to tiny shreds, kicking and throwing the flecks of paper around the room until he thought he would scream at the top of his lungs. Anger then gave way to weariness, and Robin stumbled to his bed as his body shook with silent sobs. Slowly, exhaustion took hold and his body slipped into a fitful sleep filled with dreams of last chances not missed.

The next morning, four Titans looked up to see their leader entering the main jeans and a t-shirt with a packed bag swung over one shoulder. Beast Boy leaned over to Cyborg.

“Hey, am I the only one who doesn’t remember him talking about a trip?” the changeling murmured. Cyborg shook his head and stood up.

“Hey, man, where’re you going? And, you know, since when?” Dick Grayson smiled serenely, and that combined with the sight of his blue eyes pretty much gave everybody the creeps.

“Since this morning, actually. See, I started thinking, and I realized I haven’t been the greatest leader as of late-“

”What?” Starfire interrupted. “What are you saying, friend Robin? You have been a fantastic leader.”

“No, Star,” he said a little harshly. Seeing the hurt look on her face, he sighed and continued in a softer tone, “For a while now, I’ve been too busy obsessing over things to really consider the good of the team. I’ve been so stuck in my own past that I haven’t put any thought into the Titan’s future.”

“Dude, we know you’ve got issues with Slade,” Beast Boy spoke up, “and we get that. We understand-“

”It’s more than just Slade, Beast Boy. It’s...” For a moment, Dick let his gaze linger upon the beautiful Tamaranian before closing his eyes and breathing deeply. “It’s a lot of things. All of which combine to show that I haven’t been doing my job. So...I’m leaving the Teen Titans.”

This announcement was greeted with shocked silence. Finally, a soft voice broke the wave of emptiness.

“For how long?” Raven asked, subconsciously grasping Starfire’s hand in search of some sense of comfort. Starfire squeezed her girlfriend’s fingers as Dick ran a hand through his hair.

“I’m not sure. Long enough to rediscover my reason for starting the team, at least. Who knows? Maybe I’ll rediscover myself along the way.”

“Dude, can’t you do that here?” Beast Boy asked weakly, already knowing the answer before Dick began shaking his head.

“I wish I could, but there are too many distractions here- too much temptation to fall back into the same old patterns.” Dick smiled again. “But, hey, at least I’m leaving you in good hands. Right, Cyborg?” The older teen regarded his friend carefully.

“You want me to take over as leader...indefinitely?” Dick nodded, and once again the room was packed with silence. Dick cleared his throat.

“Well, my bags are packed, and my bike is sitting outside. Guess I’ll be going now,” Dick said and gave another nod. Turning around to leave, he took a deep breath and started out the door. Halfway there, he was stopped by a pair of slender arms wrapping around his shoulders from behind. He had half-expected to be hugged, but this... “Raven?”

“Be careful, Robin. And don’t disappear on us for good,” she said and received a chorus of agreeing remarks. One by one, the Teen Titans joined in to hug their leader - their friend - goodbye.


A year passed, and the roll-call for the Teen Titans steadily grew longer. One Friday morning, as the Titans all prepared for what they hoped would be a relaxing night off, an alarm sounded. Rather than the usual crime alert, however, this alarm was a repetitive buzzing coming from the main computer console. All of the teens gathered in the main room (and there were a lot of them) turned inquisitive faces to the original team members, most of which were looking just as inquisitively at Cyborg. Frowning, Cyborg logged into the system.

“What is that? And why is it so annoying?” asked Beast Boy.

“You know how we started changing the security codes every two weeks? I programed the system to let us know if someone was trying to get in with any code older than a month. No one’s ever set it off because of the code-delivery system we set up with the communicators,” Cyborg explained. Starfire and Raven joined Beast Boy to stand behind Cyborg.

“So why is it going off now?” Raven asked, one arm wrapped around Starfire’s waist. Cyborg’s fingers stilled over the keyboard.

“According to the computer, the code they’re trying to use is a year old,” he said as he commanded the computer to open a comm-channel to the front entrance security panel. An image popped up on the screen of a young man smiling into the camera as it blinked to life.

“Hey, guys. I guess I should have known you’d change the code, especially with all the new Titans who’ve joined. Do you think someone could buzz me in?” A young blonde girl sitting on the couch looked up from her magazine and made a low wolf-whistle.

“Damn,” muttered Cassie ‘Wonder Girl’ Sandsmark to another blonde girl standing behind the couch, “who’s the hottie with the long hair?”

“I don’t know,” replied Terra while openly gawking at the viewscreen, “but I sure hope he’s planning on moving in.”

Beast Boy, whose sensitive ears had caught the brief conversation, glowered before leaning around Raven and Starfire. His mouth fell open as his wide eyes fell upon the figure that stood in view of the camera. There was something undeniably familiar about the young man. His stance was wide and balanced--a sure sign that he was prepared to move in any direction at a moment's notice. The outfit that he wore was skintight and black, save for a bright blue sigil in the shape of bird's wings splashed across his broad chest. His hair hung down to his shoulders, fluttering with the breeze and catching the light. The man's appearance, however, was not what made Beast Boy's jaw drop. The black mask and the gaze of the whited eyes were an image that would never leave the original four Titans, and they were all too happy to see it again.

“Dude,” Beast Boy whispered, “is that Robin?”

“No, it is not,” Starfire said, a strange smile on her face. “That, my friends, is Nightwing.”
This is my first complete Teen Titans fanfic. It focuses on Robin, but also deals with Raven/Starfire. If you're not comfortable with them as a couple, then don't read. If you are, please enjoy!

Co-authored with ~ShinjiShazaki
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I opened my mouth to explain
  But you stopped me with a wave of your hand.
"Just enjoy the rain," as you lifted your head back
       I obeyed--the sky a starless black
Feeling the rain caress my cheek--
  I closed my eyes and smiled.
Never before had I felt so fresh--
                      Out of breath--

Your attention turned back to me.
   I felt your hand against my skin.
I opened my eyes for a moment
         Only to watch you move in.
My head tilted to the side
    And then our lips brushed together
Only long enough for us to feel the hunger.
  Never had it been so strong--
                       Telling us that we belong.

I reached for you, wanting to memorize your face.
        You reached for me, too.
Pulling each other in for a lingering embrace
     Hands getting tangled in each other's hair
            As rain continued falling into our faces
       But we did not care.
All we felt was the warmth--
                   The magic--
                            Each other's stare.

Our heads moved together with ease
    Lips indulging in a game of tease.
Wanting more, but at the same time afraid
        But being with you was different--
                   You pushed my doubts away.
With you, I was stripped of my defenses--
              Going on senses--
                                Just myself lost in love.

We let the rain drown out our sins
       So we could start again a new.
Just you, and me, and each drop of rain
            Was all that existed in this moment--this time
Nothing else mattered as long as you were mine
           Sharing secrets and kisses
                  Whose heart the other misses

When we were drenched--a total mess
      I'll always recall the way you looked at me.
Took my hands and whispered in my ear
    That you have never seen a more beautiful girl
          Who you would never trade for all the world.
And we kissed again
           Because there's nothing more romantic
                           Than a kiss in the rain.
So I wrote this Monday night when I was feeling really lonely...

It's a little bit different, but I like it.

And yeah I'm just asking to get swamped in messages. This rocks.

Enjoy! ^^
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"I will only do it if you give me advice." Ash said, folding his arms over his muscled chest.
"Fine. But, you have to wear this, other ways, I can't comunicate with you." Tai said, handing him a computer-chip-like item.
"What is it?" He asked, taking it.
"It's a one-way, listening devise. I can talk to you, and no one else can hear me." Tai explained, "Put it into your ear." She instructed.
He put it into his ear, "Can you also hear me?"
"Yes, I can." She said, "Hold on, one sec."  She went into the other room for a minute and came back out with a mircophone. "Hello. Hello? Can you hear me, Ash?" She asked into the head of it.
"Hey, I can hear you, awesome!" Ash exclaimed, "Okay, let's do it!"
"Wait, let's get you.... presentable." Tai said, running over to his closet. "Hmm... What's her favorite color again?"
"Blue, why?" He answered.
"Wear this.... oo, with this shirt." She said throwing out a blue shirt with a blue colar, and jeans with a little hole in the pants leg.
"These? Why?" He asked, picking them up.
"One, it's her favorite color. Two, they will look better then what you are wearing now. And three, she will at least be able to reaconize you." Tai explained, "Don't you know anything?"
"Yeah, I do know. Just not about anything like this..." He said, blushing slightly as he put the clothes to his body for an example.

"Are you done in there yet?" Tai whined, knocking on the door of the bathroom.
"Yes, but are you sure that this is going to work out?" Ash answered from the other side of the door.
"Come out, and let's see." She instructed.
"Fine." He opened the door.
"That, will work." She said, straghtening his colar.
"Thanks. Now can I go?" He asked.
"Fine. Is the-"
"Yes it is, now can I go?"
"Fine, don't forget a jacket." Tai said, handing him a blue and white jacket.
"Thanks, see ya, sis." He said running out the door, down the drive way, and over to a house at the end of the street.
'I hope he knows what he's doing.... Then again, I am going to be helping him...' Tai thought as she saw Ash run down the street.

Ash came up to the house.  He straighened and wiped off his shirt.
'Here I go...' He thought.
He walked up the drive way of the house and up to the door.  He wiped off his shirt one last time before he knocked on the door.  He knocked three times, then waited.
"Mom, I'll get it!" A young-teenage girl's vioce called, as it's footsteps carried down the stairs.
"No, Honey, I'll get it."
The bolt on the door's lock opened, and a middle-aged mom walked out.
"Hello?" She said.
"Um... Hello. I am looking for Misty... Is she home?" Ash asked.
"Yes, hold on. I'll get her." She said before slightly closing the door, "Honey, someone is at the door for you!" She called.
"Really? Who?" A voice called.
"I don't know. But he is really cute." Her mother said almost a whisper, but Ash could still hear it.
He blushed lightly.
Misty walked over to the door, and reopened the half-closed door.
"Oh, hey Ash!" She said blushing slightly.
Misty was wearing a blue top that cuts off right below her belly-button and blue shorts that were really short.  Once he looked closer to the fantastic looking figure in front of him, he saw that she was wearing a daimond-studded necklace.  Her shoes weren't her red ones that she always wore, they were bluish running shoes.  He was speachless, looking he up and down, even though he really wasn't trying.  
She blushed, as she noticed him slightly looking her down and up.
Suddenly, "Ash, Ash! Say something numb-skull!"
"Huh? Oh, um.... Would you like to go to the park with me?" He asked, waking up from his stare-down trance, and blushing.
"Sure, hold on." She answered, then turned around to go ask her mother.

"So can I go mom? Please?" She begged.
"Fine, but be home by 10." Her mom gave in.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Misty said as she ran back out to the door.
'K', Ash, let's go." Misty said running out the door and grabbed Ash's arm, pulling him to the park.
Ash blushed as her touch was warm.  She let go and continued running, Ash running right along side her.

Before Ash and Misy knew it, they were playing tag.  They both knew it was pretty childish, but they couldn't help it.  Ash was it.  He chased her around the kid's playground, he reached out for her but missed. They ran down the large hill.  He reached out again, but this time he tripped.  He fell, taking Misty down with him.  They laughed as they rolled down the hill.  They came to a stop and Ash ended up on top of Misty.  They blushed hard as they realized the position they were in.  Ash quickly got off of her, and they sat side-by-side on the smaller hill right below the large one.  The sun was setting, the small river at their feet was flowing to a quiet rythem.
Suddenly, Ash heard something in his ear.  It sounded like Tai.
'Oh, yeah.' He remember the small devise in his ear.
Tai's voice was sweet.  She was singing.

There you see her
Sitting the acrossed the way
She don't got a lot to say
But there's something about her
And you don't know why
But you're dying to try
You wanna kiss the girl

He was puzzled from hearing his sister sing.  Then he suddenly knew what she was trying to get him to do.  He blushed and turned to Misty.  She was staring down at the sparkling river.  She took off her shoes and lightly put her delicate feet into the water.  She smiled.  He blushed as he did the same.  Then he heard his little sister continue with the song.

Yes, you want her
Look at her you know you do
It's possible she wants you, too
There's one way to ask her
It don't take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl

He looked back at the young, beautiful girl sitting besides him.  She was splashing her legs in the water slightly and giggling.  He started kicking his feet also.  She looked at him, blushed, and smiled at him.  Tai then continued singing.

My, oh, my
Look's like the boy's too shy
He ain't gonna kiss the girl
Ain't that sad
It's such a shame, too bad
You gonna miss the girl
Go on and kiss the girl

He smiled back, and splashed his feet harder.  She giggled as he splashed his self and her.  He stopped and looked up at her.  She was giggling.
'She looks so beautiful.... I wonder if-'
Suddenly, Tai continued singing again.

Now's your moment
Floating in a blue laggon
Boy, you better do it soon
No time will be better
She don't say a word
Ans she won't say a word
Untill you kiss the girl
Kiss the girl

Misty continued giggling as she started to splash lightly.  She looked down at the glissoning, sparkling, river.  She stopped giggling and looked back at him.  He was still looking at her, she started to blush. Tai continued.

My, oh, my
Look's like the boy's too shy
He ain't gonna kiss the girl
Ain't that sad
It's such a shame, too bad
You're gonna miss the girl

He blushed back as he looked back at the water below his feet.  Misty looked at her reflection, and was still blushing.  Ash looked over at the girl's reflection, then back down at his own. Tai started again.

Don't be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the girl
Don't stop now
Don't try to hide it how
You wanna kiss the girl
Go on and kiss the girl

Ash looked back at Misty, who continued to splash her legs gentily in the water.  She glanced back up at him, then back down at the river, and giggled.  He started to giggle too. His sister began to sing again.

Lalalala, lalalala
Go on and kiss the girl
Lalalala, lalalala
Go on and - kiss the girl

She moved closer, sort of with out knowing.  He too moved a bit closer.  Soon they where so close that their legs were touching.  They both blushed and looked at eachother, no longer giggling. Tai was getting excited, but continued on anyway.

My, oh, my
Look's like the boy's too shy
He ain't gonna kiss the girl
It's such a shame, too bad
You gonna miss the girl

Ash and Misty started getting closer, and closer.  Their heads getting close to the others.  Tai continued on.

Lalalalala, lalalalala
Go on and kiss the girl-
Go on and kiss that girl
Lalalalala, lalalalala
Go on and kiss the girl
Go on and kiss the girl
Kiss the girl
Go on and - Kiss the girl

Ash's hands raised up to Misty's face, pulled her face to his, and their lips met.  Misty put her arms around Ash's neck, urdging him to deepen the kiss.  Ash's left hand ran down her back and around her waist.  One of Misty's hands pulled Ash's head into her's.

Ash walked Misty back to her house.  They walked up the drive way, and up to the door.
"I had fun tonight Ash, thank you." Misty said as they reached the door.
"Yeah me too." Ash said.
"Ash her to go on a date with you tomorrow!" Tai yelled.
"Ummm... Will you go on a date with me tomorrow?" Ash asked.
"Sure, Ash." Misty said blushing.
"So... See you tomorrow." He said.
Suddenly, Misty's lips brushed over Ash's, "Goodnight, Ash." She said, then dissapeared into the house.
Ash still stood outside, his hand placed over the area where she had kissed him.  He blushed and smiled as he walked back to his house, where his helpful, annoying sister, Tai, would be waiting.

Thanks to MistyGemmy for the picture!

I know you may be thinking that I am putting off the Ash and Misty Part 42 story, but I am trying to pace myself. Thanks for reading. Thanks for wating.
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Dashing through the snow,
Knocking people down,
If they get back up,
Whack them to the ground!!

Blood and guts go splat,
Everyone goes ‘eeww’,
Then we all just carry on,
Until we start to spew!!

Surfing through the blood,
On a mostly-eaten sheep,
Sitting in its guts,
Hear Berny go ‘Meep’!!

Lots of intestines,
Burn them, make them bright!
What fun it is to slosh and dance,
In sheepy guts tonight!


Sloshy guts! Sloshy guts!
Watch Berny go ‘Meep’!!
Oh, what fun it is to surf,
On a mostly eaten sheep!


Sloshy guts! Sloshy guts!
Watch Berny go ‘Meep’!!
Oh, what fun it is to surf,
On a mostly eaten sheep!!!
It's not quite the traditional version, and yes it is fair morbid, but you've been warned.

To the tune of 'Jingle Bells'

Co written with
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I'm no heartless killer
Maybe you could tell
I never kill for pleasure
I just play the part real well

And you're no faultless victim
Just trust me, I can tell
You sure aren't undeserving
You just play the part real well

Police don't bring forth justice
The whole wide world can tell
They care not for your murder
They just play the part real well

So think about my words tonight
In whichever world comes next
Be it worlds unknown to man
Or worlds described in texts

If the world is of man's creation
A classically tormenting hell
The devil isn't evil
He just plays the part real well
October 08. This is supposed to be a speech from a disillusioned and insane actor upon the murder of a man who ruined his career.
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I reach for a hand that's not there. You smile and fall and put on a stare, you're scared, you're lost, and for christ's sake, your eyes aren't deceiving your biggest mistake. You skip hearts you drown beats and you're starting to scare me, losing grip, fighting reality, you're starting to tear away my biggest defence, my violent arguments and for once in your life you're shutting me up. You're telling me you've had enough. And with a simple brush, of lips you declare you're going to give me your courage, your everything. Even that burning sting developing behind your eyes when you're dying to cry, covering up lies, devoring obvious ties. I know it's not the same (fingers moving, heart racing) and it's definetly not the fame (shaking arms, kissing teeth) but maybe it's the shame. Yeah, it's gotta be the shame. Biting skin, licking flesh, devouring this mess of an excuse of an illusion of a girl, a silhouette of perfection mixed with neglation, cut and diced with rejection. I'll love you, you'll love me, we'll both be happy. You've got it all in your head, but you'll dread what I've said and you can't help but say, "I promise everything'll be okay."

We both drown in our secrets and hell, we drown in our lust, this shit's a bust but no one's making a fuss. And we're trying to keep all of our vows burried deep but amongst stolen kisses our eyes sink ships, but we've seen this before. We've been here before, and you're starting to feel like a whore. Begging for more, hips getting sore. But you despise me and I despise you (fingers moving, heart racing), and I'm sure you want to end me too. Eventually I'm seeing you holding a gun, it's ten minutes later, you're sick of the fun. You put it to my chest and wish me the best, but I'm quick to promise that I'm not done yet. (shaking arms kissing teeth) I watch your finger pull the trigger, body shivers and I feel my heart getting bigger.

I fall to the floor, feet swollen and body sore, I'm screaming in pain from the wound and I hear...

"Two, Three, Four. Baby, you're dying hardcore." You laugh and smile, in a childish style you lower you're forefinger and thumb. Your substitute for a real gun. "I guess that makes me number one."

"No, you're just fucking dumb."
This makes the most sense to me i think. So don't tell me you don't understand it because it's not supposed to make sense to everyone. It's like a combination to something that you can't figure out.

And if you have, I commend you.

BTW. If you didn't catch it.

No one got shot. Notice the "you lower you're forefinger and thumb. Your substitute for a real gun."

You know when you make the hand symbol for a gun? That's all it is.

Role play if you will.

But role play reminds me of something that reminds me of something I shouldn't be thinking about.

But i'm awful that way so lets just call it messing around. Kay?


But you haven't read half of what I've wrote.


Sweet dreams. (sweet=g rated. PG if you're nice to me)
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A papercut is a papercut
Until its something more
Because papercut after papercut
The skin grows red and sore
The skin is pierced a thousand times
And then a thousand more
And though I really try to care
Its just a fucking bore

A lie is really just a lie
Until its something more
Because after every single lie
It gets harder to be sure
The mind is pierced a thousand times
And then a thousand more
And though I really try to care
Its just a fucking bore

And every lie is a papercut
Until its something more
You lie to me again and again
You're such a fucking whore
My heart was pierced a thousand times
And then a thousand more
And though I try to just not care
My hearts been torn at its core
January 2009
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"Alicia?" atat a putut sa spuna jhon cu balele curgandu-i intr-un mod scarbos.
"Da, jhon..esti bine?", stia ca nu e si totusi intreba pentru ca era 1 jumate si era
prea somnoroasa sa fie constienta de cuvintele sale.
"Nu. Te cu mine. Acum" si a inchis telefonul, inconstient.
Alicia s-a ridicat din pat si-a tras o pereche de blugi pe ea si-a luat geaca si a
plecat. A inchis incet usa in urma ei, dar imediat si-a dat o palma peste frunte si a intrat
inapoi. A "imprumutat" o suta de mii din portofelul mamei sale si a plecat la fel de discret.
A coborat din taxi si a urcat in cea mai mare viteza pana la apartamentul 15 de la
etajul 4. A deschis usa si l-a gasit intins pe jos, tremurand, cu valuri de spume la gura.
Nu a avut timp sa se sperie sau sa planga sau macar sa se gandeasca cum sa actioneze.L-a luat
in brate si i-a pus capul pe o perna, apoi a dat drumu la apa din cada si a pus dopul, iar mai
apoi, dupa ce s-a umplut l-a tarat pana acolo..Vazuse la televizor o data ca asa facuse un tip
sa isi revina prietenul sau din starea de sevraj. Si a reusit. L-a asezat pe pat in alte haine
si cu parul uscat si il privea cum dormea. Abia atunci isi daduse seama de tot: de faptul ca
acasa o astepta o adevarata mustruiala, desi asta conta cel mai putin, de faptul ca el era asa
intr-o stare grava. Si totusi se tinuse de cuvant si asta o facea sa creada ca o iubeste. Oricum
stia ca va fi bine.
E ora 6 cand alicia intra la fel de discret precum a si iesit, in casa. Deschide usa
de la bucatarie sa isi faca o cafea, dar surpriza!! sau nu..mama ei o astepta acolo cu tigara
in mana, cafeaua in fata si batand din degete.
"Unde ai fost alicia pana acum??" a spus mama cu un ton grav.
"La Jhon." atat a spus si a lasat capul in jos.
"Ti-am spus sa nu mai vorbesti macar cu drogatul ala?? Sa il lasi??"
"CUm as putea sa il las acum cand el are cea mai mare nevoie de mine?? Il iubesc. Este
totul pentru mine si tu imi ceri sa il las?? Si se va lasa de droguri...Pentru ca ma iubeste si el"
"Trezeste-te fetito!! Traim pe Pamant, nu pe venus sau marte."
"Tu chiar nu intelegi??? Ce vina am eu in toate astea?? Ca tu nu ai un barbat sa te
Si bineinteles ca totul s-a finalizat cu o palma zdravana, fata a plecat in camera sa, plangand.

Si au trecut luni intregi cu acceleasi scene, numai ca Jhon a reusit sa scape din prada acestui
"hobby" ucigator si ei sunt mai fericiti ca niciodata. 9 luni. Nu e putin deloc.

"Alicia? Iubito? Crezi ca ai putea veni cu mine diseara la o petrecere data de un
"Jhon!! Imi pare rau, dar nu pot veni. Ti-am spus ca maine am examenul la engleza si in
plus mama este bolnava, cum as putea sa o las?"
"Ai 16 ani si cu toate astea ai mai multe pe cap ca mine care ar trebui sa devin o persoana
responsabila si sa mai las naiba viata asta. Am 20 de ani."
"Asta e. Imi pare rau dar nu pot veni. Ne vedem maine, ok?"
"Sigur. A. Si vroiam sa iti spun ca te iubesc"
"Si eu jhon. DIstractie placuta!!Pa-pa!"

A doua zi Alicia a iesit cu prietenele ei, cum faceau pe vremuri si astepta sa o sune
Jhon. De la masa alaturata a auzit fara sa vrea o discutie ce a calcat in picioare tot. Absolut tot.
"May?? Tu chiar te-ai culcat cu drogatu' ala, Jhon?"
"In primul rand "drogatu'" ala cum il numesti tu, este o partida pe cinste si in al doilea
rand s-a lasat pisi de droguri, pentru fetita aia de o creste el." si apoi au urmat tone de rasete
Nu mai auzea nimic. Alicia simtea cum pluteste pe un nor negru ce naruise orasul. S-a ridicat
cu miscari mecanice, si-a luat geaca si a plecat. S-a urcat in primul taxiu si s-a dus in blocul ala,
la apartamentul 15, etajul 4. A ciocanit la usa si imediat cum i-a fost deschisa a intrat furtunos urland.
"Spune-mi ca aseara te-ai drogat!!!"
"Nu Alicia. Am promis si m-am tinut de cuvant."
"Deci erai perfect treaz?" si a urmat miscarea din cap a baiatului ce aproba acest lucru."Te urasc!
Am investit TOT in tine si tu?? Tu o iei pe curva aia de May si o futi??? De ce?? De ce??"
"Alicia...Am nevoi." si a lasat capul in jos precum un copil mic ce tocmai a spart vaza preferata a mamei.
"Ai nevoi?? Si pe mine ma iubesti?? Cica..Pe mine m-ai intrebat vreodata daca mi-as dori sa iti ofer ceva
ce doar unei persoane speciale as oferi??CE??Virginitatea mea..!!M-ai intrebat??AI batut vreun apropo??"
"Nu" s-a auzit acest cuvant stins..
"S-a terminat. Sa nu indraznesti sa ma cauti! Adio!!"

Si au trecut atatia ani de atunci.9, cifra magica. Acum ea a ajuns ce si-a dorit, o mare jurnalista, cu un sot
minunat si multi copii. Si eu?? Am si eu o sotie frumoasa si o fetita superba pe nume Alicia. Desi am familia asta
frumoasa, sufletul meu nu a reusit niciodata sa o uite si nici eu nu am reusit niciodata sa ma iert pentru ca ea isi
sacrificase totul pentru mine si eu am sacrificat totul pentru o noapte de placere cu o curva.
poate ca asta inseamna iubire. sau poate nu.. de specificat ca nu sunt aceiasi alicia si john din o alta poveste. toate personajele mele poarta aceste nume:D
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Have you ever wondered, that maybe the world we live in will not be there tomorrow? Have you ever wondered; maybe this wasn’t meant to be? That we just weren’t good enough? No – have you ever wondered, is beautiful nature going to be there in the end? Or, do you already know the answer? As a young adult, I am concerned about my future. I know that the answer is no. The world is going to be a much different place. Did you ever dream about electric cars? The ones that were silent, and used no gasoline or engine? But, as a child, you knew that it was just a silly dream – that this would never happen. Electric cars? They’re here. They were here from the very beginning. The question is, are we willing to give them another chances? There is no reason to stop its resurrection. It was here before, twice, and was killed both times. Electric cars would keep the air cleaner, perhaps give our future a fighting chance, and we would greatly reduce our addiction to fossil fuels. There is hardly any reason against bringing back the electric car.

Imagine this. Imagine the future. You wake up to another day, as you always had in the past twenty years. You feel the familiar scorching heat, and your lips are parched. As you stand up, you walk slowly to the window and peer out. Desert. Heat. Nothing. You could see exhausted people coming out of their houses, but there is not a sound – not even a faint whistling of wind. It was not as if you expected to see anything different, it was always like this. Of course, maybe you still didn’t believe it – that the people before you were so careless; that the people before you led the planet to its destruction. Maybe you thought it was all a dream, that one of these days you would wake up and this whole disaster would be nothing more than a terrible nightmare. But no, you knew this was the end. The doctor said that you only had a few more months to live. You had not had very much water in the last few days, for your monthly ration was dwindling. Food? You had not had more than a plate of food in the last month. Usually you had a bag of chips, or a piece of gum to sustain your hunger for the day. The temperature each morning was at least 95 degrees [even in the winter] and noon was 120 degrees. Sometimes it reached 135 degrees in the summers and springs. Many people died in the heat waves. It was not worth living like this. You sigh in relief when you realize you wouldn’t be alive much longer. But, you had a child; a young five year old. Lately she was coughing, and was lying in bed with a fever. You could tell by her visible ribs and her parched lips that she was malnourished. When you died, you would leave her to suffer. Was that fair to her? Again you cursed about those careless people who had the chance to save the planet. They had the chance, but instead they cared only about money. You lay back down, wishing that you had been living when you could have made a difference.

This could happen. It will happen. We are the only people that can stop this from happening. Us. Now. There is a very small window of time we have, merely a couple of years, to stop this from happening. Do you care? You should. We are the only species alive that are capable to destroy the planet, and we’re sure doing a wonderful job. Here’s reality: “We must reduce CO2 emissions by 80% before 2010 or it’s too late.” – Lester Brown. If we fail to do this in time, it won’t matter. The earth will keep warming to no end. Take a step back. Put ‘money’ and ‘earth’ on a scale. Which one weighs more? Which one is more important? By the way we are acting; money seems to be more important. The little group who thinks that the earth is more important is criticized by the media and government. But why? Why do people not care about this planet? If the earth was a couple more miles closer or farther from the sun, we would not be here today. Life could not survive if the earth was in a slightly different place. To destroy such a special place would show that we are not responsible enough to be alive. What would happen if the earth was the only planet in the universe that had life? And we destroyed it? That’s quite disappointing.

The earth is in a car, and that car is going 70 miles per hour towards a cliff. We have to put the brakes on now, or we won’t come to a stop in time. If we put the brakes on too late, then the car would start to stop, but would not halt completely. We could try, but if we fail to put on the breaks in time, we will fall off the cliff whether we like it or not.

We need to push on that break – now. How could we do that? One thing we could do is that we could bring back electric cars.  In the twenty-first century, the electric car came back – this time it was much more advanced. General Motors, its manufacturer and creator, showed unexpected cannibalism to the product. They didn’t advertise it, and claimed no one wanted the car. But, most of the population didn’t know about the car. Imagine the millions of people that would want and benefit from electric cars? It would keep the air cleaner, perhaps give our future a fighting chance, and we would greatly reduce our addiction to fossil fuels. There is hardly any reason against bringing back the electric car.

We have a serious problem with the quality of our air, particularly in California. The smog is clearly visible in many cities. Gasoline burning cars release the fume that contributes to this sickening gray cloud. Many children are forbidden to play outside. This leads to another thing – obesity. With the children unable to exercise, many become overweight. Everything is connected in one way or another. Other people are victim to respiratory diseases. Studies have shone that the average of people with asthma has jumped 2.1 million since 1980. The overall death rate from chronic respiratory diseases has jumped more than 50% since 1990. Can you imagine how terrible the quality of our air is to make this average jump so greatly? It’s quite disturbing, to think that the air you are breathing right this moment is so full of toxins and smog that it causes so many deaths. Electric cars do not produce any smog at all. They are 100% smog free. Wouldn’t it feel good to drive around, knowing that you weren’t polluting the atmosphere?

Our future is in jeopardy. The warming earth is melting all our main sources of water – glaciers. With the water supply dwindling, the crops will die because of the heat and water shortage. The species die because the delicate web of life is destroyed. Each problem has a chain reaction, causing a domino effect that ends up being a catastrophe. The revival of the electric car may not completely stop Global Warming, but it would greatly help reduce the CO2 emissions caused by the biggest contributor – gasoline burning cars. It would really make a difference in our future. So far, that future isn’t looking too bright. We have to change it, now.

Another thing I must mention is that we have a dangerous addiction to fossil fuel (oil). We have already passed our peak in oil production, and each day we produce less and less oil. Now, we have a war with Iraq for nothing but oil. As the supply dwindles, and oil becomes scarcer, more blood will be spilled over the fossil fuel. What happens when we run out? Suddenly, we would have no energy source. It took the planet billions and billions of years to create fossil fuels, and in a couple hundred years, from the time we started to use oil to today, we have used more than two thirds of it. It is estimated that by 2200, there will be no oil left. Electrics cars may not save us from a lethal oil shortage, but it will definitely slow it down. You may think that there is another equal energy source, but the truth is that there is not. Yes, many things may provide energy, but it takes more energy to make it and it produces. That means – we would not be saving energy; we would be wasting it. The electric car brings hope, but we may need more than just hope.

I understand that you may think that electric cars will be unsuccessful, but look at the hybrid Prius. It is the most wanted car in America. People love the Toyota Prius because of it’s fuel efficiency. It costs just as much as your average car, but you save thousands of dollars on gasoline. If people had electric cars, they would only have to plug it in at night, and get in and drive in the morning. There would be no stopping at gas stations and going out of your way. “You’re right, the electric car only suits 90% of the population!” – Who Killed the Electric Car, Movie. That 90% of the population would gladly buy the electric car. When they look at it, they only see – how much does it cost? What’s the mileage? Wow, it’s electric? No gas? No extra money spent on expensive gasoline? I’ll take it! They do not see that they are saving the environment, they just see that it is a reliable car that can save their money and do what they need it to do.

As a young adult, I want a world to wake up to in the morning. I want a planet that flourishes with life. I want a planet that will live on, a symbol of its importance and uniqueness. Take this all away, and we are no more than barbarians. I don’t want our generation to be remembered as ‘The people who could have made a difference – the people who could have saved the planet.'  This isn’t about saving America, it’s about saving the world. This is reality.

Sonya K.
My. Persusasive. Letter. Essay. Thing. WHATEVER. Rough. Draft. One. HAVE FUN! =D My teacher is making me condense it, but I want to keep its powerfullness somewhere so it can really be what I want it to be. So THERE. XDDD

To clarify -

This is about global warming and bringing back the electric car. TADA!
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