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Stop taking boring photos!

Tue Jul 2, 2013, 5:32 AM
If you like what you read, please :+favlove: this article so it reaches more deviants

An extract from Tony Ray Jones's… notebook contains some interesting tips to take better street photos:

:bulletred:       BE MORE AGGRESSIVE



:bulletred:      TAKE SIMPLER PICTURES




:bulletred:       DON'T TAKE BORING PICTURES

:bulletred:       GET IN CLOSER (USE 50mm LESS)

:bulletred:       WATCH CAMERA SHAKE (shoot 250sec or above)

:bulletred:       DON'T SHOOT TOO MUCH

:bulletred:       NOT ALL AT EYE LEVEL

:bulletred:       NO MIDDLE DISTANCE

"Don't take boring pictures" is my favorite point.
Why are there boring street photos? Well, mostly because there are some simple or catchy situations that have been photographed countless times, becoming recurrent, redundant, cliché themes. These photos become boring because they look all the same, they don't add anything new or original to the theme, they have been seen over and over again. Sometimes they are uninteresting because there is no thought behind them.

A few examples of overdone street photos?

Beggars begging and homeless sleeping: they have been photographed countless times. Alone or with people passing by, showing indifference. Many times juxtaposed with a symbol of consumerism or occidental society (Cartier, Mc Donald's and so on). There are countless reiterations of this kind of photos in the net.
By now the beggars on Charles Bridge in Prague must have more fashion books than the best paid models in the world.
The fact is that taking photos of a person sitting still, facing the ground, is not that challenging, it is way too easy.
Not to mention that taking photos of people sleeping or too wasted to notice or care of what you are is a bit like picking on the weakest. Take aim at the easy target. 'Shooting at the Red Cross' as we say in italian. Well, you got it.
There are of course exceptions. Photos where more than one layer conveys a message, photos from where you don't get the feeling of having stepped on a person's dignity. See:

hungry by SimonSawSunlight

People photographed from the back:
Shooting from the back has the advantage to avoid contact with your subjects, and to sneak on their back without being seen. It is also the best recipe for boring pictures.  Backs aren't very expressive, nor especially interesting to look at. If you take photos from the back, do it with a meaning, do it because that angle is the best way to convey the message of your photo (I am NOT talking of women's butts here). See:


Pigeons: did you know that there are 310 species of it? Browse street photos for a while and you'll know them all. Pigeons make for catchy images with kids chasing after them, they give some dynamism to the image flying around.  But, come on, who doesn't have a memory photo as a kid chasing after pigeons in a square? We all have. That's the point. See:

The Birds II by pariah87

Upside-down shadows:
Shadows offer countless chances for good photos. They can be tricky, surreal, puzzling, revealing, hiding, distorting. Without necessarily being upside-down. If the trick of flipping a photo upside down is the only thing that makes the'll just have a boring photo upside-down. See:

Double size by MirabellaStefano

"Wait for the rain, it makes shooting on the street easier and more interesting." - Martin Parr
The hard truth is that we can't all be Martin Parr. Wonderful photos can be taken in the rain, as the rain can create an exhilarating, thrilling atmosphere, and as umbrellas can form interesting patterns or splashes of color. So, there really is no need to make always the same rainy photo featuring a central composition with a person in the middle of a path/road/street in the middle of the frame, photographed from the back while walking under the umbrella... See:

Yellow Umbrella by pwillyams

Couple kissing, good looking women. Nothing wrong with them. I am just jealous :lol: Though it is not easy to avoid cliché photos with these subjects.

People passing in front of signs or posters or graffiti.
Well, let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Who did never give in to the temptation of a catchy juxtaposition of person + billboard? Though not always the combination people + poster works. Let's aim a bit higher and at least capture the right person at the right moment passing in front of the right poster. I mean, the poster isn't going anywhere, so it really is just a matter of patience and thinking. See:

Fly fly away.. by straightfromcamera

That said...'Never ignore a cliché'! (Artem Zhitenev) still applies.
I'd never renounce to take a potential good photo just because it was taken countless times before. I'd never renounce to take a potential good photo, period. There always are exceptions to the rule, and also a cliché photo can be beautiful, iconic, full of imagery. 

DISCLAIMER: This journal is meant to provoke thoughts and not specific persons!

Run by Vermontster

** by stringoiu

40 by sevron

you and me by Batsceba

amazed - color street by fabrizzialex

Blues brothers by wheeler-photographic

Brothers by DougNZ

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Stock & Resources Daily Deviations for July 2014
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I'm so sorry to hear about the awesome Robin Williams :'(  He made our childhood! :heart:
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:iconhithereplz: :iconhithereplz:  :iconlaplz: :iconlaplz:

:iconnewlaplz: :iconnewlaplz: :iconnewdummyplz: :iconnewdummyplz:

:iconwowplz: :iconwowplz: :iconjoyplz: :iconjoyplz:

:iconchainchompplz::iconchainchompplz: :iconjohn-le-fucker: :iconJohn-Le-Fucker:

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:iconbluemoodplz:  :iconbluemoodplz: :iconnegoplz:  :iconnegoplz:






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:iconpetsplz: :iconpetsplz:




















































:iconconradlaplz: :iconconradlaplz:


:icontonberrylaplz: :icontonberrylaplz:


:iconlaversplz: :iconlaversplz:


























































































:iconkingcarplz1: :iconkingcarplz2: :iconkingcarplz3:
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:iconhuhuplz: :iconhuhuplz:

















































:icondeathworm1plz: :icondeathworm2plz::iconDeathworm1plz: :iconDeathworm2plz:






























































:iconcatchpoints01: :iconcatchpoints02::iconcatchpoints01: :iconcatchpoints02:


:iconchocolateheartplz: :iconchocolateheartplz:









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Love That Face! Portrait Stock Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 24, 2013, 8:05 PM
Remember to follow the individual stock provider's terms of use and enjoy!

White Swan 6 by Kechake-stock

Blue 3 by Sinned-angel-stock   Princess Stock 2 by Reine-Haru  Summer Stock 07 by Malleni-Stock

Male Stock 143 by BirdsistersStock  

I've always hated you 009 by D-emo-stock    People 056 by ISOStock

new creepy stock by jaded-ink 

500 by LuneBleu-PhotoStock   Mira Nox 10 by MiraNox Anett Frozen by anettfrozen  Hurt.... by Shiskababe 

Stein Zupancic Viking STOCK 02 by DiamonEyes  Taming the Wild 17 by Ahrum-StockSoldier - Port (16) by anyman82Gun Stock 39 by AilinStock

romantic 6 by visualgraffiti-stock 

Close - Lamp II by fetishfaerie-stock Me fake blood vampire by SilvieT-Stock Steampunk Sugar Skull Mask Stock by Nerium-Oleanders Steampunk006 by Shadowelement-Stock

Angry by BokoGreat-STOCK  

red stock 5 by MinorphicPhoto Sadness7 by stockicideGF3R_1 by jademacalla 

Forever Young 8 by mevaleriestock

Flame 7 by CathleenTarawhiti Cemetery Stock 25 by ElandriaMarina stock 5 by Random-Acts-Stock

Black Fire 3 by Jaymasee Laces - Stock by MariaAmanda

model simon by xomiphotography

Take my Hand by arya-poenya-stock  Stein Zupancic Viking STOCK 02 by DiamonEyes  feb pose 021 by jasonaaronbaca

Nymph 3 by Mirish

Mother of Dragons Exclusives 1 by mizzd-stockMoire 20 by liam-stock

Tannalein 1 by kirilee

Sailor Portrait 1 by SenshiStock  Underwater 11 by bumimanusiastock  Elf 1 by chirinstock

ForesT: GHOST stock by ForesTofgotham   Dsc5120 -1 by VXLPhotography  93 by yale-stock  

fighter 5 by tomsich  Gothic3 with sword 15 by Noirin-Stock  Free :: Erinada IV by XxSaraiyu-StockxXdeer antler fantasy stock 9 by Liancary-art

Wickedy Witch 3 by Tasastock

Glasses Stock Pack 2 by RobynRosePixie 21 by PirateLotus-Stock

360 Head Turn Around by Null-Entity

Face lighting reference9 by faestock

Expressions 3 by Durkee341  Faces Of Death STOCK I by PhelanDavion

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
Did I mention that this is a really big/awesome feature? :D
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A photograph is immortal, timeless, lives its own life in its uniqueness to stop the moment, a scene, a mood. A photograph is a tasteful mix of reality and unconscious, of concrete elements and desires. What a photograph expresses also born without the knowledge of the photographer, who can only drive and direct the viewer to a particular meaning, but what the photograph exudes is subtle and impalpable, like a perfume. You can just smell, close your eyes and get in that moment, in that situation, in that sentiment.

Please visit the pages of their respective authors.

Untitled by existencia5    Untitled by existencia5
Flow by TheGhostSiren       
Something Evil by LidiaVives   

Mature Content

Charade by alberich

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Plague is coming by DieNessel

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Fire 4 by Chamarjin

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Josie by Hart-Worx    Two girls in white 243 by tsubasacompany-stock
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Memoires of an Imperfect Angel by a3t3rnum    Time Traveler by BenHeine  
Kick  it Up by TEMPERATE-SAGE     Rain . by anarud

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Commission Information // CLOSED

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 2:00 AM



Commissions currently open:

Until I clear my list.

Special offers:
None currently.

Coming soon:


If you read anything, make it this first section.
It is the most important. And will probably answer many questions.

I accept both Paypal and snail mail.
Just ask for my address if it's the latter.

:bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletred:    :bulletred:    :bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen:
Snail mail: Pay in advance. (I am not responsible for any payments lost in the mail.)
Paypal: Pay in advance, or after seeing the sketch. Designs require advance payment.
Points: Pay in advance, or after sketches.  Currently not an option!
:bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletred:    :bulletred:    :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen:

If you want a commission, please NOTE ME WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:
Name: (dA Username please.)
Contact: Would you rather I note you, or email you? If you prefer the latter, please leave your e-mail address.
Commission type: Such as "chibi", "design", "sketch" and so on.
Character(s) to be drawn: At least ONE reference picture, please, or a detailed written description. Name, age, personality, etc. Any details you feel are important.
Other: Original file, specific poses/emotions, etc.
Is this a gift for someone? I need to know if it should be done by a certain date, or kept secret.


- I will NOT give refunds at your request. Only if I do not finish.
- Any commission that is not a flat price is based on the complexity of the character.
- Transparent backgrounds are free upon request.
- Max of THREE IMAGES PER SLOT. One slot per person.
- Paid commissions are normally done before unpaid ones.
- If I - for some reason - can NOT do your commission, I will tell you immediately.
- If I do not complete your commission, I will give you a refund. It's only fair.
 Adopt/Design Sale rules.

I will do:
Animals - Anthro/Furries - Kemonomimis - Humans - Original Characters - Original Species - MLP - Elves
WARNING: I am willing to try all animals, but I may have weaknesses. I will warn you.

I will NOT do:
Sonic-styled characters - Extreme nudity - Mecha - Horses (for now)


Chibi:// Additional characters +$1-3
Sketch - $2-3
Lineart - N/A
Flat Color - $3-4
- $5-6
Shaded/Background - N/A

Digital:// Additional characters +$2-7
Sketch - $4 - You choose the sketch color, no BG.
Lineart - N/A
Flat Color - $5-7 - Flat-colored lined pieces. Transparent, solid, or textured BG.
Shaded/Background - $7-15 - Fully shaded pieces. Solid, transparent, or simple BG. Detailed BG will cost more.
Pixel - $13 - Shaded, transparent BG. No icons.
Lineless -$15 starting price. Will go up depending on complexity of the character, type of lineless, and background. We will discuss.

Traditional:// Works done in Prismacolor/Copic Markers. Shipping optional. Shipping cost not included; varies
ACEO - $7 - Single-character, simple background. +$2 per extra character. Extra detailed characters may cost more.
ACEO - $12 - Coupled image (2 characters, 2 ACEOs side by side)
 Badge - N/A
7x10 Page - Starts at $12. Message me.
9x12 Page - Starts at $15. Message me.
Other prices not yet determined

Extra info on shipping:
ACEO orders are always shipped in a thin card cover.

Quad - $3/4/6 - Simple/Normal/Detailed.
Anthro - $4/6 - Simple/Detailed. Not clothed.
Kemonomimimi - $4/8 - Simple/Detailed. Clothed.
Quad/Kemonomimi bundle - $7-12 - You get a Kemonomimi design, and a quad design.

Extra design info // Different parts apply to different design types
Give me keywords to work off of, if you wish, and I can try to add them in somehow.
Simple - Very few or no markings. Simple outfit or accessories.
Normal - Balanced markings. Only one form. One outfit/form.
Detailed - More than one form. Elegant markings, still balanced. More than one outfit or form.

Species Customs:// Click the name of the species for a link to the ref.
Vaité - Currently unavailable.
Faife - Currently unavailable.
Walkers - Currently unavailable.
Panidorns - Currently unavailable, no ref sheet, links to gallery.


Colors determine the type of slot. (Key at the bottom.)
Currently at a limit of 20 slots.

Commissions currently posted on profile.

Color key:
:bulletgreen: Special commission // :bulletblue: Art trade // :bulletorange: Design commission // :bulletpurple: Regular commission // :bulletpink: Gift.

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To-Do List.

Sat Mar 9, 2013, 10:25 AM



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I need logo ideas for my new comic 'Hamster, Eagle Hunter'. You can see some previews of the comic here:…
Hamster, Eagle Hunter follows the adventures of 'Hadron', a feisty hamster that rides Sparrows and tries to capture Eagles.

Everyone who submits a logo idea in the comments below (using Muro/"Add a Drawing" button) gets a share of 2,000 points.

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