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It's complicated.
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First off I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely :iconfallenrox: who gave me the permission to post films on DA. You're a star hon and thank you very much!


Finally I can post my end of 2nd year film on DA, and boy am i happy about it :D i love this film so much. It's all hand drawn traditional animation, with colour and textures put in using ANIMO and other small effects done in Adobe Premiere

This little film features the children Eric and Rhea going about cheering up a dull and grey city through the use of communication, encouraging the lifeless inhabitants to become colourful and vibrant individuals

This film took about 6 months to make, including all the pre-production.

The music is the song 'Eple' by Roysopp, and before you run to hit that 'report' button I DO have permission to use that track in this film

:star:I have a syncronisation licence with Universal Publishing which gives me free use of the song provided I don't make any money from my yay!

...and dija know that 'Eple' is Norwegan for 'Apple'? Yeah, neither did I

other stuff:

- First off and most importantly a massive thanks to all my wonderful friends and tutors at :icongcadt:, in particular :iconstressedjenny::iconrozzi-bunny: and :iconaraniel: who were kind enough to lend me some of their time to do video reffs for this piece (and who often dragged me away from my lightbox to do fun stuff). There was a 'thanks to' screen at the end of this film but I took it out to protect the innocent ;D So you guys get a huge thank you hug here instead!

- a friend of mine wrote a HUGELY amusing mock-review of HMC. It can be found here, so do read it, it's funny XD

- Hear Me Colour was picked up by a company in australia and used as part of a Virgin Broadband advert. The advert can be seen here, can you spot the shots from HMC? :D

- If you enjoyed HMC maybe you'd like this desktop i made?

ok enough of the plugs ;)




Holy Jumpcuts a DD for HMC?! ;0;
a Massive load of plug-type thanks to :iconguruubii: for choosing it, and to :icondelya: for reccomending it...and to all of YOU GUYS for leaving me comments and faving it and telling me how much you enjoy it.

I really do appreciate it, even if it takes me time to reply and say thank you. It warms my heart to know that people enjoy this film, and it makes all the hours spent slaving over a lightbox in a dark, freezing cold student livingroom as some gawdawful hour at night totally worth it XD

So all i can really say is thank you....thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!



(insert platinum award medal thingy here cause thumbs don't work on image comments, boo hiss)

...and if a regular DD wasn't enough Hear Me Colour was also awarded a platinum award by :iconslydante: on the reccomendation of :icondelya:

MY JOY IS BOUNDLESS. :heart: As said before it's so wonderful to have something you spent months slaving over be appreciated and enjoyed by so many...and in all honestly this film wouldn't have come about without the warmth and encouragement of my college friends (not just the ones specifically featured above, but all of them!) and my tutors and my family AND my DA friends and my other internet buddies who ALL put up with my moodyness and migranes and hissy fits and unwillingless to cut loose and have fun and my hysteria and my stress induced over-chirpyness XD

again, all i can say is THANK YOU

and thank you to all the people who have commented and faved my film (especially the people who did both ;D)
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My first animation on multiplane :D
Cut-out animation combined with natural materials, like leaves and macaroni.
Febr. 2007

Wolfje (means small wolf) is a poem for children made by Geerd de Kockere:
Jij was al groot en ik was nog klein,
toen speelden we wolfje en jij wilde hem zijn,
ik liep, ik liep, ik liep naar de top,
maar jij was daar eerst en at mij toen op.

You where already tall and I was small,
we where playing wolf and you want to be him,
I ran, I ran, I ran to the top,
but you where there first and then you ate me.
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Massive typo-play experiment with my friends – [link]

Done as sub for slashTHREE’s 30th century pack.
Check the whole pack here:
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My Grad film!!!
We were finally allowed to put it online!
I was lead character animator/clean up and director!
Working with MJT, who was lead effects animator/clean-up and director
and gillianimation, who was in charge of the Backgrounds, an animator, producer and director.
Check out the film blog on [link]
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An experiment in disguising digital visual effects with analog techniques, A Flourishing Awakening presents a mythology depicting a fantastic fable of creation. Incorporating influences and inspiration from ancient creation myths, this modern folktale follows the footsteps of two Divine Creators and their journey in forging a new world. They represent the duality and balance that must be maintained in order for the universe to flourish. This dual nature echoes throughout the film as it harmonizes digital and analog. A Flourishing Awakening conveys a moral message to the audience emphasizing the importance of moderation. The fable resolves in a balancing of unbridled creative forces.


This was my final thesis project at Parsons School of Design, and took over a year to complete. It is mixed media; incorporating both digital and analog animation. Please pay no mind to the large watermark, its unfortunate but necessary.

Sound: The sound was composed by me as well, using various royalty-free sound clips, the sources of which I credited at the end of the film.

Higher quality version can be found here: [link]

Enjoy! =)

Animation © :iconzefni:
Do NOT steal.
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Animation for SISMO a musical group in Colombia
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**Please do not copy or distribute without my permission.**

This is the second animated short I made in my animation program.

I'm a big fan of all things elemental (specifically the wind) and natural (specifically the sky ^_^), and I really wanted to do something very this is what was born.

This project was a two semester assignment and actually wasn't my original idea for it, so I crammed my pre-production stage for this film within a week or two at the end of the first semester. I originally was going to do something about a baby Gryphon learning to fly from the reluctant help of a Wind Sprite...but I began to lose interest in it and this current project had been an ongoing idea of mine and I really wanted to do I went for it. Plus...I just really wanted to do pretty sky backgrounds with luminous clouds in them. ^.^

The student, Derek, who did the original music for this film is amazing. He was able to come up with this score within 3 days...granted, I would've liked for him to make some changes but I actually asked him to do it about a week and a half before the film was due...but that's only because my original composer backed out on me. The first composer I had wasn't really capturing the sound I wanted I'm glad I got Derek to do it. The temp track I used for the film is actually "Time's Scar", from Chrono Cross...and the film is actually heavily inspired by that song (I'd listen to the song on repeat while storyboarding and conceptualizing). So I guess it would've been ideal for me to actually get the rights and use the song...but I wanted something different from it, and I'm happy with the result.

Anyways...I've rambled on way to much about this...but I hope you guys enjoy it. You're welcome to critique it if you like...or whatever else you want, be it lambaste or praise.

Tools Used:
Wacom Tablet
Photoshop (animation and backgrounds)
After Effects (compositing and effects)
Premiere (editing)
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