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For all the Nip/Tuck fans.

Feel free to use wherever you please, no link required, just don't claim as your own. Thank you.

Nip/Tuck on FX [link]
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When using my textures, please note: and when using my stock images please note:

occasionally people find my texture account and say "I never knew you had this one, too!" so I thought I should let all my lovely watchers know -> I make textures! I do love it so so much, and I usally post there more often then here. Since. Well, I like my textures more than my stock.

all these can be found in my texture gallery. But here are links to the originals..

left to right
top: summer girl - all time lows - dazed - falling for the first time
bottom: i love you - it might not be that bad - close your eyes - the mask of night

I feel so silly pimping myself off, but oh well. I'm not expecting people to rush over there and comment and watch me and stuff. But at least now you can't say i didn't tell you that i make textures, too. ;P It's just that tons of people know about my stock and hardly anyone knows about my textures, and I guess I sort of wish it was the other way around..
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I was sitting around and suddenly remembered a funny little song I learned in school that had to do with llamas :XD: this was way before I knew about dA, and it inspired me to make this! :dummy:

The real version I learned is like this: (you use your hands to do it lol)
Happy llama
Sad llama
Mentally insane llama
Here a llama
Drama llama
Big fat mama llama

It's so random and weird but I added the duck instead cause it's cuter than a camel :XD:

Feel free to use on dA! PLEASE DO NOT modify this and if you plan to PLEASE ASK FOR MY PERMISSION first and be sure to credit me! I used emote bases here: [link] for the emotes :giggle:

Check out my other emotes here: [link]
And my stamps here: [link]

You can get a personalized stamp from me! :la: Go here for more info: [link]
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Download for full file size.

so ... I went to get a meme to help flesh out the fashion sense of one of my characters, then I realized most of the memes out there weren't really useful for that. Almost all of them got too sidetracked on dress-up aspects as opposed to outfits you could reasonably draw your character in during the course of a comic. So I set up my own meme.

It's very bland / black and white, but that's so that the colors of the template don't get in the way of designing your clothing for the character.

Anyhoo, link back to me in your pic description (and notify me) and I'll journal feature everyone who participates. =)
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:iconwthplz: seriously!? I was 1 character short of making the title normal :(

My first meme ever, so I'm open for feedback regarding space etc. since I kinda guessed it right now

This meme is all about the Summoner, the person you actually represent in-game.
And because there's no real way to see how a summoner looks like except for in the video released by Riot at the start of Season 1, I thought it would be fun to give it your own twist... in the form of a MEME!

anyways, I know me Engrish candle bee vague so here's a more detailed description on the questions:

1) Well, that one HAS to be obvious, just draw your summoner as you envision him/her, you could base them on the ones shown in the opening of Season 1 video ([link])

2) Here you should be drawing your summoner pointing out how we should call him/her, I have no better way of explaining it... I try to make an example

3) this shouldn't be too vague, here you should draw(or explain via words) just why your summoner joined the league. You're supposed to draw your summoner, so please try to be creative and come up with some reason.

4) show me which champions your summoner prefers to summon, either be a champion type dependent on playing style (AD, AP, Tank, Support) or on how they look like (monsters, females, males, yordles etc.)

5) Show me how your summoner commands your champion, be it with a lot of shouting, commanding the champion kindly... or whatever unique way your summoner has to command one's mind

6) What does your summoner do while off-duty? does he/she study magic?, helps Morgana cook her dishes? or whatever you may come up with! :)

7) Draw your summoner doing something with your(thus his/her) favourite champion, which can be a mere conversation, drinking a cup of tea :iconisayplz: or whatever!

8) what does your summoner do while his/her champion is down? maybe play with a rubix cube? surfing the interwebs with his/her summoner globe? or whatever you come up with :)

9) you could tag people here, but since nearly nobody does that in the meme itself but rather in the Description below, I made it a freestyle drawing area :P

Here's a number of memes that have been done already: [link]
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Edit: Since some people said they didn't have enough OCs to fill the whole meme, I added "X"s to the boxes so you can just fill in the ones you want and leave the others with an X. Also if anyone wants to edit this down, they are free to.

I got in a mood to fill-out a meme a few days ago. I stumbled upon one that had "oldest/youngest" and "kindest/meanest". While I liked it, I wanted something that covered personalities more. So I stumbled upon this page that covered fictional characters using the 16 Personality Types created by Carl Jung.… Essentially there are 4 core personality types, with 4 sub-types beneath them. Since I've never seen anything like that done in a meme before, I decided to throw one together.

Anyhow, you can find out more about the personality types with a simple Google. But I think the name-descriptions are good enough that you could fill this out without knowing anything more. I know I have characters that fall into several categories, but I think you are supposed to pick the one that suits them best.

Of course, a meme you don't have to draw! I love the ones you can just use existing art. :D I'll be filling this out soon.


Fonts: Fontdinerdotcom font, Autour One, and Polaris

Background stock from

*** Free to use, and re-distribute off-site. Just keep the credit line in-tact. ***

Completed Memes:

:bulletred: :iconsmazuga: Link :bulletred:
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to see in all directions at the same time.

full view!

(self timer) &
lawlz i fail @ koontailz.
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Tis is the dA proDigital Backpack I got for Christmas. It had plenty of space to fit my Laptop, Wacom, stationary, iPod and keys. I love this backback because it is the perfect size for my Samsung R730 Laptop and all the pockets are idealy sized to fit necessary squipment for drawing.

Look here for more detailed information:


Added more pictures and descriptions!
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his face is just...omg :heart: :meow:

the wonderous things i do not own:
Fueled by Ramen
Panic! at the Disco
Brendon Urie
song/music video Ballad of Mona Lisa
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In top hat, full length coat & purple ensemble at a Chihuly exhibit.

Title taken from a song by gypsy-punk singer Gogol Bordello. Used in the surreal, poignantly serious (though humorous) film Everything Is Illuminated -- about life, the holocaust and the holocaust of life; beautiful yet horrible, horrible yet beautiful. See it.

Start wearing purple wearing purple
Start wearing purple for me now
All your sanity and wits they will all vanish
I promise, it's just a matter of time...


Full-sized download available. I didn't think anyone would want this for stock, but if you do let me know.

日本 = チャーリーとチョコレー工場, 夢のチョコレート工場

Stock | Line-Art | Fan Art | Burton Films | Sailor Moon | Convention Work | Pretty Boys | Hot Chicks | Original Works | Photography | Writing
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