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"When Darkness Falls" I've been working on this stop animation movie for over a year now (yes it took that long to gather enough footage for this tiny little film), it's my first animation or movie editing sequence "ever" and I've still much to learn about the whole process so go easy on me because I'm still on my training wheels so to speak. This is how I like to spend my evenings whenever I can, most of the individual clips took and hour or longer to shoot (one frame at a time) and were then animated into this short little movie for your viewing pleasure (I hope).... As I get better at editing and gather more footage I'll probity re-do this video and make it longer with no looping etc, but for now just enjoy it for what it is, a midnight journey of Australia's lovely dark night skies.
 Heart Ohm... Ohm... Boogie!
All footage shot and edited by me.
Music by Immediate Music - The Awakening.

Come say hello on the book of faces for more beautiful photography -…
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This is my first "real" 3D Animation I've done in my life.
(real = spent more then 1 day working on it.)

Software: Maya 2010 and After Effects
Production time: 3 weeks
University: Swansea Metropolitan University

The dance is inspired by Napoleon Dynamite, for those who have seen the film. Something to note is that the character I'm using is a pre-rigged character which is named Andy ([link]). So haven't made him, just animated him, but everything else you see in the scene I've done myself. I'm in the beginning of learning 3D, and my next assignment will be to create and rig a character.

The Animatics was hand drawn by me, and a part of the research to improve the 3D animation.

Texturing stock from *chulii-stock, thank you!

The music is specially composed to this short by Thortrillion Wilhelm Tomsborg, thank you! [link]

If you have any questions or tips to me about my first 3D animation, feel free to slaughter my creation! :D
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WOW! I logged in to check out what was new in Deviant Art world and I have a Daily Deviation!!! I was not expecting that. Thanks for all the kind comments I really appreciate it.

Misc footage I had lying around that I thought was neat.

Music courtesy
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Finally! :w00t: I can put my first time-lapse movie here, on dA.
Thank you dA, that I can be a member of "deviantART Film" and that I can add my movie to my gallery!! :)

Eight thousands of photos, a month of work - all for fun and for my best, best friend who really longs for our city, Wroclaw. NIKON D200 in use.
Special thanks to Kasia ( :iconkerriswift: ) and Marek for their help in some frames.

Music: Jonsi - Kolniđur

This is my first movie. I am aware of the huge amount of mistakes that I made, the next movies will be more refined, I hope :) :)
Watch in HD! 720p!

[This is not a commercial production, just for fun]
All my works are ©Wojciech Dziadosz with all rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
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Trichardsen // Tommy Richardsen // Facebook // flickr // 500px  // Google+

My first timelapse movie.
Shot over the course of almost 2 months, featuring the place Sørkjosen in northern Norway and its beautiful nature and weather.

Entire movie shot with the Nikon d800 with 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.
after checking over the entire 280 gb of photage, its over 11000 images in total. :)

Music by © Ryan farish.
Ryan farish on youtube…

Find me on:

�© Tommy Richardsen and musical copyright: Ryan Farish, all rights reserved.
May not be reproduced without written permission
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:meow: :heart: FULL film avaiable to watch on my website!! :D [link] Click on the 'Animation' tab on the left it is in there. :heart: :meow:


Turn up the volume! The music is a bit soft. And watch in yummy high quality if your internet connection is fast!)


A lil teaser for my senior film Sumi. :)

Because I wanted to show you all what a big chunk of my life has belonged to for the past 6 months. :ohnoes:

The final film is nearly 2 full minutes of traditional 2D animation. Entirely colored and penned in Photoshop CS3 using video layers with brushes I developed for the ink look of the characters. (All except the splatter brushes, they are from fellow DA members brush sets).

I plan to eventually color them in...but they look done as lineart so I'll leave it as that for now as 'release one' ... :XD: I so don't even have time to add shadows to them for the senior show, heck at color right now. XD O___o

And YES I do have permission to use that music.

The music is part of the original score of the film, composed and preformed by my friend Daniel, with second guitar by my friend Kyle. :)

(I'd put them in the DA credits but they are not on DA)

Do not alter, upload, or use without permission
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This was a collaboration with my fellow photographers Charles [link] and Faye [link]

It was shot in the badlands of South Dakota over a quite little weekend. For the most part it's a series of 30 sec exposures at 2.8 and 3200 iso.

If you want to see it on Vimeo in HD... [link]
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Watch in HD on Vimeo:

The long awaited release of 24/25P firmware for the 5D2 enchanted me of shooting videos with it. So for the idea of an initial video project, I formed a thought that if I start my journey from sunrise and end it at sunset on an ordinary day, what actions, events and activity my eyes gonna witness in this bracket of approx 12-14 hours. So that is what I simply tried to implement in this short film.

It has been an enthralling experience shooting video with an HDSLR at various ISO's and with various lenses. I came across strengths and weaknesses of it. The track/dolly that I made was bit wobbly but it did the job for me. I plan to refine it and improve its consistency or buy the branded one from abroad. I also plan on adding a rig with follow focus in the future video works for precise manual focusing.

It has been entirely filmed on the Canon 5D Mark II @ 25P with firmware 2.0.4 in Lahore, Pakistan. Edited and color graded on Sony Vegas.

All the Time-lapses have been shot on the Canon 40D with either Sigma 10-20mm or the Canon 24-105mm lenses.

Lenses used for filming:
EF 24-105mm F4L IS (used extensively due to its versatility and IS)
EF 85mm F1.8
EF 50mm F1.8
Sigma 70mm F2.8 Macro (delivered best IQ across the frame with vivid colors and nice bokeh)

Camera support:
DIY Track/dolly with a 486RC2 ball head (will share its photo and making in coming days)
Glidecam 2000 PRO
Manfrotto 190X Pro B with 700RC head.
Manfrotto Friction Magic Arm + Manfrotto Suction cup (for the car scene)

Music by: Mars Lasar
Good speakers or headphones recommended due to tad louder audio levels.

The behind the scenes with technical information will follow soon.
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Holy wow! DD! This just made my 2015 year!
THANKYOU so much TimberClipse!

Just to let you newcomers know:
This project was in 2011, so it's pretty dated. This was a game production project at college. I jumped on board when programmers were pitching their game ideas to us artists.
The intro/ character designs were mine. I also modeled the main character's two forms.
The concept, animations, background, props, programming, etc, were done by others.
There was lots of trials and tribulations making this game. I didn't know the name of our group until we presented at Indie3, haha. The end results were amateur at best, but it was a learning experience.
I think the best end result was this intro video, ( and the design of Sevrin), so I'm rather proud of it. I spent a lot of time on it, so the recognition of a DD feels pretty damn good! c:

Intro video for indie game: Fists of Ymir ( no sound )
Norse themes. No enemies. The game is more about speed; running and jumping through environments as you switch through fire and water mode

Intro video summary
In a mountain village our story starts. A lackey of the nasty viking warlord [antagonist ] stops for a drink at a tavern. Creating a distraction, Sevrin, a thief, [ protagonist ] ,steals the lackey's map.
The map leads to an ancient warrior's mausoleum. Braving blizzards and treacherous terrain, Sevrin arrives at the mausoleum. Sneaking inside, he finds the treasure the viking warlord was after- mythical gauntlets; the Fists of Ymir.
Putting on the gauntlets, Sevrin's bod is transformed. He now has the ability to turn into fire and water at will.

Game poster

Here's the meager website where you can download said old indie game
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Silent short I made in 2003.
A clip was shown on Good Morning America during the week of Valentine's Day that year.


Holy crap! I can't believe this piece got a Daily Deviation! I just posted it on here because it always made me smile. I guess it made other people smile too, and that's the best reward a piece like this can get.

Anyhow, there's no way I'll be able to individually thank everyone who left a comment or put this piece in their favourites, so I'll just add a big ol' thank you right here:

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