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  • Mood: Doubtful
  • Listening to: Overwhelming silence
  • Playing: God
Pentru prima oară în mult timp, am văzut luna. Luna și o stea care străluceau nepăsătoare pe cerul nopții de ianuarie. Te-ai fi așteptat să fie printre nori și greu de observat, însă nu sunt. Singurul lucru care le stă în cale este un bloc. Cred totuși că s-au simțit un pic stingherite, căci observ în timp ce scriu faptul că se îndreaptă cu fața spre mine. De parcă le-ar fi fost dor. Le-am observat în timp ce purtam o discuție fictivă cu mine, la o țigară. Încercam să-mi dau seama care-i planul de bătaie în viața asta și de unde să încep și cum să termin. Încep să mă îndoiesc de toate teoriile mele despre viață, despre oameni...despre tot. Nu că le aveam fixate și organizate în dosare, dar din vechile adunări și scăderi nu mai iese nimic, iar eu la matematică nu mă pricep. Am fost atât de ocupată cu problemele mele mai mult sau mai puțin reale, încât nu am mai observat luna și nici stelele de ceea ce-mi pare a fi o veșnicie. Obișnuiam să vorbesc și să mă sfătuiesc cu ele atât de des, dar de când cu capitolul ăsta nou (de care am început să mă îndoiesc că există), nimic nu mai e la fel. Am renunțat la tot pentru nimic. Pentru un nimic care mă bânuie în fiecare zi și căruia, astăzi, nu-i mai văd rostul. Se pare că mi-a dispărut și steaua timp ce aberez despre frustrările mele adolescentine (dacă le mai pot numi așa), dar mi-a rămas jumătate de lună cu care să discut. Parcă e singurul lucru care-mi aduce aminte de vară, de liniște și cald, în tot decorul înghețat de aici. Ei bine, cred că închei discuția asta în cuvinte și trec la cea fictivă pe care nu o aude nimeni și care, dacă ar fi auzită ar fi considerată demnă de închis la balamuc.

Aceeași mereu, Ralu+luna+steaua.
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Daily Vitamin Feature Vol. 373

Sun Nov 25, 2012, 1:34 PM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:
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$10 Holiday Commissions!

Journal Entry: Tue May 8, 2012, 7:55 PM


Nov. 2012 to Jan. 2013

OC only commissions for $10! Note the standard commissions are closed at the moment, and they will re-open when the special is closed.


• One character only. If you want more than one character you have to make separate orders.
• You can choose between colored, flat colored, or linework.
• By default they won't include background and will remain a transparent .png file unless you specify a color or white bg instead.
• A high-resolution file will be exchanged via Please do not share/upload this file anywhere. You can do so with the preview version only.

...and everything else written from the original format (guidelines, rules etc) applies to these commissions as well, except pricing, of course. If you have any questions, check the commission FAQ first, and if your question is not listed, ask away~ ^^

Standard Commissions : Closed
Quick ref. sheet |…

Those who commission an order of $25 or more will receive a free (single) character sketch (non-colored)!

-::R U L E S::-
• One sketch per order and only one character!
• Chibis are ok too.
• They are smaller resolution (around 400 - 500 px) (unlike commissions, where I hand you the hi-res).
• As with commissions, you can do with it whatever you please, as long as you:
credit me to my dA page, not use it as a "base", and as always, no profit can be made from this work.

Freebie Special for kristinaelyse by m-aruka  Freebie Special for versailles6 by m-aruka

-::Commission FAQ's::-

• Can you draw more than one character? Does it cost extra?
Yes, I can draw as many characters as you wish. An extra character is $3.00 each.

• Is background included?
A complex background (scenery and such) will cost more. It takes more of my time, and has more detail. A simple colored background (like a single pattern or color) I don't charge for.

• Can I pay in points instead?
Sorry, money (paypal) only.

• Is it ok if I provide textual references? (No pictures?)
For those that don't draw and have no previous references of their OC's, provide a detailed description (gender, skin tone, eye/hair color, style of clothing, personality, and optional, a brief bio, etc). Remember it's ok to give me references drawn by other people as well!

• How much time do you take with commissions?
It depends on your turn. I work with commissions "first come, first served". So if the person before you happened to order a huge piece (or several ones), you must wait a bit. In other words, I can't really tell with accuracy >__>.

• Is there anything you won't draw?
Anthro/furries. Not only is not part of my interests, but I just don't have creativity for it.
I just recently stopped taking commissions based on commercial characters from popular series (or anime in general. or cartoons in general. or cereal boxes in general. sorry.). It slows me down/cuts my motivation by a 99%. As far as fanart goes, I feel more comfortable drawing people in real life to my style, they don't belong to other artists I don't know.

OC's are 100% OK!

• Can you draw portraits (in your style) based on real life people?

• May I use the commissioned work in my blog, site, etc? May I upload it to my OC gallery?
Yes and yes. Please use the preview image only (the one that includes my logo). Don't upload the hi-res file anywhere please!
Remember to credit me back with a link to my dA page. The commission is yours to do whatever you want with it, except for claiming it as your own and making profit out of it.

-::Important Notes::-

• Please send in your request/references/descriptions etc.
• Payment is upfront. I will begin once the payment has been completed.
• These commissions are digital only.
• I will provide the hi-resolution versions via These files will be removed within 30 days, so make sure to save yours!
• Please note prices vary upon complexity. This includes amount of characters, whether backgrounds are simple or include scenery, etc. etc.

Payment Methods:
- Paypal > USD $ | Please send in your payment as Personal.
- You may send a note, or send me an e-mail: myusan [at]

Approximate Rates

$10 - $15 - Sketch [B&W | Color | samples:… |… |…
$10 - 15 - Lineart [ sample:…
$25 - Bust [sample: |
$30 - 40 - Full  [sample:…
$5 - Chibis [Bust or Full | sample:

More examples in my gallery in the "Commissioned Work" folder.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
C O M M I S S I O N ♦ L I S T
• kristinaelyse
• versailles6
• Lacus
• Villainousharlequin
• slvr-phoenix

If you have given me references/descriptions but didn't pay yet, I can't begin on your commission. Keep in mind those who pay first will be attended before you, and I must rollover your turn. If you have sent your payment already, drop me a note so I can make sure with my Paypal transfers.

Please READ:
I beg of you, if you're not sure you want a commission, don't note! I'm telling you now, my time is more valuable than new-found oil. I will only reply those who are definitely sure they're requesting a commission and have sent their entire description already. Artists hate to be "left-hanging", don't be rude.
Thank you for understanding.




Thank you everybody for the watches and feedback! Love you all~

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Cathedral Of Nature

Fri Dec 30, 2011, 11:10 AM by techgnotic:icontechgnotic:

by techgnotic
Fri Dec 30, 2011, 9:11 PM

Louie Schwartzberg: Witness to Nature’s Winged Struggle for Our Survival

Koyaanisqatsi is a Hopi word meaning “life out of balance.”  It was also an amazing documentary
film utilizing slow-motion and time-lapse photography of cityscapes and landscapes across America to
beautifully, although disturbingly, depict our modern society’s growing unbalance.

Cathedral Of Nature (cont.)

One of the cinematographers was Louis Schwartzberg, who has since gone on to make it his life’s
mission to use his cinematic artistry to raise the alarm for public awareness of the dire situation
we face in the possible collapse of our taken-for-granted natural resources.  The “colony collapse
disorder” currently decimating our honeybees was the prompt for Louie’s new movie, Wings of Life: A
Love Story that Feeds the Earth.

With the wonders of CGI dazzling our senses as never before, it takes a work like Wings to stun
us with the magical beauty of nature going on everyday in the outdoors all around us.  It’s a story
that plays out seasonally and never changes plot, yet watching the players perform their roles is
more engrossing, entertaining and moving than any Hollywood screenplay.

The film is a cinematic wonder of beautiful camerawork capturing natural beauty – the finest example
of a “dialogue” between nature’s own “narration” and the “journalistic” skills of a poet-soulled artist.  
Pure magic.

Cathedral Of Nature (cont.)

But beyond the beauty is the deadly serious message:

If we don’t start better preserving and protecting nature, humanity will surely not survive the extinction of the commonly overlooked but absolutely essential source of our very existence. As Wings so clearly reports, the “four pollinators” whose lives serve as the foundation of our food chain – our bees, bats, butterflies and hummingbirds – are in danger of extinction brought on by loss of habitat, climate change, pesticide overuse, etc. These four groups of tiny creatures who exist only in the shadows or as momentary distractions in our daily field of vision, creatures so seemingly inconsequential, are in fact the lynch-pins in the transfer of the means of human subsistence from the plant world to the animal world.

If we lose them we lose over a third of our fruits and vegetables.  Watch Wings for the sheer enjoyment of the breath-taking beauty of Louie’s cinematographic artistry.  But be sure to really “listen” to what the majesty of the beautiful flowing images, and imagining their disappearance from our world, is really telling us.

Flying Orchid by louieschwartzbergCotton Candy by louieschwartzbergOpening Up by louieschwartzbergI Need to get Leid by louieschwartzberg

Louie has been filming the pollination of flowers with his time-lapse technologies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 35 years.  He says he never tires of watching and recording “The Dance.”  The pollinators are seduced by the beauty of the budding flowers into facilitating their reproduction.  Beauty and its power of seduction are nature’s means of survival, from the plant to the animal to the human kingdom.  In Louie’s cinematography is captured the desire for survival that is as real for a single flower as it is for each one of us admiring that flower’s bloom.

Life desires life, no matter how brief it’s time on Earth. And the preservation of that delicate balance of life drawn forward from flower to hummingbird to you and me is an epochal struggle that has been going on forever – but a struggle we have only become aware of in recent generations.  Hopefully our awareness of the needs of nature underlying the beauty we’ve taken for granted so long will not have come too late.  Louie Schwartzberg’s art is doing a lot to building that awareness needed for our survival.

An Interview with Louie Schwartzberg:


While you’ve made great contributions to the visual arts in commercial Hollywood cinematography, the artistry you are best known for involves stunning depictions of “nature in the balance”, as in “Wings of Life”. Can you speak of creating your special kind of “3-in-1” art that combines (1) the beauty of nature with (2) scientific documentation and enlightenment (3) in the service of humanity?


Cinematography has always been a voyage of discovery. I use the camera as a portal to explore other dimensions of time and space. Nature has been my teacher and taught me to explore and reveal things that I can identify as universal rhythms that connect with my soul, unveiling the mysteries that are too small, too vast, too slow or too fast for the human to perceice.

From a scientific perspective observation is the first step toward exploration and experimentation. Wondering how and what if is the "sense of wonder" Einstein referred to when asked his definition of God. Being present and observant is also the first step toward being mindful. When you are mindful it opens your heart to beauty and compassion for humanity as you recognize that in nature it is all connected and since we are a part of nature we are connected to each other as well. Nothing in nature survives without a relationship to another living thing. The ability to cooperate is what has enabled humans to build civilizations. Cooperation is also what humankind needs to do now in order to survive by restoring environmental sustainablility, social justice and respect and gratitude for all living things.


There is a passion to your photography of the “Cathedral of Nature” that evokes the spiritual mechanics of life on the planet. But your celebrations of the wonders of the “Great Watchmaker” are set against many groups in denial of global warming, etc. Do you see a real change of consciousness being sparked by artistic/documentary works like yours?


I hope my films inspire and open people's hearts. Beauty is natures tool for survival because you will protect what you fall in love with. You can detail all the shocking facts about environmental degradation, but unless you move people emotionally there won't be the shift in consciousness we need to solve our problems. Intellectually we have all the answers needed to affect change, what we lack is the will. That is where most organized religions and their leaders have failed to move their followers. What could be more spiritually important than sustaining Life on the planet, having respect and awe for all living creatures, and ensuring social justice for all people.


Your use of time-lapse photography in capturing the rhythms of nature makes your pieces seem like symphonic compositions. Can you speak to the direction of narrative through the manipulation of tempo with time-lapse assemblage?


I never get tired of capturing the rhythms of Life that are beyond our perception. We see life at 24 frames per second, an extremely limited view. I have been filming time lapse flowers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 30 years, capturing 2 seconds of screen time per day totaling 12 hours of total footage. I can now go out and film slow motion at 1000 frames per second and capture 12 hours of footage in a couple of hours. What is truly amazing is that when played back the graceful, poetic, symphonic motion of the time lapse flower or the slow motion hummingbird is the same yet they come from two opposite ends of the time spectrum in nature. So humans look like time lapse ants to a redwood tree and we also look like a slow motion giant to a mosquito. My cinematic techniques takes us on a enlightening ride of time and scale that feels like a dream, yet is authentic and real.


Watching “Wings of Life” gives one the feeling of having attended a reading given by a great poet. Can you speak to the relationship your photography has to poetry, i.e., the epiphanous explication of the quotidian, magical connections gone unnoticed, the examination of the telling details that reveal the workings of the whole world?


My goal is to capture the fantastic in every shot. When I edit them together I give it a direction based on the continuity that is revealed to me in movement, composition, color and emotion. After a while the film speaks to me and tells me how it wants to be assembled taking advantage of serendipity, and letting the flow occur in the magical haven of being in the zone. I am no longer the director just a good listener taking direction with a wide open heart and mind. Poetry is all about pace and the unique ability to experience it over and over and not get tired of it but discover new meanings and nuances, that is what I hope my films can accomplish.

Limerence by louieschwartzbergSnowball Fight by louieschwartzbergBrass by louieschwartzbergLemon Sisters by louieschwartzberg


When did you first become aware of the “migratory brotherhood” of bees, bats, butterflies and hummingbirds, now endangered, and so key to our own survival on the planet? Do you see parallels between the “The Pollinators” and human migrant workers, likewise so necessary yet always threatened? Is your work ever criticized for being “political”?


I first started off by wanting to tell the story about flowers. Than I read about colony collapse disorder, the mysterious decline in bees, where they don't return to the hive, and scientists have still not figured out the cause through any forensic investigation. It appears to be a cumulative effect of stress, loss of habitat, pesticides and their growing demand to pollinate agri-business mono crops of thousands of acres in a very short time. The same stress, travel, poor diet, exposure to pesticides also negatively affect migrant workers, who are also taken for granted. If the bees go we lose over one third of the world food supply. If the migrant workers go, we lose harvesting the pollinated and fertilized crops that we depend on to survive. You can't tell the story of the bees without telling the story of the flowers, which most scientists agree was the greatest biological event that occured on the planet more than 135 million years ago. Before flowers there were only cold blooded animals. The invention of flowers brought about energy packets called seeds, nuts, and fruits which enabled warm blooded animals like mammals to evolve. Most people today still don't realize that a flower becomes fruit. And without bees to transport the plants pollen (DNA) around to reproduce because plants don't have legs to move, Life as we know it would disappear. What I did not know was that in addition to bees, bats, butterflies, and hummingbirds are also pollinators that ecosystems depend on for survival.


From your early cinematography like your work on the amazing “Koyanisquatsi” to “America’s Heart and Soul” and “Wings of Life”, you have been a documentarian of our modern “lives out of balance”. How do you see art, for both the individual and the public, as a curative to our current sensory overload? Can new digital technologies now serve as instruments of healing the damage done by earlier blunt-force technologies?


My hope and belief is that new digital technologies evolved by forces that mimic the intelligence and networking capability of nature, in order for nature to protect itself from man's self destructive behavior.

The internet is like mycellium, vast fiber thin single celled fungi systems that can grow to be 50 square miles and is basicly one organism. All plants and animals are trying to get the message across to us humans to get our act together before we create a mass extinction. We need to open people's hearts through art. Artists have antennae into the future. Since most people don't live in rural areas growing their own food, we are disconnected from the foundation that supports us, Life itself. So if we can experience truth and beauty through digital distribution of art on digital display devices (formerly known at televisions), than I have hope that we can reawaken people's spirits, and facilitate the consciousness shift that must happen in order to create a sustainable future. That is why I am creating my own digital channel so people can have nutritious options in the 500 channel Universe where there is a lot of  junk food. It's no wonder that TV ratings go down every year as people shift away from negative energy. What if you could tune in to inspiration, relaxation, rejuvenation, celebration, all the gifts that artists provide, that we can't access in our over populated stressed out urban lives. The meaning of Koyanisqautsi was a Hopi Indian phrase meaning 'Life out of Balance" and the film ended with a rocket exploding indicating that technology was going to be our downfall. I believe it is the opposite. Democratized digital media communication networks is the only way to globally educate masses of people quickly, which is the solution to affect behavioral change to live in harmony with each other and preserve the life giving sustainable resources we need to protect.

Questions for the Reader:

  1. Do you feel that artists have some sort of “natural” duty or inclination to educating themselves about, or caring about, nature and related subjects?
  2. Why do you think it is that the most common elements in our lives (like flower pollination) are more and more overlooked as art subjects?  Is it simply the massive amount of technology dominating our lives?  Or is it something more basic, perhaps “anti-nature”?  Or is an appreciation of the natural coming back?
  3. Is there room in our hunger for eye-dazzling entertainment for both “Avatar” and “Wings of Life”?  Do you think CGI, etc, will “kill off” nature documentary films, or will both natural and CGI “manmade” films exist for as long as they’re done incredibly well?

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Hey friends
I got my own Like page on Facebook

Like the page if you like my works
thank you for your support!

  • Mood: Joy
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  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: The Cinematic Orchestra-To build a home
  • Playing: words
Ma opresc. De fapt, pot spune ca m-am oprit din tot. M-am oprit din cautari, din dor...m-am oprit! Cand toata lumea incepe, eu termin. Acum vine noul an si eu ma opresc. Nu-mi doresc nimic anul asta. Vreau ca toate sa se intample exact asa cum le vine lor sa se intample, fara sa ma apuc eu sa controlez ceva. O sa fie bine cand o sa mi se puna mie pata, cand o sa dau orice pentru ceea ce-mi doresc. Nu am stiut niciodata sa fiu "pata" altcuiva, asa ca, mi-am vazut de ale mele si am fugit cat am putut de repede cand mi-am dat seama ce se intampla. Probabil ca mi-au blestemat numele de mii si mii de ori oamenii respectivi, dar nu e cazul sa ma opresc aici. Daca inainte aveam un strop de constiinta si dadeam de veste intr-un timp relativ scurt ca nu-mi convine aranjamentul, acum mi-e mult mai simplu sa nu las nimic in urma. Niciun cuvant, niciun gest...nimic. Totusi, nimeni nu a inteles ca eu nu mai pot si ca desi am incercat sa ma implic, mi-am dat seama cat de mult ma complic. De ce sa ma complic cand cel mai simplu e sa las totul sa mearga de la sine? Da, sunt de o incoerenta rar intalnita in ultimul timp. O sa ma explic aici, desi stiu ca n-ar fi cazul. O sa spun ca am prea multe idei pe care le uit sau nu stiu cum sa le pun in cuvinte. (E ciudat, m-am priceput mereu la cuvinte...)

Revenind la toate cele, pot spune ca aceasta e ultima mea replica pe 2011. E o mica sinteza a tot ceea ce m-a schimbat pe mine in tot acest an, desigur cu ambiguitatile de rigoare. Am inceput 2011 intre trei oameni pe care astazi nu-i mai cunosc, cu care am rupt aproape orice legatura. Culmea e ca stilul meu de fuga a inceput chiar din primele luni ale anului si s-a continuat intr-un mod alert pana la finele acestuia. Ma gandeam astazi ca am facut multe anul asta si ca mi se pare ca a trecut repede, mult prea repede. Am pierdut si am castigat de atatea ori lucruri, oameni, momente si multe altele. Am luat examene, am plecat de acasa, m-au calcat unii si altii in picioare, dar si eu la randu-mi am gonit orice urma de afectiune. Uneori cred ca-s defecta, dar uite, azi nu. Azi ma simt normala, ma simt pregatita sa intru in 2012 fara sa ma tin de mana nimanui. Intamplarile recente mi-au dat de inteles ca nu sunt pregatita sa o iau de la capat, ca ma simt destul de bine asa cum sunt. A fost nevoie sa ranesc niste oameni in procesul asta, dar totusi, dintr-un egoism pe care nu l-am constientizat, am facut-o fara pic de mila sau regret. N-a mai existat "Si cum ar fi fost daca?". N-a mai existat nimic in afara de sentimentul ca habar n-am ce caut si habar n-am de ce fac anumite lucruri. Mi se parea ca joc teatru fara sa vreau si mie nu mi-a placut niciodata superficialitatea aia pe care o simti, dar nu o poti controla. Am avut noroc de oameni anul acesta, oameni care in ciuda schimbarilor mele de atitudine, au ramas. Chit ca am dat cu pietre in ei, chit ca i-am ridicat in slavi... N-a contat. Stiu ca n-am fost o companie prea placuta in tot acest an si ca de cele mai multe ori nu-mi puteam explica de ce am actionat sau reactionat intr-un anumit fel. M-am lasat inteleasa sau mai bine zis, am lasat tot ce a tinut de mine la voia interpretarii.

Acum, sa mergem mai departe la tot ceea ce am inteles. Am inteles ca toate lucrurile sunt relative, ca parerile si punctele de vedere difera de la om la om si ca nu are sens sa incerci sa le schimbi in vreun fel rostul, ca n-are sens sa-i judeci sau sa te bagi in treaba lor. Alegerea e simpla: stai sau pleci. Desigur, am plecat de multe ori cand trebuia sa stau si viceversa, dar nu regret nimic. Pentru prima oara in mult timp, pot spune ca nu regret, ca mi-am gasit o oarecare fericire inauntrul meu. (Ti-am spus eu ca oamenii fara regrete sunt fericiti.) Anul asta nu astept nimic de la ceilalti, dar astept totul de la mine.

Asta mi-e replica finala!
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Un verde crud ma inconjoara, ma face sa urlu, sa fug!Eu sunt copilul ce a uitat sa comunice, a uitat sa stie! Pe mine ma cauti? Dar cine sunt eu sa ma cauti tu in lumea mea? Mie imi place aici, intelege ca nu plec! Si daca as vrea sa plec, n-as putea, caci aceasta este lumea mea, deci PA! Eu nu folosesc cuvinte sa ma exprim, caci eu nu simt ce simti si tu, anume nevoia de a vorbi, de a iubi. Vezi castelele de acolo? Cum nu? Eu le-am facut...doar le-am visat si a doua zi...erau aici! Dar nu inteleg de ce nu le vezi...Esti orb cumva? Nu? Pleaca de aici, din lumea mea! E mai bine asa...fara tine in ea...doar cu mine, caci e a mea!
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70th Weekly Deviants journal

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 2, 2013, 7:32 AM

LXX Weekly Deviants

I often wander in the "Newest" pictures, or in other people's faves, or in groups. And these are the best artists I found that way during this week! Enjoy! :heart:

Deviants of this week!




What do you think? Aren't they amazing? :happybounce: Browse their gallery, you won't be disappointed ;)
And please, if you like them, :+fav: this journal to spread the art!

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Collection: Ends Of The Earth

Mon Feb 23, 2015, 2:19 PM
Img-og by techgnotic

The photographs in the following gallery look like CGI artists’ conceptions for alien planet settings in science–fiction movies.

But the locations are all places to be experienced right here on Earth. So much of our world is becoming “flyover” territory in our high–tech mobile society that amazing places like those in these studies are becoming lost to us. Take a long look at each of these landscapes and then ask yourself whether or not most of them would be worth visiting for a few vacation days (instead of lazing by the pool at the Hawaiian beach resort). These should be the candidate “destination” locations in our lives.

Not I — not anyone else, can travel that road for you, You must travel it for yourself.”

— Walt Whitman

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the tradewinds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

— Mark Twain

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

— J.R.R. Tolkien

Wheresoever you go — go with all your heart.”

— Confucius

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

— Amelia Earhart

The photographs in the following gallery look like CGI artists’ conceptions for alien planet settings in science–fiction movies. But the locations are all places to be experienced right here on Earth. So much of our world is becoming “flyover” territory in our high–tech mobile society that amazing places like those in these studies are becoming lost to us. Take a long look at each of these landscapes and then ask yourself whether or not most of them would be worth visiting for a few vacation days (instead of lazing by the pool at the Hawaiian beach resort). These should be the candidate “destination” locations in our lives.

Curator: ellenherbert 

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
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