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Animated Short
Year released: 2008
Running Time: 3:45

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Harmony is a young girl living on a cold and desolate Earth, alone and longing for friendship. While trying to tune into a station on her home radio one night, she picks up a melody that leads her to the moon.

Entropy is an emotional and dreamlike short that articulates feelings of loneliness, hope, and love.
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Well... I haven't had much luck with submitting this to festivals, and I finished this back in March, so I figured it's about time I caved and shared it with you all. I'd still like to try submitting it to some festivals next year if I could, but.

Anyway, this is my film from senior year of college. I started working on the story in my second semester of Junior year, did most of the animation in the first semester of Senior year, and got about half of the clean-up done by the end of Senior year. After I graduated I spent the summer finishing the clean-up and the layouts, and I finished most of the color in a couple weeks earlier this spring. Almost all the work on this film was done by myself. It was no small task to be sure! A lot of people are surprised at the amount of work that goes into animation. The fastest I was able to work on this project as about a second of rough animation an hour. This is for only one character in the scene. Many of the scenes had 2-5 characters in them! Clean-up took twice as long as rough animation, then color, etc.

The story is actually inspired by an event in my own life, and represents a lot of my own feelings about being an artist and being in-between childhood and adulthood.

Anyway, enjoy! My goal for the film was to create something that anyone could understand or relate to in some way, and I hope I have accomplished that if nothing else.

EDIT: Wow that was fast, thanks for the Daily Deviation!! I am serious, nothing means more to me than that people are seeing and enjoying the film. Thank you very much for all your kind words and sharing your thoughts with me. :) I'm really glad you guys like the film.
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