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ReflectionI am a worthless being;
                        a faceless silhouette.
I have a twin just like me
                        which I now meet.
As I stare into the mirror he
                        stares back at me.
      A faceless silhouette which I now meet stares back at me.
            Behind his deceitful back
                                    he is carrying with him
            An artifact forsaken:
                                    the lost key.
            This key opens the sealed gate
                                    to my faith.
                  He is carrying with him the lost key to my faith.
                        He is an empty reflection
                                                beyond this portal.
                        Every time I see him
                                                he laughs at me.
                        He comes from the void
                                                to augment my misery.
Reflection11 years ago in Typographical More Like This