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This is a quick sketch I did over the weekend. I plan to draw all of them individually on seperate paper later.

I haven't drawn guys all that much so I used a lot of references. Man it's kinda embarassing to not know how to draw my own gender.

Faces and Hair styles--How to Draw Manga: Male Characters
Poses--GQ Magazines

For those of you who you don't know these guys, they are the aces from Ace Combat 4, 5, and Zero. They never showed what they looked like in the games except for the guy from Ace Combat 5. They still censored his face though. So, I just designed them depending on what people in the game say about them.

Let's introduce them shall we:

Codename: Cipher-Galm 1, nicknamed "The Demon Lord"
Plane: F-15C
Ace Style: Depends on Player---Most likely mercenary
Pose: Taken from a picture of Brad Pitt on the cover of a GQ magazine.
Service: The Belkan War (1995)
He's a mercenary pilot who works for the nation of Ustio and the leader of the 6th Air Division 66th Air Force Unit during the Belkan War of 1995. I make him have the longest hair because since he's a mercenary, nobody would care about his hair cut. He also looks tough and the most muscular of the three because he's a mercenary after all. He isn't wearing an officer uniform because of that reason as well. Rough tough and rugged, he has a serious look in his eyes because of what happened to him in the war. One of his most trusted wingman/best friend tries to kill him and his second wingman who was due to get married after his last mission was murdered in cold blood by his first wingman. This guy has been through a lot in a war that was completely grey.

Codename: Mobius 1, nicknamed "The Ribbon"
Plane: F-22A
Ace Style: Soldier
Pose: Taken from some dude in a suit inside a GQ magazine
Service: The Continental War/Operation Katina (2004-2005)
He's an ISAF pilot but not leader of the 112th Tactical Fighter Squadron. The 112th Tactical Fighter Squadron was made up of the best pilots from different fighter squadrons during the Continental War. Unfortunately, he was the only one who joined as a rookie. Originally a pilot from the ISAF navy but was transferred to the Air Force. That's why I made him wear a naval officer uniform. I'm making him blonde because I feel like it. He has a suave face because I felt like making it so. Nothing further is told about this guy except he has the ability to turn the tide of an entire war by himself without the help of a close wingman. A few months after the war, seeing that he alone can rival an entire ISAF squadron, was recalled to active duty to destroy the remnants of the Erusian Air Force who rebelled and wouldn't surrender. Unfortunately, with his skills, he can never bring peace to his home continent of Usea. Civil war and border disputes ravaged the continent for several years after the Continental War.

Codename: Blaze-Wardog/Razgriz 1, nicknamed "The Ghost of Razgriz"
Plane: F-14A/D
Ace Style: Soldier
Pose: Taken from some dude in a GQ magazine
Service: The Circum Pacific War (2010)
The squadron leader of the 108th Tactical Squadron or "Wardog Squadron" in the Osean Air Force. He commands three planes in his squadron. The squadron members are him, Kei Nagase, Hans Grimm, Alvin H. Davenport, and Marcus Snow, who replaces Davinport after he dies. I didn't need to infer to what he looks like from what people say about him because they actually show him in the game. Except for his face which was blocked by some dude's elbow. That I had to figure out what to make him look like. The way his squadron talks to him shows that he's a young and a very sociable person to be around. Therefore I made him have a happy go lucky kid type look. His haircut was shown in the game so I'm sticking with it. At first, him and his squadron was called the Demons of Razgriz by the enemy after a character from a made up fairy tale in the game. Later, after reportedly being KIA becuase of being called a traitor, he repaints his plane black and his squadron was renamed "The Ghosts of Razgriz" by the President of Osea. Him and his squadron saved the continent from the war and brought peace to the land. Even though he pilots an F-14, he still wears an Air Force officer uniform. He is still in the air force but after being shot down while running away to escape charges of treason, he was rescued by a crew from an air craft carrier. He was later forced to use carrier based jets.
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Note: I'm Updating this map in the future.

Spoilers Alert!

I'm planing to add every operation in all Ace combat games that i can get information about. The complete map will be uploaded when it's done. Until then!

Yellow line = Mission Line (AC02, AC06)
Orange line = Mission Line (AC04)

Note: The prefered aircraft listed are my own prefered aircraft for that mission and may or may not be the best plane for the mission. (I.ex. I like to fly a F-14 or F-18 aircraft when there's a carrier i have to protect to simulate being connected to that aircraft carrier)

Ace Combat 2
Unified Command (Player)
NA-P2700 (Enemy)
Flagship Aircraft:
Su-35 Super Flanker
Fictional Aircraft:
ADF-01 "Falken"
Dragonet II
Player Ace Squadron:
Scarface Squadron (Su-35 Super Flanker)
Enemy Ace Squadron:
Z.O.E. Squadron (ADF-01 Falken)

01 - Gambit - Twinkle Island
Mission: Intercept enemy bomber wing.
Prefered Aircraft: F-4E Phantom II

02 - Easy Money - Lambert Moutains
Mission: Intercept enemy recon unit.
Prefered Aircraft: Kfir C.7 (Mirage IIIC)

03 - City On Fire - Anchorhead Bay
Mission: Destroy enemy aircraft carrier docked at Anchorhead Bay.
Prefered Aircraft: A-6E Intruder

04A - Tin Castle - Amber Mountains
Mission: Destroy enemy forward command base.
Prefered Aircraft: A-6E Intruder

04B - Opera House - Gunther Sound
Mission: Destroy enemy oil rigs and refineries.
Prefered Aircraft: A-6E Intruder

05 - Greased Lightning - Meriton
Mission: Fly through a ravine and destroy ravine base.
Prefered Aircraft: F-16C Fighting Falcon

06A - Midnight Assassin - Meriton
Mission: Intercept retreating rebel units.
Prefered Aircraft: F-16C Fighting Falcon

06B - Bear Tracks - Hatties Ra.
Mission: Destroy enemy mining operation.
Prefered Aircraft: A-10A Thunderbolt II

07 - Sledgehammer - Axel Bay
Mission: Protect bomber.
Prefered Aircraft: MiG-29A Fulcrum

08A - Rising High - Chopinburg
Mission: Intercept High altitude bomber.
Prefered Aircraft: MiG-29A Fulcrum

08B - Cuckoo's Nest - Chopinburg
Mission: Destroy supply crates with machineguns only.
Prefered Aircraft: A-10A Thunderbolt II

09 - Swordsmith - Scofields Plateau
Mission: Take over arms production plant.
Prefered Aircraft: F-14A Tomcat

10 - Toy Box - Comona Islands
Mission: Destroy prototype bomber.
Prefered Aircraft: F-117A Nighthawk

11 - Seagull - Skully Island
Mission: Destroy rebel mobile fleet.
Prefered Aircraft: Rafale M

12 - One Night Stand - Seals Bridge
Mission: Fly through a ravine and destroy rebel submarine base.
Prefered Aircraft: EF-2000 Typhoon

13 - Power Play - Waiapolo Mountains
Mission: Liberate rebel hydraulic power plant.
Prefered Aircraft: F/A-18E Super Hornet

Operation "A"lphaville

14 - El Dorado - Faith Park
Mission: Destroy rebel missile silos.
Prefered Aircraft: Su-35 Super Flanker

15 - St. Elmo's Fire - Peyton Channel
Mission: Protect friendly Aircraft carrier.
Prefered Aircraft: F/A-18E Super Hornet

16A - Visiting Hour's - Rocky island
Mission: Destroy geothermal plant via heat release vent opened by Unified Forces.
Prefered Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

16B - Juggernaut - Fort Gray islands
Mission: Destroy enemy fleet in the way of the Unified Forces' fleet.
Prefered Aircraft: F-14A Tomcat

17 - Sentinel - Petrol Coast
Mission: Destroy coastal radar installation using machineguns only.
Prefered Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

Operation "B"ellisima

14 - Dark Star - Hatties Ra.
Mission: Destroy enemy transport plane.
Prefered Aircraft: Su-35 Super Flanker

15 - Dead End - White Valley
Mission: Engage enemy garrison from low altitude.
Prefered Aircraft: YF-23A Black Widow II

16A - Calvary - Sandbury Desert
Mission: Support allied troops in rescue of downed recon plane.
Prefered Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

16B - Electric Dreams - Altoora Desert
Mission: Destroy elementry particle lab.
Prefered Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

17 - Final Countdown - Snider's Top
Mission: Destroy rebels last line of defense.
Prefered Aircraft: F-22A Raptor


18 - Jewel Box - Port Edwards
Mission: Destroy rebels make-shift runways.
Prefered Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

19 - King Pin - St. Ark
Mission: Destroy rebel H.Q.
Prefered Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

20 - Last Resort - St. Ark
Mission: Destroy fleeing Rebel Sub.
Prefered Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

21 - Fighter's Honor - North Point
Mission: Destroy Rebels secret H.Q. located at North Point.
Prefered Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies
I.S.A.F (Player)
Erusea (Enemy)
Flagship Aircraft:
F-22A Raptor
Fictional Aircraft:
X-02 "Wyvern"
Player Ace Squadron:
Mobius Squadron (F-22A Raptor)
Enemy Ace Squadron:
Yellow Squadron (Su-37 Terminators)

01 - Sitting Duck - September 19, 2004 - Newfield Island
Operation: Umbrella
Mission: Intercept enemy bomber wing.
Prefered Aircraft: F-4E Phantom II

02 - Imminent Threat - October 5, 2004 - Rigley Air Base
Operation: Harvest
Mission: Libirate Rigley Air Base for I.S.A.F.
Prefered Aircraft: F-4E Phantom II

03 - The Northern Eye - October 10, 2004 - Mount Shezna
Operation: White Out
Mission: Destory enemy radar installation.
Prefer Aircraft: F-16C Fighting Falcon

04 - Blockade - November 7, 2004 - North West of Comberth Harbor
Operation: Hunting Hawk
Mission: Suppress Supply line.
Prefer Aircraft: F-16C Fighting Falcon

05 - Lifeline - November 19, 2004 - Petrochemical Complex
Operation: Early Bird
Mission: Destroy oil rigs and refineries to prevent the "Invincible Fleet" Launch.
Prefer Aircraft: Mirage 2000

06 - Invincible Fleet - November 23, 2004 - Comberth Harbor
Operation: Rough Sea
Mission: Destroy the "Invincible Fleet".
Prefer Aircraft: F-14A Tomcat

07 - Deep Strike - December 16, 2004 - Faith Park
Operation: Blackout
Mission: Destroy Solar Power Plant. Avoid first encounter with Stonehenge Super Weapon.
Prefer Aircraft: F/A-18C Hornet

08 - Shattered Skies - December 31, 2004 - Comona Islands
Operation: Countdown
Mission: Protect shuttle launch from massive aerial counterattack.
Prefer Aircraft: F-15C Eagle

09 - Operation Bunker Shot - January 24, 2005 - Halle/Crowne/Caranda Beach
Operation: Bunker Shot
Mission: Support Beach Landing.
Prefer Aircraft: A-10A Thunderbolt II

10 - Tango Line - February 28, 2005 - Tango Line
Operation: Woodpecker
Mission: Destroy mountain bases, Avoid several attack from Stonehenge.
Prefer Aircraft: EF-2000 Typhoon

11 - Escort - March 14, 2005 - North of Chcoinbura
Operation: Noah's Ark
Mission: Escort Air Ixiom Flight 701 and Flight 702 from enemy fighters.
Prefer Aircraft: F-15C Eagle

12 - Stonehenge Offensive - April 2, 2005 - Stonehenge
Operation: Stone Crusher
Mission: Destroy Erusean Superweapon Stonehenge, and suppress Yellow Squadron.
Prefer Aircraft: F-15E Strike Eagle

13 - Safe Return - May 7, 2005 - Gnome Ravine
Operation: Blindman's Bluff
Mission: Aid a U-2 Spyplane with navigational problems in Gnome Ravine.
Prefer Aircraft: F-2A Viper Zero

14 - Breaking Arrows - June 18, 2005 - Ice Creek
Operation: Aurora
Mission: Intercept Cruise Missiles
Prefer Aircraft: F-15E Strike Eagle

15 - Emancipation - July 10, 2005 - San Salvacion
Operation: Firefly
Mission: Emancipate San Salvacion
Prefer Aircraft: Su-35 Super Flanker

16 - Whiskey Corridor - August 15, 2005 - Whiskey Corridor
Operation: Sandstorm
Mission: Destroy Erusean last line of defense.
Prefer Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

17 - Siege of Farbanti - September 19, 2005 - Ferbanti
Operation: Autumn Thunder
Mission: Support the siege of Farbanti and destroy the Ace Squadron known as the "Yellow Squadron".
Prefer Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

18 - Megalith - September 26, 2005 - Twinkle Island
Operation: Judgement Day
Mission: Destroy the Erusean superweapon "Megalith"
Prefer Aircraft: F-22A Raptor

Ace Combat 6: Shattered Skies
The Republic of Emmeria (Player)
The Federal Republic of Estovakia (Enemy)
The Kingdom of Nordennavic (Neutral)
Flagship Aircraft:
F-15E Strike Eagle
Fictional Aircraft:
CFA-44 "Nosferatu"
P-1112 "Aigaion" Aerial Aircraft Carrier
P-1113 "Kottos" ESM aircraft
P-1114 "Gyges" aerial fire support aircraft
Player Ace Squadron:
Garuda Squadron (F-16C Fighting Falcon)
Enemy Ace Squadron:
Strigon Team (Su-33 Flanker-D)

Mission list coming soon
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Erusea was taking the last fight in its capital, the city of Ferbanti. Having no chance to defeat and withdraw the ISAF ground forces, Free Erusea deployed the best airforce pilots they had in ranks, the Aquila Squadron led by Yellow 13.
Their primary goal was to intercept and shoot down the ISAF ace, Mobius 1.

Two Aces, One Skies. It is the final battle.

3dsMax + Photoshop. Redone an old draft.

Watch in original size or download for the best quality.
PLEASE, do click it, the image is resized.
In-game comparision [link]

Hey, Buddy, are you commenting? :)
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YES YES!! First High Definition Emmerian wallpapper and all by me :D

Just njoy!!
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My take on Cipher (Galm 1) vs. Larry "Pixy" Foulke (Galm 2) in their climactic final battle.
This piece is inspired by ~Skunk-Works' artworks.

Cipher uses a black ADFX-01 here since it's very much fitting in so many ways:

- Pixy mentions him and Cipher being the "opposite sides of the same coin"; black & white are two universal opposites
- the music during the battle, "Zero", has samples of Razgriz (black is the trademark color of Razgriz, by the way) in it
- the battle is pretty much a foreshadowing of future events (as seen in Ace Combat 5)

I did the ADFX-01/ADFX-02 lineart first on paper, then scanned it in and traced the lines on Photoshop. The rest of the art (smoke, snow, background, etc.) was drawn on Photoshop.

Ace Combat © Project Aces & Namco Bandai
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"Black bodies, that emblem, it's them. The Ghosts of Razgriz."
― Adler

Newly created Razgriz squadron is heading to support Osean President Harling's rescue from belkan aggresion forces deep in South Belka's Waldreich Mountains. 15 years ago, Belkan Forces had deployed 7 nuclear warheads around the southern region on own populated civilian cities, making the enemy joint Osean and Ustian forces to retreat. Years later, the conflict is taking place on the devastated lands, from Belka, which is eager to take revenge...

Razgriz 3 is absent in memory of Alvin H. Davenport, also known as Chopper.

After a period of slumber... they will return. Razgriz, launch!

3dsMax + Photoshop. Lots of megatextures and heigh maps for the terrain. PS post work.

Watch in original size or download for the best quality.
PLEASE, do click it, the image could be resized!
A comparision to the in-game mission [link]
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Some of the works with the flags of ace combat
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Based on Ace Combat Zero's ending.
Awesome conclusion and amazing music, there is absolutely no reason why the game did not get any tribute for that portion alone.

Special thanks to Smurfbizkit, Jerry Cai, Marc, and Relicnews IRC for picking the project apart and give me the much needed critiques.

And lastly:
"Yo buddy, still alive?"
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ACE COMBAT® 5 The Unsung War & © 2004 NAMCO LTD.
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Operation: ----
1510 Hours, 31 December 1995
Avalon Dam

Special thanks to:
Deviant art artists:
Kai Lim "Ukitakumuki"
Marc "Rub-a-Duckie"
Jerry Cai
Bryan "Smurfbizkit" Ahonen

Relicnews #art irc chatroom
Nyyti irc chatroom:

The entire Ace Combat Zero team
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