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UPDATE 01-03-11:
  • Added two new Metacity themes with a redish close button (one with title text displayed, the other without the text)

  • Updated the README pdf file

  • Corrected another bug in conky calendar python script

UPDATE 07-02-11:
  • Corrected big bug and fixed another little issue in conky calendar python script

UPDATE 17-01-11:
  • Added background for 1280x800 and 1600x900 screens (.png and .xcf format)

  • Updated README file with a simple installation tutorial in english!

UPDATE 21-12-10: Added:
  • Background for 1440x900 screens

  • Backgrounds in .xcf format, to modify them!

UPDATE 14-12-10: Added:
  • AWN Theme

  • Some desktop backgrounds to perfectly emulate this desktop; they are available at three resolutions: 1366x768 (original), 1280x1024, 1024x600. If you'd want a wallpaper too, just ask to me and I'll draw it for you!

  • Better, more complete and more clear README pdf file


This is my new Ubuntu GNOME Theme. It's called SummerRebirth because it was started in early September, when the melancholy rising from the end of the summer and the desire to return backward for two or three month were strong. Now it's a little nonsense, but the name was already decided!

In the downloadable archive there are GTK&Metacity theme, Conky configuration files, CoverGloobus theme, AWN theme, and backgrounds for most popular resolutions.

Description & infos:
  • GTK Theme: SummerRebirth (mine): it uses a mix between equinox engine, pixmap engine and murrine engine. Some things are kept from other gtk themes, but I don't remember whic themes!

  • Window Manager Theme: SummerRebirth (mine): in the archive, there are three different metacity themes, but the best for me is this (that is a modification of another metacity theme that I don't remember)

  • Icon Theme: AwOken, made by me (released version 1.4! :D). Folders are new s11 folders by [link] , that will be present in the next 1.5 version. For me, with these folders I reached perfection.

  • Covergloobus Theme: SummerRebirth (mine): it's present in the download archive

  • Wallpaper: original wallpaper is here [link] . In the downloadable archive there are modified backgrounds for 1366x768, 1024x600, 1280x1024, 1280x800, 1440x900, 1600x900 screen resolutions.

  • Dock at the right: avant-window-navigator

  • Notes: At the bottom there is a conky that shows essential informations (like new mails, or weather). In the top-right part of the desktop there are a little conky showing a bar that displays battery charging status, and CoverGloobus. In second and third desktop there are three conky popup, that popups to show other informations:
    * calendar: shows the calendar and uses a python script that prints for each month what has to be done reading from a text file located in my /home. It gives the possibility to insert notes in various colours, and for each month in the year;
    * cpu: it describes himself;
    * forecasts: it describes himself;

  • StartPage: [link]

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconpleaseask1::iconpleaseask2:
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OS : Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10 Gnome
Wallpaper : Debian Ubuntu Monochrome Glow by hadret
GTK and Emerald : Split by Bisigi [link]
font : Ubuntu
Icons : Faenza
Dock Icons : Token by brsev
Conky : Conky Launchpad by freeazy and Pricedown Conky Clock by Mloodszy
Covergloobus theme : Scotch by Clubberry (adapt to Covergloobus by me)
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Wallpaper: Thatched (mod) [link]
GTK: Kuroa (mod)
Emerald: [link]
Dock Icons: Amora
Conky: By me (released - see my gallery)
Startpage: Estacado (mod) [link]
Docky: [link]
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Not much change since last time. (Just love that wallpaper.) :P

Wall: [link]
GTK: [link]
Emerald: [link]
Icons: Faenza
Font: Trebuchet MS
Pic: [link]
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Wallpaper : .137 by ~bo0xVn

Image: [link] by

GTK: a mod of Full flat by ~lgsalvati

Icons: Faenza by ~tiheum.

AWN Icons: by ~Theconso.

Emerald Theme: Swan by ~iHackr

Covergloobus Theme: Suave by ~awhite92

Conky: by ~Theconso

Download for a better view

:bulletgreen: Comment and ask for anything :)
:bulletgreen: :+fav: If you like it.


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24th June 2010 desktop screenshot.

OS: GNU/Linux Ubuntu 10.04
Environment: Gnome 2.30.0
GTK: Crono [edited]
Emerald Theme: Equinox
Iconset: FFW [Fast Forward]
Dock icons: Token by brsev
System font type: Ubuntu Beta 7px 100dpi
Network infos, Last.FM scrobbling and date: conky
Nowplaying screenlet: TextOnly
Clock screenlet: Choke the Clock
Wallpaper: Captured in dreamland
Desktop template [including fake-panel and other stuffs]: download it here

>> Check also out my desktop screenshots gallery <<
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    :bulletblue: Visual Style: Shine 2.0 for Windows 7 [link] by :iconzainadeel:

    :bulletblue: Firefox Theme: Minimal Alpha 1 - Firefox 4 [link] by :iconboneyardbrew:

    :bulletblue: Orb: Start Orbs Token V6 by :iconmicun1983:

    :bulletblue: CAD Skin: EDGE for CAD by :iconmacro-love:

    :bulletblue: Rainmeter Skin: Simple Launcher[link] by :iconcentury-script:
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Screenshot: [link]

Icons: [link]


1.0.0 -> first release

1.1.0 -> added xfwm4 theme, improved now playing screenlets

1.2.0 -> added second emerald theme, improved first emerald theme (buttons)

License: GPL !!!
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The evolution continues...

What is quick shot? It's an idea that I make a screenshot (snapshot) of my desktop and update it whenever I change something. Why? If I make several screenshots every week, it is nothing more than spam. So I think it is better, if I make a continuous update of this deviation. And if I change more than only my wallpaper or a shadow of my windows, then I'lll post a new deviation. What do you think? If you like this idea, you can fave this and you'll see often small changes of my desktop... sometimes daily. If not you can ignore this and all will be good.

KDE 4.9 - Bespin - BE::Shell - BeClock

What has changed?

- wallpaper ( [link] )
- cursor ( [link] )
- some small changes here and there -> all in all pretty much the same setup as in last scrot
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My Current Linux Desktop and maybe the last shot for Maverick Meerkat only for upgrade my great favorite distro (Ubuntu)

GTK: Elementary [custom by me]
Wallpaper: Pixel Dancers
icons: custom random
Covergloobus: Pixel Plastic
Conky: Shiki [custom by me]

Please leave your comments :)
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