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The Unabashed Tango Theme.

Not nearly complete. Does not conform to the naming spec. Some residue of the "old GNOME" style. Still interested?

This is the unofficial, unadulterated, unabashed personal Tango theme of Lokheed as it was the moment he left Linux (Gentoo) for Apple Mac OS X. It is anything but complete, but there are many icons unique to this theme that are nowhere else to be found.

Accolades go to Jakub Steiner and the entire crew working on the Tango Desktop Project. Credits also go to certain individuals in the community that have also added to the Tango development over this past year.

This set is released under the CC license and is free to distribute and modify as long as you yourself, release it under the CC license containing the very same provisos mentioned previously.


EDIT: Fixed an issue with the emblems, please replace this new version with previous one.
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- All Trademaks / Logos have been removed
- License is now CC0
- Download is removed
- All remaining svgs are uploaded to

enjoy ;)
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For other GTK+ Theme, please visit:


A GTK+ Pixmap theme. Stylish and smooth, Mint is refined and distilled for maximum aesthetic enjoyment and functionality. Run Linux in style.

Zip archive includes:

Mint 2.0 GTK+ Theme
Mint BMP/XMMS Skin
Clearbox Refined Metacity Theme
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subject: gnome iconset
software: unknown + the GIMP

This is the best I could have ever made.
A full iconset for gnome desktops [windows or mac users won't be able to install it].
I also included a script which lets you modify the colours and the aspect of many icons, like folders ones, apps, buttons, etc.

This is not a complete artwork made from me.
It's a little artwork made by me, and the rest is a collectwork.

This work is released under a CCGNU/GPL License.


Download the .zip file and extract if into your desktop.
Then drag&drop the .tar.gz file into the Themes window to install the iconset.
Further instructions [related to the script modifications] included within the .zip and the tar.gz file.

The iconset is 70+MB weight.


· 19 gen 2008: fixed rhythmbox01 bug; added folder-linux; changed folder-txt; added akonadi icon; added new default evolution icon.
· 18 gen 2008: fixed brown folders bug;
inverted evolution icons; added drives for windows disk and macos disk; added new customization script entries for fusion icon, rhythmbox and emesene; added new icon for checkgmail; changed battery charging icons; changed iconset license.
· 25 dic 2008: changed recent documents and system search icons; fixed some stock icon; added icons and script instructions for digikam and solfege.
· 17 dic 2008: changed cd icons on all stuffs [mimetypes and devices]; changed real player mimetypes; added comix icon; changed .exe, makefile, script and other mimetypes.
· 11 dic 2008: fixed a script bug; changed icons for audacious in traybar; added icon for wicd.
· 06 dic 2008: changed internet emblem for all instances [again!]; added new icons and script instructions to set them up; changed icons for gparted, calculator and gnomad2; added icon for sound recorder and application-octet-stream.
· 05 dic 2008: changed internet emblem for all instances; changed and added several mimetypes; changed gftp and google earth icons.
· 04 dic 2008: added different user-trash icons [customizable via script]; changed icons for vlc, document-send, add-folder-to-archive, add-files-to-archive, gnome-mime-application-x-archive; added new firefox icon; added icons for crossover, autopackage-manager-gtk, kbruch and wine related.
· 01 dic 2008: changed icons for audio-muted; added icons for rhythmbox righ menu; added music catalog, repeat and shuffle icons; added anarchy distributor logo.
· 29 nov 2008: changed icon for dvd95; added icons for amule, v for vendetta distributor logo, backup hard disk, audio hard disk, several distros hard disk.
· 20 nov 2008: added icons for: emerald, emerald mimetypes, beryl-manager, aptoncd, openoffice3 suite and sunbird; changed icons for amarok; added several emblem icons; changed default folders' icons into black; removed script instructions to customize icons.
· 12 nov 2008: changed icons for: evolution, gnome-fs-bookmarks, gnome-panel-force-quit, gnome-network-preferences, help, preferences-desktop-theme and applications-internet, web-browser, document-send, added folders' icons with ubuntu and wallpapers overlaying elements.
· 04 nov 2008: changed openoffice icons and added script instructions to customize them, changed icons for: office, system monitor, system-software-update, software-properties, gnome-nettool, gparted and sound-juicer, added icon for thunar file manager.
· 04 nov 2008: added script instructions to edit volume icons and edit/find icons, added icons for cgoban, aptana, gambas2, added distributor logo for foresight, ubuntustudio and poseidon linux, changed gnomebacker icon.
· 01 nov 2008: fixed non-changing colour games' folder, removed "folder-yellow" duplicates, removed fella and 3crescent distributor logos, added italian language instructions [available into the before installing please READ txt file], changed: edit/edit-find icons, gconf-editor icons, media-dvd icons.
· 29 oct 2008: changed volume icons and gimp one, removed desktop overlay element.
· 25 oct 2008: added icons for folder-games, mame [gxmame] and linuxdcpp. changed icons for emesene.
· 22 oct 2008: added new wireless signal status icons, new minimal navigation arrows and 2 new distributor-logos.
· 18 oct 2008: added folders icons for: dock icons, virtualbox sharing, mail, scripts, neverwinter nights, fonts. Changed some other icons and removed some unnecessary ones.
· 16 oct 2008 :added icons for wireless network manager status.
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Candy icon theme is created by Jonian Guveli and Olibia Tsati. After making Erectus icon theme which had quite a success on gnome-look and Jonian's participation in the Humanity icons, we decided to put our effort at the creation of this amazing icon theme.

You can visit our Launchpad page and follow the project progress or report bugs. [link]

Candy icons are licensed under GPLv2. [link]

***WARNING: This package is a preview release and should not be judged as a final product.***


+media and devices icons
+rhythmbox, evolution, alacarte, dictionary and pitivi icons
+187 icons created till now

If you like our work, please consider donating. [link]
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Hycons is an icon theme for your Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (KDE) desktop.

*Preview of all icons: [link] (old)

Releases will be published as snapshots expanding the iconset with new icons. As always don't expect so much.

At this time the icons already done are:
- Folders (still missing some icons in smaller sizes).
- Some mimetypes: document, video, image, audio and PDF files (Linux only)
- Package mime types: far, zip, tar.gz... (linux only)

All in they respective sizes (512, 128, 64, 48, 32, 22 and 16px). Some icons like actions will have only 16, 22, 32px and 48px (maybe someone in 64px) versions.

Hope you like it, I do the best I can (I am not an icon designer, only a fan :P).

Any errors that you found or an icon request please leave a comment or contact with me at:

If you want to modify them or something, you can download some source files from here [link] (AI, PSD & hobiconer file)

Installation instructions.
Mac OS X: Unzip, open the .iContainer with CandyBar and clic on "Use These Icons".
Linux (KDE): Download from or here [link] uncompress the file in: ~/.kde/share/icons/ or install it from the KDE System Preferences
Windows: Use IconPackager

Changelog 14.07.11:
- Initial port to Mac OS X Lion and Windows
- New style of folders!
- New media folders: apps, library, web, development and OSX.
- Desktop icon created using the M31 Galaxy wallpaper :thumb212063825: uploaded by :iconmanicho:

Changelog 21.08.10:
- Now more than 150 icons
- Minor edit on all folder icons (16 & 22 sizes)
- New mimetype for PDFs
- New mimetypes for package files: rar, zip, tar.gz,, RPM and DEB
- First version of the navigation arrows
- And this other new icons: view-preview, view-list-icons/details/columns, view-right-new/close, view-left-close
- ???

Changelog 13.07.10:
- More sizes! 64 and 22 px
- New icons: folder-video, documents and folder-new
- Minor changes on folder and mimetypes icons
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Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to ""

Report Bugs Here: [link]

I don't provide icons for apps that aren't installed default in elementary OS, sorry.

+ Tons of new -symbolic icons
+ Emoticons
+ Brand new folders
+ Updated apps
+ Less symlinks
+ Revamped Mimetypes

+ Major re-design and revision of entire icon set.
+ Increased standards compliance
+ Increased icon rendering performance by (in some cases) up to 400x
+ Dramatically Reduced file size
+ Improved visual consistency
+ new monochrome icons including new monos for dark panels
+ Major enhancements to Apps
+ New Emblems
+ More Devices
+ Complete Visual refresh of folders
+ New notification icons
+ Complete refresh of mimes.
+ Better horizontal spacing for panel icons
+ Tons of new 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16 icons
+ Symlink fixes
+ Merged in a lot of changes from Humanity.

+ complete revision of actions, mimes, and places
+ major revisions to apps and devices
+ minor revision to status
+ removed icons already inherited from GNOME and Tango
+ removed many 256x256 icons
+ linking fixes
+ updated wireless icons and fixed a bug with network manager
+ greater adhesion to naming specs
+ greater compliance with GNOME HIG
+ replaced PNG's with SVG's
+ revised log out icon
+ new pidgin icon
+ revised small folder icons.
+ new media player icons.
+ new refresh button
+ alternate folder colors
+ 7zip icons
+ MS Word mimes
+ additions to apps and actions
+ fixed some issues with mint menu
+ fixed some consistency issues
+ done away with size hacks
+ more Human
+ fixed some consistency issues
+ added elementary extras

2007-2008 (v0.x)
+ fixed evolution bug
+ major revision of all folders
+ fixed rhythmbox bug
+ fixed resolution issue with menu entries
+ added standard size theme
+ No more warning messages when starting GTK apps from Terminal.
+ fixed inconsistency with trash icon.

***This work is licensed under the GPL***
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A snapshot of my /usr/share/pixmaps/ directory before the big move. Many customized Tango icons for various core GNOME programs that have never been released, anywhere!

Unzip and move to /usr/share/. DO NOT overwrite blindly. This pack includes many changes you may not want.

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Version 1.2

Minor Update: few icons added, some bug fixing
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This is my first iconset (iconpack)
Please tell me if you want me to change or add things
Thanks Mattahan for the buuf icons.

PS: change extension from .bz2 to .tar.bz2

Changes 1.7-r2 :
Other changes to fit with gnome 2.20.
Add some icons in devices
Add icons for Avahi.

Changes 1.7-r1 :
Change to fit with gnome 2.20.
Change some gtk's icons
Add emotes.
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