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heres something i did cause i was bored

and because that ONE person always has to bitch about soemthing, i did not draw the picture, obvi-fucking-ously
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My name is Britannica Page and I have spent my entire life studying the exotic creatures of Equestria. I am a Cryptozoologist, I like to think of myself as the best in equestria! Me and my team have been everywhere from the frozen north, to across the seas, to deep within the wastelands. We have discovered amazing things and now come to you to share what we have learned about the fascinating creatures of our world. First off, we have my person favorite, Changelings!

Changelings (Figura Mutante):

The changeling (also known as the Shapeshifter, and occasionally Horse-Fly) is considered to be one of Equestria’s most dangerous creatures. Their natural abilities as well as their natural behavior give them the reputation of being brutish and violent creatures. However, after years of study I have come to realize that they are actually quite different from previously believed ideas. While the belief that they CAN be violent is true, they aren’t always like that, they even care for their own.

Social Structure:

Many ponies believe changelings to be mindless and without thought, but that is infact wrong. Each changeling seems to have its only personality. They are capable of independent thought and are expert problem solvers and in many cases I have even witnessed them working together in groups to accomplish a task. Even in the absence of a queen they are capable of advance problem solving that could rival that of an individual of high intelligence. (This may also indicate some kind of collective intelligence. Changelings are believed to have the ability to use telepathy so it would not be out of the question that they may use it to communicate with eachother.)

In their hives the changelings seem to have an organized pecking order, similar to that or ants or termites. The stronger the individual the higher up they are on the hive’s hierarchy. The highest of which obviously being the queen, followed by the soldiers, then the drones, then most likely those who have been converted and finally in unfortunate cases husks.

--Sidenote. It would also seem that these creatures are able to communicate through some form of telepathy. In one case I witnessed where a changeling tripped and injured its hoof the other members with it seemed to react in similar fashions of showing pain. This suggests that they may also be able to share senses and sensations. Possibly even see, smell, feel, and hear what others are experiencing. These abilities may also mean other things such as psionics (mental powers.)

Species and subspecies:

It should also be noted that hives are believed to be highly hostile toward one another and through my years of study I have discovered several different phenotypes of changelings. Each one unique in their hunting styles and disposition. It is believe that there are many more phenotypes, but these are the only four currently known of.

1. Phenotypes:

a. Mutante Chrysalis.
b. Mutante Ambrosia.
c. Mutante Myxine.
d. Mutante Miasma.(?)

2. Strains:

a. Queen.
b. Soldier.
c. Drone.
d. Infiltrator (Converted individuals).
e. Husks (“Zombified” Individuals).

Changeling Genus:

-Mutante Chrysalis, the hive responsible for the recent attack on Canterlot is the most well known. This genus is believed to be the most hostile hive as of present. Those who see a Mutante Chrysalis are advised to leave the area immediately and with extreme caution, the same can be said for those who see ponies in area that aren’t normally be inhabited, such as the Everfree Forest or Western Wastelands. In their natural form Mutante Chrysalis can be easily distinguished by their bright green elytra and fly like wings. (Do not under ANY circumstances attempt to interact with an individual of this hive. They are highly hostile and will not hesitate to attack on sight. If interaction is absolutely required it is advised that the subject is heavily sedated, bound, and its horn placed in a magic displacer to prevent any spells or mental control.)

-Mutante Ambrosia, a hive native to the more tropical regions of the globe. They aren’t as hostile as the previous but their hunting style and behavior still make them dangerous. They prefer to lure their pray into traps through dancing, most being female; this may mean their primary prey is stallions. This genus is very rarely hostile, infact after interviewing a survivor of one of their trap I have come to discover that they seem to be quiet playful and surprisingly attractive in their natural form (The interviewed stallion was later brought to an asylum for treatment, he had become heavily obsessed with the Ambrosia hive and insisted on returning to “His queens side” It was later noted that several days later he had suddenly lost all emotions, most likely turning into a husk.) They can easily be distinguished by their bright yellow elytra and bat like wings

-Mutante Myxine, widely unknown to most ponies. This hive is fairly small and seems to be aquatic, infact their hives are underwater which makes them very difficult to study. They live in coastal regions and on small islands and rarely come inland if at all. They seem to hunt by luring ships to their hives and then capturing their crews. Being aquatic, this genus of changeling seems to have lost its ability to fly in its natural form, instead their wings seem to have evolved into a pair of chitinous fins that push them through the water at speeds up to 50+ mph. This hive is rarely hostile, probably due to its low numbers and will rarely attack if spotted. They would prefer to run or swim away to safety. (One individual my crew managed to capture went into a full blown panic and injured several ponies onboard our ship before leaping over board and into the water.)This genus can be distinguished by their bright blue elytra and fin like wings.

-Mutante Miasma. Believed to have a purple or red elytra but due to their reclusive nature very little info on them is known. It is also believed that their queen resides somewhere in or around Manehatten, though this is unconfirmed. (Further research will be conducted if possible.)

Changeling Breeds:

-Queen. Changeling queens are the rarest type known to exist. They rarely is ever leave their homes and are often feed by their subjects. Very little is known about them other then they are capable of mind control and have the ability to speak.

-Soldiers. Changeling soldiers are the second type of changeling, only a small number exist is each hive. A good estimate would be a single soldier for every fifty drones in it. This breed grows larger and stronger than their common relatives. They are believed to have less skill in magic but make up for it with brute strength and a love for battle. They are only seem when the hive itself is in danger of a hive has declared war; otherwise they most likely remain in a dormant state until needed. As of now they are believed to be able to spit acid, venom, and slime.

-Drone. These are the most common form of changeling. They usually grow to be various sizes, around that of common ponies but final size does change with each individual. They the workers, hunters, and fighters of the hive. Physically they are far faster than ponies and their magical skills rival that of a skilled unicorn but they lack the strength and endurance.

-Infiltrators. An infiltrator seems to be an individual that have been turned into a changelings. There doesn't seem to be any species that is immune to the affects of conversion. Sightings of gryphon, bison, and even dragon changelings have been recovered (Celestia save us if a dragon can be turned….) These individuals are believed to be changed through cocooning. A process through which a changeling queen will surround their victim in a thick layer of slime then over the course of several weeks or month the individual's body is altered. The process itself may be a metamorphosis brought on by magic or natural means. The actual process is unknown.

-Husks. These poor souls are ponies who have been drained of all their emotions. They seem to be in a state of constant hypnosis and are highly vulnerable to injury or death. They do whatever they are commanded to do by the changelings of a hive even if it would go against the most basic instincts of survival. (Even heavy treatment of captured husks has proven pointless. It seems that once a pony has turned the process is irreversible and the pony can only be freed through death…. Poor things.)

Shapeshifting, natural abilities, and feeding:

A changeling’s innate ability to shapeshift is most likely a direct result of their diet. Seeing as their true form is quite intimidating they most likely developed the ability to make hunting easier. A changeling may take the form of a pony and through a simple spell may know basic information about them such as the ponies name, what their voice sounds like, and the meaning of their cutie mark. More advanced things such as personality, memories, and daily life are probably learned through long periods of studying said pony before actually taking their place.

The natural abilities of a changeling vary just as much as their form does. Along with the venomous bite mentioned earlier they also possess the ability to use magic. The Canterlot incident shows that they can surround themselves in a protective bubble crash to the ground like mortars with enough force to shatter concrete and form small craters on impact. It is unclear at the moment whether they can use other spells, though it has been observed that queens are capable of mind control.

A changelings ability to produce slime in their bodies is one of their most well known features. It is unclear how they produce this sap like material but it is believed that they do so by eating material and allowing their undeveloped digestive systems to break it down. As of now it is know that they can produce two types of slime. A dark colored version which hardens into a rubbery layer or solid shape. Then second type which is lighter colored, it doesn’t harden like the other but instead remains glue-like and very sticky, it has been observed that they use this form of slime to capture prey and even seal wounds to prevent severe bleeding.
Feeding is a very mysterious part of changelings. It has never actually been witnessed and surviving victims seem to have no memory of the event. It is believe however they feed by absorbing energy from the emotional aura that surrounds every living thing. The more pleasant the emotion being experienced, the more eager the changelings feed on it, the most sought after being love.

Changeling Biology:

After studying dead specimens I have been able to determine at changelings have a very unique physiology. Their insect/equine appearance gives them a combination of both an Exo and Endo Skeleton. This provides a strong shell to protect vital parts and organs while allowing them flexibility and speed equal to or even greater than that of ponies.

Skin and exoskeleton- Due to their combination of an Endo and Exo skeletal system changelings have a very interesting epidermal layer. Their back, chest, shoulder, neck, and lower legs are mostly covered in a thick layer of chitin which is vulnerable to blunt force trauma. While the rest of the body is covered in a thin layer of velvet like fuzz. The head is largely protected by its internal skull structure but other parts of the body that are not protected by a shell are very soft and flexible. At the same time they are very vulnerable to sharp objects like blades and spikes. It would most likely be possible for a large pony to trample a changeling to death.

The skull-The skull itself is a marvel of nature. After studying various subjects, both living and deceased I have determine that a changeling’s skull is (for a lack of better words) an arsenal of the natural world. The brain is heavily protected by a thick skull that seems to be able to take massive amounts of trauma before any damage is done. Their jaw also seems to be heavily built, the structure of the muscles that support it show that a changeling’s jaw is capable of exerting a crushing force strong enough to bite through and crush a cow’s femur with minimal effort. Just underneath the nasal cavity two small glands can be found. These run down into the fangs suggesting that these creatures not only have a powerful bite but also a venomous one. Though it is impossible to determine what type of venom these fangs hold because after death the proteins seem to break down very quickly and as of now I have been unable to gather a sample from live subjects. It may even be that different breeds have different types of venom or possibly even some form of corrosive chemical.

The Skeleton- The skeletal structure of a changeling is quite unique. Having both properties of mammals and insects shows that they have a highly flexible body without giving up the protection of a hard outer shell. The internal skeleton of a changeling is very similar to ponies, both in appearance and function. Though unlike us they’re actually missing some bones that we do have. They possess a rib-cage, spine, skull, pelvis, and upper leg bones like a pony. But unlike a pony they lack all bones below the carpus on their front legs and below the tibia on their back legs. Instead their lower limbs are supported by a highly flexible outer skeleton. The outer skeleton, also known as chitin consists of an elytra along their back, protective plates along their neck, shoulder, and chest; as well as their hole filled lower legs.

The legs- A changelings legs are some of the most unique I have ever studied, they are a marvel of evolution. As first I believed the holes that covered them to be some kind of common birth defect having to do with the legends of their creation. But after much study of old lore I have discovered that the original changelings didn’t even have these holes at all, and are most likely a result of exposure to dark magic. However they still serve a purpose. The lower legs of a changeling are supported by a hard outer shell, but unlike the rest of the body this area is spring-like. I believe that changeling may use these holes as a sort of shock absorber while running and landing. (They may also use them to adjust height while disguised as a pony but that is unconfirmed).

The wings- The wings of a changelings are very similar to those of most insects. The muscles attached to them are extremely lean and well built, made to beat as extreme speeds (In the case of Mutante Myxine these muscles have shrunk down slightly due to the fact that their wings are used for swimming rather then flying) A changeling, while heavily built is actually very light, their bones are hollow like a pegasus and their exoskeletal structures are filled with small holes which help with weight. This grants them the ability to fly for long periods of time before tiring. Unlike a pegasus however a changeling cannot glide, their wings must constantly beat for them to remain airborne and because of this they are incapable of attaining the same speed that a pegasus might. They are however capable of a wider range of maneuvers. Being able to fly backwards, sideways, diagonally, and even upside down means they are capable of outmaneuver almost any other animal.

Internal organs- The internal organs of a changeling are far different from those of a pony. Seeing how they feed on energy it would be believed that they don’t have a digestive tract. In reality, they do have one, but it is very undeveloped if not vestigial. If at all they do eat actual food (which would most likely be meat based on the number of canines they have) it would probably be mostly for pleasure or to give their body the material it needs to produce slime or heal injuries. Their circulatory system is similar to a pony but unlike us their hearts only possess two chambers instead of four. This suggests that they don’t have the same stamina that a pony would but are capable of huge bursts of energy when needed followed by heavy exhaustion. (Research on the nervous system is still being done and will be added when research is complete.)

Senses- A changelings senses have been highly tuned through evolution. Their eyes being the most interesting. In queens the eyes appear to be similar to cat or a dragons eye. The slitted pupils allow for excellent night vision. In soldiers and drones however the eyes are compound, like an flies eye. They are made of hundreds of tiny light and movement sensitive lenses. This furthers the proof that drones are the ones who do most of the hunting while queens remain hidden in the safety of a hive. Compound lenses are extremely sensitive to movement and are capable of seeing the slightest twitch from long distances. The ears of a changeling are quite different from ours. On the outside they look normal, pointed ends and the ability to swivel around to locate the source of a sound. But if you were to look inside one you wouldn't find any sort of ear drum, but instead a small antenna like growth. I believe that these antennas must be sound sensitive and possibly even have the ability to taste the air like the antennas of a common insect. Their other senses all seem fairly similar to a ponies except for their sense of touch. Research is still being done on the nervous system so until them we cannot understand how they experience the sensations of touch, pain, and pleasure.

Further research is being done and will be added as information is found.

Heres something I did few weeks ago while I was sick. I think I am WAAAAAAY overdue for a submission so here you all go. Before you ask, yes I am a brony now and I find Changelings to be particularly interesting. So this is something I put together based on what I believe their biology and social structure would be. Its all based on fanon, so I do not claim that any of it is correct. Enjoy!

I am also looking for someone to help me put this in a journal like format, one that has anatomy sketches and such. Also if you see something that needs to be changed, let me know. Its still a work in progress.

Changelings are property of Hasbro
Myxine, Ambrosia, and Miasma are property of Siansaar
Picture is propert of emkay-mlp ( [link] )
This is also subject to change in the future if I feel inspired to work on it again.
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Chapter 5

Sophie turned her head away from Rick and then he noticed her starting to cry.  “Sophie, are you ok?” Rick asked becoming concerned.  “I… I’m fine it’s just… just that Malefor is a monster.” She answered, “He’s a horrible monster!”  Rick tried to comfort her by placing a wing over her back, “What did he do.” Rick asked.  Sophie took a deep breath and looked at him, “When I was five he sent his soldier to my village in Tall Plains.” She answered, “I got away but everyone else...” she paused, “everyone else was… slaughtered the horrible beast killed everyone.  I don’t know how it happened or why he did it but I came back the next morning and find the whole village destroyed, everything was either gone or burned, when I went to my parents cave... I found them… dead.  I cried the whole day but I realized that those things might return, so I took my mother’s necklace.” Sophie looked down at the necklace around her neck, “It’s all I have left to remember them.”

“That’s… That’s horrible.” Rick said, “I can’t even imagine the pain of losing your parents.  If it makes you feel any better I want you to know that you can talk to me… about anything.”  Sophie took a deep breath and calmed down, “Thank you, very much, you’re the first person I’ve ever told, not even Spyro and Cynder know what happened, but how do you know that name, where did you hear about Malefor?”  Rick answered, “Well when I was...‘asleep’, I was in convexity, and, well, the Chronicler, who I guess is named Ignitus, explained to me why I came to this world.  He said that Malefor was returning, and that he is trying to destroy the world.”  Sophie looked at him with disbelief, “WHAT?!  Spyro and Cynder already defeated him, he’s gone.”  “Ignitus said that he’s coming back and that I need to help Spyro and Cynder defeat him.”  “We need to go NOW!” Sophie yelled, breaking out into a sudden run.

“Hey wait up.” Rick called while trying to catch up.  But after about a half hour Rick’s legs felt like they were ready to fall off, he was a dragon but he still didn’t have the endurance of one, at least not yet.  “He- hey… Soph- Sophie!” he yelled.  Sophie slowed to a stop and looked back at him, despite her fear of Malefor she couldn’t help but giggle at Rick, his was breathing loudly and his tail was dragging along the ground.  When Rick caught up he fell to the ground, making Sophie giggle again.  “I suppose we should walk the rest of the way, we're not that far, about a day’s walk.” She said.  Rick just nodded, still trying to catch his breath.  The two dragons spent the rest of that day walking and talking with each other, and by sunset the wall of a huge city could be seen in the distance.  Sophie smiled and said, “Well there it is.  Come on we should get there before it gets dark.”  Rick nodded and they both began to fly toward the city.

In just a few minutes they had reached the city and flew over the outer wall.  “Wow, this place is huge.” Rick said.  Sophie answered, “Impressive isn’t it, this city was actually a gift from the moles to the dragons to celebrate their friendship.  See that big building in the middle of the city?  That’s the dragon temple, where Spyro and Cynder live, as well as the guardians.”  “Who are the guardians?” Rick asked.  They landed on the balcony of the temple and Sophie said, “The guardians are a group of elder dragons that are very wise and experienced.”  Rick nodded in response and then followed Sophie into the temple.  Come on everyone should be in the dojo training they usually do around this time.”  “Ok.” Rick said, “Ladies first.”  Sophie smiled and said, “Well, such a gentle dragon,” then began to walk deeper into the temple.  Rick followed her until they heard a loud thud.

“It’s just around this corner.” Sophie said.  They rounded the corner but Rick stayed back in the shadows a bit where he saw a group of dragons, two the same size as him while three others who looked full grown.  Sophie smiled and then called, “Hey Spyro, Cynder!”  They heard her and instantly turned around, “Sophie!” they both said and started to run over to her.  The three larger dragons simply turned their heads, then turned back to something in a large room.  “Sophie, your back.” A black dragoness said.  “We were wondering when you would get back.”  “Yeah I know but I had some things to do in EarthHaven.  And on my way back I meet someone.” Sophie answered, “Spyro, Cynder this is Rick, Rick this is Spyro, and Cynder.”  Rick walked forward abit and nodded to then, “It’s nice to meet you.”  Rick was just about to say something else but was cut off by a voice saying, “HA! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT, come on I’m just getting warmed up.”  “Oh, that’s my brother Fugeo.” Cynder said, “Would you like to meet him?”  Rick walked out of the shadows and up to the edge of a big arena with Sophie, Spyro, and Cynder.  In the arena he saw a red dragon with a blue underside and a tail blade similar to the one that grew on Cynder’s tail.  His eyes were a very light blue and he had two horns growing back out of his head.  “That’s Fugeo.” Sophie whispered.  Rick nodded and then heard Spyro say, “Hey I just realized, you’re purple.”  The guardians looked over at Rick when they heard this and Fugeo who was still in the center of the dojo was finishing off a dummy that somehow moved on its own, turned towards the group and realized a new dragon was sitting with them.  He walked up to Rick and said, “Who are you?” Rick was abit nervous but answered, “I’m Rick.”

“Rick? That’s an odd name.” he said.  Rick just smirked and said, “Well thank you. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.”  Fugeo just stare at him alittle surprised.  “Don’t play this game with me buddy, cause trust me, you gonna lose.” Rick said.  Everyone else started to laugh including the guardians.  “Oh really.” Fugeo said, “I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce.”  Without even giving a second for the others to stand back up Rick said, “I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public, because I don't have any problems. You have a perception problem.”  Fugeo was silent for a few seconds while everyone else around them laughed.  Then Fugeo said, “Oh, you’re good.” Rick just smiled, “Yeah well I’ve had a lot of practice.  You do know I was just messing around with you right?”  “Yeah, well you’re not the first,” he answered.  They waited for everyone else to stop laughing then Cynder looked at her brother and said, “Man I haven’t seen you make a face like that in a loooong time.  I like Rick.”

Fugeo just rolled his eyes.  When the guardians stood up they turned to Rick and the icy blue one said, “It seem that you are a purple dragon, why don’t you show us your abilities.” Rick looked up at them and said, “Well I’m not a purple dragon.  The chronicler told me I was a void dragon” The guardians eyes grew wide.
Heres chapter 5 of my fanfic, as well as the intro of a new character

editing done by :iconloyboys:

all characters are copyright to their respective owners
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Chapter 4

After about an hour of walking Rick was starting to feel tired and began to fall asleep.  Sophie who was walking in front of him suddenly heard a thud and turned around to see that Rick had lost consciousness “RICK!!!” she yelled running up to him.  “WAKE UP!!!” Sophie cried while shaking his shoulder.  Rick woke up once again in convexity.  “Oh not again!” He yelled, “IGNITUS!”  “Hello again, my apologies but it has come to my attention that you might need abit of combat training.”  “Training?  But I did fine before..”  “Yes but had it not been for Sophie you would have lost your ability to fly forever.”  “Oh…”

“Now, what I want you to do is go from the platform you are on to the temple in the distance, you must learn to control your balance and timing, these platforms around you, they look easy enough but don’t be fooled they are much harder to land on then you think.”  “Wait I want some answers first!”  There was a long pause and then Ignitus said, “Very well I suppose you do deserve to know what’s going on.  I shall answer your question from our last encounter first.  You are here because of fate, my young friend, you are a void dragon, an extremely rare dragon capable of power equal to that of the purple dragon, though I doubted the existence of such a creature until now, but unfortunately I know not your powers but I can teach you how to unlock them, you must do what you are meant to do, you were chosen by the dragon ancestors to help Spyro and Cynder defeat an evil dragon named Malefor.”

“Who’s that?” Richard asked, puzzled  “Malefor is the first purple dragon, but he wasn’t what the ancestors had hoped for, Malefor was evil and his only cause was to destroy our world. I fear that he is returning, those creatures you fought before, they are his minions and their presence is a bad sign. But I fear that Spyro might not be strong enough to stop him.”  “Why does this concern me?”  “Because Malefor knows of your world, if he conquers our world then he will attempt to conquer Earth and everything will be destroyed.  You must help Spyro or we are all doomed.  Now do what you are here for, go to the temple I’ll explain what to do next once you get there.”  Rick thought for a second and then said, “This actually makes sense, I always felt like I didn’t belong with other people, I guess I was meant to be with other dragons.”  He looked at the bracer on his wrist, “This thing isn’t something to be upset about. If this is my fate to be a dragon, then I should just accept it.”  Rick looked up at the floating temple, “This shouldn’t be too hard.”  He crouched down, unfolded his wings then jumped, and he flew and landed on the nearest platform. For the next half-hour he continued this, a few times he had even made a mistake and had to back-track.

When he got to the temple, he saw the source of the purple aura from his previous visit in convexity was a large circle on the ground, Rick walk towards it and look into it.  “Ingitus?  What’s this.”  “Step into it and I’ll show you,” Ignitus replied.  Rick did as Ignitus said.  “Good, now concentrate search for a power within yourself, the same power that allowed you to use your void breath in the fight.  Once you find this power immerse yourself in it, let it fill your body.”  Rick was starting to feel something so he closed his eyes, a purple aura began to surround his body and he stood up on his back legs then lunged forward,  pounding the ground with his front paws.  A loud explosion was heard all around him, he opened his eyes to see a large orb of purple energy around him.  “Wow.” He said then looked around the temple and noticed a single glowing door; Rick smirked and lowered himself down into a battle stance.  He remained that way for a few seconds then began to charge at the door taking the energy orb with him and when it made contact with the door, it exploded, then imploded, taking the door into oblivion.  “Nice…” Rick said, slowing to a walk “Ok...what do I do now.”

“Practice of course.” Ignitus answered.  Rick saw a long spiraling walkway in front of his with statues spread throughout it.  He began to walk but as soon as he got near the first statue it began to move.  Rick stopped and looked at it while it stepped off its pedestal.  It raised its sword above its head and charged at Rick.  The dragon growled and used his breath attack on the statue, which disappeared like the grubblins and orcs from before.  Rick realized that each statue would attempt to attack him so he started to run up the path, smashing the statues with his tail and making them disappear with his breath attack.  “This is cool.” Rick thought.  When he got to the end of the path he heard Ignitus say, “Good now it’s time for you to go.”  “Rick?! RICK! WAKE UP.” He heard, then he began to fall. Rick looked around and saw that everything was disappearing, then suddenly he opened his eyes and quickly sprang up.  “Oh thank the ancestors your ok.” Sophie said while stepping in front of him.  Rick looked at her and saw that she had been crying, most likely from fear. “I’m- I’m fine.” he said with a smile.  Sophie smiled at him in relief and helped him up and began to lead Rick towards Warfang, “come on we should go.” Rick nodded and then asked, “Hey Sophie, who’s Malefor?”  She looked at him now as if very sad.
heres chapter 4 for my fanfic :)

editing done by :iconloyboys:

all characters are copyright to their respective owners
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Chapter 12

The strange creatures charged at the army while flying versions started dog fights with the many wyverns and grubblins in the air.  Fugeo, Spyro, and Cynder flew high in the air and look around.  “THIS IS CRAZY!” Cynder said, “What are these things?!”  “I don’t know.” Fugeo said.  “Whatever they are we better not bother them, looks like there only interested in the soldiers.”  They heard a loud roar behind them and all turned around and saw Rick flying at them with his arms outstretched.  They dodged him just in time while he swung his razor sharp claws at them.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Spyro yelled.  Rick stopped himself and spun around, “Eliminating you.” He said, “You will not stop me from conquering this word.”  “What?” Cynder yelled at him, “Rick as you crazy, I thought you were here to help us!”  He charged at her and struck her left wing slicing the membrane into ribbons.  She started to fall.  “CYNDER!!!” Spyro yelled diving after her.  “I am here to destroy this world, NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!! NO ONE!!!” He yelled.  “How dare you attack my sister!” Fugeo yelled.  He took a deep breath and launched a beam of fire at Rick, he flew to the left but wasn’t fast enough.  The beam struck him in the hip and caused him to roar in pain.  He lost him balance and began to fall.  

Spyro dove after Cynder as fast as he could.  She was tumbling through the air trying regain her balance and lift.  Spyro finally caught up to her less than 30 feet above the ground.  He grabbed her and turned upward.  He used his wings like parachutes and slowed himself down.  Unfortunately he wasn’t able to slow down enough and hit the ground very roughly.  Luckily he nor Cynder was hurt.  They lifted their heads and looked around; they had landed near the city’s main gate.  “Are you alright?” Spyro asked.  Cynder nodded and looked up at Rick who was just beginning to regain his balance.  He flipped through the air and began to go after Fugeo.  “Spyro… what happened… that’s not Rick, something’s wrong.” Cynder said.  “I don’t know… ” he said, “But I’m bringing you somewhere safe.  And you NOT using you dark form, not like this.”  He picked Cynder up and gently places her on his back.  He flew over the city wall and headed toward the temple.

Sophie watched as Rick regained his balance and started attacking Fugeo relentlessly.  Fortunately Fugeo was fast enough to dodge most of the blows, but some did hit him very hard.  “I’ll kill you.” Rick said.  He swung his tail around and sliced Fugeo’s leg.  He yelled in pain.  “NO!!! RICK STOP!!! THIS ISNT YOU!!!” Sophie yelled.  

As Fugeo dropped away Rick looked down at him and started to laugh.  Fugeo looked up at him and took a deep breath.  He took aim and released another beam of fire which hit Rick who was unprepared dead on.  He started to drop from the sky, but due to the devastating power of the attack Rick had become paralyzed.  Fugeo spun around and moved to the side just as Rick fell past him.  Rick fell to the ground and created a small crater were he hit.  He had landed away from the rest of the war between his minions and the minions of Malefor.  Fugeo looked down at him, he couldn’t help but be impressed, “Wow…” he thought, “Rick pretty powerful, he’s still breathing.”  He looked down at his leg which was bleeding very badly.  “Oh no.” Fugeo said, “This isn’t good he hit the artery.  This is going to hurt… alot…” He bent his leg back and used his neck to turn his head back.  He took a deep breathed and breathed a fire around his leg.  He cauterized the vein and skin around the wound but it only would hold the bleeding for a short period of time.  He looked at the rest of himself afterwards; he had browses all over his body and bad cuts around his arms and head.

Rick remained still for a few more seconds then was able to move again.  He lifted his head up and looked up at Fugeo who was busy do something to his leg.  He snarled and said, “He’s stronger than I thought.  But I grow tired of this, I will end this now.”  A dark cloud like aura surrounded Rick, he stood up on his back legs and his body shape changed.  His shoulders went back abit and became broader, his pelvis rotated and his leg muscles became thicker.  He now stood on two legs and had become a humanoid dragon.  Rick crossed his arms in front of his chest and curled forward slightly.  The black cloud became thicker and thicker until it blocked all vision of him.  Fugeo looked down at him.  “What’s going on down there?” he said.  The black cloud began to grow larger and large until it started to separate into smaller clouds.  Under it a bright purple glow could be seen.  As the cloud disappeared Fugeo saw Rick now had a large dome of void energy around his body.  Rick looked up at him and smiled maliciously, “Time to die…” Rick said.  He crouched down and jumped into the air.  Rick flew towards Fugeo and when he was close enough he used his void breath, it hit the aura and it vibrated for a few seconds then a huge beam shot out of it and was headed straight for Fugeo’s head, somehow the orb of energy amplified his attacks.  Fugeo rolled to the side but wasn’t fast enough, the beam hit him in the wing and badly damaged it.  Fugeo yelled in pain and tumbled.  Rick flew to him before he could straighten out and grabbed him by the neck.  Fugeo looked at him, “You traitor.”  Rick stock his head alittle like something bothered him, then looked at Fugeo, “Shut up… I was never on your side weakling.”  He started to raise the dragon up them threw Fugeo down.  Due to his damaged wing he couldn’t fly and fell to the ground.  As Fugeo struck the ground a shallow crater formed.  Rick glided down to the ground and landed on two legs.  He walked up to Fugeo who was lying in the crater; he was still alive but just barely.  Rick smiled and began to rear back.  Fugeo looked up at him with blurred vision and saw a blurry purple ball form in him mouth.  It grew and grew until it was the same size as Fugeo.  A beam shot out of the orb.

Then just as it was about to hit him another beam, this one appearing to be a convexity beam appeared.  It struck the void beam and caused it to destabilize and vanish.  A pitch black dragon with black clouds rolling off its body appeared in front of Fugeo.  It was Cynder!  Her wing looked completely healed.  “I don’t care what Spyro says, I’m not letting you hurt my friends…” she said.  Cynder had let her dark side take control of her.  “Cynder… what… what are you doing?” Fugeo asked.  “Saving your sorry ass…” Cynder answered.  She charged at Rick and slammed her head into his chin.  He fell backward onto the ground.  Cynder flew into the air; Rick looked up at her and snarled.  “You little bitch!” He yelled.  Rick stood up and jumped into the air after her.  “I’LL KILL YOU!!!” he yelled.  Rick caught up with Cynder and grabbed her tail, then yanked on it to stop her movement.  She breathed a convexity beam and his wrist and he let go.  He yelled in pain and flew back from her as she righted herself.  “I will destroy you.” Cynder said, “How DARE you turn on us!”

Spyro looked at her with disbelief.  “No…” he said, “I TOLD HER NOT TO!” he became scared for her but was unable to leave, he had to keep soldiers who had snuck past the monstrous creatures that Rick had summoned from climbing over the city wall.  “I can’t lose her.” Spyro said.  He was about to fly up and help her while she fought Rick but was stopped when he heard someone calling for help.  He turned around and saw a group of orcs surrounding two moles.  He charged at them and grabbed one of the orcs.  He yanked it away and froze it solid with his ice breath.  He burned two more and crushed the last few with his earth abilities.  He walked up to the moles and asked, “Are you guys alright.”  “Yes.” One answered, “thank you Spyro, you saved our lives.”  Spyro nodded and looked back up in the sky.  He noticed that something was wrong with Rick; he now seemed to be hesitating with his attacks, almost like he was trying to fight whatever was controlling him.
Cynder stopped attacking Rick and watched still as her dark form, as he started to shake.  The purple aura that surrounded him started to destabilize and faded away.  He started to moan and struggled to say something, “I….… I……. won’t…… let……. you…….. control me………”  “I will not let you take control…….” He said.  Rick placed his claws on his head and started to groan.  “You will not win.” He said, “I……. will…….. Cy- Cynder!  Hit……. me……. hit me as hard as you can……”  She charged at him and rammed in the chest; Rick started to fall.  He hit the ground and started to violently convulse.
heres chapter 12 of my story

hmm looks like Fugeo got pretty messed up, i wonder what will happen next

editing done by :iconloyboys:

all characters are propety of their respective owners
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Chapter 17
Later that day after Rick disappeared Diamond walked nervously into the dining area where she saw her father sitting.  She took a deep breath and walked up to him, “You… you wanted to speak to me dad?” she asked.  The dragon looked at her for a few seconds and said, “It’s good to know that you’re safe Diamond, but why did you disappear like that?”  “What?” Diamond asked, “Didn’t the others tell you we were all attacked?”  “Yes but they also told me you had been killed.” He answered, “I was so upset, and I could hardly bear to lose you like I…” Cyril paused and cleared his throat, “Like I lost your mother… I can’t help but blame myself for what happened.”  Diamond looked at her father sadly and sat down, “It’s alright dad, it wasn’t your fault, besides I’m fine, I’m alive and strong.”  Cyril held back tears and said to his daughter, “Why don’t you… go find your friends… I’m sure there going to want to catch up… I need some time to think.”  “Ok…” Diamond said then quickly hugged Cyril to make him feel better and walked away.
Spyro and Cynder were sitting on the temple balcony with their egg between them.  Cynder placed a paw on Spyro and looked over at him, “What do you think our hatchling will look like?” She asked.  “I’m not quite sure.” Spyro answered, “But I’m sure if it’s a girl, it will look just like you.”  Cynder smiled and said, “Yeah, and if it’s a boy it will look just like you.”  She gave his a playful peck on the cheek and leaned on his shoulder.  Spyro wrapped his tail around hers and rested his head on top of hers.
Fugeo was walking around the market place to see what was going on.  A few minutes into his walk he noticed a mole frantically searching around a forge as if he was missing something.  He walked over to the blacksmith and watched him for a few seconds, “Where is it... Where is it?!  I worked three months of that thing!!!”  The blacksmith said unaware of Fugeo’s presents.  “Is something wrong?” Fugeo asked.  The mole looked over at him and said, “My best Sword, my best work, it… its gone and I can’t find it anywhere, I worked so hard on it and now it’s gone.”  Fugeo answered, “Well do you have any idea where it might be?”  “I’m afraid not.” The blacksmith said, “All I found was abit of gold on the ground where it was before, it was only half of the sword real price though, if it was the actual price I wouldn’t be so worried but I still want to know who stole it… I placed a signature on the blade… in a language that possesses great power.”  The mole walked up to Fugeo and said frantically, “If that sword falls into the wrong hands it would cause great danger and destruction.”  Fugeo felt his face flush; fearing what could possible happen if the sword was indeed in the hands of evil.  “I’ll keep my eyes out for it.”  Fugeo said, “And I’ll come tell you if I find any swords with symbols of them.”  The mole nodded and went back to searching.  Fugeo walked out of the forge and thought to himself, “I wonder if Rick took it, he did say he found gold and I doubt a thief would bother paying for it.”  He was going to walk to another vendor but stopped when he heard someone behind him, Fugeo turned around and saw Diamond was stand right behind him and their faces were just a few inches apart.  Fugeo blushed from being so close and back away abit.  “Uh… Hi.” Fugeo said nervously.  Diamond smiled and said, “Hi Fugeo, what are you up to?”  “Oh no… nothing.” He answered when in fact he had come to find a gift for her.  “Do you mind if I join you?” Diamond asked while walking over and sitting next to him.  Fugeo was hesitant to answer but said, “Sure, I’d like having your company.”  Diamond smiled and stood up, “Come on.” she said happily.  Fugeo and Diamond began to walk around searching through the market place for something that might interest them.
Rick flew high over the ground through the cloud layer as he got closer and closer to Mount Malefor.  He was determined to save his friend and to return with her safely to Warfang.  “I hope she’s ok.” He said to himself, “If anything happened to her I would never forgive myself.”  He flew the whole day until the sun went down then landed in a small clearing of a forest.  He gathered some wood and piled it together then removed the flint from his supply sack and quickly lit a fire.  He placed it back in the bag and took out the three crystals that had been in the bag, “I wonder what these do.” Rick said looking at the blue one.  He picked it up off the ground and looked more closely at it.  He noticed that the aura around it was slowly growing brighter and suddenly the crystal flashed and disappeared.  He jumped up and stumbled backward but ended up falling down again.  “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!”  Rick yelled.  He stood up again and looked at the hand which he held the crystal in.  He noticed that his palm was slightly glowing an icy blue but it faded away.  He noticed that his body seemed to be energized, more powerful.  “Hmm.” He mumbled, “I wonder…”  Rick took his sword out of its sheath and looked at a rock about half his height.  He walked towards it and raised his sword.  With a single quick swipe of the blade the rock was sliced in half with no more than a metallic chime.  Rick examined the surface of the blade where it made contact with the rock and noticed that it was completely smooth, the sword didn’t have any dent or chips what so ever.  “Whoa.” He said, “Those crystals must make dragons more powerful.”  He put his sword away and sat back down by his fire and examined the other two.  He placed them back in the sack and leaned against a fallen tree to go to sleep.  
(Earlier in the day)
Diamond and Fugeo had decided to go for a walk through the forest outside of Warfang but something didn’t seem quite right with Fugeo and Diamond saw it.  “Is something wrong?” she asked him in a concerned voice.  Fugeo looked at her and said, “Oh um no I’m just… uh alittle nervous.”  Diamond smiled and asked, “About what.”  “Sorry.” Fugeo said, “I can’t tell you until we find somewhere quiet.”  “Aww” Diamond said pretending to pout.  “Come on we’re almost there.”  Fugeo said and speed up abit.  About five minutes later Fugeo led the dragoness to a river.  There was a small clearing around them but on the other side of the river the forest continued.  Diamond looked around and smiled, “It’s beautiful here” She said, “but why did you bring me here?”  Fugeo looked nervously at the ground then at her, “Diamond? Ca- can I tell you something?”  The dragoness cocked her head slightly and said, “Of course you can.  What is it?”  Fugeo took a deep breath to try and calm himself, he felt like he had butterflies in his stomach and his heart was racing.  “Diamond, when you disappeared… I couldn’t help but blame myself, I thought that I had let you down.”  “You could never let me down.” She said calmly.  Fugeo was surprised he thought that perhaps she would agree with him but she didn’t, “Really?” he asked, “You’re not mad at me?”  Diamond shook her head and said, “No, of course not.  Now what do you really want to tell me… there’s something else… isn’t there?”  Fugeo was abit surprised; she knew he wanted to say something, “Well.” He said nervously, “I…”  “Yes?” Diamond interrupted.  “I…” he closed his eye tightly and gathered his courage.  A few seconds later Diamond was getting concerned and leaned alittle closer, “Are you alr-” before she could finish Diamond was cut off by Fugeo who was now kissing her.  Diamond was astonished, she hadn’t expected him to kiss her, her heart raced and she was frantic to think of something to do.  “He's kissing me?!” she thought, “Does he… really care… about me?”  She started to relax abit now finding herself enjoying Fugeo’s kiss.  She slowly closed he eyes and started to lean into Fugeo.  Diamond started to kiss him back and after about a minute it ended.  “Diamond…” Fugeo said, “I love you…”  The dragoness smile lovingly at his and rested her head on his chest.  “I love you too.” She said.
chapter 17

ok heres chap 17 i hope you all like it, i know the endings alittle corny but i bet you all know whats coming next ;)

editing done by :iconloyboys:

all characters are property of their respective owners
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Chapter 2

Rick squirmed and convulsed violently as the pain filling his body got worse with each second.  “What’s happening to me?!” he cried.  He tried to remove the bracer around his wrist one last time but was unable to.  He tried repeatedly to stand but the pain was too much.  The only thing Rick could do was to just lie there.  Rick waited for nearly ten minutes while his whole body changed.  When his body finally did stop transforming it took another five minutes for the pain to subside.  After that Rick slowly sat up and sighed in relief.  He slowly looked around and saw the strange plants that had previously surrounded him were now dead and withered.
Rick looked down at his hands but what he saw surprised him.  Rick’s hands had become claws with three fingers each, the same went for his feet however his legs had become digigrade, much like a dogs back legs.  Rick's body was now covered in extremely dark purple scales, while the scales that covered his chest were large and shield-like, they were flint black in color.
“What’s happened to me?” Rick asked himself while looking at a new tail which slowly swayed left and right behind him.  At the end of the tail were four axe like blades that grew in the shape of an X if viewed at from behind.  The back of Rick’s head had ten silver spikes growing out of it and his neck, back, and tail had a row of razor sharp spikes.
“I’m a dragon?” Rick asked, “But how?”  He stood up and looked at his wrist, the bracer was still there.  Rick looked around and started to walk but when he got to the end of the now dead meadow he stopped.  “What if I can’t find anything else?” He said, “I can’t just leave what if I get lost again.”  Rick started to become angry, he snarled and reared up on his back legs..  “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!!!” he yelled as he flung his fists at the ground.
Just as his fist made contact with the ground a bright flash engulfed him, it was too bright too see.  When the lights faded he was very confused, Rick was now in another strange place, only this place wasn’t just an empty void.  It looked almost like a temple had been floating in space and eventually shattered into hundreds of pieces.  Rick was standing on a stone platform and nearby was a smaller platform that floated back and forth between his platform and another distant one.  On the largest platform, which had half a temple still intact on it nearly half a mile away, he saw a glowing purple aura.  “What is this place?” Rick asked “It might be mostly empty but at least there’s something here.” “Hello young dragon.” A voice suddenly said.  Rick was startled the voice and jumped forward nearly falling of the platform.  He stood back up and turned around.  Standing before him was a giant silver dragon about three times his size. “Whoa…” Rick said “Who- who are you?”  The dragon smiled and answered, “I am the chronicler but you may call me Ignitus.”
here chapter 2 for my fanfic, i know its alittle slow right now but jusy bear with me it will get better ^^;

editing done by :iconloyboys:
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Chapter 7

The next morning Sophie woke up and yawned.  She lifted her head of the bed and looked over at Rick, then smirked.  He was lying on his back, with all four limbs in the air above him.  She stared at him a few minutes, then realized that she was looking over his whole body.  Sophie started to blush and looked away, then she shook her head and got off the bed, stretched, then walked over the other side of the bed and whispered in Rick's ear, “Wake up, it's morning.”  He groaned a bit, then opened a single eye and looked at Sophie.  He realized that she was upside down, so he lifted his head up and looked at himself.  “Wonder when this happened,” he said while rolling over.  Sophie smiled and said, “Probably in your sleep, now come on let's go.”  He stood up and stretched a lot like a cat.  Sophie started to blush again while looking at his body, she hadn’t noticed it before, but he was surprisingly muscular.

He hopped off the bed and noticed her staring at him alittle strangely; he raised an eyebrow, smiled at her and said, “Like what you see?” “Hu… what oh um I’m sorry,” she answered nervously.  She walked in front of him and led him to another room in the temple; this one was long and rectangular with a long table in the middle.  Everyone including the guardians were sitting around it talking about something.  “Look, they're alive.” Fugeo said making everyone turn towards them.  “Ah there you are.” Cyril said, “I was just about to send for you. Come sit, eat something; we must speak with you more about Malefor."  Sophie and Rick walked over and sat down next to Spyro and Cynder, who both seem to be in a good mood about something.

“We have already warned the civilians of Malefor’s return.” Volteer said, “However it is a necessity to inquire more knowledge regarding, this can you enlighten us about anything else.” Rick paused for a second to think about what he was asking, “Well, I don’t really know much else,” he answered, “No, wait… I remember something about when I was in convexity, I remember like I was being watched, and not just by Ignitus, it felt like someone else was watching me, almost like I was being...tested.  I don’t know why but I remember something…or someone was there.” “Do you think it might be Malefor?” Spyro asked.  “Maybe.” Cynder said, “Remember when we fought him Ignitus said that when a dragon dies, their soul doesn’t leave this world, that it becomes part of it.  Maybe Malefor is in convexity again, trapped in the Well of Souls, just like last time.”

“It’s possible.” Terrador said, “But we won’t know unless someone goes the Mount Malefor and looks.”  Everyone was silent for a sort while, but then Sophie stood up and said, “I’ll go.” Everyone looked at her and Rick said, “What no you can’t, it’s too dangerous.”  “Yeah.” Fugeo said, "We can’t just send you alone, you’ll need help.  I’ll go to.”  “No.” Sophie said, “The fewer of us there are, the better.”  The guardians were quiet for a minute, then Cyril said, “I agree with Sophie, only one of us should go, and unfortunately we are too old to be sneaking around. Besides Sophie’s light abilities will allow her to hide herself, to turn invisible.”  Rick looked over at her with a scared look and she looked back, “I’ll be fine,” she said softly to him.  He slowly nodded, then everyone finished eating their breakfast. An hour later, everyone said their goodbyes to Sophie, “Please be careful, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Rick said.  She smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern but I can take care of myself, I’m stronger then you think.”

“I never said you were weak I just… I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he answered.  She was aware that everyone was watching, but gave Rick a gentle kiss on the forehead, “I’ll be ok.”  Rick nodded and then Sophie picked up a small bag of supplies she had been given, then turned around and flew away.  Fugeo walked up to Rick and said, “Don’t worry dude, she’ll be fine, she’s been though worse trust me. You wouldn’t know it, but she has gotten more injuries then I can count, the only reason she doesn’t scar is because of her light power allowing her to heal.”  Rick took a deep breath and then nodded, “Thanks,”  he said.  Everyone turned around and started to walk into the temple, but Rick stopped and looked back at Sophie, who was already just a shadow in the in the sky.

“Come on.” Spyro called. Rick started to walk into the temple.  “Come on.” Cynder said, “The guardians are helping the city prepare for any possible attacks, so we should see some of your skills.”  Rick and the others walked to the dojo and began to train.

Sophie flew as fast as she could towards Mount Malefor, and on the way she started to feel sad for some reason.  All she could think about was whether or not she would see her friends again.  Then she remembered how concerned Rick seemed about her.  Sophie looked back at the city wall as it sank below the horizon.  About a day and a half later Mount Malefor was in view.   A huge citadel had been built on the base of the mountain.  It was the biggest building she had ever seen, even bigger then all of Warfang.

“No,” she gasped, realizing that a huge army was gathering at the base of the mountain.  She stopped and hovered in the air high above the massive citadel.  Sophie examined the army, and saw that they were getting ready to march somewhere.  “I have to warn them.” She thought.  Sophie turned around and began to fly back towards Warfang, but suddenly she heard something behind her.  Sophie looked behind her, and saw a group of wyverns flying towards her.  She became scared and tried to fly as fast as she could.  “I can’t fight them, not here,” Sophie thought, “I’ll be seen!”  Sophie used her light powers to turn herself invisible and luckily, the wyverns that were chasing here stopped and looked around.  She sighed in relief and flew away, still invisible.  Later that night she stopped and landed on the top of a small hill.  She lit a fire and curled up to go to sleep.  However just as she was about to doze off she heard something.  Sophie lifted her head and looked around, “Hello who’s the-“Before she could finish something hit her in the back of the head and she lost consciousness.  “Cage her.” a deep voice said.

Sophie woke up later inside of a prison cage; she stood up and looked around. “No…” she said.  Sophie tried to find a way out but she was completely sealed in so she went to the back left corner of her prison and curled on the floor.  She tried to think about what would happen now but for some reason all she could think about was Rick.  About ten minutes later she heard someone coming, she remained still as a large dark dragon came into view, “Hello…” it said in a hellish voice to her with an evil grin.
chapter 7 of my fanfic

looks like Sophie has gotten herself into some trouble, wonder what will happen next?

Editing done by :iconloyboys:

all characters are copyright to their respective owners
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Chapter 27

A few days after Rick and the others had returned everyone was asleep peacefully for the night.  However, Cynder seemed uneasy.  Within her mind something was present, a dark company.  Cynder found herself in a dark room with walls all around her like a prison.  “Where am I?” Cynder asked herself.  Suddenly she heard a chuckle, it was familiar.  She looked around trying to find the source but saw something.  “Hello Cynder…” a dark voice said, “It’s good to see you again…”  Her eyes widened as she recognized the voice, “Malefor?!” she screamed walking backward trying to get away.  The voice chuckled and said, “Good to know that you still remember old friends.”  “I’m not your friend!” she yelled, “you used me, I hate you!”  “Now, now, hate is such a strong word.” Malefor said, “Why don’t you try admiring…”  Cynder’s heart raced, “What do you?” she asked.  “I want you, my dear.” He said, “I need you to command my army again.”  “NO!” she screamed, “I WILL NEVER DO THAT EVER AGAIN, I would never harm my family or friends.”  A shadow appeared before her in the shape of Malefor, with dark smoke rolling off its body.  “Family?  Friend?” Malefor said while beginning to walk around her, “They’re faking, they don’t care about you, but with me… you will be appreciated, taken care of, and waited on for you every whim.  All I ask is your undying loyalty and will to serve me.”  “No!” Cynder yelled at him, “I don’t want anything to do with you!”  Malefor stood up and said, “Very well, if you won’t join me I’ll make you.”  Suddenly Cynder found that she couldn’t move her legs as Malefor moved closer to her.  He stopped in front of her and held out a paw with a dark energy orb above it and move closer and closer toward her.  “NO!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, “STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! STAY AWAY!!!  I DON’T WANT TO, PLEASE NO!!!”  The orb touched her forehead and absorbed into her body.

“Cynder? CYNDER!” Spyro yelled shaking her vigorously.  Flint was pushing on her head and asked in a young terrified voice, “What wrong with mommy?”  “I don’t know.” Spyro answered, “Flint can you go get the others for me?”  He nodded and leapt off the bed and ran into the other bedrooms where Fugeo and Diamond were lying with their children.  He jumped onto the bed and shook Diamonds face.  She woke up and looked at him and saw his scared look.  She instantly knew something was wrong and woke Fugeo.  Flint said, “Please, help, mommies screaming and she won’t wake up!”  They ran to the room and the hatchling went to Rick and Sophie’s to wake them they woke and went to the room and say everyone trying to wake the dragoness.  “What’s wrong?’ Sophie asked.  “I don’t know.” Spyro said, “She just started to scream.”  “Maybe I can help.” Rick said.  He walked over and placed his hand on her forehead.  She had a cold sweat.  He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.  He concentrated on her and noticed something that didn’t belong there was inside her.  He opened his eye and said, “Something’s there, something… dark.”  “What is it?” Spyro said.  “A dark energy.” Rick said, “Soph I might need your help.” She nodded and walked over.  Sophie placed her paw onto of Rick’s hand and surrounded them in a glowing aura.  They both closed their eye and found themselves in Cynder mind.  They looked around and saw her squirming on the ground violently.  They ran toward her but were stopped by the dark dragon.  “Well, what do we have here?” he said, “the void dragon and a light dragon?”  “Oh no…” Sophie said, “It’s him…”  “Ah you know who I am.” Malefor said.  Rick took his sword out and assumed a fighting position. “Sophie, you go help Cynder.” He whispered, “I’ll keep him busy.”  She nodded and got ready to fight if she had to.

Sophie ran toward Cynder and reached her; she looked back and saw Rick fighting the dragon.  His sword glowed white which meant it deflected all physical attacks.  She turned toward Cynder and placed a paw on her head.  She took a deep breath and concentrated all her light on Cynder.  She started to release purifying light into her but as she did so Cynder started to grow bigger until she had the body of a full grown dragoness.  Sophie works as hard as she could but was cut off when she heard rick yell, “Sophie! Look out!”  She turned around and saw Malefor swing a massive claw at her.

Sophie fell away from Cynder and gasped for air and she opened her eyes and found herself in Spyro and Cynder’s room again.  She stood up and coughed then looked at Rick.  Suddenly gasped and opened his eye again.  “So…” he said, “that was Malefor?”  Sophie nodded and they looked at the dragoness who now looked full grown.  Her voice started to become more matured but Sophie placed her paw on Cynder head again and poured more light into her.  Cynder yelled one last time and became silent.  Spyro looked at she and begged, “Please, please wake up, I don’t want to lose Spyro looked at she and begged, “Please, please wake up, I don’t want to lose you.”  Cynder moaned abit in a mature voice and opened her eye.  Unlike when she was evil, her eye still remained the same emerald green as earlier.  “What happened…” she said in an adult voice, “Spyro?” she looked at him, “are you alright?”  He remained silent as Cynder sat up and realized she was taller than before.  She looked at her paw and began to panic, “Spyro?!” she said, “what happened to me?!”  “I don’t know.” He answered, “But at least it’s still you.”

The remained awake for the rest of the night until the guardians woke up and realized what happened to Cynder.  Everyone explained to them what happened in the night but when Rick and Sophie started to explain about Malefor, which made the guardians more uneasy than ever, Cynder began to cry.  She stood up and walked to her room with Flint following her.  Despite her new appearance Flint still knew it was her.  Spyro got up and walked after her a few minutes later leaving the others to talk.  He walked into their room and saw her crying on the bed with Flint lying against her head.  He walked up and sat down next to her. “Cynder?” he asked, concerned, “Are you ok?”  “No…” she said, “Look at me!  I’m a monster.”  “No.” Spyro said, “You’re not a monster, Malefor is the monster.”  Spyro thought for a second then said, “Cynder I’ll be right back.”  She didn’t answer so he kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the room.  “I wonder…” he said. Spyro took a deep breath and began to use his dragon time powers.  A minute later Spyro walked back into the room and said in a deep powerful voice, “Cynder?”  she looked up at him and her eyes grew wide.
chapter 27

:noes: MALEFOR MADE CYNDER LOOK EVIL AGAIN!!! and i wonder exactly what Spyro did to himself

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Chapter 15
Rick ran down Warfang’s wall path until we got about twenty feet from Spyro and the others.  They had regrouped with Fugeo who was now sitting and they all stared at the shine heading towards them.  He took a deep breath and began to walk towards them.  When he was about ten feet away they all turned towards him and jumped abit.  Spyro stepped out in front of Cynder and Fugeo, “Stay away from us.” He growled.  Rick stopped and looked at them then lowered his head.  “I’m sorry,” Rick said, “Please it wasn’t my fault I didn’t mean for that to happen.”  Spyro looked at him then back at the other two not quite sure of weather he was just faking or telling the truth.  “How do we know I can trust you?” Spyro asked, “And why are you standing like that?”  Rick raised a hand and flexed his claw tipped fingers and thumb, “I don’t know…” he said, “I just woke up like this.”  They were all silent until finally Cynder said, “He’s telling the truth.”  Spyro looked at her slightly confused and asked, “How do you know?”  “Well.” she answered, “Remember what happened to me… when I finally woke after you freed me… I thanked you and apologized for everything I did… it seems like Ricks trying to do the same.”  Spyro took a deep breath and looked at Rick then stepped back, “Fine.” Spyro whispered to Cynder, “but I’m going to keep an eye on him.”  Cynder gently licked his cheek and said quietly, “I figured you would.”  Rick relaxed slightly and walked over.  When he was close enough he crouched down since he was how taller than them and said in the most sincere voice he could, “I’m sorry… I really am.”  Fugeo limped forward and said, “Can we talk about this later… if that who I think it is then she’ll be here soon.”  Cynder looked back at him and nodded then they all turned toward the shine which was almost visible.  Rick sat down next to them and crossed his legs.  
About 3 minutes later the shine could be recognized as a dragoness, she had scales that shined like crystal, an underside of shining pale yellow, icy blue wing membranes as well as a crystal at the end of her tail, her horns were pearly white, and her hair which grew all along her back was a light blue just like her eyes.  The dragoness gracefully landed which a gently pat as her paws touched ground.  “Hello everyone.”  She said in a very gentle and kind voice.  Fugeo limped forward and stared at her, “Dia… Diamond?  You’re… you’re alive?” he asked sounding as if barely able to talk.  Diamond nodded and smiled at him.  Spyro and Cynder stepped forward and stared at her but Rick looked back and watched.  “How?” Spyro asked, “We all thought that those monsters killed you.”  “Well actually.” She answered, “The trolls that attacked us captured me, they put me in a cage and tried to get me to tell them everything about dragons, they wanted to attack Warfang.  But we don’t have to worry about them anymore; I took care of them awhile ago, but I got lost and couldn’t find my way back, although I saw a dust cloud a few days back and followed it hoping that it would lead me here and luckily it did, I knew it was Malefor’s troops so I know they were going somewhere.  Do you have any idea what’s going on?  I thought Malefor was gone, didn’t Cynder and you defeat him?” she asked looking at Spyro.  She looked over at Fugeo and smiled, “My, my.” She said in a flirty tone, she circled around him and examined his body, “you might be abit roughed up but I have to say you’ve grown Fugeo.”  Fugeo blushed abit but thanks to his red scales no one saw.  “Uh thanks.” He said.  Diamond looked over at Rick and noticed that he stood differently from the others.  Everyone turned around and looked at him.  Before she could ask Cynder answered, “Diamond, this is Rick, Rick this is Diamond.”  She smiled at him in a friendly manner and said, “It’s nice to meet you Rick, but if you don’t mind my asking… why and how are you standing like that?”  Rick though for a second then said, “Well I… um… I’m from another world I use to be a human.” Diamond looked at him alittle confused and asked, “What’s a human?”  “It’s confusing.” Rick answered, “I’ll explain everything later.”  Diamond nodded and looked back at Spyro, Cynder, and Fugeo and asked in a funny way, “So are going to take me to see my father and the other guardians or are you just going to stare at me all day?”  They all snapped of a trance they seemed to be in and nodded.
Alittle while later everyone was once again at the temple yet the guardians hadn’t returned yet, they were probably looking for any casualties.  “It’s been so long since I’ve been here.” Diamond said, “I’ve almost forgot what it looks like, it’s so nice to be back.”  She looked back and Fugeo who seemed to be staring at her strangely.  Her smile at him and then looked away to hide she now blushing face.  “Do you mind if I look around, I want to see if can still find my way around.” she asked.  Everyone nodded except for Rick who seemed distant from everyone else, he seemed very unhappy about something but Diamond couldn’t tell what it was.  She quickly said goodbye to everyone and then walked away to explore the temple.  Spyro and Cynder walked somewhere else, probably to find something.  Fugeo who was now feeling much better looked back at Rick.  Rick didn’t seem to notice because he turned around and walked away.  Despite being attacked Fugeo couldn’t help but feel sorry for Rick, he seemed really upset.  Silently as his soar body would allow he followed Rick and soon found him on the balcony leaning on the railing.  He walked up to him and asked, “Everything alright?”  Rick looked over at him out of the corner of his eye and said, “No… nothings alright… I have no family, Spyro and Cynder don’t trust me anymore, I attack YOU, and now Sophie’s probably dead.”  “It can’t be that bad.” Fugeo answered, “Personally I don’t blame you for what happened, you were mad dude none of us knew what would happen if you got angry.”  “You don’t understand…” Rick said, “When I was fighting my dark side, Armageddon, he said that my only purpose for existing why so that he could use me to destroy this realm.”  “Armageddon?” Fugeo asked, “Is that your evil side’s name?”  Rick nodded.  “Well.” Fugeo said, “You beat him once you could do it again.”  “That’s just it though.” Rick said, “What if he gets out again, what if he kills all of you and then I can’t take back control, I just don’t know what to do.”  Fugeo thought to himself for a second and then said, “Well I don’t know how that can be prevented but maybe Sophie can help you, if she’s still alive that is.”  “How do you think that?” Rick asked, “You heard that faker, she’s already fulfilled her ‘purpose’.”  “We could at least try and rescue her, she might still be alive.” Fugeo answered.  “Well then were would she be?” Rick asked.  “At mount Malefor of course.  I’ve only been there once but I remember where it is I can lead you there.”  Fugeo said.  Rick looked at him and said, “You can’t tell the others.”  “What do you mean? Were both going.” Fugeo said abit confused.  “No.” Rick said, “You’re too injured; besides if just one of us go it will be easier to sneak around.”  “I guise that’s true but still we’ll stand a better chance if two go.”  Rick answered, “I’m going alone Fugeo, I need to earn everyone’s trust again and saving Sophie might be the only way.”  “Ok fine.” Fugeo said then for the next few minutes he explained how to get to mount Malefor.  
Diamond explored the temple for nearly an hour until she found her way to the training room.  She went into the center of the room and looked around.  “I wonder if I still remember how this works.” She thought.  Diamond concentrated for a second as a dummy appeared in front of her.  “cool.” She said then attacked the dummy.  Suddenly she heard someone behind her; she turned around and saw a familiar old dragon, Cyril.  His eyes grew wide upon seeing her and he struggled to say, “Diamond…”  She looked at her father felling bother joy and nervousness.
chapter 15

hmm i wonder how Rick will free Sophie and wha Diamond will say to her father

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