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The Opposite Day Genie II

(Mature content warning!  Story might mention sexual themes, minor cussing, and all around strangeness... it happens...)

The front door to the house burst open as the oblivious catgirl skips out onto the porch and begins her springy jog  toward the downtown cosplay convention.  It was nearly impossible for John to contain his excitement as every lovely bounce and curvaceous swing of Kim's body echoes through his silky consciousness.  

"Best... day... ever..."  John sighs to himself, complelety lost in bliss.

Rolling her eyes, Sylvia feels obliged to interrupt.  "Hey bra boy... You do know that technically you are cradling the breasts of my former brother..."

"Yeah, but it's so much better than being stuck in the butt of my beautiful girlfriend, wouldn't you say?  Because according to a conversation with your last boyfriend, you apparently "don't like it in the ass..."  How's the weather in there?"

"I am so going to kill you when I get out of here!"  Sylvia screams through the vast consciousness before suddenly being jostled around violently out of nowhere...  "What the heck was that?"

"What... oh that?"  John shakes away his blissful haze,  "That's Kim, sometimes she breaks into random hopping spasms for fun...  She wouldn't be much of a fantasy girlfriend if she didn't now would she?"  John goes back to enjoying the absorption of every luscious bounce from Kim's chest.

"I really am going to kill you..."  Sylvia tries not to hurl as she continues to get tossed around inside Kim's hind quarters.

Breaking back into a bounding jog, Kim looks over at Rise who is easily keeping along with the energetic pace.  "So... do you think that..."  *PWANG!*  "Mew!"  Kim falls backwards, landing on her tail after running head first into a light post.  Tears begin to well up in her eyes as she quickly grabs her tail and hastily strokes the aching appendage.  "I really should pay more attention nya?"  She looks up at Rise trying to put on her best sarcastic smile.

"GAH!  That hurt!"  Sylvia winces under the pain of being smashed between Kim's body weight and the concrete sidewalk.  "Jeez jackass, why didn't you warn her?"

"Uh... I'm a sportsbra and track shorts... I'm supposed to say what exactly?"

"Point taken... I'm still going to kill you though..."

"Oh man, are you okay?"  A brown haired semi-muscular male in a leather jacket rushes out of a nearby store over to Kim's side.  "Here, let me help you up."  He grabs her arm and gently lifts her onto her feet.

"Thanks...  I'm okay..."  Kim winces as her brain aches with vertigo,  "I think..."  She smiles as her hand instinctively positions itself on top of her head.  

"Let me take a look at that..."  The male slowly removes her hand and inspects the area.  "I don't see any damage.   The name is James by the way, I love the costume."  He extend his arm for a handshake.  "I take it you are heading to the convention?"

Blush filling her cheeks, Kim accepts his hand.  "My... My name is K...K... Kim...  Yeah, I'm heading to the convention, but I don't really have a costume..."

"Could of fooled me, I think you look..."

"JAMES!!!!"  A furious looking blond emerges from the same store, James had exited only seconds prior.  "Cheating on me with random whores running down the street now are you!"

"Carol... I.... No, she hit her head and I was just..."

"Perhaps you would like to inspect her boobs next?  Do you think she hurt those too?"  Carol stands with her arms crossed.

"I'm so sick of this... seriously Carol... get over yourself... go find a different boyfriend that will put up with your shit... we're done... She could of been hurt..."  James turns back to Kim.  "I'm sorry about her,  beautiful people make herself conscious...  Is there anything I can help you with?  Can I carry anything for you?

Kim begins to blush worse than ever.  This guy had just broken up with his girlfriend for her!  She droops her head in embarrassment... "Um... no... that's okay.  I don't need you to carry my stuff... Thanks though!"

James places his hand on her shoulder, "At least let me..."  *WHOOOM!*  James gasps as a black pulse throws him to the ground seemingly from out of nowhere.  "Woah..."  He groans as he picks himself up from the ground.  "What was... wait... what's up with my jacket?"  James stares perplexed at his jacket which has suddenly grown two sizes too large for him... but it wasn't over...  He begins to scream as suddenly the leather explodes in size, engulfing him in a matter of seconds.  "MMMPPPHHH!!!!"  His muffled shouts can barely be heard as the sleeves of the jacket quickly wrap themselves around his face.

Walking over to Kim who is staring at the situation in horror Rise reassures her  "Don't worry, he'll be fine!"  Then proceeding to scratch the nervous catgirl between the ears, she eases Kim's fears further.  "He just wants to carry your things for you..."

"I told him that he didn't have to!"  Kim glances back at Rise, still slightly concerned.

"I know... but I think he really wants to... Just look at all the trouble he's going through for you!"  Rise continues to scratch Kim between the ears as they both watch the jacket completely wrap itself around James' body.  Contorting itself into a ball, the jacket begins to constrict itself smaller and smaller.  Painful shouts continue to emerge from the tightening ball of leather until a sickening crack fills the air.  Shortly after, red streams of blood begin to trickle out onto the surface of the ever shrinking ball, leaving curvy pinstripes that flow into coagulating spots all over the shiny black leather.   Suddenly the jacket sleeves erupt out of a new hole in the top of the sphere.  Gliding through the air, they form an arc and proceed to reattach themselves to the leather on the other side of the gap.

Carol stands just off the steps of the flower shop she had just recently exited, her eyes wide with shock.  Her former boyfriend is being eaten alive by his own jacket right in front of her eyes!  "Serves him right for breaking up with me..."  She tries to shrug off the situation but can't help but feel nauseated by it.  As she watches the jacket sleeves transform themselves into something akin to thin straps, she also notices steam beginning to rise from the pit in the middle of the bag-like leathery object...  Curiousity overtaking her, Carol leans over to get a better look only to find her boyfriends compacted remains boiling like hot black tar on the inside.  Just as James' body completes its inky transformation into blackness, the goop instantly cools, forming into a silky inner liner for the leathery pouch.  Nausea overtaking her, Carol quickly retreats and vomits on the side of the sidewalk.

"He's almost ready!"  Rise urges Kim to pick up her new prize.  Slowly the catgirl makes her way towards the almost completed purse.  Just as it shrinks into correct proportions, the blood on the outside turns pink leaving behind tiny hearts with pink stripes curling across the leathery surface.  "Oh my gosh he's so cute!"  Kim grabs the purse in her arms, hugging it tightly against her chest.  "He's so nice, I love it!  It's perfect!"

"See, I told you he would pull though!"  Rise pats her on the shoulder.  "Come on, lets get out of here... we don't want to be late!"  Nodding in agreement, Kim turns and begins another energetic jog down the sidewalk, her new purse dangling from her right shoulder.

"Where do you think you are going!!!"   A furious voice screams after Kim, unable to see Rise the opposite day genie standing but a few feet from her.  "You... you killed him!  You killed my boyfriend!"  Carol points directly at her.

"I... what?  No I didn't!"  Kim quickly turns toward her accuser.  "I didn't kill anyone!  He's right here, see?"  She lifts up her new purse for Carol to inspect.

Carol quickly produces a pink cell phone from her pocket.  "I... I saw you!  I'm calling the cops!"

"NO! PLEASE! PLEASE! I don't want you to call the cops... Can't we just talk about this?"  Kim desperately pleads with her.

"Save it for the jury you magical freak!"  Carol flips open her phone and reaches her thumb towards the 9...  "Unh!"  She quickly exhales as a force thrusts itself into her stomach.  "Wha?"  Carol stands in shock as she eyes the new white cable extending from her bellybutton to the USB port on her phone.  "What the hell?"  She manages to gasp as her fingers grip the new cable protruding from her skin.  Giving it a hard tug, she drops her phone in pain... "AHHHH!  Ouch!  What the heck!!!"  The pink phone she just dropped dangles in the air at the end of the cord, a few inches from the ground.  

Gaining some courage, Carol bends over to get a better look at her stomach only to find the blood vessels surrounding the wire now easily visible, each sporting a new metallic sheen.  "This is impossible..."  She mumbles nervously as she reaches down to grasp her phone.  Bringing it up to eye level, Carol almost faints as she stares at the screen...  "MATTER AND DATA TRANSFER IN PROGRESS".  Watching in horror, a small progress bar slowly begins to fill.  "No no no no no no no NO!!!  PLEASE!"  

Carol glances at her stomach again as that particular area of her body goes numb.  The corruption of her blood vessels quickening as the infected area now spans three times the original amount.  "Please stop!"  She begins to plead with the phone... until an idea fills her mind... "I got it!"

Quickly her thumb reaches toward the power button located on the top of her phone.  "Can't work if you aren't on!"  After a few seconds, the "powering down" screen appears.  "HAHA!  YES!  Take that you stupid phone!"  Her jubilation is short lived however because not a second later a new message appears on the screen.  "Finishing transference..."  Not even giving her time to react, the progress bar begins to fill extremely rapidly...  "No!  Wait!  I'm sorry!  I'm sor..."  Carol never even finishes her sentence as her body instantly vanishes in midair in a puff of smoke, leaving a black flip phone in her place which freefalls to the ground and skids across the concrete sidewalk.  "TRANSFER COMPLETE" reads Carol's old phone before disintegrating into a small pile of dust and blowing away in the wind...  

"Ummm..."  Kim stares at Rise before slowly making her way towards the girl turned cell phone.  As she reaches down to pick it up, small pink lines begin to adorn the black plastic surface leading once again to miniature hearts.  "AWWWW!"  Kim squeals, "She matches her boyfriend!"  Flipping the phone open she gasps as the numbers 9-1-1 slowly appear on the screen.  Turning back to Rise she comes to a horrific realization... "She... she's calling the cops!"

"This is emergency services, how can I assist you?"

Kim nervously holds the phone to her head.  "Umm... I think I pocket dialed the wrong number... I'm soooo sorrry!"  *Please work... please work...* racing through her head.

"That's okay miss, you have a great day!"

"Yeah, you too!"  *Whew...*  Kim quickly end the call and flips the phone shut.  Furious, she turns her attention to the heart covered phone... "BAD PHONE!  BAD!"  She screams at the former girl.  "You could of gotten me arrested!  I'm putting you in time out until you can learn to behave yourself!"  Quickly turning off the power, she thrusts the phone into her new purse.  "This is getting strange... I want to know why everyone is acting so weird!"  She turns towards Rise,   "Do people usually turn into random objects when you walk down the street too?"

Rise smacks her face with her hands.  "Here we go again..."  She mumbles as she wipes Kim's mind clean of any and all thoughts of strangeness.

After a few moments of disorientation, Kim once again sets off towards the convention... not a care in the world, with her new purse and phone in tow...

"Woah....  Where the heck am I?"  James murmurs as he looks around through the blackness, new feelings surrounding him.  He couldn't quite place it them, but it almost felt as even though he was unable to move he could still feel the outside world effecting him...  and an even stranger new feeling coming from inside of himself that he couldn't exactly place...   "HELP!!!!"  A scream suddenly shakes his consciousness, almost deafeningly so...

"Owww!  Geez, stop shouting!  What?"  James calls out into the vast expanse.

"He... hello?"  The voice seems to calm down a bit.  "I'm sorry, uh...My name is Carol and I don't know what happened... or... or even where I am...and... I can't move my body!

"Carol!  It me, James!"

"James!  Oh my gosh...  I thought I was dead!"

"Technically, you aren't far off..."  A voice interrupts the conversing couple as fear spreads through the area.

"Who said that...  Who are you!  Show yourself!"  James shouts into the murky emptiness.

"Calm down purse boy...  Are you going to attack me with all your leathery goodness?"  John begins to laugh.  

"I'm not a purse!  What are you talking about!"  Jason begins to sceam.  "and why.. why can't I move!"

"Cause... you are a purse... now shut the hell up!"  another female voice joins the conversation.

"Sylvia, give the guy a break...  Sorry about that, she tends to get a little cranky..."  John tries to ease the tension.  "Look, there is this genie and you got turned into a purse...  It doesn't make any sense, but you are going to have to deal with it..."

"And what about me!  I can't move either!"  Carol begins to cry,  "I... I... don't want to be stuck like... like... something...  I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I AM!"

"Near as I can tell, you are a cellphone..."  John tries to calm her down.  "Take it easy, it could be a lot worse!"


"You could be stuck as a purse..."

"Or in her ass, you have no idea how little leg room there is in here!  The three others burst out in laughter at the truth of the situation...  "Laugh it up..."  Sylvia mumbles to herself as Kim begins to skip towards her destination, thrashing Sylvia around inside her fleshy prison yet again.

"Wooo!  We're here!"  Kim turns and gives Rise a pouncing hug.  "What now nya?"

"Wow!  Hey, you over there!  Neko girl!"  A female dressed in catgirl attire standing next to a similarly dressed male waves her down.

"Nya?"  Kim turns towards the couple quickly approaching her.

"Hey, you must be here for the costume competition huh?  This is the best costume I've ever seen!"  The female turns to her boyfriend.  "We are so getting our asses kicked..."

"Yeah wow, I don't see how you do it..."  The male walks around her slowly, "That must of cost you a fortune... You make us look like idiots!"

"Competition?"  Kim tilts her head.  "Competition for what?"

"Oh come on..."  The female laughs,  "Best costume?  One thousand dollars to the winner?  You are going to win hands down!"

"Well, I uh... didn't bring a costume!"  Kim begins to blush.

"No kidding..."  The male laughs,  "If I didn't know better I'd swear it was all real!  But, I understand not wanting to give away your secrets...  Are you sure you aren't going to enter, or are you just toying with us?"

"Haha, nope!  I'm not entering any competition...  I really hope you guys do well!"

"That's a relief!  Mike, maybe we still have a chance!"  The female catgirl exhales deeply and entends her hand towards Kim.  "The name is Sarah by the way."

Taking the handshake Kim laughs,  "My name's Kim, glad to see you calming down!  Haha, You looked like you were about to have kittens nya!  We wouldn't want that!"

"Haha!  Yeah, I feel like it sometimes!  Unnnh..."  Sarah quickly grips her stomach in pain, causing Mitch to run to her side.

"Sarah... are... are you okay?"

"Yeah, I... I think I just need to use the bathroom before I..."  A deep red blush spreads across her face as she suddenly feels a mass slip from her... you know...  "Ummm... I think I just..."  She slowly reaches her hand into her pants and pulls out a tiny newborn kitten.

"That... that's impossible!"  Mike nearly faints at the sight...

"I... I think I need to sit down..."  Sarah helps herself to the ground as her stomach begins to bulge with the appearance of a full term pregnancy.  "Help me!"  She calls out as sweat begins to bead across her face.

"I don't know what to do!"  Mike rushes to her side, "Should I call an ambulance?"

"NO!"  Sarah squeals as another kitten pops into her pants.  "They, they'll think I'm some kind of freak!  Just help me!"

"What do I do!"  Mike turns to Kim.  "How can this be happening!"

"Aaaaahh!"  Sarah screams as her third beings to squeeze its way into the real world.  "Please do something!"

Kim looks at Matt hopelessly, "I don't think you know what she's going through... Just, try and comfort her I guess!"

Kneeling at her side Mike tries to comfort her.  "I'm here baby"  Gently he lifts Sarah's head onto his lap as he strokes her hair.

Sarah opens her eyes and looks into her boyfriends face, comfort flowing over her.  "I love you so much..."  She manages to whisper as she gives birth yet again...  Looking back up to Mike's eyes, Sarah nearly jumps out of her skin in surprise, pushing her fifth kitten out a few mere second later.  "Who the heck are you!"  She squeals as she pushes herself off of Mike's lap.

"Uhhh... are you okay?"  Mike begins to ask before the sound of her new voice fills her ears.  Quickly she looks down at herself.  "What the hell happened to me!"  Blond hair cascades over her shoulders and down her new B sized chest.  Her new hips and legs looking like something taken out of a swimsuit catalog...  "What the heck is going on!  Oh no..."  Her newly feminizes hands grasp her stomach as it quickly begins to inflate.  "Please... please... not this!  Nya..."  Mike slowly reaches into his own pants and pulls out her own new infantile kitten daughter.  

"M... Mike?  Is that you?"  Sarah blushes as she adds a sixth kitten to her little pile of children at her side.

"Yea... yeah..."  Mike squints as she forces out another one of her offspring... "Wow... this sucks!"

"Fun huh?"  Sarah tries to laugh as she works her way over to her new girlfriend's side.  "Could this day get any weirder?"

"Other than turning into a female and giving birth to kittens next to the love of my life?  Oohh... That's three for me!"  Smiling she takes the kitten from her pants.  "Say hello to your mommy little guy!"  Mike hands the kitten over to Sarah who carefully holds her new "son".

"And back there is your aunt Kim!"  Sarah turns and motions for the catgirl to come over by them.

"Awww... nya"  Kim slowly takes the newborn from Sarah's outstretched hand.  "Hi little guy!"  She gently strokes it's back before handing it back to Mike.  "They are so cute!"

"I know we just met but, how do you feel about actually being a surrogate aunt?"  Mike smiles up at her.  "After all, no one else would believe this ever actually happened!"

"We'd love to have you!"  Sarah agrees.

"I'd love to!  But I'm a neko, not an ant!  Hahaha..."  Instantly Kim shrinks to a miniscule size, her  possessions scattering across the floor as her clothing drifts to the ground, covering her completely...

"What the heck just happened!"  Sarah turns to Mike who is busy giving birth to her fourth...  

"I have no idea... but wasn't it you who said things couldn't get any weirder?"

"Shut up... get back to giving birth!"  Sarah laughs as she lifts number eight from her pants.

"Like, I have any choice... Haha... unh, that one hurt..."
Hey! Yeah, it takes me forever to wtie stuff, and for that... I apologize...

Anyways, hopefully you guy enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! Actualy... scratch that, I hope you enjoy it way more than I enjoyed writing it. That takes forever and isn't much fun so... yeah...

Let me know what you guys think! And as always, all the readers are greatly appreciated in all of your ass kickiness glory!
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You Are Who You Eat

(WARNING!  MATURE CONTENT!  Mention of nudity, sexual themes, and some profanity...  Also, no humans or animals were harmed in the making of this story...)

"Honey, your stupid package has arrived!"  Lisa calls from the front  door.  "... And you'd better hurry, cause I don't think I want it in my house anyways..."

"Coming dear, please don't hurt it!"  John hurriedly races into the living room.  Quickly grabbing the package off the floor he squeals like a schoolgirl.  "The Experimental Human Foodinator 3000!  The only one in the whole world and it's ours!"


"Lisa, you don't understand!  This is the greatest coolest most fantasticist thing... EVER!"


"Come on, we have got to try it!"  John places the slight larger than a microwave device on the table and activates it causing tiny light to blink across the surface.

"Woohooo... I still don't understand what this thing even DOES..."

"I told you, it's a human food processor!  Just select a food from the choices or let it decide for you, stick in a body part and viola!  It spits out the food of your choice!"  John selects cheeseburger just before jamming his right hand into the top bladed funnel and watches excitedly as it gets diced into a paste.

"Wooooooohoooo.... WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!!!"  Lisa's eyes grow wide as she watches her fiance shred his own hand within the machine.

"Haha, don't freak honey... it really doesn't hurt at all!"  Pulling his handless arm from the blending station he shows it to her.  "See?  Everything is fine!"

"Everything is not fine, your HAND IS OFF!"

"No it isn't!"

"What do you call that then..."  She point to his now handless appendage.

"Merely a flesh wound!"  John laughs as smoke begins to discharge from the other end of the EHF3000.  "Ahh, here we go!"

"John, what are... no... no freaking can't be..."  Lisa can only stare as the smoke clears, revealing the most delicious cheeseburger she has ever seen in her life.  "Did it really?..."

"Yep!  That's not even the coolest part... watch this!"  Quickly John devours the burger and as he does, little knobs begin to grow from the stub on his arm.  "Cool huh?"

"This is... sooooo... just... wow..."  Lisa can only stare dumbfounded as her future husband's hand literally regrows itself onto his arm.  After no more than a few moments, the burger is gone and her husband is waving at her with a stupid grin on his face.  "Okay, that...that's pretty cool... did it hurt?"

"Nope... Not at all!"  John laughs as he plays with his new fingers.  "You ready to give it a go?"

"HECK NO!  Not in a million years!"

"Oh come on... why not!"

"What... what if I fall in!  I could die!  I don't want to die as a cheeseburger!  And simply put, I don't trust you to not do something stupid..."

"That won't happen, I've got it set to turn you into an ice cream sundae!  So no worries there..."

"You know what I mean smartass..."  Lisa turns to leave the room.

Pleading with her, John hurries over her side and embraces her.  "No really, it's got fail safes against that!  Besides, I didn't marry an ice cream sundae... why would I want one now when I will have a wife as sexy as you?"  He gives her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Alright... but we test it first..."  Lisa slowly turn back towards the machine...  "But really, what ACTUALLY happens if something goes completely in?"

"Well..."  John blushes, "It uh, stores your spiritual essence in this little blue crystal like thing..."


"Well, all I gotta do is get someone else to eat the crystal and your soul takes over their body!  No harm done..."

"YES HARM DONE!  I don't want to lose my body!  I'm not going anywhere near that thing!  You don't even know if it actually works!"

"It worked before..."  John hangs his head, knowing he's losing the battle.  "Look, I'll find something else to test it on... you can just think on it for a while until you are convinced."

"Never gonna happen!"  Lisa walks out of the kitchen and into the living room, proceeding to turn on the television.

"We'll just see about that..." John smirks to himself as he heads out the door.

About an hour later, John comes back inside holding something in his arms as he attempts to slip back into the kitchen...  "Hey, what you got there?"  Lisa asks as she glances away from her evening programming.

"Uh... nothing..."

"No you definitely have somet.... NO... YOU ARE NOT TESTING THAT THING ON THE NEIGHBORS CAT!!!"

"I wouldn't dream of it!"  John just laughs as he raises the female calico over the machine.  "Snowflake is safe in my hands!...  Whoops ..."  John attempts to look horrified as the cat plummets into the whirling blades below...  "Can't say she's safe when she's not in my hands though... poor cat..."

"YOU MONSTER!!!"  Lisa pushes him out of the way as she races to the machine only to watch as the liquefied cat finishes its trip down the funnel and into the body of the machine.  "What is wrong with you!"  *SMACK!*  She lays a backhand across John's face.

"Ouch geez!  Stop hitting me... the cat is fine!"  John motions to the smoke pouring out of the machine.  "Look... here... see?"  He holds up a mightily scrumptious looking chocolate chip cookie.

"How is that "FINE"!  You pulverized the cat and turned it into a cookie!"

"No, the cookie is the essence of the cat... the cat is right here..."  John picks up a tiny blue crystal, about an inch long.  "Snowflake is right in there... perfectly preserved!  I told you this thing would work..."

"Oh yeah, and what do you do with Snowflake now that she has no body?  I think that since you killed her, she should get your body... sounds fair to me!"  Lisa simply stares at him with her arms crossed across her chest.

"I uh... don't think that... umm... I didn't really think about that..."  John stammers until suddenly  the doorbell interrupts their standoff.

"I'll get it..." Lisa groans, "I need a break from your stupidity anyways..."  

John listens from the kitchen as his wife opens the door...  "Oh, good evening Mr. Wilson! ... Oh you say you saw my husband pick up your cat?  Are you sure that's what you saw?  Hold on, I'll ask him...  HONEY!!!"

"Oh shit... oh shit...oh shit... what am I going to do?"  John paces back and forth through the kitchen, sweating beads.  "I'm going to go to prison... I'm such an idiot... I'm so... wait a minute..."  He eyes the cookie.  "No... no  I can't..."

"HONEY  would you come here please!"  His wife practically mocks him from the door.

"Crap... I can't... I... I..."  John holds the cookie to his mouth.  "...It's better than prison..."  With that, John stuff the cookie into his mouth, chewing and swallowing it in a matter of seconds...  Almost instantly, black, tan, and white fur erupt from his skin.  "Holy crap this is quick!"  John stares at his rapidly changing body is awe and horror as his spine rapidly extends into a healthy looking tail... "I'll be there in a second dear!  Just remember tha... *cough*  I...I mew!"  John barely manages to squeak out the final words before his vocal chords shut, rendering his voice useless for nothing more than "meows", purring, and the occasional hiss.

"My husband is such a joker..."  Lisa laughs as her mind turns slowly  towards curiosity and fear at the strangeness of her husband's response. "I'm sure he'll be here in a second..."

"Yeah... I don't think "husband" applies anymore dear..."  John thinks to himself as his gender quickly switches, making a name like "Snowflake" much more applicable.  Her new body cracks and shifts painfully as it quickly shrinks down to that of a common housecat.  As her new whiskers complete their protrusion from her growing muzzle, John slowly escapes from her tent-like clothing.

"He'll be along anytime now..."  Lisa tried to reassure her neighbor, the situation becoming more uncomfortable by the second when suddenly a small calico cat darts into the living room.

"Snowflake!"  Matt Wilson exclaims as the cat prances up to him and begins to nuzzle his leg.

"Sn...Snow...Snowflake?"  Lisa stares at the cat like she's seen a ghost...

"Uh... are you okay?" Wilson looks at her quizzically.

Lisa tries her best to put on a smile. "Uhh.... yeah... yeah I'm fine...  You have a great day!"

"Okay then, thanks again neighbor!  Have a good evening."  Wilson walks away, Snowflake following in his trail.

"Bye now!"  Lisa calls before shutting the door and taking a deep breath...  "Snowflake how... how did... Oh no...  John, please say you didn't... please please please!!!"  Scrambling into the kitchen, she is horrified to see her fiance's clothes lying limp on the floor...  "No! No...No...No... PLEASE NO!  JOHN!"  Tears beginning to stream down her face, she falls to her knees as her frantic calls fall on deaf ears.  "John... why... why...why... damnit why did you do that..."

*Meanwhile in the Wilson household*

Matt Wilson opens the from door to his house as Snowflake crosses between his legs and darts into the living room.   "Hey there Snowflake!"  Sarah Wilson, his uncommonly beautiful college aged daughter, rushes towards her pet and quickly scoops Snowflake into her arms.  Nuzzling her nose into the cat's, Sarah glances over at her dad,  "So... uh... why did they take her anyways?  Did they say?"

"Nope... I guess they just thought she was a stray or something."

*Or, because I wanted to turn it into a chocolate chip cookie...*  John laughs to herself as she pulls her muzzle off of Sarah's face, proceeding to bury it between her C cup breasts.  *Heh... gotta admit this cat thing has it's perks...*

"Snowflake!"  Sarah giggles as the cat's head rubs all around and between her chest.  "What are you doing you silly cat!"  She watches as Snowflake momentarily removes her head from her bosom and looks at her curiously... before burying her head right back into Sarah's fleshy canyon.  "Alright kitty... seriously... off the boobs..."  Sarah laughs as she drops Snowflake to the floor.  "Master needs to rest..."

Landing on all fours, John simply laughs to herself, "Dang, cat's do always land on their feet!"  Watching Sarah lie on the couch, she prances over to the edge of the couch and leaps onto a nearby cushion.  "Kitty needs to sleep too..."  John grins as she crawls over Sarah's stomach, "and this kitty needs a pillow... or two!"  With that, John plops over onto her master's stomach and rests her head between Sarah's breasts yet again.

"Snowflake... what are...fine..."  Sarah simply grins as she scratches her cat between the ears before the both of them drift off into a deep slumber.

"What am I gonna do... What am I gonna do!"  Lisa paces back and forth through the kitchen.  "You stupid machine, you killed my husband!"  She stares down the EHF3000 as it just sits there, practically mocking her.  "I can't just go over there and ask for the cat back... and I sure as heck can't tell them the my fiance IS their cat... OH WAIT!  Maybe I could adopt a cat, take over it's body and then break John outta there!  YEAH!  And then we come back here and... and... and... live happily ever after as... as... cats......idiot... shit... What am I gonna do!"  Lisa groans as she angrily kicks John's clothes across the floor.  "Screw it... no guts, no glory!"  With that, she grabs the EHF3000 from the counter and marches out the front towards the Wilson's house... "I'm getting my man back one way or another!"


Matt opens the door to his house to reveal a very distraught looking Lisa standing with her head down and her hands between her legs,  "Uhhh... can I help you?"

Between fake sobs Lisa looks up, "I... I... I think when your cat was over at our place it ate my engagement ring on accident!"

"Who, Snowflake?  I don't think so, she's a very well behaved cat... I leave stuff all over the place, if she ate stuff like that she'd be dead by now!  Hahaha"

"You have no idea..." Lisa mumbles under her breath.

"What was that?"

"N....nothing!  Still, my ring is gone and I'd like to take it to the vet for an X-Ray to see we can find anything... Could I please borrow her for a while?"

"Well, why don't you go home and see if you can find it... You probably just left it somewhere, and as you can see, Snowflake is sleeping with my daughter right now so... I'd hate to wake them up... If you still can't find it, give me a call!"

Lisa peers inside at the sleeping pair, "Does Snowflake usually sleep on your daughter's boobs like that?"

"Not usually, but you have to admit it's pretty cute isn't it?"

"Yeah.... cute..." Lisa face turns slightly red at the fact that her husband is sleeping on another woman's breasts...  "Anyways, thanks Matt... I'll let you know if I find it!"

"Good luck!"  Matt waves to his neighbor and turns to head back inside...  Before his second step even reaches the ground, a strange funnel is shoved over his head from "someone" behind him.  A faint "I'm sorry" can be heard just before the contraption whirrs to life and begins grinding his consciousness into a gooey paste.

With her hands at the sides of the machine, Lisa begins forcing it downward across the rest of Matt's body.  The machine grinding loudly, it slowly passes down his shoulders towards his stomach.  After a few more seconds, his torso has completely disappeared into oblivion, only to be joined by his legs moments later.  As she funnel makes contact with the concrete pavement, Lisa flips it back over as grins as Matt's few remains whirlpool into the depths of the machine.  A few beeps and a lot of smoke later, three large fully cooked sausages, the tattered remains of some clothing, and a small blue crystal pop into her hands...  "Sausages?  You have to be kidding me... "  Lisa laughs to herself as she drops the crystal to the ground and grinds it into a fine powder with her foot.  "You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that you annoying jackass.  So long!"  Lisa waves at Mark's remains as the wind carries them away.  "Don't worry John, I'm coming..."  Lisa whispers to herself as she inserts the first sausage between her lips and takes a large bite out of it...

Instantly after the first bite, Lisa can feel  the juices attacking her femininity.  A surge of power flows into her muscles as they begin to bulge and tone.  As another juicy bite runs down her throat, her blond hair changes color to a deep brown and shortens into a long buzz cut.  Her face slowly takes on a more rugged appearance.  As her lips lose their lusciousness, she takes another succulent bite which sends her chest into a frenzy.  Her perky breasts lose their definition as their fatty insides convert into a less pronounced muscular pectoral.  Finishing off the first sausage, she breaks into a coughing fit as her vocal chords loosen to accommodate Lisa's new voice.  "Whew... one down two to go!"  Lisa laughs in her new baritone voice.  "This is sooooo freaking weird..."

Inserting the next sausage between her lips causes her body to begin to grow into her new many proportions.  Her legs and torso lengthen until they proportionally support her new 6 ft height.  A tingle in her expanding feet reminds her to flip off her heels before they become ruined from her sudden grown spurt.  Another bite and hair erupts on her formerly shaved arms and legs.  As she watches her feminine features fade, her beautiful tan begins to fade to a pasty white starting at her legs and slowly creeping its way up her body.   Licking her fingers after inserting the final piece between into her maw, her delicately manicured nails lose their sheen and polish.  Her feet and hands finally growing into their more masculine sizes, the transformation slows to a half once again.

"What's left?"  Lisa inspects herself, "I look exactly like him!  There's gotta be somethi... oh... right..."  Running her hands over her groinal region, she finds herself to still be a fully functioning woman.  Eyeing the final sausage with disgust because of what it represents, Lisa begins to feel sick to her stomach...  "I don't think I can do this!"  She sighs as she simply stares at the sausage lying in her hand, waiting to be eaten.  

"D... dad?"  Sarah walks out the front door rubbing her eyes groggily.  "Who was at the door?"

"Uhhh... no one... go back to bed!"  Lisa nervously mutters as her mind scrambles frantically to get a hold on the situation.

"What?"  Sarah asks, blinking wildly trying to adjust her eyes to the sunlight.  "And why are you wearing women's clothing?"

"I uh... I'm not... you are just tired... go back to sleep!"

"I know a sports bra when I see one dad... I'm not an idiot..."  Sarah begins to giggle, "Oh!  and sausage!  I love sausage, where did  you get that?"

"Our neighbor made it for us, she came over to apologize for the cat thing..."  Lisa feels a bit of relief from coming up with at least one acceptable excuse.

"Well, are you gonna eat it?"  Sarah eyes it hungrily, "I'm kind of hungry..."

"Trust me, you don't want this..."  

"Why not?"  Sarah walks toward her father, intent on getting her prize.  "And our neighbors always make the best food!"

"Cause... I said so!  That's why!"

"Dad, that excuse hasn't worked since I was twelve!  Seriously, if you aren't going to eat it... then give it to me!  Please!"

"You want it?  Fine... Here take it..."  Lisa pretends to hand her the sausage before dropping it to the ground and "accidentally" stomping on it... twenty times...  "Whoops!"

"You suck dad!  What the heck is your problem!"  Sarah storms back into the house, grabbing Snowflake on her way to her bedroom.  "You are such a dick!"  She yells back before slamming the door to her room.

"Actually... I'm not..."  Lisa laughs to herself as she lifts the EHF3000 from the ground and carries it inside.  Looking back she grins at the smashed sausage on the grass, "I'm still a pussy..."

"Can you believe that guy!"  Sarah flops onto her bed after slamming the door behind her, Snowflake landing by her side.  "Sometimes... I just wanna... gah!"  A pillow flies across the room and smacks into the far wall.  Suddenly, a furry being nuzzles her stomach causing her to look down and smile.  "I've always got you huh Snowflake..."

*Beep beep boo doodely doo... and other random annoying noises...*  Sarah's cellphone sparks to life in her pocket.  

"You got Sarah, speak your peace!"

"Sarah!  It's Destiny, we still on for breakfast tomorrow morning?"

"You know it!  Just beware of my dad... he's being a total bitch..."

"Don't you mean... douche?"

"Haha... yeah that too... So, I'll see you in the morning right?"

"Yep, I'll be there!  Peace girl, Destiny out..."

Falling back on her bed, Sarah flips her phone closed and tosses it to the floor.  Picking up Snowflake, she gently lays the cat on her stomach, proceeding to scratch her between the ears.  "Well little girl I guess I'll see you in the morning!"  Almost as if on cue, the small cat curls up and plunges her head once again between Sarah's breasts before closing its eyes for it's nightly hibernation.  Laughin softly at the feline's antics Sarah's head relaxes upon her pillow...  "Good night you silly girl..."  Sarah manages to mutter before drifting to sleep herself.

"Morning sleepyhead!"  Lisa calls to the messy haired girl stumbling her way into the kitchen.  As she stands over the stove, Lisa strirs up the bacon and eggs each cooking in their own separate skillets.

"Are... are you cooking bacon?"  Sarah groggily rubs her eyes.  "You never cook bacon!"

"Well, today is a special occasion!"  Lisa grins at her daughter, "This is celebration food!"

"O...kay...  So, what are we celebrating?"  Sarah asks as she sits down at the kitchen table.

"Why today is "I have the most beautiful daughter in the world day!"  I thought you knew that..."  Lisa calls over to Sarah as she begins plate the bacon and eggs for her daughter...

"Hahaha, thanks dad... and you did make enough for Destiny too right?  You remember that she is coming over for breakfast in about thirty minutes?"

"How could I forget!"  Lisa laughs nervously as she sticks the plate in the oven to keep it warm.  Placing more bacon and eggs in the skillets she begins to cook once again.



"I'm sorry about our fight last night... it was stupid..."

"No worries, all is forgiven... I was being an idiot, I don't know what came over me."  Lisa smiles at her daughter, "But could you do me a favor and feed the cat?  I just bought this cool new machine I want to try out, it's super convenient.  It's already turned on, it keeps the milk refrigerated.  All you have to do is place your foot onto the little funnel on the top and milk will flow into the bowl until you pull away.  Give it a shot!"

"Really?  Sounds kind of cool!"  Still barefoot from her slumber, Sarah walks over to the EHF300, completely oblivious to the fate that was about to befall her.  "Like this?"  She calls over to her dad as she gently places her toes into the funnel.  Quickly the machine activates, painlessly chopping off half of Sarah's foot and moments later squirting a few bursts of cold milk into the small pet bowl sitting on the floor.  "That is so awesome!"  Sarah squeals as she inserts her foot further into the machine, watching gleefully as more milk spilt into the bowl.  Removing her foot from the funnel her smile quickly changes into a shriek of pure horror.  "Ahhhh!  Where is my foot!  It cut my foot off!"  Sarah is mesmerized at the stub that has become of her once fully healthy right leg.  Trying to grab her appendage, she begins to lose her balance and instinctively sets her leg back down... right into the funnel of the EHF3000.  With a new vigor, the machine begins grinding Sarah's leg causing her to fall farther and farther into the machine.  "Daddy!  Please help me!"  She shrieks as the processor reaches her thighs and continues to suck her into the abyss.  "Daddy Hurry!  Please!  Get me out of here!"  Both hands rasied, she reaches for her father whom had finally made it to her side...

"It's too late sweetheart, but I'm sure that Snowflake will love you!"  Lisa laughs as she places her hand on Sarah's head...

"WHAT!  NO!"  Sarah pleads as her father begins pressing on her head, quickly speeding up her descent.  She could now feel her stomach entering the swirling blades...  "NO!  PLEASE NO!"  She continues to scream as her arms flair wildly in the air, grasping at her father.  "NOOOOOOoooooo..."  Her screams come to an abrupt halt as her lungs are shredded and begin their milky conversion within the machine.

"Goodbye!"  Lisa begins to wave as the girls neck, arms, and head begin their trip into the violent blades.  "I'll see you again soon!"  Moments later, the remains of Sarah's outstretched arms and hands also disappear leaving no physical or mental trace of the girl that had been standing there only about a minute prior...  Bending over, Lisa gathers the light blue crystal and bowl of milk off the floor before calling out to her finace.

"Snowflake!  Breakfast!"

Light footsteps pattering down the hallway, the tan cat rushes into the kitchen.  However, attempting to come to a stop  on tile was harder than John had anticipated as she loses her footing and flops onto the floor, coming to a sliding halt.

"Haha, you hungry girl?"

"Mreow!"  *You have no idea*  John thinks to herself as she scans the kitchen for her bowl.

"Got some fresh cold milk waiting for you right here..."  Lisa places a the large bowl containing Sarah's remains on the floor.  "Drink up and enjoy yourself!"

Scurrying over to the bowl, John wastes no time lapping up the milky goodness inside.  As the cold liquid chills her throat John begins to drink faster, enjoying every droplet settling on her tongue.  Quickly, John's hind legs begin to react, the hair on them beginning to recede into her skin.  As more droplets enter her stomach, John's hind legs begin to shrink, cracking and contorting to take on a more human appearance.  As her legs grow weaker from their transformation, John is forced into a sitting position but thinks nothing else of it as she enjoys her breakfast.

Fueling her hunger, the transformation quickens as her legs shrink to under an inch long and her rear paws lengthen into miniature human feet.  Just as her feet finish, a tingle runs throughout the rest of her body as the transformation rushes to take hold.  As John's tongue continues to bring the white substance to her mouth, the rest of her fur vanishes into thin air.  Slowly, the rest of her catlike body begins to deflate to match her newly formed legs.  As she feeds, John's shrinking body brings her face closer and closer to her breakfast until...  "Mew!"  Shaking her head, John raises a paw to wipe the milk from her nose.  Attempting to return to her meal, John notices something is off as she can no longer reach over the edges of the bowl!  "Mreow!"  She calls out in confusion before she turns her head around for the shock of her life.  Her body was hairless, tiny, and growing smaller with every second!  It wasn't long before her front legs quickly thinned out and her paws shrunk into miniscule hands.  As she lifts herself onto all four of her arms and legs, John finds that she can no longer reach the top of the bowl!  

Taking a break from her feeding, the transformation continues to catch up to the churning liquefied Sarah churning in her digestive system.  "Yip!"  She squeals as her hairless tail quickly retreats back into her body.  Meanwhile, her ass grows more feminine and tight as it repositions itself to allow for bipedal movement.  Working her way onto her wobbly legs, John's chest begins to burn as her feline teats all begin to migrate and merge into a pair of perky miniature C-Sized breasts.   A few painful cracks later, John's arched back straightens into a perfect posture as her arms and legs realign themselves in their respective joint sockets.  Taking the opportunity to cover herself with her arms, the naked girl blushes as she notices her reflection gleaming at her off the reflective silver pet dish.  *How the heck did this happen,*  John wonders to herself as she stares at her new figure.  She couldn't be more than three inches tall, not to mention still having a hairless catlike face still sitting upon her gorgeous human body!  "Mreow!"  She calls out in an attempt to speak, but finds it, after a few coughing fits, to be impossible.

*This body... I know I've seen this body before!*  John continues to stare and admire her reflection until... *Sarah!  The milk is Sarah!  But why would her dad do this... OH NO!*  It was at this moment that John remembers the other human in the room.  "Mew!"  She squeals as she quickly retreats away from the gigantic human watching her from the counter.

"Hahaha!"  The male chuckles,  "Don't worry Snowflake, it's me!"

"Mew!"  John's voice barely carries back to the ears of the mysterious acting guy.  Her ears twitch a little as her head pokes out from behind the leg of the china cabinet she is currently taking refuge behind.  

"It's Lisa... you know, your fiance?"  He walks over towards the miniature cat human,  extending his hand down to the floor.  "I've come to get you back!"

"Mreow..."  John places her hands on her hips as she offers Lisa a smug grin...

"Oh, don't give me that..."  Lisa laughs as John climbs onto her hand.  "I used your stupid machine only because it was the only way to get you back..."  As John sits on her palm, Lisa raises her off the floor, possibly a little too quickly as John's nails grasp firmly into her skin.  "Ouch!"  Lisa gasps as she instinctively shakes her hand, causing John to fall from her grasp and land with a splash in the milk bowl below...  "Oh SHIT!"  Lisa quickly kneels by the pet dish, "I'm so sorry, are you okay!"

"Mew..."  John makes her way upright, giving her fiance a look of pure disgust as the cold milk drips off her soaked body.  After  wading around in the chest high liquid, John attempt to leave the bowl but finds her new arms too weak to lift herself out...

"I'm glad you are okay but hey, just stay in there for now... you need to finish it all anyways right?"  Lisa laughs as the catgirl continues to try and fail to lift herself from the bowl.

*When I get outta here...*  John makes a mental note to herself as she bends over and begins to drink from the liquid surrounding her.  As the transformation reengages, she screams in pain as the muzzle on her face pushes back into her skull, leaving behind a small nose and thin feminine lips.   The transformation proceeds up her head causing her catlike ears flatten, becoming one with her scalp as a few seconds later petite human ears sprout from the sides of her head.  As long waves of brunette hair slither from her scalp proceeding to cascade over her shoulders, her facial transformations complete.

As she continues her drinking, the milk finally chooses to focus on her size.  John's entire body tingles and burns as she begins the fastest growth spurt of her life.  Six inches... ten inches... eleven inches... twelve inches... and eventually slowing to a halt do to her lack of drinking, John takes the opportunity to clamor out of the pet dish, still dripping with milk.  Leaning over the edge she begins to drink once more.  Her body reacting to the transformation, she has to stop as her muscles and bones begin to ache.  Falling to the floor, she curls into the fetal position as her body expands once again.  Lisa stares in awe as John's body more than doubles in size over the course of a few obviously painful seconds.  As the pain lessens, the girl begins to cough uncontrollably for a few second before finally catching her breath...  


"Hey, you can talk!"

"E...ev...evidently..."  John manages to spit out between heavy breaths.  "Wow... that hurt so much... and my voice is so strange..."

"You'll be okay, just give me a second... be right back!"  Lisa darts off to the bathroom before returning with a blue bath towel.  Throwing it over the naked girl, Lisa proceeds to rub the towel vigorously, simultaneously removing beads of milk from her skin while warming her.  "Is that better?"

"Yeah, I think so..."  John looks up at her, smiling.  "Thank you for coming for me..."

"Of course!"  Lisa laughs as she notices Johns still catlike eyes, "But you need to finish your milk, and no complaining, that's an order young lady!  You have company visiting this morning, and you need to make yourself presentable."

"Yes daddy..."  John laughs as she lifts the pet bowl to her lips and begins to gulp the milk with vigor.  The last droplets entering her lips, John quickly licks the bowl clean before setting it back on the floor.  As the milk enters her digestive system, John painfully curly back into a fetal position as her three foot figure begins to expand once again.  "AHHHH!!!"  She creams as her body uniformly expands.  Four feet... four and a half... five... five and a half... five foot six... seven...... Tears streak down John's face as the painful transformation slows.  With one final convulsion of growth, John's body stops expanding,  maxing her height at five foot ten inches.  Slowly rising to a stand, John whips her wavy brunette hair out of her face.  Looking herself over, she can't help but gasp in shock at her beauty.  "Ummm... wow..."

"No kidding..."  Lisa looks John over, clearly jealous of her gorgeous body.  "I want one of those..."

"Well, you can't have it... it's mine!"  John sticks her tongue out in a flirtacious manner.  "It's gonna take some getting used to, but it's better than what you got stuck with!"

"Yeah, I hate this stupid body... not to mention I still have woman parts..."

"WHAT!"  John can't help but laugh.  "How did that happen?"

"...I couldn't finish eating him... not with knowing what would happen if I did..."  Lisa hangs her head, clearly ashamed in herself.  "And now I'm some kind of hideous freak..."

"How you do think I feel?  I mean... I have BOOBS!"

"I WISH I had boobs..."  Lisa continues to stare at herself.  "I can't wait until I get out of this body..."

"Yeah, I know what you... wait... WHAT?"

"I said that I can't wait until I get out of this body!"

"What do you mean, you can't wait to get out... You can't keep killing people just because you don't feel pretty, it's not right!  We are done, this is it... I'm stuck like this, you are stuck like that... We live out our lives like we are..."  

"No way!  NEVER!  That's easy for you to say, you are a beautiful college aged lady.  I'm not living out the rest of my life as some thirty eight year old ugly guy with a vagina!"

"I understand your feelings on the matter, but take a second and look at the predicament we find ourselves in...  Our old bodies are gone, surely the police will get involved in that eventually and start searching.  If we want to stay together, why not just do so as father and daughter instead as husband and wife?  I know it's not marriage or anything, but at least we will be able to live out the rest of our lives in a somewhat ordinary fashion.  Even if we aren't always together..."

"Yeah, but... but..."  Lisa hangs her head in defeat.  "Yeah, you are right... SHIT!"  She exclaims as she punches the wall in frustration.  "Just go and get dressed, your friend will be here soon... and breakfast is almost ready..."

"Sure thing daddy!"  John giggles, slightly mockingly.

"Shut up... or you are so grounded young lady..."  A smile work its way onto Lisa's face as she returns back to finishing breakfast.

Upstairs, John reaches into her closet pulling out a pair of jeans, bra, and a black tank top.  Throwing them all onto her bed, she grabs a pair of white ladies panties and slips them over her slender legs.  Next she delicately slips the bra over her chest and reaches for the clasp behind her to... to... to...  "Well damn it.."

Lisa turns as the sound of her daughter heading down the stairs echoes through the kitchen.  Watching John enter the room in her panties and a bra dangling from her chest, she begins to laugh.  "Having trouble?"  Lisa chuckles behind a goofy grin.

"Whoever invented bra straps should be shot..."  John mutters as she turns her back to Lisa.  Feeling the bra tighten around her breasts, John turns and hugs her former fiance.  "Thanks..."

"You know, you are going to have to learn how to do that for yourself someday..."

"Shut up..."

"Holy shit..."  Lisa gasps as she finally takes notice of John's eyes.  "You... uh... you... still..."

"What the heck is wrong with you?"  John asks, Lisa's change in behavior starting to worry her.

"...uh... cat's eyes..."  Lisa manages to spit out as she points at John's face.

"WHAT?"  John quickly runs to a bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror...  "AHHHHHHH!!!!"  Starting back at her is a pair of blue irises surrounding slitted pupils.  "What the hell!  I drank it all!"

"Actually you didn't..."  Lisa walks into the bathroom, holding a slightly mild laden towel.  "I soaked some of it off of you when I dried you off... I wasn't thinking... I'm so sorry..."

"WHAT!  This!  This!  This is all your fault!  You dropped me in that bowl on purpose!"

"No I... I didn't mean to!"

"Yes you did!  I can't beli..."  *DING DONG*  "...what was that?"

"Doorbell... shit... you are going to have to answer it... She's your friend and I don't know her name!"

"I'm half naked!  And I don't know her name either!"


"Just go answer it!"  Lisa pushes John towards the door and runs into the kitchen, proceeding to plate the bacon and eggs for their guest.

Just as John reaches for the doorknob, her stomach begins to gurgle, causing her to groan in discomfort.  "Great, just great..."  John clutches her midsection as she open the door...

"Hey!!!... uh... Sarah..."  Destiny looks at her half naked friend standing in the doorway.  "You just get up or something?"

"N... no... just had a busy morning..."  John tries to laugh it off, but her stomach is growing more painful by the second.  "Unnngh"  She doubles over in pain, grabbing the door frame for support.

"Are you okay?"  Destiny puts her arms am John's back, kneeling down as to look her friend in the face.

John turs away slightly as her head begins to spin... "Yeah I just need a sec... bleeaaaaah..."  Suddenly, white vomit erupts from her mouth and onto the kitchen floor...  "I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling ver... bleaaaaahhh"  John bends over further as the milk and digestive fluids stream from her mouth.

"Holy crap!  Sarah is that milk?"

"Y...yeah..."  John manages to gasp between breaths.

"Why would you drink milk?  You know you are lactose intolerant!"

"I... I am?"  John quickly makes her way to a nearby trash can and sticks her head inside, Destiny hot on her heels.  "Blleeeaah... cough... cough..."  

"I'm with ya... just let it out..."  Destiny gently pats her friend on the back.  Moments later  John pulls her head from the trash can.  "Feeling any bet..." Destiny's sentence stops short as she stares in shock at the new appendages that had suddenly appeared on her best friend's head.

"What's wrong?"

"Uh... uh... you...uh..."  Destiny tries to put a sentence together, but instead simply mumbles as her hands instinctively go to John's head to feel the light brown fur covered ears that had simply sprouted out of nowhere...  "R...real... real ears... you... you have... uh..."

"What?"  John raises her own hands to her head...  "Oh no..."  She was regressing!  "I have to keep from throwing up... I need... bleeeeaaah..."  John's head goes into the trash can once more as the milk that turned her human now enters the depths of the waste basket.

Still in shock, Destiny begins to back up, her eyes still fixed on her best friend.  As she watches, a small patch of brow fur can be seen forming at the base of John's spine.  

"AHHHH!!!"  John squeals in pain as her hands move to apply pressure at the base of her spine.  "It hurts!"  Within moments, a small tail erupts from the base of her spine though her hands.  "No!  Ahhh! No!"  John tries desperately to push the new appendage back into her body but it's of no use.  The tail continues to crawl out of her body as the brown fur adorns it's surface.  As it finally slows to a stop at three and a half feet, her new tail begins to swish uncontrollably...

"Sarah... what is going on?  You are turning into a cat!"  Destiny squeals as she watches her friends new tail sway in the air.

"Umm... I... I can explain..."  Sarah tries to calm her down when suddenly, "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!!!"

"AHHH!  PUT ME DOWN!"  Destiny squeals as she is suddenly grabbed from behind and hoisted into the air.  "Mr. Wilson, what are you doing!"  She pleads for answers as she is carried towards the corner of the room...

"No!  LISA NO!"  John screams as Lisa turns the output dial on the EHF3000 and activates it.  "I said no more killing!  She hasn't done anything!  Don't do this!"

"She knows too much...  Plus, this is my one opportunity to get a real body of my own!"  Lisa shouts over the sound of Destiny's pleads for help.

"No!  You can't do this!  I won't let you kill anyone else!"  John runs towards Destiny as her struggling feet are forced into the machine, which immediately begins grinding them to a paste.

"Stay out of this please!  It's just one more... then we can really be together again!"  Lisa pleads with John as she hold her back from getting to the struggling girl...

"PLEASE HELP ME!"  Destiny's desperate pleads ring throughout the kitchen.  Reaching for John, her hands only grasp air, a few mere inches from reaching her savior.  Struggling further, she tries to escape the machine, but finds it to be sucking her inside!  As she stares down at her body, she creams in terror as her thighs begin their trip into the abyss of swirling blades.

"No!  Lisa please!"  John screams as Lisa holds her back from the struggling girl.  "I'm sorry, I can't reach you!"  John calls out to Destiny as she desperately tries to save her.  

"Don't look, it'll all be over soon..." Lisa laughs as she turns John around and traps her arms tight between their two bodies.

"Lisa don't!"  John calls out as she struggles, until a flash of genius enter her mind...  "HEY, GRAB MY TAIL!"

Almost as if it is happening in slow motion, Destiny reaches for the extended appendage, her fingers gripping it as if her life depended on it... which ... coincidentally it did...  "GOT IT!"

"NO!!!"  Lisa shouts as she yanks John away from the girl, but it was too late...

"YEOW!"  John screams in pain as her tail is used as a rope to yank the desperate girl from her untimely death.  As she lands on top of Lisa, John turns to see the top half of Destiny still grasping onto her tail, but still very much alive!  Taking advantage of the momentary confusion, John punches Lisa in the side of the head, stunning her temporarily.  "Please let go, you are cutting off my circulation!"  John calls back to the girl still clutching her tail, obviously still frightened out of her wits...  "Thank you!"  John, sighs as her tail is released and she rises to her feet.  Quickly, she scampers over to the EHF3000 and grabs the double cheeseburger that had just escaped the receiving bay.  "Hurry, eat this!"  John thrusts the burger into Destiny's hands before turning back to lift the machine from the ground.

"Uhh... o...kay"  Destiny just stares at the sandwich in her hands, obviously still in shock from her entire lower body getting sliced off moments prior.

She only had a few seconds before Lisa would regain control over her senses and John knew it.  As Lisa struggles to her feet, John races to her side and raises the EHF3000 over her head.  "I'm sorry... But I can't risk you killing anyone else!"  With that, she thrusts the machine downward with all her might...

The haze leaving her senses, Lisa has just enough time to react to the funnel coming down upon her head.  Getting her hands on the edges of the metallic surface of the funnel, she lifts with all her might.  "You aren't getting rid of me that easily!"

"No!  I won't let you kill anyone else!"  John continues to try and force the machine over his former finace.

"After I finish off you two, there won't be a need!"  Her strength clearly superior, Lisa laughs evilly as she slowly moves the machine from over her head and over toward John's.

"Oh shit!  Please no!"  John pleads as she tries desperately to keep the funnel from dropping onto her head, but she was failing.  Inch by inch, Lisa's greater strength forces impending doom upon the scared catgirl...


"Miss me much?"  Destiny laughs as she lands a punch to the back of Lisa's head, knocking her out cold.  "Yeah, sleep well bitch..."  She mocks the unconscious human, proceeding to spit upon it's face.

"You... you are okay!"  John gasps in relief as she throws the EHF3000 to the ground.

"Thanks to you!"  Denstiny pulls John into tight hug.  "I owe you my life, whoever you are..."

"The name is John... and ditto on the life saving thing!"  Breaking the embrace, John walks over to the EHF3000.  "Look, I know you have questions and I will answer everything in a second... But first, care to help me with something?"

"I thought you'd never ask!"  Destiny laughs as she lifts Lisa's feet and positions them over the machine's funnel, before letting them go and watching the process begin.  "Good riddance!"  

The two stand and watch as the unconscious human gets sucked further and further into the funnel.  Once Lisa's waste enters the blades, John turns to Destiny.  "Before you ask, I am not Sarah... My name is John, and person currently getting chopped to bits there is my former fiance Lisa."

"You knew her?"

"Yeah... or at least I thought I did..."  John watches as Lisa's neck begins to enter the machine.  "I only ended up in this body because she put your friend into the machine and fed her to me... I didn't even know that it was her at first."

"She... killed Sarah?  This doesn't make any sense!"

"Well... kinda..."  John makes her way to the counter top and removes a small blue crystal from it.  "This here is Sarah.  She is currently being stored in this crystal..."

"I still don't get it..."

"Okay, let me put it like this...  When you put something into the machine, it processes it into food.  If you eat it, you grow or become whatever it is that got processed into the food..."

"You mean like when I regrew my body because I ate that cheeseburger?"

"Exactly...  But, if you get entirely processed it stores your soul in this little blue crystal... like this one here..."

"So... that little crystal is Sarah's soul?"

"Yes, that's exactly right!  And if I were to eat it, Sarah would come back to life in this body..."  Taking a moment, John thinks about what she just said... It was still possible to make this right, and she would do it... even if it meant sacrificing herself...

"Oh..."  Destiny looks back at the EHF3000, spotting a triple cheeseburger and small blue crystal sitting on the floor she picks them both up.  "So... if I were to eat this... I would essentially become a guy?"

"Pretty much yeah..."

"No thank you!"  Destiny laughs as she tosses the burger in the trash along with John's vomit from earlier.  "And this little crystal thingy is the soul of your fiance that tried to kill us?"

"Yep... Do with her as you please..."  John walks over to the EHF3000, proceeding to jump on it a few times, causing to it crack and split into a few large non repairable pieces.  "Now that  I've taken care of that, before I go I need to ask you a favor."  

"Where are you going?"  Destiny asks as she drops the small crystal down the garbage disposal, proceeding to flick on the switch...  

"Just... promise me that if for some reason I'm still alive that you will take care of me..."

"You saved my life, count on it!  But, I still don't understand what you mean by... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"  Destiny watches as John lifts the crystal to her mouth...

"Goodbye beautiful, say hi to your friend for me..."  John says with a wink before dropping the crystal into her mouth and swallowing it whole...  A soft glow emanates from the catgirl before she drops to the floor limp...

Running up to her side, Destiny takes a hold of the girl's head and rests it in her lap.  "John!  John are you okay?  John can you hear me!"

"Unnn... owwww..."  Sarah groggily opens her eyes.  "Wha... what happened?"

"John!  Are you okay?"

"Who... who is John?"  Sarah looks up at Destiny confused.

"Sarah!"  Destiny squeals in delight.  "Sarah it's you!  It's really you!"  She embraces her best friend tightly.

"Ummm..'s me... are you feeling okay?"  Sara returns the embrace.  "You are acting really weird..."

"Yeah... yeah I'm fine!  It's just so good to have you back!"  Destiny stops the embrace to wipe some tears of joy from her eyes.

"O...okay... now you are really starting to freak me out... a lot..."  Sarah gets to her feet, "Even more so than the fact that I'm half naked for some reason..."

"Yeah, that's nothing though..."  Destiny begins to laugh through her tears, "Check out your tail!"

"My... what?"  Sarah turns and almost faints at the sight of the thing waving uncontrollably behind her.  Taking her hands, she grabs the snakelike appendage and feels it all the way up to its connection with her back...    "R...r...real?"  Almost going into shock, Sarah races from the kitchen and into the bathroom...

"Sarah, wait up!  Don't!"  Denstiny calls out after her best friend...


"Oh boy..."  Destiny facepalms as her friend runs back into the kitchen.

"What the heck happened to me!"  Sarah begins screaming uncontrollably.  "Why do I look like some kind of perveted cat freak... thing!  My eyes are all... my ears are... I HAVE A FREAKING TAIL!"  Breaking into tears Sarah collapses to the ground.  "My life is over... I... I can't go out there like this!"

"Actually, you just got your life back... Thanks to John..."

"Who is John!"  Sarah shouts before a extreme coughing fit overcomes her.  Brining her hands to her mouth, she violently coughs into them... one...two...five...six...ten times before a small blue crystal dislodges from her throat and flies onto the floor...

"I can't believe it!"  Destiny walks over to the crystal, gently lifting it from the tile.  "This!  This is John!"

"John is a little crystal that I coughed up?"

"Yes! Well... kinda?"  Destiny blushes at the stupidity of her answer.  "Look, just get dressed and I'll explain everything in the car... I have a promise to keep!"

"I can't go out there looking like this!"

"Oh come on, just tuck your tail in your pants... and wear a hat or something!  I'll be waiting in the car..."

Minutes later, Sarah opens the passenger door and sits next to her friend, "Okay, now care to explain to me what the hell is going on!"

"It's a long story..."


Pulling back into the garage, Destiny looks over at Sarah,  "See, that wasn't so bad was it?"

Sarah brings her new female snowy white kitten to her face and nuzzles it's nose...  "No, it wasn't that bad, was it my little Snowflake!"

"Hey, give her here, I still have one little detail to take of..."  Destiny carefully grabs the kitten from Sarah.  "Okay little girl, open wide!"  Placing the slightly large crystal in the kitten's mouth, Destiny is relieved as the soul crystal quickly dissolves and runs down it's throat.  "Welcome back John!"  Destiny smiles as she places a kiss on the kitten's forehead.

"We aren't calling the kitten John..."

"I know, I was just hoping to make the transition a little easier for him... geez, give me a break!"

"Mew!"  The little kitten perks up as John's conscious finally gets a grip on her new body, her tail beginning to wave violently in excitement.

"Alright John, if that's you... sit!"  Destiny commands as the two girls watch in anticipation.  Slowly, the little kitten works it's way off Destiny's leg and sits on the edge of the car seat...  "It's him!"  Destiny exclaims as she high fives her best friend.

"This is so cool!  Snowflake come here!"  Sarah calls out, watching as the kitten clumsily works its way over to her and up onto her legs.  "Oh my gosh, this is going to be the easiest potty training ever!"  Sarah laughs... that is until...  "HEY!  WHAT THE CRAP!"

"Mew!"  John laughs as she clearly enjoys herself as she makes a puddle in Sarah's lap.  

"Ahh!"  Sarah shouts as she tosses the peeing kitten off of her and over to Destiny.  Furious, she watches as the kitten stops her leak just in time... not getting a single drop on her friend... "Stupid cat..."

"Hahahaha!  Such a good little girl you are!"  Destiny strokes Snowflake as they exit the car.  "Welcome home!"

John can feel the tile under her tiny paws as she reenters the kitchen.  "I'm gonna go change out of these clothes..."  She hears Sarah exclaim in frustration as the human heads up to her room.  She was about to explore further when suddenly a pair of hands scoops her up from behind...

"Just like I promised..."  Destiny scratches the kitten between the ears.  "I'll take care of you always!"  

Clearly, they were headed towards the couch.  She might be stuck as a cat for the rest of her days, but at least she still existed... and that is better than nothing... Heck, life as a cat might not even be that bad...  Snowflake braces herself as Destiny plops down onto the couch and lies down for a quick nap.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, Snowflake slowly  makes her way up to Destiny's breasts and rests her head atop one of the fleshy mounds.  Shutting her eyes, she has one last thought before drifting off to sleep in complete comfort...  "Yep, life is good!"
Well... sorry for my absence... AGAIN... But hey, it's a new story! So you are just all going to have to forgive me... or something... This is a little different than anything I've done before... Anyways, worked quite hard on this one... for a very long time... So I hope you all really enjoy it! As always, thanks for reading! You guys rock
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John groans, when he was at his own apartment this never happened.  Just so happens that visiting his parents during spring break brings back one of his most annoying memories, having to share the only bathroom in the house with his sister.  Ever sense entering college, she had started focusing more on her appearance.  He had to admit it was working, all his friend kept asking him for her number constantly.  Having a hot sister certainly has its upsides, but having to wait forever to use the bathroom because of it certainly isn’t one of them.  

“LAUREN!” John bangs on the bathroom door multiple times.  “This is ridiculous, how long does it honestly take for you to get ready in the morning!  You are 22 years old, you should know how to dress yourself by now!”

“Go away!”  John hears the water from the showing cease flowing.  “Look, I’ve got to get ready.  Just give me twenty more minutes or so!”

“Twenty minutes!  You have to be kidding me… I don’t know what else you are doing in there, but this is just ridiculous… It shouldn’t take you more than five!”

“Like I said!  I’m getting dressed… Look, you don’t know what it is like, okay!”  Lauren yells through the door, becoming slightly annoyed.

“Oh, I don’t know what it’s like… Come on… Here let me teach you...” John’s voice turns completely sarcastic as he begins mocking her.  “Duh, panties… hmmm…. Where do panties go?  Panties must go on head!”  “SHUT UP!” Lauren yells back at him.

“Oh look, a bra!  Just so you know sis… that goes on those little bumps on your chest… I think they call them breasts or something… or do you even know what I’m talking about…”  John leans up against the door, laughing audibly enough for her to hear.  “When I get out of here, you are so dead!”  Lauren’s face fills with rage.

John waits impatiently for a few more minutes, until her hears the sound of shaving cream spewing out of its container.  “Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself when you shave your legs.  Those razor blades can get very sharp!”  John continues his taunting.

“If I could only use them on your neck…” Lauren thinks to herself as she finishes shaving.

John looks down at his watch, “30 seconds left sis!  Now, all I ask is that you remember to put your shirt on before coming out here, because you are the last woman in the world I want to be think about when I take a shower…”  

“That’s it…”  Lauren quickly removes her shirt and rips open the door.  In a fit of anger, she sucker punches her brother in the face, causing his head to slam into the wall behind him.  Holding the shirt in her hand, she strikes a quick sexy pose in the middle of the hallway, putting one hand on her hip and flicking her other hand through her hair.  “Enjoy the view!”  Giggling, she quickly runs back to her room with the rest of her clothes and shuts the door.

Holding his bleeding nose, John enters the bathroom.  “I really hate her sometimes… I was just kidding around… Glad I only have to put up with one more day of this crap!”  John, quickly removes his clothes and hops into the shower.  He pulls the knob and is met with a barrage of cold water, practically making him fall back through the shower door in an attempt to escape it.  “I can’t believe it, she used all the hot water!”  Wrapping himself in a towel, he walks over to Lauren’s room and shouts through the door.  

“Hey, you used all the hot water!”

“That’s not my problem!”  Lauren laughs at him.

“Tomorrow I’m taking a shower first.  You got that!  I’m sick of this crap…”  John walk away, walks into his room and slams the door.  “Geez, now I have to wait forever… Stupid women and their stupid bathroom routines.”

Lauren sits in her room grinning, thoroughly enjoying her victory, and thinks about the encounter.  “I can’t believe him, he’s so impatient.  It’s not like I try and take forever, he just doesn’t get it!  Five minutes, heh, I’d like to see him do it in five minutes…”  Then it occurs to her, “The estrogen catalyst…”  She was currently working on her senior project for chemistry, and it was nearing completion.  “No, no… I can’t… I haven’t even completed the testing on the cats back at the lab yet… But then again, I do have the antidote back in the car…  Grinning, she makes up her mind.  “Tomorrow, John is going to get the opportunity to put his money where his mouth is!”

That night, while she was sure John was sleeping, Lauren slips into the bathroom with her concoction.  Taking the colorless liquid, she pours it down his body wash and shampoo bottle, shaking then both vigorously to ensure complete mixing.  Then, taking the catalyst powder she sprinkles a healthy dusting all over his towel.  Satisfied, she sneaks back out of the bathroom and hides the two bottles back in her purse.  “Now, just to get my little brother something to wear…“  Smiling to herself, she sneaks out of the house and dives a few miles down the road to the mall to buy him a wardrobe he will never forget.

At 5:00 sharp the next morning, John’s cell phone goes off and she slowly tumbles out of his bed.  Reaching for his phone, he shuts off his alarm and checks the time.  “Geez, 5:00… why the heck did I get up so early?”  Rubbing his eyes, it occurs to him, “Oh yeah!  Hot shower here I come…”  Grinning to himself, he quietly gathers his clothes and walks his way down to the family bathroom.  

Turning the knob to the shower, he quickly closes the door and awaits the sight of the steam billowing out from over the shower door.  He quickly undresses himself and seeing the rising smoke, laughs quietly.  “Heck yeah, it’s ready!”  He steps in and begins to wash himself, thoroughly enjoyed himself as the heated spray runs down his skin.  This was going to be an extra long shower.  After all, he would hate to use all the hot water…

Lauren awakes with a start.  Knowing her brother, he would get up extremely early just so that he could use the shower first.  She lightly jogs down the carpeted highway, “Oh please, oh please don’t let it be too late.  I don’t want to miss this!”  Then she remembers, “He’s probably gonna end up taking an extra long one just so that he can use up all the water.”  Making her way to the bathroom, she finds the door shut and can hear the sound of the shower running.  “I love it when I’m right!”  She takes a seat on the carpet and rests her back on the door, smiling to herself.  “This is going to be fun!”

For about another 15 minutes or so Lauren sits quietly on the carpeted floor, anticipating the upcoming event.  Suddenly the sounds of the shower stop and she perks up, “About stinking time… and he says I take forever…”

John opens the door and steps out of the shower.  Picking up his towel off the wall, he proceeds to dry himself off.  “Wow, that felt so good…” he sighs.  A cooling and tingling sensation quickly begins working his way through his body, “Woah, must be that new body wash mom left for me.  This is awesome!”  He walks over to his pile of clothes an picks up a fresh pair of boxers and slips them on.  Suddenly, he hears a soft knock on the door.  Smirking, he calls out through the door, “Sorry sis, hot water’s all out!  You’ll have to wait till later!”

“That’s okay, I just wanted to know how the shower went!  You know, you are the one person I want to be thinking about when I am in the shower.”

“Ummm… it went fine, I guess…”  John rolls his eyes at the sarcastic reference from the day before.

“Are you enjoying the new clothes that I bought you?”

“I don’t have any idea what you are talking about…”

“Oh sorry, I left them in the closet for you!  Hurry and get ready now, I’d say you have about five minutes…”  Lauren has to shut her eyes and cusp her hands in front of her mouth to restrain her laughter.

“Yeah, right…”  John walks over to the closet and opens the door.  A large pile of female clothing lies on the floor.  Everything from bras, to shirts, to pants and socks were thrown together in the heap of clothing.  “Haha, very funny sis… You’re crazy if you think I’m wearing this stuff!”

“I don’t think I’m the crazy one.  You said that you could get ready like me in five minutes, now is your chance!  Oh, and by the way, the bra goes on those things called boobs on your chest.  If you even know what I am talking about that is…”

It is just then, when John feels a tightening in his chest.  He looks down to see two round bumps beginning to form and slowly expand.  “You have to be kidding…  What are you doing to me!  I told you, I’m not wearing this stuff!”

“That’s your choice, but the clothes have inhibitors in them, they will halt your transformation when you put them on.  But, if you want to walk around with double D’s for the rest of your life, that is fine by me!  Oh, and a piece of sisterly advice… I’d hurry if I were you!”  Lauren busts out laughing at the thought of what is currently transpiring on the other side of the door.

John looks down at his chest once again, “Lauren isn’t kidding…”  He watches as his chest continues to expand outward, taking on a fuller form.  There were small, but they were unmistakably breasts, and they were getting bigger…  He begins digging through the pile of clothes, pulling out a small pink bra.  Looking at it, he shouts at the door, his voice a little higher than usual.  “Lauren, when I get out of here, I’m going to kill you!”

“Smart move genius, especially since I’m the only one who knows about the antidote…”

“So this isn’t permanent?”  John struggles with the bra, trying to slip it on.

“Not if you hurry up!”

“Oh geez, it’s too small!”  John rips it off of his body, which is slowly becoming leaner and more slender with every passing second.  “I’ve got to hurry… Where is another bra!”  He eyes a B size, but with a quick glance at his chest, continues his search.  Finally he picks up a picks up a C-size and slips it on easily.  “Why do they all have to be pink…” he thinks to himself.  “Oh please work… oh please work…”  He watches as his chest expands to fill the bra and then abruptly stops growing.  “Oh thank God…”  He sighs in a deep feminine voice, taking his hand and wiping it across his forehead.  He lets out a small shriek “My hands!” He looks in shock at his fingers which have become smooth and thin.  He notices the hair on his arms drawing back into his skin as his muscles lose their bulk and slenderize.  His waist continues to shrink, already considerably smaller than the 36” it was before.  “Shirt, shirt… Where is a freaking shirt!”  He stumbles upon a low cut white T-shit.  “This will have to do…”  He throws it over himself at breakneck speed, the shirt leaving about an 2 inches of his stomach exposed.  The slenderizing slows to a halt, leaving him looking semi-athletic.  “Why are my hands still changing!”  John shouts out the door, as his nails become smooth and slowly begin to lengthen.

“Because you have to paint them stupid!  Ever heard of nail polish?  It’s on the shelf above the clothes.  Just be careful and don’t screw it up or you have to do it again.  And just so you know, it usually takes forever to dry, but me being a nice sister I got you something that dries a little quicker.”

“Perfect, just what I need…” John sighs, his voice even more feminine than before.  He rushes to the cabinet and picks up the small bottle of metallic pink nail polish.  “Of course, pink again… I’m going to kill her, I swear!”  As he concentrates on his nails, he can feel his face and hair shifting.  He wants to see what is happening, but knows it will only waste time.  “Finally, done!” he screws the lid back on the bottle.  Surprised at how quick he was, his nails didn’t actually get the chance to grow long, he smiles.  “Heck yeah, I’m good!”

“Did you do your toenails?  They like to be polished too you know…”  Lauren begins taunting him.

Groaning, he looks down at his feet.  They were slowly feminizing themselves, his feet having already began narrowing.  Quickly, he grabs the bottle and goes to work once again.  The toenails were proving to be much more difficult than his hands.  He had always been extremely short for a guy, about 5’4”, and his legs were very slowly lengthening, making it extremely difficult to keep his feet still.  As he continues to struggle, he can feel his hair pulling on his scalp and winces as the facial transformation becomes slightly painful.  “Almost… got it!” He exclaims as he completes his last toenail.  “I think I saw some jeans over there...”  John thinks to himself as he heads back towards the pile of clothes.

“Hey John, don’t you think you should shave your legs first?  Just be careful, those razor blades are really sharp, wouldn’t want you to cut yourself!”  Lauren continues laughing from the other side of the door.

“I don’t have time for this!”  Quickly, John sets his legs and smothers them with shaving cream.  He takes the razor and begins shaving.  “Ow,  Crap!”  John shouts as he nicks himself with the razor.  This is no time for pain however,  he continues shaving at a vigorous pace, cutting himself at least 7 more times before completion.  He looks down to see blood trickling down his legs, he grabs a nearby towel and clears the blood.  He knew the bleeding would continue, but he has more important things to worry about.  He runs over the clothes pile and picks up the first pair of jeans he can find.  To his relief they fit perfectly as he hoists them up to his waist.

“Just think sis, I could have bought you a miniskirt!  See how nice I am?”  Lauren continues to taunt him.

“Shut up!  I hate you for this, and don’t call me sis!”  John screams back, his voice having lost all traces of masculinity.

“Awww sis… you sound so sexy when you’re angry!”  Lauren begins laughing hysterically.

“I swear when I get out of here… What the hell!” John screams as he looks into the mirror for the first time.  His black hair has lightened and taken on a reddish hue as it slowly descends down the back of his neck in long flowing strands.  His eyes had become a rich hazel color and are now framed by long curly eyelashes.  His acne has all but disappeared as his complexion becomes silky to the touch.  As he feels his face, he notices that his ears and nose have become much less pronounced and are continuing to slowly shrink.  “What more do I need to do here!”  John shouts as he watches his hair continue to lengthen.

“Did you put your shoes on yet?  Lauren instructs from her side of the door.  John spies a pair of sandals and quickly grabs them and slips her feet into them.  “Okay, done.  Finally!”

“And it only took you…” Lauren looks down at her watch, “Twenty two minutes and thirty seven seconds!  I thought it was only supposed to take you five… heck, you were really close there sis…”

“Yeah, well… It was a bit harder than I thought it would be…”  John looks at himself in the mirror again, only to find her red hair now dangling at her shoulder blades.  “What the heck, why hasn’t it stopped!”  As she watches her hair continue to grow, she notices the height of her reflection slowly continuing to climb.  “Sis, it isn’t stopping…” She calls out in fear.

“Hey there sexy, what’s the matter?”  Lauren opens the door to the bathroom and walks in.  “Wow John, you look amazing.  You have to be a least five foot ten, and I love what you’ve done with your hair.”  She begins to laugh at him once again.  “Lauren, SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME!  It isn’t stopping!”  John shouts at her in despair.

“What do you mean, it isn’t stoppi….”  Lauren lets out a short scream as her hand flies up to her mouth.  “John… your...your face!”

“What do you mean, my face…”  John looks into the mirror and a scream of pure terror escapes her lips.  Her pupils of her hazel eyes had transformed into slits.  She watches in horror as her ears and nose recede completely back into her head, and whiskers begin sprouting from above her lips.  “What are you doing to me!”

“I don’t know!  I don’t know what is going on… Did you mess something up?  Did you put everything on right!”

“Yes!  Yes, I did everything you told me to do!”  John begins to cry as small furry ears begin sprouting on top of her head.  She looks back into the mirror and watches a small pink cat nose form in the middle of her face as the whiskers continue to lengthen.
Lauren quickly begins rummaging through the pile of clothes.  “There has to be something…”  She grabs a pair of white panties, “John, did you put these on?”

“Heck no, why would I… Oh crap… my boxers!”  John tries to unbutton his jeans but to her astonishment, her hands had halfway transformed into fleshy paws…  “Sis, help!”  John cries as she helplessly tugs at her jeans trying to get them off, her fingers shrinking by the second.  “Okay, okay!”  Lauren runs to John’s side and begins to pull the jeans off of her.  “Thank mew…” John breathes a sigh of relief.

“What did you just say?”  Lauren looks up at him, fearing the worst.  John opens her mouth to speak, but a series of violent coughs and hacks escape her throat.  Lauren stands up and begins softly patting her on the back, attempting to help the coughing spasm.  “John are you gonna be okay?”  John looks up at her and nods.  Lauren takes note of the fully formed orange velvet cat ears perking up on John’s head, looking closer at her face she can see that her nose and whiskers have followed suit.  John winces in pain, “Mreow…” escapes her lips, as she looks down to see a tail beginning to sprout from her backside.

“Oh crap, we’ve got to hurry!”  As soon as the jeans leave her skin, John legs begin to lengthen again.  Lauren quickly removes them as the tail begins to grow with a newfound vigor.  Quickly, she pulls off John’s boxers.  John quickly brings her paw to cover herself.  “Look John, you’re a woman… I’ve seen it all before!”  Quickly she slides on the pink pair of panties over John’s legs.  Lauren then proceeds to grab the pair of jeans and begins to pull them over John’s suddenly transforming feet.  Thinking quickly, she places the sandals back on before the transformation has a chance to progress.  As she struggles to get the jeans over the sandals, she watches as orange fur erupts from the base of John’s three and a half foot tail.  Lauren continues to struggle with the pants, tugging on them repeatedly to get them over the top of the sandals.  Finally, it breaks free and Lauren quickly pulls them up and buttons it tight.  “Done!”  She shouts, exasperated.  She looks and watches John’s orange four foot tail dangling behind her slender legs.  She looks up into the deep green eyes of her new sister, John’s height having reached 6’2”, her hair flowing beneath her shoulder blades.  “John, I’m so sorry…”  She slowly walks up and embraces her, taking one of John’s paws in one hand and scratching her right ear with the other.  Tears slowly work their way out of John’s cat like eyes and trickle her face.  “I so sorry John, I didn’t want…I swear I’m going to fix this…”  She consoles her, continuing to scratch behind her ears.  John closes her eyes, and a soft purr escapes her throat, causing a smile to work its way across Lauren’s face.  After a few long seconds, Lauren releases her and smiles, “Okay, let’s get you out of here!”  

John looks down in to her face and gasps in surprise.  “Mew!”  She points at Lauren’s face.  “What is it John?”  Lauren looks into the bathroom mirror to see whiskers beginning to form beneath her nose.  “Oh no… I guess whenever I touched you while you were still active… CRAP!”  Lauren darts over to the pile of clothes and begins digging through it…  “I need a bra… where is that stinking B-cup!”  John, remembering having seen it earlier quickly locates is and flings it to her sister.  Laura hastily removes her shirt and tosses it across the room.  In a matter of seconds, she replaces her bra and begins digging through the pile once more.  She picks up a yellow athletic shirt and slips it over herself.  Quickly glancing at herself in the mirror, she notices her short blond hair has started darkening as her ears and nose begin to slowly shrink back into her head.  “Oh crap…”  She frantically grabs the bottle of fingernail polish and in just a few seconds, her fingers are shimmering with a metallic pink gloss.  John’s eyes are wide with amazement at her sisters blazing pace.  “Yeah, well… John I’ve had a lot of practice!”  Lauren remarks as she pulls off her pajama pants and starts working on her toenails.  She can feel pressure beginning to form at the base of her spine, encouraging her to move even faster.  
Finishing her toes, she screws the cap back on the top of the bottle, and proceeds to smother her legs in shaving cream.  “John, find me some shoes will ya?”  John begins digging through the piles and after about a minute, locates a pair of white tennis shoes.  She brings them back to Lauren, who is finishing the final few strokes with the razor.  “Thanks John”  She smiles at her sister as she begins to slip the shoes onto her feet.  “Mew!” John points at her panties…  “Oh shoot,  I’ve got to change, don’t I!” Lauren runs to the pile and digs out a white pair of underwear.  She slips the shoes back off and quickly performs the swap.  As she puts on the new pair of undergarments, she notices her new 3 foot black tail protruding from her backside.  “We’ve got to hurry…”  Frantically, the two of them search for something to cover her legs.  “Why couldn’t I have bought another pair of jeans…” She groans as she continues to search for something to cover her legs, eventually pulling out a pink mini-skirt.  Pulling it over her legs at record pace, her three and a half foot tail stops growing and dangles limp from beneath her mini-skirt.  “Whew… Thanks for your help John…”  She glomps her sister, her own height having reached 6’, and scratches her ears once more.  John closes her eyes, her tail involuntarily entangling with that of her sister’s.

“Okay, we need to get out of here…”  Lauren steps back and looks at herself in the mirror.  Much like her sister, a small cat nose had formed in the middle of her face above fully formed whiskers.  Her eyes were now a deep shade of yellow framing her slitted pupils.  Small black furry ears protruded from the top of her head surrounded by black wavy follicles falling halfway down her neck.

Sneaking quietly back up to their rooms, they each grabbed their belongings and proceeded outside to Lauren’s yellow Monte Carlo.  Putting their items in the trunk, Lauren reaches in and pulls out a small vile of clear liquid.  “I’ve got more of this back at my place… but I didn’t expect this and I’m not sure what this is going to do… It was only meant to reverse the effects of the estrogen…”  She looks at John, “Well, here goes nothing… bottom’s up bro!”  With a smile, she puts the bottle in her mouth and drains its contents in a matter of seconds.  

For a few moments nothing happened…   Laurens eye then spread wide in shock, “Oh no…”  The next thing John knows, her sister is lying on the ground crying in the fetal position.  “Please, John…help…meeeeww….”  Black fur erupts on her face and vigorously begins spreading across her skin.  Her lips deflate and a small cleft forms between her nose and mouth.  “Mreow…”  Tears form in her eyes as her nose painfully pulls away from her face, and soon her mouth follows forming a pronounced muzzle.  John stands over her and watches as her sister winces in pain.  Slowly she bends down and begins to scratch Lauren behind the ears and wraps her tail around that of her sister’s.  Lauren looks up into John’s green eyes, and grins, showing her newly formed canines.  Comfort flows through her body, “Mew…” she sighs as a purr develops in the back of her throat.  John sits behind her head and continues scratching as she watches the transformation uncontrollably mutate her sister.  Already, the fur has spread down her arms and is creeping into her hands.  

Her fingers begin to crack and shrink as pink pads form on her palms.  Receding back into her skin, her metallic pink fingernails compact to form claws, and eventually hide beneath the black fur.  As the fur proceeds down her body, her elbows painfully snap out of position as her arms contort to better support quadrupedal movement.   Tears begin to flow now from Lauren’s eyes, as the pain becomes too much for her to bear.  “Meow…” John tries to comfort her, as she runs her paw through Lauren’s hair.  As the mutation spreads, Lauren’s tail grows longer, eventually reaching a lengthy 4 and a half feet.  Her legs soon erupt in a flood of fur and begin to shrink slowly.  

Lauren looks up into John’s face, fear written in her eyes.  Reaching down, John takes hold of her paw and straining her vocal chords chokes out the words, “Me..h…lhove…mew…sssis.”  A feline grin spreads across Lauren’s face as she pulls Johns head down against her own, feeling the smoothness of her skin against her fur.  Lauren begins purring again in the embrace of her sister as the fur overtakes her feet, quickly making short work of them.  John watches as Lauren’s shoes easily slip off of her new paws.  The midnight black fur on each of her paws begins to lighten, eventually reaching a bright white, making it look almost as if she had walked through a puddle of bleach.

With a soft groan, Lauren begins to move her extremities.  Slowly she rolls over and attempts to stand, but quickly loses her balance and falls onto all fours.  “Mreow” She hangs her head dejectedly, as once again tears begin to fall from her eyes.  Slowly, she walks over to John and buries her face into her thigh.  John bends down, and stares her in the eyes.  With a smile and a confident nod, John reaches out to the trunk of the car and removes the keys.  Giving her sister one last quick hug, John stands and approaches the driver’s side door and unlocks the car.  She then proceeds to the passenger side and open the door for her sister who quickly leaps into the car seat, sitting on all fours with her tail in the air.  John proceeds back into the driver’s seat and, with some difficulty, buckles herself in and shuts her door.  Fiddling with the keys, she manages to start the car.  Throwing the transmission into dive, she puts her paws onto the steering wheel.  With another confident smile to her sister, John begins the hour long drive to Lauren’s apartment, never having been more grateful for tinted windows in her life.
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The Gun

Eric Cole ran as his ex-girlfriend, Misty, screamed though the hallway, "I'm gonna blast your balls off!"

When he responded to heavy knocks on the front door of his apartment, it may have appeared she was leveling a handgun at him. But the colorful, purple handle gave away the true nature of her weapon.

He had no idea how he dodged the first blast of light and energy. Instinctively, he pushed the door in her face but her legs were already through and nothing would keep her out.

After the hallway and the threat still ringing in his ears, Eric sprinted into the living room and grabbed the mirror off the wall. It was tall and narrow and made for a decent shield.

Misty stalked around the corner, her colorful gun leading. Her black hair seemed darker than usual with tendrils that splayed across her forehead like spider legs. While a head shorter than him, Eric knew never to underestimate Misty with how much time she spent kickboxing in the gym.

In fact, with the shine of sweat at the back of her ponytail of black hair and the colorless sweats she was dressed in, he knew she had just come from the gym.

Shifting the mirror in front of him strategically, Eric asked, "Where did you get that?"

Misty clenched her empty hand and her jaw at the same time, as though she meant to strike him with both. "I bought it a long fucking time ago. Just in case. With a permit."

In the light of the room, the plastic gloss of the weapon made it look like a discount store squirt gun. The barrel had a sloping ridge, which gave it a pudgy appearance. Except for the colored handle, the rest of the weapon was a dark gray that nearly blended into Misty's clothes.

Her finger looked tensed on the trigger. Eric twitched a bit with his grip on the mirror. He knew far too many parts of his body were vulnerable.

Avoiding stammering, he asked her, "Why are you doing this?"

Misty glared and used her tightened, empty hand to cradle the weapon. "You know damn well!"

Fighting back fear, Eric glared at her. His young features curled with stern wrinkles. "No. I don't. You break things off five months ago. You move out. You vanish with no message or anything. And then you bust in here with that."

Misty didn't flinch. Her head arched up a little. "I left because I was so mad I couldn't think. I didn't want anything to do with you ever again. I know what you did…"

Eric lowered his head so only his eyes showed over the top of the mirror. "And what do you think I did?"

With her mouth clenched, Misty pointed a finger out alongside her gun. "There. That was just one of the little things I remember. What I 'think'. You can't even imagine admitting. It's just something I think…or something I made up."

Eric nearly tried to argue that wasn't what he meant but he waited and she finally unwound the cause of her rage.

"You had sex with my best friend."

Eric admitted to it. "Yeah. She came onto me at that party. It was a fluke. I didn't want things to go ape-shit about it because it was nothing and she told me it was nothing."

Misty shook her head. "That's not it. That was only the beginning. She told me how you felt it was nothing. She told me right after it happened. And I waited for you to come clean too. But nothing. No "oh…it's a fluke"...just…nothing."

Eric backed away from the wall with his mirror still in front of him. "So then what will this prove?"

Misty leveled her eyes. "It'll make me feel better." She blasted the tips of his fingers as they held onto the mirror.

Eric saw and his heart raced. He tried to curl his fingers in but the mirror was too awkward and he risked dropping it if he took his fingers away. The blast glanced across his fingertips and tingled to his wrist. That was as far as the energy made it but it was enough for Eric to see immediate effects.

His broad hands trimmed down, the bone structure shifting inside. Stray hairs on the back of his hand vanished and his fingers looked longer than usual. There was also glossiness to his nails which wasn't there before, although they didn't look painted.

Eric gasped and huddled behind the mirror even more so that his head didn't show.

Panting, Eric glanced up quickly to make sure Misty wasn't advancing and told her, "You don't want to do this! This is crazy!"

Some of Misty's fury waned and she gave a cool chuckle. "This is even more cathartic than I expected. That pretty hand is just the beginning. The rest of you is next."

Eric ducked below a shot clearly aimed at his hair. He blurted out, "Wait! Wait! I'm sorry. Shit. I'm sorry for all this. I'm sorry for all the terrible stuff that went wrong. I'm sorry for whatever all this is about."

Misty's mouth widened a little. "Haven't you been listening? This isn't whatever! This is about not being able to trust my best friend anymore. The person I lean on. You took that away from me! And I have to take something from you!"

Misty squeezed the trigger and, after a quick barrage, both his hands matched, small and girlish, no matter how much dodging he did around the TV. The extra shots ricocheted off the glass but Eric was swift enough to avoid them.  

Despite his losses, Eric felt a little better. He could keep his hands out to hold the mirror without worry and maneuver the glass. It was a small sacrifice for girly hands. He took a breath and knew it would be attrition until the charge in the gun wore down or he could finally reason with Misty.

He opened his mouth to speak and noticed that Misty was glancing to his right. She leaned the gun and fired a deliberately misaimed shot. By the time Eric saw the shot coming at him, reflected by the glass of the TV screen, he only had enough time to get his arm up to shield that side.  

The tingling felt stronger this time. It flowed from where the last one had touched, rose up his arm, and finally stopped at his shoulder. He had the presence of mind to edge back to block the TV and keep the mirror protecting the rest of his body.

While Eric's arms were never particularly muscular, that arm now felt and looked so slender and soft as it slid around in his sleeve.

Misty cursed and noted, "I was hoping to blast your face. Try hiding something like that. And hair. I'll make sure it's long…"

A little shiver rippled through Eric's neck and up to his hair, like a precursor to what Misty was threatening. He always kept his hair short and away from his ears. Misty used to say he liked it. She always compared it to the sleek fur of a teddy bear.

Stammering, he told her that.

Her mouth didn't rise or fall. She just replied, "The past is gone and I can't have it back. But your future will be a warning you'll never forget."

Eric tried to keep as much distance between him and Misty as possible. The layout of the room with his entertainment center and couch offered places where he could block her. But he also looked at the sliding glass door with caution. It could easily be used to hit him on the other side.

With the throbbing of his heart through his ears, Eric tried the first thing he could think of, "Wait! The past is important! Remember how we met? Remember how happy we were?"

He watched the angle of Misty's gun lower just a little. Her expression seemed less like anger. She answered, "Yeah…I remember how we met. It was in that old bookstore…in the back."

Eric's head stretched over the edge of the glass like a tortoise's. In his watching, he didn't notice Misty flicking the aim of the gun to the glass door. Before he could turn to block the blast, it shuddered through his other arm. Now both matched perfectly.

Misty continued, "I remember…I especially remember the perv who was going through the lesbian lit. I thought it was amusing at the time and you were kinda cute. But I should've known that was only a preview of all the rest to follow."

Lifting the mirror didn't feel any harder for Eric with his changed arms. He answered back, his voice near begging, "Wasn't there anything worthwhile in our relationship? None of the late night movies we watched together? None of the dancing at crazy hours? None of it had any positives?"

At least, Misty's aim dropped. She looked him in the eye and shook her head slowly. "You just can't get it. I told you the past is gone. You betrayed our commitment and invalidated all those months and you hurt a relationship of years and years."

Eric shook his head in return. "So this is the answer to that?"

"I know I can't make sure. You may never understand what it means for me. But this is the start."

Eric kept out of the way of another quick barrage. He knew that those things ran on a charge but he hadn't been keeping a count on how many times she'd fired. Considering most ran at least one-hundred shots, he knew this could keep going for a while.
"But what if it doesn't change anything? You're just altering some of my physical flesh."

"Permanently-altering. It's set to permanent. And if it's not a big deal…just a little altered flesh…then by all means…save me some time and step forward."

Eric swallowed and stepped back. He'd heard of these things with permanent settings but he never thought Misty would actually use it. It sent a chill through him to think that his arms and hands would be like this for the rest of his life.

The prospect urged his next words. "There's got to be something. Listen to reason. Please!"

Again, Misty's aim dropped but Eric wasn't falling for the same trick twice. He kept on guard.

This time, she flinched up once but set the gun down on a nearby counter and took a step away. It was too far for Eric to make a grab for it and he was far too interested in keeping the mirror in front of him. It was heavy to hold for so long a time.

Folding her arms and taking a breath, Misty cleared her spidery locks of hair away and told Eric, "Talking this out is better if you're not cowering behind that thing." She held her arms out and turned them for Eric to see. "I put it down in good faith. A last try at trusting you. What will you do, Eric?" She cracked a smile that unnerved Eric.

Eyeing her over carefully for any mysterious lumps in her pocket or bulges up her sleeve, Eric deemed her clean, gingerly set his mirror down against the couch, and approached. He didn't get too close to Misty but said, "I'm glad you're still able to listen to reason."

Before he could say more, a sudden flash of light caught him from the side. At first, he thought that Misty had brought an accomplice but the flash was coming from the gun itself. He only had moment as the light blasted him right in the eye and rippled over his entire head.

In the temporary blindness to follow, he tried to think back to where his mirror was sitting. He flailed, trying to ignore the changes and tingles all across his face. Desperately, he ducked with every hint of sound.

He nearly cut his hand along the side of the mirror but he had it up with a quick jerk. His cheek was strangely cool with every pass of air from the apartment's air-conditioning. The mental geography of his face didn't match anymore. And a shower of hair was growing relentlessly past his shoulder. The tingling felt like tickles and shivers at the same time all around his head.

When it was done, after-images were all over the place. He looked ahead and realized he had the mirror facing him. The visage was unfamiliar but had some traces of his features. His head had a rounded flow, especially at the cheeks. The sides of his nose tapered in more. His lashes were not as pronounced around his eyes, but his eyes were the same, muddy brown color.

He'd always had a full lower lip but now both curled and looked full. There was a new ridge that joined his smaller nose and fuller lips. A quick touch of his cheek revealed only softness and none of his afternoon stubble of a moment before.

While his eyebrows were always narrow, they'd clung close to his eyes, making his features appear a bit sterner than he liked. Now, they actually looked bigger, but lighter, as though softened with plucking. They also rode higher on his face.

But what Eric picked out first from the womanly reflection was the hair. The tone was a little lighter than before and there was so much everywhere. It surrounded his ears. It was heavy on his neck. It tugged back a little with every move. Locks of it flowed over the front and back of his shirt to the nipple-line. Immediately, Eric made sure his unaltered nipples were fully covered by the mirror as he turned the reflective side back around in Misty's direction.  

Misty chuckled at that. She had the gun back in her hand and explained, "Apparently it has an option to automatically lock on and fire. Just shoots a few times though. But that's fine. I've already got you."

Eric didn't bother to cover his face anymore. He adjusted his new hair a lot and noted, "It's just little things. I could cut my hair and I can live without facial hair. I can build up my arms." He had missed the change in his voice though. It was softer than Misty's voice despite his best efforts to deepen it. It sounded childish but not so far off that he couldn't potentially hide it.

Misty let her amusement show. "Sure. Plenty of boys are singing in cute soprano. But you miss my key point. A headshot with this type of gun means your brain is also affected. Thus…I win. It's inevitable."

Eric's eyes widened and his heart picked up its pace. He'd heard about the mental effects. They didn't change personality but they made it easier for a complete change to happen. Like a hypnotic suggestion for the target to throw themselves in front of the beam. Eric searched his thoughts with relief that he wasn't entertaining the possibility of leaving the safety of the mirror.

He told himself that he was strong and he would make it. But there was a whispering little notion in his head. It was curiosity. It didn't voice the idea of jumping in front of the beam but it pondered what his legs would be like if they were hit by the beam. It also noted that he might be able to hide the changes better if his limbs were not of such different shapes.

Eric shook his hair with a flurry of tossed locks. Misty laughed and noted, "Come on, finish it."

The voice inside agreed with her and noted to Eric to lift the mirror up to reveal his over-sized legs. He started to do it till he winced and lowered the mirror again. Misty chimed in, "You're just delaying. Stop delaying!"

Eric's knee shook. "It's not fair to control my mind!"

She snorted back. "Not fair? Was what you did to me fair? I didn't whine about it! At least, be a man in your last moments as one!"

Eric shivered at her words. He couldn't believe the idea that might never be a man again. It seemed impossible. He told himself he was going to wake up and it would all be in his head. He shut his eyes a little, not too much, and poked himself in the side with his daintier fingers.

Not matter how much prodding he did, nothing changed the reality of the situation.

Misty approached closer and noted, "You realize I can shoot you in the legs right now. Easy shot…" She bent the gun forward with a tight smile and her eyes to the side.

Eric moved to cover the possible blind side. He looked for a reflective surface he may have missed. Too late, she realized that Misty had bluffed. In his haste to protect one side, he'd left the other open from the glass pot of the fern on the other side of the room.

Before he could figure out where the shots had come from, several had blasted through the back of his knees.

He squeaked out his fear and surprise. He tumbled to the ground, his legs feeling momentarily numb, and the mirror slipped away. Looking up in horror, Misty leveled the gun at him again. Before she could fire, he turned the mirror against his mid-section to cover his chest and groin.

Meanwhile, the tingles were spreading out from the point of impact and all around his legs. It felt like the momentary numbness of rising from an awkward pose but without the painful pins-and-needles.

His pants hid the visual change but his imagination turned over the details. The tingles flowed down to his feet, which shrunk like waves in the air were drawing out the mass. His thighs felt like someone had perfectly shaved them, especially when they slid across the rough denim of his pants. The bottoms flowed past his feet, revealing his legs as not only smaller but shorter as well.

Flowing up, the tingles stopped just short of his groin and hips. Standing felt strange at first, especially with Eric tripping over his pants. They stayed on but only due to his belt.

The little idea in his head was pleased that his arms and legs matched now but felt concerned about his legs being connected to hips that were a wrong size. Eric guarded his hips with the mirror and told Misty, "You have to stop this! This is wrong. I'm not meant to be a girl."

Misty tapped her gun gently. "I say otherwise. There was always something about you, Eric. I say I'm doing you a service."

Eric tried to keep from shaking his head and blinding himself with tossed hair. "What do you mean? Is this about the lesbian lit?"

He watched as Misty settled on her heels and brought her gun back. "Call it a hunch and when I'm done…we'll see how right I was."

As he watched the gun, his eyes also drifted to Misty's breast. It curved like a wave over the muscular but lean form of Misty's chest. She'd always been self-conscious of her breasts. Before she could say something in anger about where he was staring, Eric bowed his head and said, "It must be so challenging to be a girl. I mean I listened to all the hard things you went through. You had all those terrible periods where you wanted chop wood in half. You felt bloated. You kept trying to keep attention off your chest but felt conflicted by liking its shape. I'm so sorry I didn't listen and help better before…and I'm so deeply sorry for betraying you."

It was Eric's last possible plea. He looked up to see Misty's mouth wavering. But she set her legs and replied, "You'll experience the challenge first-hand. No more listening. You will know what it means."

She aimed the next blast near his hand. Despite the fact his hand was already changed, he flinched and that was enough for the mirror to slip out of his grip. The barrage of blasts flowed at Eric's body before he could move away. The thought in his head also urged him to linger.

He watched as the first blast struck the side of his hip. Another hit the other side but that one was enough. Eric was frozen in place with the shift of his hips. His pants felt loose and tight in new places. He dashed a hand down just in time to feel the tingle cross over his groin. Soon, his underwear hung loosely around him.

In the moment it took for Eric to feel a fearful rush, he was blasted across the chest several times by Misty's final volley.

He staggered back as his entire chest felt the rush of tingles. He shut his eyes, still denying himself the female pronoun. The press of his chest made his new voice squeak in surprise. With a final shiver, all the changes ended and he could feel the clear presence of his new form.

He waited till Misty cleared her throat to open his eyes. Looking down, he saw a gentle, twin crest to his chest that flowed against his rough and wrinkled shirt. It didn't hurt but he felt much more of a presence on his chest. It wasn't heavy but it was unsettling.

Even more unsettling was the new texture of his groin as he cautiously moved to look in the mirror. Bending slowly, he picked it up and looked into the reflective side.

The woman looking back at him appeared more like one of his cousins than himself. Her figure paled to Misty's but she had a gentle, soft presence that captivated Eric.

With another cough, Misty stretched her leg and asked, "So, is that good? I'm getting kinda tired."

Eric looked up and pouted. "Aww…you're gonna break character?"

Misty twisted her mouth and shrugged. "Isn't this role playing thing just about done?"

Eric walked around the couch in his new legs and brushed back his heavy hair. "I guess so but do we really need to cut it short? There's still so much we can do to finish it off."

With a rub of her chin, Misty noted, "My energy was kinda tailing off at the end. I pretty well got you. And, I must say, blasting a gender-changing energy gun is so cathartic. Better than paintball."

Eric smiled a little with his new face before showing a frown. "I'm still so very sorry that you and Kate didn't stay friends."

Misty gave a quick shrug. "Even though she lied to me, I fucked up big-time thinking you two were cheating. I get it now. You were curious about her for girl stuff, like with all that lesbian lit. I'm not much of a girly girl and she is. And you were right and I had my head up my ass." She set the gun down on the counter, this time with it off, and slipped her arms behind her head.

The two of them sat down on the couch.

Eric moved his hands around a bit, mostly adjusting his hair, before he found a place for them in his lap. "You did really well with everything."

Glancing over at Eric with eyes slowly easing, Misty shrugged. "I lived it in my head. I figured…one day you would say it all and playing it over in my head would be done. I'm so glad I blurted out wanting to license for a gender change gun to get you when I happened to call. We might never have talked it all out."

Eric tested her smile and female pronouns in her head. "I'm so glad too. I hope all this helped."

Misty's eyes rested on Eric's so long that she worried something was wrong. But Misty quickly smiled. "It was just what I needed. I needed to do all that. To just purge all my 'what-if' crap once and for all. I guess it worked for you…no complaints?"

Eric nodded. "It was hard saying that I did something I didn't do…and to play that roll and to keep up a phony resistance. But it was worth it. That mental suggestion was really strong…I just about wanted to jump in front of your gun."

That earned a chuckle from Misty. She brushed back her hair, which had dried to black, silken flows. "Yeah, that was kinda cheating. How does it feel to be a girl now…and forever?"

Eric's eyes widened. "Wait…that permanent setting thing was just a bluff from the role play…right?"

Misty grinned widely and stuck out her tongue. "Don't worry. I'm just kidding….maybe."
This was a fun and relatively simple story to write. I got the idea in one whole piece when I have a pretty serious headache and I needed something fun to write.

Hope you enjoy it ^^.
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Vorhias bit into a bite of cake as he walked, the plastic fork resting against his tongue; it seemed to add an odd flavor of its own to the mix, though he wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not. The cake was barely worth eating to begin with. Scooping up a last piece of pink frosting to chew on, he dropped the remainder of the cake into a passing trashcan.

"That's not very nice, you know." Vorhias froze, the gentle press of something vaguely cylindrical pressing between his shoulder blades. "Not that there's anything that says one has to be nice; it's often frowned upon in my line of business, in fact. But you could have at least thrown it out a few blocks further from where you got it."

"Who are you?" It was the only question that entered Vorhias head. He'd have thought there'd be a thousand questions in a situation like that, but only one was presenting itself. It was an unfortunately stupid question, though; As if someone with a gun was going to calmly announce who he was.

"Jonathan Barns – I represent a transformation munitions plant, trying to get a good idea of what the demographics in the area would be like before we started construction." The man behind him laughed, softly, digging the barrel in a little bit deeper before easing off. "Would you mind filling out a survey discussing whether you think such a plant would be beneficial?"

Vorhias felt his heart beat relax a little, though it was harder to keep his frustration controlled. He did keep his eyes on the road ahead of him, carefully breathing in and out for a moment before attempting to speak. "And is there a particular reason you feel the need to hold one of those munitions against me?" he demanded, coldly. It was important to speak coldly; he thought it was the only thing preventing him from bursting into tears.

"Sometimes, we prefer to make our own demographics."

A jolt passed through Vorhias before he could speak, tingling across his limbs. He felt a moment of disorientation as his body shifted downwards. "Damn it I hate when this happens…" He ground his teeth together in time with the growing strands of hair, tapping his foot impatiently until they reached his shoulders; it was getting increasingly hard to move his foot without simply sliding out of the shoe.

"So you have experience with this?" demanded Jonathan. "That's always good; the brain can incorporate your knowledge into its urges, that way; help you to adapt to your situation by using past adaptations; very good. Not that mental shifts of permanent if you don't wish them to be," he added; Vorhias could practically hear the smile on the man's lips. "That would be highly illegal; but there is a twelve hour period before one's body can be shifted back. It's recommended one make all decisions about their mental state during the small period where they are held in abeyance; a trial run of a new outlook, if you will."

Vorhias didn't respond, simply holding in a whimper as his groin began to twitch. He could feel it pulling inside of him, pushing past skin and reshaping. Soft breasts pushed out beneath his nipples in time with it, the flesh pulsating softly as they pushed against the shirt cloth. She felt like her clothes were going to topple off of her at any moment; she was going to have to buy some dresses, soon.

Shaking her head to dispel the thought for a while longer, she turned to face the man. Brown hair framing a light face, his dark eyes looked at her with more curiosity than alarm as she pushed a strand of blond hair away from her face. V always felt that to be the most annoying thing about being female, other than perhaps the breasts; you could ignore the rest when you weren't going to the bathroom, but hair in your eyes was never pleasant. "Can I see the gun?" she asked, allowing curiosity to seep into her voice; it was an interesting looking gun. Smooth black barrel, with a flattened bottom to make clear it wasn't a gun, and no real trigger she could see. Just a half flat rod held between the hands. Soft hands that led up to smooth and thick arms, supporting a well-toned body; she was going to have to take care of that train of thoughts.

The man for his part nodded, smiling as he extolled the virtues of owning one of Laudius's munitions. She ignored him, turning the rod in her hands. Most of it really was simple medal, but there was a wooden dial in her hand carved with figures, and another beneath it carved with numbers. Twisting to one of the more curvaceous figures on board, she shifted the lower number to a ten; the silhouette on the first band shifted as she watched, seeming to shimmy a little bit. She could see the faint image of panties outlined against the girls legs, and what looked like it might be a thumb to the mouth; she tried not to pay attention to where the other hand might be as she pressed the metal button at the rods end.

There was a gentle fizz, a tiny recoil, and large beam of light that lanced through the other man's skin. Jonathan jerked as the energy faded, his own hands flying up to his hair as the strands began to wind their way to the floor. There was a faint curl to the end, keeping it just a few centimeters above the ground. "What did-" he giggled, putting a hand against his mouth. "Just what did you d-do?"

"Just returns," V shrugged, watching; breasts were pressing their way out of the man's chest, the telltale bulge in the man's pants disappearing as he giggled again. The new girl didn't bother to hide in a whimper, actively letting out a squeal of delight when she reached her fingers in and found nothing. "Like I'm a… um… um... girl! Why wouldn't I be a girl?" She giggled again, oblivious to the shape of her face pressing out; the part of V that was still male thought those lips looked kissable.

The saleswoman seemed to read her mind, surging forward to place her lips against V's. They were soft, a tongue gently sliding into her mouth. "I'm so…. Um… hot!" Another giggle; the majority of V found that annoying, but she could already feel her mental state adapting. It was still a very small part of her that wanted to hear it again. "Really, really hot…" she added, slipping a finger into V's pants.

V gripped the hand before it could make contact, holding it firmly. The other hand darted out, smashing into the rod as V rose to block; it slid into the street, crunching beneath the wheels of a car with one final flash; V hoped the setting had changed before it went off. She grabbed Joan's other arm as it started to work its way under her shirt, pushing  the girl back and holding her by the shoulders; kissing was one thing, this was another. "What do you think you're-"

The saleswoman surged forward, kissing her full on the lips again, meshing their breasts together and trying to wiggle her arms free. V pushed her away.

"That's it; you're on probation until the twelve hour period is up and I can get another one of your munitions to turn me back."

"What are you talking about?" the girl blinked. "That was the only… the on… the….  Like, I tooootally can't remember what  we were talking about, again?  And I'm toooooooootally horny? Wanna make out?"

V was starting to suspect it was going to be an interesting birthday; perhaps more disturbing, she was starting to feel she wouldn't mind.
I fear that this is actually the result of me not having enough sleep (less than two hours), but it's my gift for :iconmrvorhias:. The exact reasoning is his current thing where people make choices - there's a salesman who was bimboized (though not in quite this way) and V was formed. I suggested panic by makeout, but then was forced to think of a reason why it would cause panic.

Since I wanted to zap him.... her... for :icontg-wall-attack:, and it's :iconmrvorhias:'s birthday besides, the path was obvious. ^^;
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The mannequin in the attic
By The Shadow Demon
(Woman into mannequin)

“This looks cute,” Bridgette says turning to her friend Emma, showing her a low cut pink singlet.
“Low cut, are you trying to get every boy to look at you?” Emma asks. Bridgette just gave her a smirk as she puts the singlet back. Both at the age of seventeen, Bridgette with long blonde hair while Emma had black, the two ever since they were ten were always into fashion and once they were finish with school the two were planning to go into the fashion industry.
“Now this is you!” Emma said grabbing a white shirt with pink decorations on it.
“That just screams girly, I don’t think so!” Bridgette said.
“Well better then these bimbo clothes that you are bringing out!” Emma explains.
“You got it, flaunt it!” Bridgette said cupping her C cup breasts and slightly jerked them up, Emma just shook her head as she returns to her shopping. Hearing her phone going off, Bridgette pulls it out of her purse to see she got a text from her mother.
“I got to go, my mum is calling me!” Bridgette said.
“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow at school I guess!” Emma said, with a wave to her friend, Bridgette left to make the long walk from the mall to her house. When she reached her home she found her mother in the garage moving some boxes around.
“Hey mum!” Bridgette calls out.
“Hey sweetie, can you help me with this?” her mother asks as she was trying to move a box.
“Yeah sure!” Bridgette said helping out her mother, Bridgette and her ocassionly were mistaken to be sisters not by how much the two look like each other but the age difference, to how mother explained it, she got pregnant with her when she was sixteen, the father bolted and was never seen again and so most of her life, Bridgette only had her mother and grand parents. Moving the heavy box to the side, Bridgette looked around wondering why her mother was moving some boxes.
“So what’s with the clean up?” Bridgette asks.
“Oh I got sick of all of this junk in the house so I am going to have a garage sale this weekend,” Bridgette’s mother explains, hearing her pager going off, her mother just sighed, “that should be work, look can you see in the attic if there’s anything we could live without!”
“Yeah sure I can do that!” Bridgette smiles.
“What would I do without you?” Bridgette’s mother said giving her daughter a kiss on her forehead before leaving. Watching her mother leave in the car, Bridgette kind of felt sorry for her mother, being the assistant manager in a car lot, it had her mother run around more then she would before. With a sigh, Bridgette closes the garage door and made her inside, When she was a kid the attic always creep her out and it was the same now, looking up the stair wall to the attic door, Bridgette walk up the stairs, which each step she made cause the stairs to creak, this gave her a slight cold chill as she reaches the top and opened the door, the too creak revealing all the junk in the attic. Bridgette scan the area, with only some sun light coming in by the window, Bridgette could see that they piles of boxes filled who knows what, the plastic a Christmas tree, a figure, Bridgette froze her heart nearly skipped a beat as quickly reaches up to the light switch and turned it on. their in a far corner of the room was a plastic mannequin woman.
“Oh god,” Bridgette said with a sigh, calming herself down she made her way to the mannequin, the mannequin was incredibly detailed, its face showed a beautiful woman, with perfectly curves, double D perky breast, long legs and a perfect heart shape for an ass. If Bridgette knew better this would be have been made by a guy because they’re was no way that woman make something like this.
“So I guess this what man want in every woman, all body no mind!” Bridgette smiles, hearing the floor boards creaking behind her, Bridgette turned around her heart races as she scans the attic, seeing no one, Bridgette slowly relax turning back and screamed. The mannequin had fell forward landing on top of her, catching her off guard and off balance, Bridgette fell on her back with the making landing on top of her. Bridgette lay there as the mannequin’s plastic hand on her right breast while it lips kissed hers. Pushing it off, Bridgette quickly got up and just stared at the plastic woman, expecting it to move, to do something but it just lay on the ground, motionless.
“Okay… I just… I just must be loosing me mind!” Bridgette said slowly walking out of the attic her eyes still fixed on the mannequin. The rest of the day, Bridgette was too stunned, too frightened to do anything as she just sat in one of the living room chairs and just stared. All of her senses told her that there was something in the attic, something she couldn’t explain, something evil however her mind told her that it was only just a series of random of events. Hearing a door close causing to be startled and scream, turning around to see her mother entering into the house.
“Whoa easy, it’s just me!” Bridgette’s mother said, noticing that her daughter was scared. “You okay?”
“Yeah... yeah I’m fine, just a little bit spooked out that’s all!”  Bridgette explains as she tries to calm herself down.
“What happened?” Bridgette’s mother asks.
“Just that… when I was in the attic, there was this mannequin and it fell on me when I wasn’t looking!” Bridgette explains.
“We have a mannequin in the attic?” Bridgette’s mother asks.
“Yeah!” Bridgette said, “How could you not know there was a mannequin up there?”
“The last owners of this house left a lot of their stuff here, so I guess the mannequin is theirs too, say you don’t think they would care if we sell it in the garage sale?” Bridgette’s mother explains.
“Considering they left it here, I don’t think they care!” Bridgette said.
“Well besides being scared by a chunk of plastic did you find anything else up there?” Bridgette’s mother asks.
“I pretty much ran for it after the mannequin fell on me!” Bridgette told her mother, Bridgette’s mother just gave a sly smile as she shook her head.
“What?” Bridgette asks.
“Nothing, just never mind!” Bridgette’s mother said slightly giggling.
“YOU’RE MEAN!” Bridgette cries out watching her mother walking out of the living room, Bridgette just let a smile knowing it was silly for her to be scared of a simple mannequin, with that thought, Bridgette let the experience to be forgotten, telling herself that it was just her being an idiot.

The next morning, Bridgette awoke with a stretch and a yawn, her usually way on welcoming another day, as Bridgette slowly sat up, pulling off her blankets as she Bridgette found her movements were slightly restricted to her, thinking nothing about it, Bridgette got up and to start her daily routine. After her shower which her mother always tend to say that she would spend half a hour just on her hair, Bridgette started to dry herself in the mirror, noticing something, at first was hard to catch but once she did notice it, Bridgette found it quite odd, her lips had gone hard and slightly chapped.
“Huh!” Bridgette said, thinking nothing of it Bridgette continues with her routine. Now dressed and ready for another day of school, making into the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat, Bridgette notice that her mother was no where to be seen, figuring that she must of went to work early , Bridgette quickly made up a sandwitch for lunch and left her house without another thought. When Bridgette finally made it to school she found her friend Emma already waiting for her.
“Hey girl, did you sleep in or what?” Emma asks, looking down at her watch to see that it only mere minutes until the first bell was going to ring.
“No… for some reason I just feel…” Bridgette said pausing for a moment, unable to say the words as she didn’t what she was feeling.
“You feel what?  Emma asks.
“Stiff!” Bridgette explains, hearing the bell for the start of school, Emma just let a smile.
“Remind me to use that excuse when we have sports!” Emma laughs.
Bridgette didn’t find it that funny and nor was her first class, Mister Bridges and Maths, there was two things that Bridgette couldn’t stand at school, maths and Mister Bridges, Mister Bridges was a old school type of teaching, he was very tough and strict while maths and Bridgette went well like patrol and a match. Making to her locker, Bridgette found her fingers felt stiff as well as they should, finally getting her locker door open, Bridgette turns to her hands, finding them to be paler and actually look stiffer but what got her stunned her was that there was not a single blemish.
“What the…” Bridgette said, noticing the same thing with her other hand, fear now running through her, Bridgette just ran for the nearest girls toilet her limbs still stiff, making it quite harder for her to move, little alone to run. Reaching the bathroom, noticing that it was clear, Bridgette made her inside and instantly went to the mirror and let out a scream. Bridgette stares in her reflection see that her face had took on a artificial tone, her eyes weren’t even real, in fact they looked to be painted on, raising her hand, she gave her face a slight touch and heard a hard hollow back. Still able to moth her mouth ever so slightly, it too took the same hard artificial tone like the rest of her face, lifting her hands up in front of her face as her eyes were fixed on looking straight forward, Bridgette saw that her hands were taking the same tone, her fingers becoming harder and harder to move.
“I… I… got… to… g… get… home!” Bridgette her words coming out quite slowly, making it out of the bath as best she could. Bridgette was finding that bending her knees were becoming more impossible to do by each minute. By the time she made it to the front gate, Bridgette found it impossible for her to bend her knees or elbows, franticly making her way down the street as best she could, her breathing becoming more apart and slower. Reaching her house, Bridgette made it to her front door and as she temps to move her arm in a way that she could grab onto the door handle but as she did she found she couldn’t, she couldn’t move her hands or her fingers, she was trapped.
“What…….. is……. happening……….. to………… me…………?” Bridgette as her voice became silent, her breathing become slower then known existent, her movements became still, Bridgette could only cream in her mind trapped in her own body, she couldn’t feel anything anymore, she couldn’t feel her feet, hands, arms… nothing, she wasn’t breathing, she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t move, she could do anything. Hearing the door opening, Bridgette could see it open but unable to see who it was, hearing movement she found herself being lifted and moved inside.
“Who’s carrying me, is it mum? Would she even recognize me?” Bridgette thought, finding help being set in the living room and then adjusted around for eyes to catch sight of herself in a mirror. If Bridgette could scream she would, as staring back at her was a mannequin of herself, everything of her was no longer human, Bridgette could just see seams on her neck and wrists and could only guess that there was more. Hearing movement again, Bridgette was becoming more terrified catch sight of the very mannequin she found in the attic making its way to her, moving it plastic arms it began to remove Bridgette’s clothing.
“NO… stop, stop!” Bridgette screamed mentally but found no matter how much she wanted to the mannequin would not be able to hear her, with all of her clothing off, Bridgette could see that she was indeed a full mannequin.
“Beauty…” The mannequin said, “is not skin deep, but that what last eternally!” and with that the mannequin left Bridgette’s eyesight leaving her to stand their motionless, staring at her own mannequin self.

Emma made it too Bridgette’s home wondering why she skipped school, upon reaching the house she found Bridgette’s mother in the garage moving some stuff around.
“Hello Ms. Green, is Bridgette home?” Emma asks.
“No, but she did leave her stuff in the living room and this mannequin, I guess she finally got it down from the attic!” Bridgette’s mother explains.
“Wow, she’s beautiful, what are you going to do with her?” Emma asks looking at the plastic dummy.
“Sell it I guess!” Bridgette’s mother explains.
“How much?” Emma asks.
“For you sweetie, five buck!” Bridgette’s mother said.
“Deal!” Emma said, purchasing the mannequin, Emma then lifted the mannequin up and place it under her arm and as she was walking home thinking off all the interesting clothing she could make and put on the mannequin, inside Bridgette was screaming for her friends help, pleading… cursing the mannequin in the attic…
A inanimate tf, it's been awhile since the last one
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It was Spring Break and Mat was stuck at home.  His parents managed to afford a trip for themselves and his brothers, but Mat got the short end of the deal.  His parents couldn't afford to bring him, so they left him home alone for an entire week.  They figure he was old enough to be by himself for the week and they didn't really want to throw away all their planning for the trip.

Mat is 17 years old, has brown hair, and stood at a regular height for a guy of his age.  He sat in his bed and played around with his Nintendo DS.  The game he was playing was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

He was slowly playing through the game, on the third case to be exact.  "Let's see," he mumbled, "I don't know what to do next… probably should ask Maya if she has an idea what to do next."

He went to Phoenix's office in the game, since that was the only area to ask Maya anything head on.  When she popped on screen, he clicked the talk icon.  When was about to ask 'Any ideas?' the game started to glitch out.  He blinked and tapped the screen with the stylus.  There was no response.

"What the?" he said, "That's just great!  The only game I got that my brothers didn't take on the trip is now not working!  Just great!"

He let out a sad sigh and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his fingers.  He dropped the DS onto the bed in surprise.  "Damn it!" he growled angrily, holding his hand as the pain went away just as quickly as it had appeared, "The DS shocked me!  How the hell did that happen?"

He looked at his hand, but there appeared to be no damage.  He sighed in relief and glanced back at the DS.  It looked to be working now and Maya on the screen was responding to the question he had asked.  "Weird glitch," he mumbled, "Oh well.  It is working now."

He picked the DS back up, carefully in case it would shock him again.  It didn't, so he went back to playing the game.  As he played, he became engrossed in it and started to forget about the rest of the world around him.

As he played, his body shrunk in size.  His arms and legs became skinner; his hands became more delicate; and his torso became scrawnier, until his slight muscular built was that of a girl's.  He didn't seem to notice that at all, even when he pressed the buttons on the DS with his thin fingers that now sported longer nails.

"Ok," he said in a gentler voice, but sort of excited voice, "I got the evidence, now let's head to court and prove Will Powers is innocent!"  He focused even harder now on the game.

As Mat did, his face feminized and became softer.  His chin receded, his nose shorten, his lips slightly plumped, and some final touches happened that fixed his face into a very familiar looking one.  He then spoke again, but in a female voice; "Yes!  Contradiction!  A few more right guesses and I got it!"

He didn't seem put off by the new voice, but then again, he didn't seem like he even noticed it.  He continued to play the game and more changes continued to happen.  For instance; his short, rough brown hair became a smooth and shining black tone that cascaded down his back.

Some of his long black hair fell in front of his face, but he merely pushed it out of his way.  The long black hair on the sides were then held together separately by two individual purple beads.  The hair on the back of his head was then held together by another purple bead at the very end of his new long hair.  One final bead held another group of hair at the top of his head.

Mat paid no mind to this and excitedly said in a peppy and girly voice, "There!  I almost did it!  Just need to present some more pieces of evidence!"

He paused for a second, realizing his voice was different.  Then he was distracted again by the game and went back to playing it, shrugging off his new voice.  As he played, there was a light tingling feeling in his groin area that caused him to rub his legs together.  Unknown to him was the fact that he now lacked a certain male trait.

He still didn't take note of that, because he… she was still busy focusing on the game.  She was close to end and was about to present the final piece of evidence.  That's when her chest inflated.  There was some tingling her chest area as two small bumps pushed forward.  They were unnoticeable at first, but then they puffed out into a set up B-Cup breasts.

"Yeeeessss!" she said joyfully with a giggle, "I won!  I won!  I won!  Oh my!"  When she jumped a bit in joy, she felt her new found breasts jiggling a little bit with that movement.

"What?!" she said patting her chest area and immediately blushing because of that, "I have… boobies?!  And my voice!  It's so… girly!"

She panicked and rushed to the bathroom to see what she looked like now that she realized that her body had gone through some changes.  She rushed into the room and looked into the mirror.  She let out a huge gasp and stared in awe.

Her whole body was now completely female and also, while she had rush to the room, her clothes had gone through their own change.  She immediately recognized the clothes as the ones the people of Kurain Village wear.  As in, the people from the Phoenix Wright games.  She then realized it.  She had changed into Maya Fey from the series!

"Oh…" she gasped.  She is unable to fully grasp what she sees.  She runs her delicate hands through her soft and long hair.  She touches her breasts gentle and feels her groin area, frowning once more.  She touches the necklace around her neck and then finally feels her clothes.  Everything is completely real.

"I don't believe it," she said, "How is this possible!"

Then it hits her!  When she was playing the game, it had glitch out and shocked her.  Right when it glitch out, she had selected to talk to Maya on the screen.  Maybe, somehow, that changed Mat into Maya!

"This is so weird!" the new Maya said with a horrified looked on her face, "I can be Maya and I can't be a girl!  What will everyone say when they get back to find me?!  I… I… have to find a way to change back!"

There was suddenly a loud gurgle sound.  She looked around in surprise and heard it again from below.  She glanced down and saw that her stomach was growling, hungrily.  She looked at it with confusion and rubbed her stomach area.

A feeling then came over her.  She felt so hungry.  "Oh man!" she said, "I… need something to eat!  But what?"

Then an idea crossed her mind and smiled brightly.  "Cheeseburger!" she said happily, "I'll get some cheeseburgers!  I have some then I think this new situation over!"  She then excitedly ran off in search of some burgers to eat.
Yeah, yeah... I know. I haven't been doing much recently. I'm lazy, yeah yeah... don't remind me.

So, I decided to do something not planned at all. I came up with this idea recently as I was replaying through the Phoenix Wright series. I suddenly got an urge to write this and I hoped you like it for how simple it is. I hope this gets me back into the groove of things.

I am sorry if I got any of the transformation details messed up. Her hair style isn't actually easy to describe if you have seen the character before.

I do not own Phoenix Wright or any of the characters so... yeah...
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The Transformation Polka

Two young women got out of a car and started walking toward a slightly run-down hotel.  They were both dressed in jewel-toned knee-length dresses, and looked almost like sisters, especially with their long brown hair done up in identical up-dos.

“Seriously, Maria, what on earth possessed the student council to have prom here, of all places?” asked the slim one in the shimmering green dress.

“It was cheap, Ginny,” replied the slightly taller one in the wine-coloured dress.  “We had to find an alternative to the gymnasium thanks to the repairs.  Besides, there are other advantages to the location.”

“Other advantages...”  Ginny looked around, and her eyes widened.  “We’re right next to a freaking nudie bar, how is that an advantage?”

“It’s a topless bar,” Maria replied absently.  “My uncle Leo works there, though he’s taking the night off to DJ for us instead.”

“Let me guess, that was also cheap.”

“I’m his favourite niece, and I leveraged that into a really good deal, yeah.”

“The things we do for money, or lack thereof...  Ah well.”  Ginny looked up at the banner hanging over the door, proclaiming this the ‘Moon Magic Dance’.  The full moon was just starting to peek over the horizon.

“Thanks for being my ‘date’ for prom,” said Maria as they went in.  “It would have been lame to go alone.”

Ginny smiled.  “I’m glad we could go together.  Fits, really, we’ve done pretty much everything else together.  Besides, the only other person who asked was Martin.  And... ew.”

“You reject the bookish types,” started Maria.

“Nerds,” interrupted Ginny.

“The studious ones.  But you’ve never dated a jock, either.  So just what kind of guy are you looking for, anyway?” Maria asked, with a hint of mischief in her eyes.

“Someone who understands me, who’s sweet and gets my jokes.  But he also has to have enough muscle to sweep me off my feet.”

Maria giggled.  “I didn’t make the wrestling team, but I still kept up the workouts.”  She flexed an arm, showing off well-toned muscles.  “Bet I can pick you up.”  She wrapped her arms around Ginny’s waist, and hoisted her into the air.

Ginny squealed and kicked.  “Eeep! Hey!  That’s not what I...”

Maria set her down lightly.  “See?  I could sweep you off your feet.”

“If you were a guy, I would fall for you so hard,” Ginny said, face flushed.

Maria covered her triumphant grin by giving Ginny a mocking bow, then kissed her hand.  “Shall we go dance, my lady?”

Ginny tittered nervously, but recovered and curtsied to her ‘date’.  “Lead on, kind sir.”

Arm in arm, they entered the ballroom.  With the lights down low, it was easy to miss how worn the carpets were.  The moon-themed decorations on the walls concealed the worst of the dinginess there, too.  Someone had created hundreds of glittering circles, and even taken the time to add craters and dark areas to many.  Set along the sides of the room were dozens of tables for sitting and chatting, each had a frosted globe with a flickering candle inside.  On the far wall was a row of enormous round punch bowls, their contents the gold of a harvest moon.

About fifty of their classmates were dancing on a section of parquet floor taking up the middle of the room, and another hundred or so were scattered around the edges in clumps, chattering to each other.  The girls all wore glittering, fancy dresses, far outshining the decorations.  Most of the guys were sharply dressed as well, at least half still had tuxedo jackets on.  More jackets were draped here and there on the chairs around the room’s edge.

Maria waved to the lanky man behind the DJ station, and he smiled and waved back.  He busied himself at his console briefly, and the next song to start playing made Maria grin.

“Oooh, this is my favourite song!  Come on, let’s dance!”

Ginny reluctantly let herself be dragged onto the dancefloor.  “I guess.”  When she looked around and saw they weren’t the only pair of girls dancing together she relaxed slightly.

   You walk around here like you want to be someone else.

Maria grinned at the lyrics, then started to sing along as she danced with Ginny.  As she finished the chorus, “you could make my wish come true, if you let me treasure you,” Ginny looked at her sharply.

“What are you saying?”

“Just singing along with my favourite song,” muttered Maria, but she couldn’t meet her friend’s gaze.

“Ohmigod,” whispered Ginny under her breath, quiet enough so only Maria could hear.  “You’re sweet on me.”

Maria cast her gaze at the floor, nodded.  “Yes.”

Ginny squeezed her hand.  “You know I don’t swing that way.”

“I know.  Let’s just dance anyway, OK?  Can you give me this for tonight?”

Ginny paused for a time, and Maria’s heart felt like it had stopped.  Finally she managed a tentative smile.  “I can do that for you.  But no slow dances.”

Maria sighed with relief, the bands about her heart unclenching just a little.  “Thank you.”

So they danced some, and talked some.  Ginny kept eyeing the cute guys, and pointing them out to Maria.  The cute ones had more dance partners than they knew what to do with, and there were clusters of the shyer girls standing about, making moon-eyes at the boys on the dance floor and ignoring the shy guys standing in clusters not far away.

“Come on,” said Ginny.  “Let’s drag a few others out onto the dancefloor.”

Maria shrugged, and tagged along as Ginny made a beeline for one of the clumps of boys.  At the last moment, Maria split off and dragged one of the shy girls onto the dance floor with her, over weak protests.

They danced for a verse of the song, then Ginny swapped partners with Maria.  Maria grinned hugely, and Ginny did too, watching the couple they’d just pushed together on the dancefloor start to smile at each other.  Once the dance was over, the couple stayed on the dance floor.  Without a word exchanged in planning, Ginna and Maria headed out to find partners once more, and dragged them onto the dancefloor.

They had a blast playing matchmaker, and a surprising number of the couples they put together seemed to be quite happy staying on the dancefloor with each other.  As Ginny had asked, they sat out the slow dances, but a lot of their newly-formed couples stayed together through the slow songs.  As the evening progressed some of their friends got caught up in the game as well, drawing more couples onto the floor.

So when the guy in the flamboyant hawaiian shirt and mop-top of unruly curls bounced up onto the stage, everyone was on the dance floor.  He pulled out an accordion from what seemed like thin air, and grinned out over the crowd.  The latest song ended, followed by quiet.

“Is everyone ready to polka?” the strange looking man called out.

There were some boos from the audience, but he just laughed.  “Oh, I think you’ll like this set.  It’s time for the Transformation Polka!”

On that note, a shaft of moonlight hit the stage through a window that hadn’t been there a minute ago.  Music started blaring through the speakers once more, an accordion-accompanied version of ‘A Change Will Do You Good’.

The man with the accordion was very obviously faking his playing, he was just squeezing the accordion in and out and pressing random keys.  He met Maria’s gaze and she giggled, and felt an electric tingle.  She started dancing to the frenetic sped-up pace of the song.  The man’s gaze continued to rake the audience, stopping here and there on specific people.

As the first chorus hit, there were gasps from the crowd.  Here and there among the dancers, catlike ears were poking out from people’s hair, flicking this way and that like real cat ears.  Maria tried out her own, angling them this way and that with a huge grin. Ginny’s eyes widened with surprise, and she reached up to touch Maria’s new ears, making them twitch away from the contact.

Once the initial shock of realization wore off, reactions were mixed.  Some of those with ears squeaked in alarm or surprise, looking distressed at what had happened to them.  Their ears quickly and quietly went away.  Others like Maria just grinned, and a few cheered excitedly.  Maria felt that electric tingle once more, and watched in fascination as her fingertips grew claws.  A tail swished out behind her dress, and she flicked it against Ginny’s waist.

Ginny caught the tail, wrapped it around her like a belt.  “Is this real?” she asked.

“Feels like it.”

All around them, people were gasping and pointing at those who’d liked the changes, all of whom were transforming as Maria had, growing even more feline.  For most it stopped at claws, slitted eyes, and swishing tails. But those most keen, most happy with it changed further.  Spotted fur, stripy fur, muzzles pressing out yet still leaving a humanoid mein.  Ankles turned and stretched, leaving them digitigrade, dancing ever more nimbly.  One girl changed so far that her boyfriend scooped her up in his arms, she was little more than an oversized persian cat, purring up a storm.

The song changed abruptly and a similarly accordionized version of “Lola” started playing over the speakers.  Maria stared at the man pleadingly, and found he was already watching her.  He nodded, and she felt her whole body tingle this time.  Maria used her tail to pull Ginny close, and wrapped her arms around her friend as she felt her body and clothes reshape themselves.

Ginny pushed Maria back a little later once she realized what was happening.  Maria’s dress was gone, replaced by a shirt and pants.  The ears and cat eyes were still there, but Maria was now very much a catboy instead of a catgirl.  “Oh... Oh wow.”

The look Maria got then made his heart leap for joy, and he pulled Ginny back into a warm embrace.  They danced to a song that wasn’t playing, twirling in a half-time polka to the edge of the crowd where there was more space.

Couples were changing, swapping genders.  Big muscular guys were changing into big muscular girls, and girls into slim guys that still somewhat resembled their former self.  Again, those that acted most accepting of the changes shifted further, former guys slimming down to become dainty and petite, and their partners bulking up. More than a few newly-muscular guys lifted their new girls off the floor to give them a spin, laughing.  Maria spotted at least two such couples slipping out of the room before the song was over.

The song changed again, this time a frenetic cover of ‘Electric Barbarella’.  It was Ginny’s turn to gasp as she felt the gaze of the accordion man on her.  Maria watched in wonder as his girlfriend’s skin started to change, becoming glossier.  At the same time, her chest was getting noticeably larger.  The dress would have strained to contain it, except it too was shifting.

“What’s happening to me?” squeaked Ginny, fretfully.

“Shh, shh.  Nothing bad.  It looks like you’re becoming a doll.  Enjoy it.”

“Enjoy it?  I’m turning into plastic.”

Maria pulled her close, reveling in the feel of expanding breasts against his chest.  “Does it hurt?”

“N... no.  It feels... oh God, it feels so gooood.”  Ginny’s eyes closed and she pressed her hips against Maria, squirming against her friend’s muscular leg.  “Kiss me!”

Maria didn’t hesitate.  Ginny’s lips felt as soft as they looked, and the insides of her mouth, most noticeably her teeth, were even softer.  Their tongues twined, and Ginny’s knees buckled.  Maria’s strong grip around Ginny was the only thing that kept her from tumbling to the floor.

Maria broke for air, Ginny’s eyes were shining, and not just because they’d become glass.  “That,” the love-doll squeaked, “was fucking incredible.  Again!”

Neither of them noticed the same scene playing out among dozens of other couples.  Before long, every girl at the dance, new girl or old, cat-ears or no, was made of plastic.

When the song finally ended, and Maria and Ginny separated, they both gasped.  There were dozens that had changed even more than Ginny, becoming fully robotic.  Traceries of glowing circuits covered their bodies, and their eyes were glowing blue orbs.  Gaps in their glossy, smooth skin showed cables and gears underneath.  Some moved as smoothly as silk, others with the stop-and-go jerkiness of a robot.  One girl had changed further yet, and was a two foot tall marionette, her strings leading up to her boyfriend’s hand.  She was dancing madly at his command, giggling up a storm.  The grins on both their faces were epic.

“Oh wow,” Maria breathed.  “Now what?”

“I hope you enjoyed the Transformation Polka,” Leo announced over the speakers.  “Let’s have a big round of applause for our guest.”

There were scattered cheers among the applause, but also worried looks.  Were they going to be stuck like this?

Then the familiar strains of ‘Highway to Heaven’ started up, the proper version, not an accordion-mangled one.  Their guest watched over them with a smile that gave them nothing to fear, so they danced.  Maria pulled Ginny in close for the slow part at the beginning, and Ginny didn’t object.  Instead, she snuggled up even closer, and set her head on Maria’s shoulder as they danced.

As the music’s pace rose, so did a swirling mist.  Glowing with moonlight, it rendered the other dancers indistinct shapes, swirling and leaping to the racing music, dancing figures that did not look human.  Satyrs and nymphs flitted in the fog, but as the song wound down to its plaintive finale, and the mist drained away... everyone was human once more.  Tails and ears and plastic skin were all gone, and everyone in the ballroom save one was back in their normal gender as well.

Ginny looked around, then back at her friend.  “You didn’t change.”

Maria smiled fondly at his girlfriend.  “No.  I didn’t.”

“Thank you everyone, you’ve been a great crowd,” called out the flamboyantly-shirted man, his accordion nowhere to be seen.  “If you have any questions about your parting gifts, I’ll be by the entrance for a little while.  Remember girls, deep breaths...”

There was chatter and consternation among the crowd as he strolled to the front of the ballroom.  People wondered what he meant, until suddenly one girl’s chest expanded like a bullfrog’s.  She squeaked in amazement, and her boyfriend grinned at how she was threatening to spill out of her dress.  With a gusty exhale, her breasts returned to normal.  “I have inflatable tits!” she squealed, looking amazed.  Her boyfriend had the goofiest grin you ever saw.

Ginny took a deep breath, then laughed as her chest expanded.  “Oh, wow.  I hope I get to keep this.”

“Me too,” said Maria in her new deep voice.

Ginny started dragging Maria toward the door.  “We need to talk to him, get you changed back.”

“Is that what you really want?” asked Maria.

Ginny stopped cold, and slowly turned to her friend, eyes widening as realization after realization set in.  “You’d... you would stay like this?  For me?”

Maria couldn’t speak, only nodded, eyes shining with emotion.

“Oh...”  Ginny’s eyes narrowed.  “Maria Yvonne Cleary, did you arrange for all this chaos just so you could become my boyfriend?”

Maria nodded slowly.  “Yes.”  He bit his lip.  “Though I didn’t expect it to get quite so wild.”

Ginny grabbed him in a bear hug.  “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!”

After a long, passionate kiss, Ginny came up for air.  “Foo.  Being a love doll had its advantages.”


“Yeah.  Didn’t have to break a kiss to breathe.”

Maria chuckled.  “We could get you changed back, if you like.”  She gestured to the guy by the door. Two of the couples that had slipped out during ‘Lola’ were talking to him.  One started changing back.  The other couple hesitated for a long moment, then smiled and walked outside as they were, out into the moonlight.

“Tempting... but I think I’d like to be human for this next bit.”

Ginny pulled her boyfriend to the guy in the brightly-coloured shirt.  “Hi.  How long will this last?”

“I can change you back now... no?  Then it will fade in a week.”

Ginny sighed.  “Oh.  I was hoping...”

The man looked over at Maria.  “Do you want to stay like this?”

Maria bit his lip, looked down at Ginny’s begging eyes, and smiled.  “Yes. With all my heart.”

“Go.  Look upon the Moon.  If that truly is your heart’s desire, so it shall be.”

He stepped out of their way, and Maria and Ginny went out into the parking lot.  “Do you think he was serious?” Ginny asked.

“Given everything else that has happened tonight... yes.”

Ginny squeezed Maria’s hand.  “Then let’s look up together.”

A glow enveloped the two figures, briefly.  They staggered for a moment, then hugged each other happily.

“Was that a dream?  Are we really going to be like that?” asked Ginny wonderingly.

“Yes.  And I’ll do my best.”

“Oh...” Ginny’s voice was lost in wonder.  Then she giggled.  “I guess this means I get to keep my inflatable boobs, too.”


Maria swept Ginny up into a spin, twirling her around with his newfound strength, then set her down to gales of giggles.  Then, arms around each other, the couple walked off into their new life together.
A little bird reminded me that grapehyacinth's birthday is today, and while pondering it the title to this piece popped into mind.  I liked the idea, and it evolved into what you've just read.  Happy Birthday!

Can anyone guess the setting?
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One wish only
By The Shadow Demon
(Woman into anthro cat)

"C'mon Sarah this is stupid!" Wendy moan as she and her best friend Sarah made their way into a magic shop that just recently opened in their town. The two were at sixteen years old as Sarah had long black hair, blue eyes and a well fit body while Wendy had shoulder length blonde hair with green eyes and too had a well fit body just like Sarah and even that the two were the best of friends Wendy always got confused with Sarah as she loved the thought of 'real' magic as Wendy just always thought that it was nothing more then tricks.
"Wendy would you lighten up!" Sarah said dragging Wendy inside the magic shop, Wendy just moans as Sarah as like a kid in a candy store as she just went to every shelf, to every book on display and just giddy about every little thing. Wendy on the other hands just places her hands into her pants pockets and just slowly walks around the store not sure if she should be embarrass on that she was in a magic shop or that Sarah was acting like a kid in the very store that she was in.
"Take a chill pill Sarah, I'm right here!"  Wendy moans as she walks over to Sarah to her jumping up and down.
"Look at theses, wishing stones!" Sarah said pointing to a small basket filled with different coloured stones.
"You can't be serious!"  Wendy said
"What?"  Sarah asks
"You really truly think that these are wishing stone and if so who in their right mind would sell them at only two dollars each?" Wendy explains
"That's because they are one wish stones!" a voice calls out, Wendy and Sarah turns around to see a man walking out of the back to meet the two girls.
"So I'm guessing you work here?" Wendy asks
"Oh god no, I'm the owner!" The man answers with a smile "Anyways, the reason why they're so cheap is that they only grant one wish only, once the wish is made... that's it no more!"
"Right, if these are wishing stones then I'm the queen of England!" Wendy moans doubting the wishing stones power.
"You be if you just wish!"  The man grins
"I'll take two!"  Sarah said making Wendy turning back to her in pure shock.
"Right away, just pick the two you want and meet me at the counter!" the man said as he walks back to the counter to get ready for a sale.
"Sarah what are you doing?" Wendy whispers to Sarah as she picked out a pink and green stone from the basket and walks up to the counter with them.
"What does it look like I'm doing, I'm getting some wishes!" Sarah smiles as she gives the man the total amount of purchasing the two stones.
"You are unbelievable!"  Wendy sighs
"Hey," Sarah said as she gives the green stone to Wendy "This is for you!"
"What... why?" Wendy asks
"So this way it be far!" Sarah smiles as she walks out of the shop with her head held high and a smile on her face, Wendy just sighs as she follows Wendy out of the shop.
Later that night, Wendy finishes her homework on her computer and as places the finishes touches on it her eyes slowly turn to the green wishing stone that lay silently next to her. Slowly she reaches over and grabs it. Slowly moving it to in front of her face Wendy sighs as the thought of giving the wishing stone a try.
"Okay, okay... um... I wish... I wish... I wish... That my true love shall reveal themselves!" Wendy said as she closes her eyes and held the stone tightly and after couple seconds Wendy reopen her eyes to see that nothing had happened.
"Figures... nothing!" Wendy said throwing the stone into the bin as she returns to her work on the computer unaware of the green of the stone faded away till nothing. As Wendy starts to do work that needed to do, her vision began to come blurry, blinking couple times Wendy awaited for couple seconds to her vision came back to her. Thinking nothing of it, Wendy continue to work on her computer and start to notice that her fingers felt funny, now becoming weird out by the this, she turns to her hands and notices her fingernails were growing long and sharp just like claws.
"What the hell?" Wendy asks as she notices hair beginning to sprout over hands and spreading upwards.
"WHAT THE HELL?!"  Wendy screams as she shot out of her chair to see that the hair was spreading all her visible areas, unaware of her ears growing long and pointed moving to the top of her head while her nose changes slightly morphing with her upper lip as whiskers grew on her cheek. Becoming frantic, Wendy felt a sharp pain coming from her behind forcing Wendy to pull back her jeans to see a small nob growing out of her behind growing in speed.
"Is... is... is that a tail?"  Wendy cries out to find that her eyes weren't telling her lies as the nub did grow to a three foot long tail , with the hair now covering her entire body, Wendy notices that this was more like fur then anything else as she quickly rushes over to her full length mirror to see horror n her reflection, Wendy had just formed into the humanoid cat that she was still her but now cat in every kind of way from the whiskers all the way to the tail, Wendy even notices that she looked slimmer and yet larger in her breast and chest area.
"How... how is this possible?" Wendy asks herself as her eyes look around her room to try to find an answer only to find the wish stone in her bin.
"Wait... but I didn't wish for this!" Wendy explains
"But I think I did!" a voice calls out; Wendy quickly turns to see Sarah standing in her door frame with a slight grin on her face.
"You.. But why?" Wendy asks Sarah didn't answer a she walks over to Wendy and out of no where lands a kiss on to Wendy. Wendy quickly pulls herself away from Sarah as she had no idea where that came from.
"I've been in love with you since we met and I was going to wish for courage to tell you but suddenly I found it and ran over here so fast I wish that I could put my hands around your feline figure... I guess my wish took a little too far!" Sarah explains
"I... I..." Wendy stumbles on her words as her wish was that her true love would reveal them selves but not in a million year did she thought it was Sarah.
"Come now... let be really hold you!"  Sarah said as she grabs Wendy on her ass and planted a kiss on Wendy that flooded Wendy's mind with love, desire and passion and as the two stood their in their hour of passion somewhere the man that sold the magic wishing stone was grinning on giving his costumers exactly what they wanted.
The End.
It's been awhile since I've done a anthro TF so i decided to do one while i was babysitting my little bro. Hope you guys like it :)
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Contractor: Teen Desirers
By The Shadow Demon
(Women into cow and horse)

Madison looked down at her scales to see that it read that same that read last week, Madison always worried about her weight apart from being she was no where near classified as overweight or chubby in fact most of the boys that she went to her boarding school found her to be one of the hottest girls there, however for Madison it wasn’t about the weight thing, it was keeping it off what was the problem.
“There got to be another way!” Madison said as she hope off the scales and walks into her living room. “I’m so sick of these diets, I need something that I never have to worry about my weight without these pesky diets!”
“I can help with that!” a male voice answers her, quickly Madison turns to a direction of the voice to see a man in his mid thirties with short spiky brown hair and wearing the most casual clothing.
“Who are you and how did you get in?” Madison quickly asks the stranger.
“Relax, I am Contractor,” the man introduce himself “and I am here to solve your problem!”
“My problem?”
“Yes your problem I don’t see anyone else in this room,” Contractor answers “you wish to never worry of your weight again without the help of a diet… I can help you that!”
“How?” Madison asks getting straight to the point
“With a simple sign on the dotted line, I will use my power to make it so!” Contractor sang as he pulled out a piece of paper and golden pen with a smiley ball clicker on top out of nowhere.
“I just have to sign and I don’t have to worry about diets, my weight… what’s the catch?”
“No catch, nothing, only you need to give is your signature and that’s it!”
For some reason, Madison had a bad feeling of this, to her it was too simple, too easy and far too quick to sign away.
“No I don’t like, No!”  Madison said
“What do mean ‘no’?” Contractor in near surprise
“I mean no as in no way I’m signing that,” Madison told him, Contractor almost looked like he was heartbroken
“Very well,” He said as he put the piece of paper and the pen away “here’s my card if you change your mind!” with that he throw a business card at her, Madison quickly grabbed to see only Contractor’s name on it, turning back to him but only seeing her empty room once again made her really nervous. The next day during her lunch break at school, Madison pulled out the lunch what was a simple diet yogurt what taste like cardboard to her
“You know,” Madison turn to see Contractor sitting right next to her what made jump out of her own skin. “If you signed the contract of mine you won’t be eating that crap!”
“Don’t you have any one else to annoy?” Madison growls
“Not really… no!” contractor answers with a slight grin
“Hey Mady,” a familiar voice called out, Madison turn to see her best friend Julie coming over, the girls were at the same age of sixteen with both long brown hair and similar body figures except Julie had Double C cup breast while Madison only had C cup. “Who’s your friend?”
“He’s nobody!” Madison answered
“Oh, don’t be like that” Contractor adds “The name’s Contractor”
“Contractor? Really?!” Julie asks
“Indeed it is, you see my… job is to help people and there problems no matter how stupid, no matter how farfetched, no matter what it is I will provide it only what the client needs to do is sign the contract that I give them with no catches and no payment” Contractor adds “why you got something that you need some help with?”
Julie smiled, “Apart living at a boarding school, I always want to join the horse riding team but my parents can’t afford the training I need to join”
“You’re kidding me? Out of the whole world you want nothing more then to join a horse ridding team?” Contractor asks with a grin “that would be the easiest thing I have ever done!”
“You mean you can do it?!” Julie said in excitement
“I tell you what, meet me in the stables in a half an hour or so, I just got some things to do first!” Contractor smiles
“Thank you,” Julie smiles as her shook his hand in appreciation then quickly took off calling out ‘thank you’ as she did.
“You got a strange friend there,” Contractor smiles, “But she knows a bargain when she sees one!”
“Okay that’s it, how many time do I have to say ‘no’ to you?” Madison snapped
“I don’t know? How many times has it been now?” Contractor smiles sarcastically
“When things are too good to be true, that’s because it is!” Madison told keeping in mind what her parents taught her, “I just can’t believe the Julie brought that crap too easily!”
“That’s the beauty of opportunities… you never know when you going to get one but once you do, you better grab it before it’s too late!” Contractor told her, Madison turn away as she wasn’t buying anything that Contractor was selling.
“Say what you want but…” Madison said as she turned around to see that once again Contractor was nowhere to be seen!

Pacing up and down in the stables, Julie waited for Contractor to show as she was too excited to even slow down.
“Have you been waiting here since I told you that I can do it?”
Julie turns to see Contractor standing in the entrance of the stables.
“You have no idea how much a want this!” Julie said in excitement
“Oh I can guess” contractor said as he pulls out a piece of paper and a pen seeming out of nowhere and giving them to Julie.
“You don’t mind if I read it first?” Julie asks sounding a little bit untrusting about the whole thing.
“Please do” Contractor smiles, with the Julie began reading it to see that the contract was very simple to follow and very direct.
“Wow it’s legit, it says exactly what you said… I honestly seeing this going wrong” Julie said as place contract some where hard so she could sign it, Contractor grin grew wider as he could see Julie finishing signing the contract.
“Thank you very much,” Contractor said grabbing his pen back
“So how is this going to work,” Julie asks as she develops an itch on her chest “Are you going to fund the money for me to join the team?”
“Oh no, no, no, no… I do this differently” Contractor smirks as he catches a glimpse of a patch of dark brown fur growing between her revealed cleavage.
“Then how are going to it?” Julie asks finding more itches developing on her stomach, neck, arms, legs, ears and face.
“By magic” Contractor answers
“Magic?” Julie asks finding her fingers cramping up on her, turning her attention to her fingers, Julie heart sank deep into her chest as her finger were going a near black-brown colour as they began fusing together forming into disgusting black-brown hooves. Quickly Julie turn to herself to see dark brown hair was growing over her visible body.
“What’s happening to me?” Julie cried out as she could her ears growing becoming more pointed and horse like as they made there way through her thick brown hair.
“What I promised!” Contractor answers “You wanted to be apart of the riding team so here you go!”
“Hold on,” Julie screamed feeling pressure near her backside “You mean to say I’m turning into a horse?”
“Wow, you figured that out all by yourself?!” Contractor said in a real sarcastic way.
“But the contract said no catches!” Julie explained as her pants ripped away from her changing body, she turned to see not just legs, buttock were loosing there human form but no she had full length brown horse tail.
“True, the contract did say no catches but this is more misleading then a catch” Contractor explains as he watches Julie’s shoes nearly explode by her newly forming legs as her feet began to lengthen and take on more mass while her toes form into hooves like what fingers did.
“Please I didn’t want to be a horse” Julie pleaded as her legs now look more horse-like then human, as her body began to take shape.
“And I didn’t want to be a brunette and look how that turned out!” Contractor said pointing to his hair.
“Please make this stop” Julie pleaded as she was forced to all-four as spine changed making now impossible for to stand on two ever again, Julie turn her changing body as she was waist down fully horse as her arms grew longer becoming her new front legs as this happen Julie could feel her human hair growing down her neck forming into her new mane. As the changes reach her chest, Julie eye was flooded with tears as her chest swallowed up her human breast as it pushes outward.
“Please… stop” Julie pleaded again her voice sounding deeper and more whistler almost like horse ‘neigh’ as her neck thicken and lengthen.
“Please… stop… neigh… pleause neigh, neigh” Julie cried out as her voice begin to slip away for facial did too, pushing outwards into an equine muzzle.
“Wow, I have to you are a beautiful mare and will make a stallion very, very happy” Contractor said as handheld mirror appeared in contractor’s hand, as he put in front of her face, Julie slowly backed into a vacant stable to the sight she saw. Nothing that she saw in her reflection resemble her human life, even her man grew to the same thickness and length of her human hair making impossible for her to spot it plus her green eyes had change to brown horse eyes.
“No this can’t be I can’t be a horse!” Julie thought as Contractor closes the gate of the stable that Julie was in.
“Looks like my deed here is done,” Contractor smiled as he made label on Julie’s stable with her name on it “now it’s your friends turn” as he walks out of stables leaving Julie to her fate.

Madison awoke to see that it was morning, slowly yarning she got out of bed and got ready for another at school. As the day went its usual slow speed, Madison notice the Julie wasn’t any of her classes and Madison became worried. When she finally got some free time she made her way to the stables to notice one of rides getting for a ride.
“Excuse me,” Madison called out in a polite way “Have you seen Julie?”
“Julie? Oh Julie the new one, oh yeah she’s gone out with the other riders” she answers, Madison couldn’t believe what she was hearing, Contractor did exactly what he said he would, he made Julie apart of the horse ridding team.
“I don’t believe it,” Madison whispers to her self “He actually did it!”
“Pardon?” the rider asks
“Never mind, and thanks!” Madison answers as she runs off. Looking around the school for Contractor she later found leaning on a tree near the outskirts of the school boundaries.
“Hey,” Madison called as she finally caught up to him “I need to know one thing, how did you do it? How did you get Julie be apart of the riding team?”
“Like I said to you and to her, what I say is what I do… just signing a simple contract just makes sure that I’m not pulling your leg!” Contractor answers
“So you really can make sure that I now longer need to worry about my weight ever again?” Madison asks
“I don’t make sure, I guarantee it!” contractor corrects her “The only thing I need is you and your signature on the contract and that’s it” Madison as he once again pulls out a piece of paper and his pen almost like he just pulled them out of thin air. “You can read it if you wish,” Contractor adds, “You will see that it is simple and direct that even a five year would understand it!”
Madison still unsure about began to read to find that he was speaking the truth as it was simple but direct.
“I’m still unsure about this!” Madison said as she still felt like t still was too good to be true.
“You do realize that they are people out there that will give their right arm for something they want but can’t get cause of one reason or another and you are still deciding if you want something for free with no catches what so ever?” Contractor said becoming more annoyed by Madison.
“I hope I’m not making a mistake” Madison said to herself as slowly signs her came on the contract.
“Finally!” Contractor sighs as Madison finishes signing her name on the contract, as the moment she finished, Contractor grabbed his pen from Madison with a smile on his face.
“Now what?” Madison asks unsure what will happen.
“Now it just time to wait for to start!” Contractor as he crosses his arms.
“For what to start?” Madison asks feeling as if her clothing was becoming tighter on her.
“The transformation of cause” Contractor replied with a smile
“What?” Madison screamed as look down to see that her body was putting on weight, Madison watch in horror as her jean button ripped off due the massive of pressure from her increasing weight. Madison mow putting on at least 70lbs by now, as a bulge began to grow on her crotch area and begin to blow outwards into a large sack that flopped on top of her private parts.
“What are you doing to me?” Madison cried out seeing that she was putting on more and more weight.
“Like I said, making sure you no longer need to worry about your weight anymore!” Contractor told her, Madison now putting on near 125lbs weight on, she looked down a large sack to see become pink and develop four teats as it began to get filled with some sort of liquid as she could hear slush around every time she moved.
“Is that a… cow udder?” Madison asks as her jeans and panties fell to the ground revealing her changing legging “Oh my god your turn me into a cow?!”
“Well the first idea was turning you into a pig since they don’t really care how much they weight but since you were such a cow to me I figured that was more suitable for you!” Contractor explains
“But you said no catches!” Madison adds as white fur began to cover her torso and began to spread downwards.
“Wow, I know I heard that before, where did I hear before? Oh that’s right, that’s what your Julie said before I made her apart of the riding team!”
“What did you do to Julie?” Madison asks as she kept her attention body as she could easily see that she had but on 210lbs with no sign of stopping any time soon as her new cow tail snake its way out her backside as she was finding her begin force stand on all-fours.
“I know your ears are turning into cow ears,” Contractor pointed out “but I know you are not hard of hear so I’ll make this simple for you, I made her apart of the riding team it was her fault for not being specific… so yes she is part of the team but she is the one who is being rode on!”
“You turned her into a horse?” Madison cried out as finding that her legs feet were no longer human but in fact hooves and legs of a cow as while her arms were right behind her legs, Madison could easily see now that from waist down she had was fully a cow.
“Oh give her around of applause” Contractor clapped in a true sarcastic way. Madison now from neck down fully turned into a cow, as she looked down at her huge body to see that it her once slim, feminine body was far gone as her neck and face was only left.
“I swear I will find away turn become huuuuman again,” Madison growled finding becoming deeper and gruffer as her neck lengthen and thickens while her face began shifted into their new positions. “And when doooo, I mooooo killooo yoooomooo, moo” Madison drifted away as her face pushes out forming into a bovine muzzle as the last of her remain human looks left her as her hair fell out in heaps.
“At least one thing, you don’t need to worry about you weight anymore,” Contractor snickers as he picks up all Madison torn clothing “You be too far busy worrying about bulls and over things, after all you are young adult dairy cow, ready for mating!”
Those words sank deep in to Madison psyche as she knew he was right, as he gave her a final smile and disappears in thin air leaving made to stand on the outskirts of the school regretting ever putting her name on that contract…
The end.
one thing i have notice in all my Contractor stories that the 'clients' get sold too quick, that they get con too easy so what if someone said 'no' what if someone decline Contractor's offer, what if someone didn't wanted his help... how far would Contractor go in order to get one of his contracts signed?
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