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Ah, yes. I'm not dead yet! In fact, I may just go take a walk.

Monty Python references aside, it took a contest run by a friend of mine to get me to get the ol' wacom out n' draw. However, I decided to really go the distance here, which means that A. I focused a half a month over details and getting references, then realize that the background is wonky, and B. stuff's too stiff. :D It is an eternal battle, digital painting.

Alright. Here's the gist of the contest here: [link] Basically? You grab a random desc from the make-a-ninja generator, and draw that nin. As simple as that. My description is here:

This contemplative female ninja is tall and has an elegant build. She is missing her right arm. Her large eyes are pine-green. She has straight olive-green hair. Her severe outfits are usually gray and include a belt with many pouches. She uses an artistic form of martial arts that emphasizes duplicating the moves of one's opponent and using kicks. Her preferred weapon is a garotte. She is skilled in mimicry, astronomy, and climbing. She uses her weapon to produce shockwaves.

I'm not sure if I'll get any points for exact accuracy, but it's an actual background and a more realistic rendering style. However, I wasn't sure if it fit more in the fantasy category or the anime category, as there were some stylistic nuances that seem to lend themselves to anime, but I guess it's up for debate.

My lovely one-armed nin shall squat in the anime section for now. She may ninja away to the fantasy gallery later, however, if someone recommends it.
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This is an entry for a 'Random Ninja' art competition. You had to go and get a 'random ninja' from this one random generator site, and then do your interpretation of it. Here's mine...

This plucky ninja is very short and has a broad-shouldered build. He has a wide chin. His hooded eyes are lavender. He has charcoal-colored hair worn in a style that resembles a horse's mane. His outfit is in shades of blue. He uses an odd form of martial arts that emphasizes dodging one's opponent and using submission holds. His preferred weapon is a katana (which seems to be almost alive). He is skilled in comedy. He can teleport.

While I didn't show him actually teleporting (which would've been hard anyway), I figure that's how he managed to get behind his opponent, put him in that obviously uncomfortable elbow hold, and sit on him. The purpose? Why to tell him a joke, natch... those samurai never /do/ appreciate a good laugh, the grumpy bastards.

"...So /anyway/... a kitsune and an ogre walk into a bar..."
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An entry for Seventh Sanctum's Extreme Character Contest.

Name: Ghost Reaper

Generated Randomness!

The extroverted male half-Hydra spy. He appears human - yet his shadow is always that of his non-human parent's species.

The calculating warrior. His aquamarine eyes can seduce you with a glance. His stylish hair is slate-gray. He has a rather youthful face. His outfits are tight, he has a preference for brown, and he has a thing for low-riding pants and leather boots.

He seems to me like one of those crazy fantasy RPG characters. Not the hero though, Ghost is that one guy that you meet at a suspiciously helpful time in some bar who hits on your wimmenz (but you still assume he's flaming), assaults the hero with good-natured barbs and by the time he gets around to revealing his halfsy heritage the hero can't but scream at him in frustration because if he'd revealed everything just a liiiiittle while earlier it would have saved everybody a ton of trouble.

And yeah, I'm pretty well aware that with the lighting angles I used, a shadow wouldn't really show up there =P

Other entry is here.
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This is my entry for the Seventh Sanctum Class Act competition. [link]

Generator: Humorous Fantasy Class Generator
Class: Florist Ninja
Media: Pens, pencils, letrasets.

Toshiro was always picked on by the other boy ninjas for constructing bouquets as a hobby - the girl ninjas adored him for it and he wooed many girls with beautiful flowery gifts.
With the coming of the new era and the decline of traditional occupations and services such as the ones that samurais and ninjas offer, these specialists were forced to find another way of life.
Toshiro untied his head protector, donned a bandanna with a quaint flower logo on it, and opened a small but increasingly successful florist business.
He still likes to employ his ninja skills in his new job, using kunai to trim flowers, throwing shuriken to detach blossoms from the tallest of trees and even bunshin (clone) himself when lots of orders come in.
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Entery for Seventh Sanctum Magical Girl/Knight contest ^^

Here's the description:

~This humorous magical girl's narrow eyes are the color of smoke. Her waist-length, straight, silky hair is the color of the evening sky, and is worn in an odd style. She has a very feminine build. She has avian powers that are invoked by concentration. Her uniform is black and red, looks like a fusion of a princess' royal outfit and a barbarian queen's leathers, and it includes a pair of wings.~

I named her Luyu, a name that suits her if you know it's meaning. I'm fairly happy with the background but wish I could have done more; but I'm running out of time. (It's been pretty nerve-racking today; lots of computer problems and paintshop crap =_= ) Hope you like.... I'm tired.
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This is an entry for the Characters - Extreme! contest for Seventh Sanctum [link]

So let me introduce you to Chaos Sunrise: This gentleman has droopy blood-red eyes. He has neck-length, straight, royal purple hair which has a form that reminds you of a pair of wings. His body is rather sleek. You can't help but compare him to a cobra waiting to strike. He has prominent cheekbones. (bishotron) This sword's guard is arc-shaped. Its grip is formed like a chimney with smoke coming out of it. (sword generator) Purple Pendant of Muteness and Charisma. Spirit's Armguard of the Screamer (magic item generator)

So, this guy has a nice tattoo on his right arm, and also lots of layers, tight bell bottoms, and also he can't talk because of the pendant that he can't take off. It's CURSED! Ooo. The armband was an attempt to counteract the pendant. It doesn't work but he likes how it looks. I took the chimney smoke idea literally. I tried to use dawn colors in his clothing and in the background.
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From the Journal of Colton Valantin:

"August 19,
Today I asked around for a Demonologist; I was in need of one, having run into some horrid version of undead just the other day. The locals pointed me to a tiny shop in the back end of the town, scrunched somewhat comically between a bakery and a butcher shop. The owner of said store informed me that her name was Luisa Marsh, and that I would be perfectly fine calling her Lu, or Marsha. Lu was an interesting character, I recall her skin being of a somewhat greenish cast, and freckled. Of course, she kept the lights in her shop dimmed down; the only light came through a couple of dusty windows, so I couldn't really be sure what her skin color was. She had a book open when I walked in, and had all manner of volumes stacked up on her desk - one, I noticed, had a title in an alphabet I'd never seen before. When I asked her if she had any books on the particular type of demon I had run into, she responded with, 'Let's go for a ride, shall we?' We proceeded to pull books off of shelves, put them back, and eventually got to some that contained something like I had described. As she moved around, I could tell that her hair was damp, somehow, and her gait was odd; it was as if her legs were too long. When I asked her about it, she proceeded to ignore me. Leaving, I wondered idly at the name of her shop: 'The Kelpie's Library.' Note to self: look up half-breeds the next time I run into her."

This is my for fun entry for Seventh Sanctum's Fantasy Fusion contest. The prompt was to run the Fantasy Crossbreed generator, and make something to do with the result. I got this:
"The cunning, friendly female half-Kelpie demonologist. Her wardrobe is utilitarian. She appears human - but those who interact with her keep getting the impression that she isn't human."

I think I got it pretty close. I used the Kelpie from Arthur Spiderwick's field guide as a reference.

Drawn completely digitally.
Art (c) Ej Lowell
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EDIT: Color!!! Thanks to David Marquez for his scanning services.

Another entry for Seventh Sanctum's Fantasy Folk contest. I only have the Black and White version for now, due to my lack of a color scanner. I'll replace it asap, but I wanted to put this up. If that conflicts with site rules, please don't accept this until the color version is up.

The description this time:

"The race of otter-people. The only kind of magic they can do is fungus magic. They worship a matriarchial pantheon of gods and goddesses. They believe the powers that be are intimately involved in their lives. They are integrated into another culture, but have no land of their own. Their history is unknown even to them."

In time immemorial this race lost their watery kingdom above and was banished to the underground world of the funguloids. Still in close contact with their gods they use their divine connection to fungus magic to provide healing to injured workers. For this service they are allowed to live amongst the funguloids. Here their most powerful goddess, Leelle the Virgin Hospitaler, lends her divine will to the fungus magic being wielded in her name.
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He looked at the lock over his heart, and then looked down and spotted a key, seemingly its mate. He pointed to it and asked what it was for.

His host looked at it and picked it up, holding it up lightly in his hand.

"What, you mean this?" he said with a smile, chuckling nervously.

An entry for the Seventh Sanctum contest "Twilight of the Vampires":… The rules said to be "different" (and not much else), so after picking his name, I drew this in a sudden fit of inspiration.

Bernardo Lovelock is a toon bat, born in Scotland, who long ago had a deeply serious romantic relationship with a woman he loved very much, which unfortunately ended with him getting dumped and his heart broken.
Wanting to forget the pain, he placed a magical lock over his heart, which he attaches to his jacket, so that his heart would stop beating and prevent feelings of sadness, regret, loneliness, and most of all romantic love. He feels everything else, though, especially fear.
The most unfortunate effect of this lock was that he was forced to become a vampire in order to stay alive. He also can never go any further than ten feet away from the lock, or else it would cause him pain- so while he can take his jacket off, it must stay at his side at all times.

Over the years, he's gotten very used to living as a vampire, living in a castle that normally rejoices in escapades of a macabre nature with his many spooky friends. Ordinary people would still consider him to be a scary freak, though, despite not being evil. But he's still a very tense and nervous fellow who's easily frightened, especially if you bring up the matter of the key that unlocks his heart.
Should his heart ever be unlocked, he fears that it would start beating again, and that he would fall into despair and fits of hopelessly sappy daydreaming.

UPDATE: For further insights into his personality, see this mock interview:

Seriously- this is the very first time I drew him. He just came out this way... after freely associating things with the name "Lovelock" and my favorite horror films, out popped all these symbolic objects that I couldn't readily explain. It was all sort of stream of consciousness.
So for the next few days, I found myself needing to draw other sketches of him in order to fully realize the details, based on this one drawing. I knew what I wanted out of his personality and design- I just had to get it down on paper. Also, I needed to have all of it ready before I could start coloring him.
So I really could only put his backstory into words until right before I started coloring him, once I tidied up the feelings and associations I had attached to him in my mind.

I took a lot of inspiration from cartoons and comedies that were based on macabre humor, especially from the '60s and '70s.
I'm actually not sure what to do with him- I'm thinking he'd mostly be a spokesperson for my love of old-school horror.
Normally I wouldn't have introduced an original character of mine here without copyrighting it first, but this being a contest and all...

The sketch was done in pencil, and the colors were done with colored pencils and Crayola crayons, with some further tweaks in Photoshop. I've always wanted one of those huge boxes of Crayola's complete line of colors, because you can do so much with them... I had been planning to take crayons outside of the realm of children's drawings, and use my knowledge of painting and light and shadow to realize the crayon's full potential.
...And I must say, I've really enjoyed it, like I always thought I would. Crayola crayons are awesome!!

~Fatal hilarity

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My entry for Sevent Sanctum's Fantasy Folk Contest: [link]

Fantasy Race Generator:
The race of Griffin-people. They are well-known for their fantastic spices. They are exceptionally good at enchantment. They are very sensitive about their appearance. They worship a single goddess who works with a host of created sub-deities that are also worshiped. Their government is a dictatorship. They exist outside this dimension, but have some influence inside of this one. A great destiny awaits them, yet they know it not.

This took more time to finish that I thought and because of that it misses the other half of the pic with jungle theme representing her mate Sinha. I'll be finishing it somewhere in the near future.

openCanvas + countless of hours :)
I bought oC licence for me couple of months ago and I've been in heaven ever since. :heart: But. I need moar practise at drawing glass bottles.
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