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After watching Adult Swim last night and catching the Venture Brothers again and taping it to make sure I could watch it several times over since I LOVED it so much x.x lol

I just had to draw some fan art.. I can't help but be in love with all the characters ^_^ Dr. Venture is so unlucky to have such dumb kids LOL! I already have another picture in mind lol it's gonna be funny ^^ The next one will have Brock in it LOL he would've NEVER fit in this picture x.x

I hope they look okay ^_^ I tried to capture their personalities just right LOL poor poor Dr. Venture... LOL

the venture brothers and dr venture are (c) to those cartoon network geniouses and O.O if you don't know who they are... watch the show! It's AWESOME!!!!!!!! It comes on Adult Swim saturday and sunday ^^ heh watch it watch it watch it watch it! ^_^
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This is for 's contest in which participants are given a description via a randomizer (?) and then must draw the character being described...

What i got was:

"This secretive female ninja is very short and has an elegant build. Her wide eyes are red. She has curly orange hair. Her outfit includes a lot of belts. She uses a brutal form of martial arts that emphasizes breaking an opponent's bones. Her preferred weapon is a whip. She is skilled in breakfall and socializing. She can merge with rock."


Coming up with this character was quite fun. Challenges were inevitable specially when you only have to rely on a paragraph for reference.. XD My favorite thing about this character was the belt thingie.. i really brain stormed hard on how to make the belt not make the character a bondage uke. XD Also, the character's weapon can also serve as a belt and a bone breaking tool that can sometimes deflect kunai's. :)

The color wasn't really that hard for i relied on the last part of the description.. "...she can merge with rock..". So her color palette is based from the most simple rock/stone colors. (Which i hope i got right... )


I have already screwed up with another project... so poor Iwane was left to be rendered with flat colors T_T. But a re-color will be possible for this.. coz i love this piece all in all. There might be proportion problems.... but now i know better! :lmao:

Hopefully this gets accepted... (Don't you just love one click sending via Note?.. :giggle: )

Koishi Iwane © Me.
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Ok I have designed and created what I would consider would be the most powerful and unstoppable villain Ben,Gwen,and Kevin would ever face if she had come into the Alien Force relm.
Name: Celerita(I think it's pronounced Cee-lair-ita or Cel-er-ita not too sure:shrug: BUT IT IS NOT CELERY:XD: )and it means swiftness or speed in Latin,which would refer to the great intensity of her powers.
Species: Messierian (play on the Messier Galaxy-or Pinwheel Galaxy-as well as the guy who discovered it,Charles Messier [link] <---more info on the Messier Galaxy)
Homeworld: Messier
Height: She can be any she chooses but her main height is 5"6
Weight: She has no actual weight
Age: Unknown but looks to be about 18 or 19 here
Personality: Cold-hearted,mysterious,and vengeful
Likes: Destruction and havoc
Dislikes: Anything or anyone that gets in her way
Secret Fact: Is a distant relative of Alien X's species,the Celestialsapiens
Abilities: Her main and most powerful ability is to create devastating black holes that are impossible to escape from or stop once started. But she also has powers over dark energy and black magic
Life Story: Celerita is an unknown villain that I may soon introduce into a later Alien Force fanfic if u guys like her enough. Her planet exists in another,far away galaxy. But due to it's inhabitants' destructive powers,it's slowly collapsing in on itself;falling into a black hole of it's own that was accidentally created and got out of control.It started as the size of a marble,but then it began to suck in all matter around it and it eventually it grew in size and power(all true facts-i watched Discovery Channel a few days ago and a show called Ways to Destroy the Earth or something like that was on and black holes was the first theory:nerd::lol: )Celerita was able to escape to go on a quest to search for a new planet to conquer and call her own. That was when she found Earth.The gems on her clothes enable her to teleport around the galaxy at the speed of light.
Now she plans to use her powers to wipe Earth clean of all life-forms in order to have her own species come and inhabit it.
Ben,Gwen,and Kevin will have a lot of trouble stopping this new villain since black holes are the most powerful force in the entire galaxy and is impossible to stop or destroy.
Luckily for them,Celerita does have a weakness but I am not gonna reveal it just yet:nana:
The thing in the bg is SUPPOSED to be a black hole that I attempted to draw:iconembarrasedplz:
I think it came out pretty cool :)
The purple and blue part that is being sucked into the center could be considered black energy or any matter that was unfortunate enough to enter the event horizon of the black hole:mwahaha:
I'm very pleased with this peice :)
I worked so hard on it:faint:
AGH! Though it's not very noticable here-VERY thankful it isn't:phew:-but as I was erasing the pencil marks of the bg to color it,I was kinda holding the paper a bit to tight as I was erasing and now there's a long rip across her face DX
But i was able to tape it so it's not so noticable:iconimdeadplz:
If u are interested to know more about black holes,here's a link:iconcheerplz:
BLACK HOLES ARE AWESOME!!!!!:iconyayjumpplz:
I had to do a lot of research to create this particular OC:work:
BTW,she has a hood on the back of her cloak and I will draw that form possibly later on;)
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Download for more details, if you like!


Name: Bico

Race: Poe

Age: appears to be 14-ish (is actually much older)

Height: 4'11"

Weight: N/A

Occupation: Mischievous Critter

Weapons: A soul-housing lantern

Special skills: Can change her eye color depending on mood (green for docile, yellow for heightened emotions of any sort, red for serious anger), can float and turn incorporeal/invisible when desired (though she tends to stay intangible out of habit)

Magic: Creating small flames that can float toward a target (slowly), levitating her mask (it's the only thing she can control in such a fashion)

Items: She usually just carries around her soul-housing lantern and her mask. Anything else has a tendency to get lost when she returns to being incorporeal (her lantern and mask turn incorporeal with her).

Brief Bio: Bico is a peculiar creature. She was once a Hylian living in Castle Town, but she was killed by a desperate thief. For a long time, this mattered to her, but after so many years of existing as a spirit, she lost interest in her past. She remembers less and less of it every day, and tends to focus her attention on things like bottled objects, particularly interesting critters, and other things which are more interesting than something that happened years and years ago.

For the most part, Bico acts as though she has lost most of her grip on reality. She makes strange, unrelated comments, favors nonsequiturs, and generally seems like she might be talking about something else. When she directly addresses someone, it's usually to ask persistent questions or badger someone into giving her something (she'd much rather get something free than trade for it).

This isn't to say she doesn't have behavioral traits that are more normal. She has a lot of emotions that she bottles up—her memories of her life when she was alive are one thing she keeps locked away if she can help it, but she also has a tendency to let her emotions leak through without realizing it. Her loose grip on real life equates to a loose grip on her own actions and feelings. She isn't exactly volatile, but if something sets her off on a path that leads to a particularly strong emotion, she can seem a little uncontrollable. Fortunately, she's not a very violent person and tends to just wail and fluctuate rapidly between states of tangibility, visibility, and elevation.

Quirks: Surprisingly, she really enjoys wandering around in towns as a “normal human”. She has little idea of how to behave nowadays, but she walks around normally and she wears her mask (to hide her dark skin and glowing eyes). This allows her to find more interesting things.

In her moments of clarity, Bico is a very shaky, tender, easily upset person. When she died, she was still a rather unstable teenager, and she was never very cheerful, so when she snaps back into a state somewhat similar to what she used to be like, she is not particularly chipper.

She loves rain. If it's raining, she'll tend to immediately turn tangible and stand there like a turkey, staring at the sky as if it's the most amazing thing in the world (often to her detriment). When questioned, she insists this is because rain is some sort of incredible miracle.

As her voice is somewhat ambiguous and she doesn't act one way or another, it is often difficult for people to determine what gender she actually is. Not that it really matters, as Bico doesn't care, but people often refer to her as a “he” without her correcting them at all.

History: There isn't a whole lot to say about Bico. She grew up in Castle Town as a rather shy young woman, and just as she was starting to get over her insecurities about her appearance, behavior, and general self, she was murdered by a thief who didn't know how to deal with someone so nervous. She spent a number of years as a vengeful spirit, attacking people from Castle Town in a haze of anger, but at some point she realized she was attacking innocent people—and she still had not found her murderer. She slipped into solitude for a long time before finally losing most of herself to time, then she reemerged as a slightly crooked creature, roaming Hyrule in search of things that would keep her attention.


Nooooo this is very bad, a new character popped into my brain yesterday and I worked her out mega quickly. NO MORE ZELDA CHARACTERS FOR A WHILE, two in quick succession is already a little silly.

But I do like her. She'll be interesting to play.

Template: [link]

Zelda things belong to Nintendo
Bico belongs to me

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So I decided... :I I'm going to make Ophelia's husband, the demon of Greed, Mammon. But he still has his somewhat old Jabberwock features, just that his attitude drastically changed.
YES, this is still related to Alice Madness Returns somehow but with abit of cross-over.

After the Jabberwock was slain by Alice with the vorpal blade, his corpse laid aloof on the cold grounds of Vale of Tears, ever since his absence, it had been too quiet for so long. Ophelia thinks he survived the last incident he had with Alice at Queensland, only then to realize he was already dead and long gone. Heartbroken, Ophelia tried to find alternative ways to revive her dead lover, only then to use a forbidden dark magic that even her demon kind had been prohibited. The magic she conjured only resulted into turning him into a high-ranked demon, a prince of one of the cardinal sins, Greed. Ever since Wonderland plunged into chaos, had it affected on his revival spell. So many things that the Jabberwock craved that not even Ophelia doesn't know. The desire to become organic, the desire to be the ruler of Wonderland. After his revival, Jabberwock, or as what we know now, Mammon, changed alot. He had been overcome with greed. Although he's still an entity of guilt, his lust for all the avaricious things got the better of him.
Even with that stature, he still keeps a great relation with his Ophelia, however, extremely greedy even when shes around with people she knows.
Mammon may have recovered his former powers& features before, optic laser eye beams, fire breath.. his furnace-like heart on his chest level as his stomach becomes a void of nothingness, it's where he stashes all his possession that he claims. At times when he's in combat, a pair of his long pipes burst out from his back near his shoulder level, and his mechanical wings sprout out. It eventually goes back inside his back if he's done in battles. He still has the ability to spawn out his Jabberspawns, but even they themselves have changed by appearance.
Mammon is also one of the top three princes of hell, besides the other two are Rushifa& Beelzebub, so they associate and call each other "brothers".

..Meep. I made have the jackal head. XD
GOD.. Jabberwock's got that "you know that I'm sexy" look on his face.. XD
I LOVE checkered clothes, I have a huge collection of those outfits, mind you. :I
Should I color this one or leave it be? :/

Ophelia, Jabberwock Mammon (c) Me
Jabberwock inspiration (c) American Mcgee's Alice
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Hey there, well, here we go back to my more recent pictures. This one I actually finished on the day I started posting my calendar art, so there's been a bit of lag time. ^^;

This is a picture of Naané Naganaya, a character I've been noodling around with for some time. It's hard to describe Naané in few words, so I've added his story below. It's about 600 words, so you can skip it if you want, although the picture is better if you read it.

The Story:

Long, long ago in the land to the east, there was a terrible god-demon known as Nagana, the King of Snakes. His power was great and terrible, and he a mighty serpent of incomparable size.

For one hundred and fifty years he ruled and terrorized the country between Kasia and Umalta, until at last he was slain by a man called Indrus.

A man people now call "hero."

But as he was dying, Nagana drew forth all his power and sealed it deep within Indrus's heart, so that one day the hero's descendants would inherit Nagana's power and finish what the demon had started.

"Indrus in desparation went to the Naga, the snake people, and had the essence of Nagana sealed away by their strongest spells, so that the power should never resurface.

And so time has passed. Generation to generation, each hiding this terrible secret.

Until now.


"My parents died in a war when I was very young, and I was raised as an orphan. I lived in a small, poor village; all alone and unwanted, until the Elders found out about my family's secret.

"I was five when I realized, that although the hero's blood had run thin and weak over the years, I still held the terrible power of Nagana buried deep inside me.

"Using forbidden arcane magics, the village Elders removed the seals placed in my blood by the Naga so many years before. They called forth the demonic powers within me, and in doing so granted the power of Nagana freedom once more.

"And I became... a tool. A weapon. I knew only to fight. And the fear, the fear of this power I had. I had to destroy everything around me in order not to be destroyed myself.

"And slowly I realized, I was not just a tool. I was a dangerous, unwanted tool. The very people who wished to use my power now wanted me dead.

"Betrayed, used, and betrayed again, I became a monster that knew only how to kill. Because that was how people saw and treated me.

"I didn't understand any of it. I looked at myself and saw a monster, but I didn't know why. I used to cry a lot back then. I can't cry anymore. It all dried up, after all those years of crying.

"Out of fear the Elders handed me over to the Naga in the hopes that they might be able to reseal the essence of Nagana. But even as humans are stupid so the Naga are proud. They could not reseal the power, but they could not admit their failure and kill me. They tried to teach me how to use my power, and control it --- more or less.

"But still, to the humans and the Naga, I am a monster. I am the failure that nobody wants.

"And I can't cry anymore.

"This pain... physical pain is nothing. The power of the snakes is healing, I can heal any wound in seconds. But this pain.... inside me.... it always hurts. No matter where I go, or what I do; it always hurts... right here.

"And I can't cry anymore. I can't run. I can't hide. I'm right here, a monster. I can't die and fade away. I'll always be a reminder of the human's stupidity and the Naga's pride."


"But I've lived long enough now, I realize something.

"Just because people see and treat me like a monster... doesn't make me one. What people think of me has no effect on what I really am.

"And I realized something else too. I'm tired of being sad and I don't want to cry anymore. And... I am not afraid.

"From now on, what I am and what I do will be my decision. The power inside me is mine. Not a tool for foolish humans or a relic from and ancient monster.

"I may be the Heir of the Snake King, the Naganaya, but I am also Naané. Myself. The real power inside me is not this demonic energy. It is the power of my own will.

"And so it will always be."

--- Naané Naganaya, Heir of the Snake King

The Picture:

I really pulled out all the plugs on this one, it's 100% colored colored pencil, and took roughly nine hours spread over a week. I put a lot of work into the lighting and the texture, even adding details like the relief carvings on the stone in the background. (The carvings tell the story of Indrus and Nagana, if you bother read the story.)

There are a total of six living snakes in this picture (not counting Naané since he's technically still human), they are: two black rat snakes, one boa constrictor, one coral snake (deadly poisonous), one greater California king snake, and one giant anaconda (what Naané is sitting on :P ).

And as to Naané? Basically I'd gotten tired of snakes always being associated with evil characters, (Orochimaru, Lord Voldemort, Slytherin, etc.) and I wanted to create a snake character of my own who, although he has every reason in the world to be evil, is still a good person with a strong will of his own on the inside. He has the power of death, but can also heal people (this is a small reference to the medicinal emblem of a snake wrapped around a staff).

In a nutshell: Naané has personality issues to rival Uchiha Sasuke, but can still rock the world. Go boy, go.

Naané Naganaya, the image, and the story related above are © myself, Agent Elrond, 2005. Enjoy. :)
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Hello every body. Well its come the that point were I'm in love with the work of :iconosy057:. This is my character Niogi Yao, and osy's character Ryo Aokawa,One of the main characters for his Naruto fanmanga: Naruto Eledia.

The colored version will be posted eventually. Right now I'm quite hungry.


Edit* [link] to colored version
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Okay, before I say anything, let me thank for giving me permission to post this cuz the Naruto and Sasuke are very similar to a great piece of artwork(used it as reference^^;) that she did plus i got the idea from her artwork. if you want to know what picture she made here it is. [link] I'm also planning on making some stationary for each one of these cute chibis. I thought it might be kinda cool ya know? My sisters agree as well. Also, you will notice that I shaded much more neater this time thus it looks better. though it did take me a heck of a lot longer....>.< actually i had spent two freakin' days on this. Sure, i did take a couple breaks and played harvest moon but still. Also, you must've already noticed that there is no green jacket on kakashi. Well, me and jacket couldn't cooperate(couldn't draw it and make it look good at the same time) SOOO, I stole his vest and burned it with the flame of a thousand evils and drew him without it. I couldn't draw it. sorry kakashi fans, I know how cool he looks with it but i'm afraid i'll have to let you down. :cries: don't hate me okay? after all he is still cute.^^ anyway...Enjoy!:D

Naruto characters are property of Masashi Kishimoto (NOT ME, obviously)
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Second new villain for this story, and the last in this series of character art ^o^ Now I just have to add some finishing stuff for the DVD gallery I'm going to make as my senior project, then I'll have the terrifying/exhilarating experience of seeing my stuff in a art gallery setting. Just, dude. :faint:

Ahem, anyways, his story is the most detailed as it spans before all of the others, before the first Tea Party celebration took place...

Once upon a time, Shen Nung was the wise and powerful emperor of the then small kingdom of Chamomile. Back then, there were very few Realms, but the one that mattered to the small, enclosed home of Humans and Elementals was the Realm of Life, who his friend, Tejina, guarded with care. He looked up to him, and dedicated his life to studying about the life-giving sustenance: tea. However, in his pursuit to learn more, he lost track of himself, isolating himself to his work until he lost the meaning of friendship and companionship. His family and people rejected him for his obsession for work, especially as he moved on to study lethal poisons as well as medicine, claiming that he needed to know everything there is to know. The only one who still befriended him as a companion was Tejina, allowing him the peaceful solitude of the Life Realm to study his work. Tejina understood, you see, that in order to know how to counteract poisons, one had to know how to make poisons, and thus understood why he would study it. This soon wasn't enough for Shen Nung; without his only friend's consent, he stole some of the precious Vitae from the Realm, and tried to replicate it, only to result in the first Virion, creatures of impurity and corruption. He, however, thought himself god-like for making this creation, and thus reveled in their destructive tendency. So great was his threat and power, infused with Virion to make himself a walking impurity, Tejina was forced to seal him away in the deepest depths of the Dark Realm. However, this only was seen as a challenge to Shen, and he did so love challenges...

Image + Shen Nung (c) WhiteWings

PS: Oh! Fun fact! I created this guy as a villainous counterpart to the credited discoverer of tea, the Emperor Shen Nung (I'd also seen it spelled Shennong). Similar to how my Shen Nung had corrupted his very nature with Virion, the historical Shen Nung died from toxic overdose, as he had tasted hundreds of herbs to determine their properties. However, that Shen is hailed as a hero, while my Shen chose a darker path.

PSS: In case you were wondering why he has no one on his side whose element is either Earth, Space, or Time is because:

+Earth - all Earth Elementals shun and hate him for how he almost destroyed the land.
+Time - given his history with Tejina and Maho, two very prominent Keepers under the element of Time (Life and Death), they also don't like him.
+Space - since it's such a basic element, he saw it as worthless. However, when he meets up with his main opponent, Heller, the resident Space-user, he is soon proven wrong.
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OMG! Frack! I actually had 'fun' coloring this. Grrg! This is how a maniac is born/created. Oh well.

Sakura turned out MUCH better and thank you ML for cheering me on and saying she looked darling or the best out of the group. That makes me feel much better because I struggled with her. Naruto was a kick to color. I might do some more of him. Drawing... it's a tad bit difficult to come up with an original pose for him but not entirly impossible. So I will work on it some more or maybe rent more of the import dvd's from the Compound. I have some asian/japanese peeps who help my obsession. Hehehehehe.

Kakashi was fun to color but... meh. His hair reminds me of Hitsugaya's from my Bleach Chibi series #3. Wow, I love that pic! I wish I could frame it. *pouts* In due time, my precious. *acts like Gollum with her pictures.... creeping out her step-father who wants to use HIS computer*

Ok, ok, enough. Well, come on by my booth at Kumoricon and get a print if you'd like or order one here, either is fine! Enjoy.
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