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I still don't understand what happened last night...  but I understand that it's going to be on the new Adventure Time DVD.

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These are free, NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, please read everything before commenting. :D Everyone has a chance, don't be afraid to join!

I feel like I could give you guys a new chance with the requesting-stuff because it's loads of fun, a lot more people deserved something from the last journal +  this is just a way to thank you awesome people for all the support! This time I made some adoptables/character designs for everyone, and they are FREE. I really love how ALL these turned out. ;A; <3 Seriously, there are so many different designs, I'm really in love with all of them! My wish is these to get good homes and be well taken care of, and I'll be looking for new owners here. c:

FREE adoptables! by Lithroxid

If you want one, do the following:

1. Be a watcher (If you don't watch me, do so now! I want to thank someone who supports me! ;D).

2. Favorite this journal! (I check)
3. Leave a comment where you tell me 1 or 2 adoptables you want the most, and the reason why you want it/deserve it/what you want to use it for/maybe if you have some plans/stories/names etc. for it already. c:
4. Tag at least 1 deviant's ICON (a friend?) in the comments, so they can see this journal too! + I'll check them out, llama, maybe comment and so on! 

Rules (Ask if you have got any questions!)

-If you win, you can change the species/form
-Don't claim any design as your own if you haven't won any.
-Don't claim yourself as the original creator of these designs or art.
-If you won, you are NOT allowed to resell, but you can give away or trade the designs/characters with others for free.
-Even though you can wish for two adopts, you might only win one in this event. 
-You can use the design for everything else you want! Comics, drawings, fursonas, original characters, etc. :D

Now, tell me which numbers you want. Have fun, everyone, and thanks for being so great. :) <33

EDIT: IT WILL TAKE TIME to reply to everyone and choose, but I assure you that every comments will be read, and every deviant which are counted in will be noted down and organized. Thanks for the patience! ;3;
Hope people want to join this at all. xD *Face-paw-pads*
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Disclaimer: This journal entry is not about limiting freedom of expression, nor are we assuming that our members are guilty of any transgression (i.e. we’re not singling out anyone). We are just being pre-emptive, as always, while maintaining our groups’ noteworthy sanity in the face of tumblr interwebz insanity.

We here at Makorra would like to address the current contentious issues in the Legend of Korra fandom:  

Shipping Hate

(no wars, bra!)

    Borra – We love Bolin, we love Korra. How can we possibly hate a ship comprised of our two most beloved characters? It’s impossible. And even if you’re 100% against them as a romantic pairing, we can still love and appreciate the Borra friendship, can’t we? None of this “Bolin doesn’t deserve Korra” or vice versa. K? K. ✰ Masami – We already had a journal entry on this subject and everyone in this group has been fantastic about accepting Asami and tolerating Masami in general. It’s okay to like or hate this pairing but to vocalise it in a negative way is something that causes our shippers to be looked down upon by others. Not cool. Remember that other relationships – triangles or complex polygons – add tension and drama and make the viewing experience all that more exciting. ✰ Other Ships – Well, there really hasn’t been any issues with the other ships in LoK, like Tahnorra, Tahko, Korrami, Amorra, etcetera, but we want to stress that we do not tolerate hate against these ships or any others that will spring up in the future. Love all ships, right? In short, Makorra is our OTP, but we are not above other ships and we have no right to condemn them, even if they “insult us first”. What are we, seven? And if other shippers don’t want to play nice, then we’ll just pick up our toys and move to another sandbox. Besides, our sandbox here is the nicest and the ship/ocean analogy still applies since, uh, sand lines oceans. Yeah . . .. :D

Character Bashing

(what? no? my babies!)

    Mako – He’s a teenage boy who has spent most of his life taking care of his baby brother and now he’s being spoilt for once. Cut him some slack. Not everyone’s born a monk and, speaking of which, our favourite monks, Aang and Tenzin, have been known to lose their temper from time to time. And let’s face it: Mako is intimidated by Korra and his feelings for her. Who wouldn’t be? Korra represents chaos, the opposite of control, which is Mako’s favourite thing in the whole wide world after money. ✰ Korra – Korra’s not allowed to have a crush and do stupid, teenage things? Wait, if that’s the case then we must condemn all teenagers all over the world, especially the kind that apologise for their actions and try to be mature in the face of raging hormones. HOW DARE THEY?! :XD:Asami – She’s rich, beautiful, sweet, elegant, and downright perfect. What’s not to hate envy about that combo? However, let’s not count her out just yet. Sure, she could end up just being some character device to create jealous tension between Mako and Korra, but she could also turn out to be an evil double agent who turns rogue and reforms by joining the Krew! There are so many possibilities with her character. And doesn’t Korra deserve a girlfriend her age (not that we don’t love our shipping/rumour mill girls, Ikki and Jinora)? ✰ Pema – Whoa, whoa, whoa. There has been some hate going around for our pregnant non-bender on the interwebz (luckily not on here). Pema was just trying to give Korra some helpful advice, and you have to admit it was better than making a love potion or jumping into a volcano. Although I’d love to see Korra riding a dragon and burning down a country – you know, an insignificant one like Canada. (Fellow Canadians, take the joke, dammit! >_<)Tahno – Don’t hate on the man-slut Sleazebender Wolfbat captain too much, lol. Baddies need love too. <3 It’s fine to be annoyed with characters and voice your grievances when they do or say something stupid or mean. But try not to be excessive or use name-calling, m’kay? M’kay.

The Dreaded 2.0 Label

(who’s what now?)

    Again, we are not limiting people’s opinions. We simply wish to discourage ranting submissions or posts that stubbornly claim Makorra to be Zutara or Kataang 2.0 (or whatever other 2.0 that can be thought up) because we do not accept the 2.0 label. Not because we’re elitists but because we believe that ALL ships are unique and awesome – just like all characters – and, unfortunately, labelling only encourages warring. Peace, bra, peace. Now let’s go eat some cake –

AtLA vs LoK

(i want my mummy!)

    No one is going to deny that AtLA is awesome – just like no one will deny that Bolin is adorable – but LoK is only FIVE episodes in and we all have to remember that AtLA had three seasons with SIXTY-ONE episodes. Additionally, LoK was initially designed to be a mini-series and though they ended up expanding it, it is only twenty-six episodes; that’s only a little over one third of the AtLA series. Wait. -does maths- Yes, one third. And let’s face some more facts, like the fact that Korra isn’t Aang and LoK isn’t AtLA. They are their own separate, wonderful entities with their own characters that share the AtLA world, both past and present. Yes, AtLA IS awesome, and we’re not going to tell you to stop complaining that the LoK story (or romance) is moving along too quickly for your liking. Complain all you want. Just hold off on harshly comparing LoK to AtLA until we’re at least one full season in, yeah? ;)

Lastly, and most importantly, it is not our goal here to limit your freedom of expression in this group, especially in episode discussion journals where we ask you to give us your thoughts and opinions. We encourage discourse while maintaining civility and we do understand the human desire to rant. We do it too – on our own personal journals – and we are definitely not implying that you should stop blogging or creating according to YOUR thoughts and feelings. This journal is only tackling the issue of decorum demonstrated on Makorra. We are not tyrants and we would never dream of pushing our opinions onto you or expect you to agree with everything (or anything) we say. Once again, we are merely being pre-emptive by addressing the current hot topics in fandom while trying to prevent any possible powder keg from exploding in the future – at least on here.

Stay classy, Makorrians. <3

This video has spoilers. Also, it isn’t about shipping; it's about three Avatars who have fallen in love. <3

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so for neglecting all you ppls
i am giving out passwords to my models

as far as im concerned
nothing ever happened with my models
so i will allow this
but these passes will be up untill i go to school at the end of the month
after that they will be removed from my mediafire
after that ill just remove and forget

so you have a pretty good amount of time to get all my models so far..

ive also been on a Kingdom Hearts Phase
im gonna rig KH models now XD
i know there are a few out there
but these will be(hopefully) better

ok so here are my model passwords

I dont really care at thise point but oh well
if i find out that you are redistributing them
i wont care
i will just take my models down period
Also to all of you who are on my FB page
im taking it down because ive looked at my messages and some modelers are mad at me and  I DONT WANT THAT DX
so i take it down NOW
so sorry...
K here they are


















AND DONT INCLUDE THE ( in the password

So thank you for maybe being understanding
and enjoy
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:+fav: this journal, spread it, share it, so others can see it.
5 minutes here for Ninjakato.

"Why do you artists always get so pissed off when someone uses your artwork? You should take it as a compliment!"


"You should take it as a Compliment --" :roll:
2579886-5567648625-incon by NinjaKato

A compliment would be admiring an artist's work where they post it, and if you really want to use it that badly, complimenting them would be you having enough respect for them to ask first. 
Most of us don't get mad because you use it, it's because you use it without asking or pretend you didn't know who/where it came from when there's a link to where you can find the original artist on the image. 
Taking someone's car to crash it in a derby isn't a compliment to them any more than taking someone's art to wreck it or claim it is a compliment. More so without asking. 

"What about realism artists?! They copy from photographs all the time, no originality there, but you don't yell at them for copying photos! What makes someone copying/tracing another artist's work so different?"

Thinking-cap1 by NinjaKato

:bulletred: Firstly -- When someone is referencing a photograph they are essentially looking at pure material. When you do this you are usually looking to draw something realistically and precisely enough to where it's recognizable and anatomically correct. 
Referencing is not the same as tracing. Copying? Yes, to a degree but there's a hook -- Copying a stock photo to ensure decent anatomy is different than taking another artist's work and copying/tracing it for anatomy practice. If their sense of anatomy is wrong you aren't learning anything at all. 
Photos can technically be someone's property but if they put it as stock or reference material they offer it for free license and use by others. They took the image with their camera, but they forgo complete ownership in a way. 

:bulletred: Secondly -- Copying a photograph for anatomically correct proportions hardly renders an image 'not creative/original'. Creativity doesn't come from the references used, it comes from the artist's ability to use them in a creative and innovative fashion. Copying or closely referencing a photograph merely dictates whether or not the final outcome is either believable or properly proportioned. 

"If you didn't want it stolen, don't post it online."

Kevin-Hart-Really-GIF by NinjaKato

If I got money for every time I've heard this, I'd have a Ferrari by now... 
Look, just because it's there doesn't mean it's free to take. More so if it's got someone's name on it. My car being parked on the street doesn't mean someone can just hop in and take it for a spin -- "It was just sitting there, your name isn't on it!" 
"Online ≠ Mine" 
A store putting a plate of cookies out on the counter doesn't make them free unless they say 'free cookies!' and even then, you're better off asking in case it's not THOSE cookies that are free. Artists shouldn't have to be worried about their stuff getting ganked because people can't keep their hands to themselves online. It's called common sense. Use it. If you didn't make it or ask for it and get the 'okay', it's not yours. 

"I'm just using your character's likeness -- it's not like I'm claiming I drew it or created it!"

tumblr m4usxzWq5j1qezk6n by NinjaKato

And you can't create your own characters? I mean, you can write out everything about them so why not write out a description as well? 
I can't entirely speak for other artists on this one but creating a character is hard work enough let alone drawing it out to the specs you want. Many of us spend hours or even days-weeks-months trying to come up with decent characters and we put a lot of heart and soul into them. To you they may just be cool drawings but to us they're our creations; part of us. 
I think a lot of people are well aware that if you see someone with 20 different art styles in their list of characters chances are they didn't draw them. So it's not that people are claiming they drew them (not all the time anyway) -- it's again, using our IP for your RP without asking or respecting our rights and terms as the original creator.
You can't copyright ideas or even colors, markings, poses, and personality traits. However, images are something an artist CAN copyright. If you want to have a blue and orange wolf character that acts like Optimus Prime, fine. You can do that, but you can't take someone's wolf version of Optimus Prime and use it as a biopic for your character without asking. Catch my drift?
Write out a bio to describe your character, it works just as well if you're a good writer -- And if you're that hard up for a visual, ask or pay an artist to draw it for your personally. Then your character will be made up to specs you want instead of having to steal to get something close.

So you see, it's not that we're selfish whiny pissbabies... It's more because we love our work and we'd love you to enjoy our work as well. On OUR terms. If you respect an artist, respect their rights and terms. 

End of story.

My turn.

First of all, stealing original images and act stupid when you get caught doesn't pay off. Nobody is going to care about your shitty excuses. You got caught for art thievery and you must wear consequences for what you did. The artist won't have anything against it to use their art as long as you ASK THEM FIRST! Seriously, it's not so hard to ask the original owner by viaNote. :note:
May I use your art for RP Forums, chats, as an avatar, ID, to practice my skills on and so on. The artist will answer you with Yes. AS LONG AS YOU DON'T CLAIM AS OWN AND USE IT ONLY FOR PERSONAL! NOT PUBLIC! Desktop [Background for your computer], iPad and another type of crap which count as a form of personal use. If you edited, recolor it, make a stupid memes, cheap screenshot, crappy photo manipulation, or try to make a stock image out of it, then it's called art thievery and you will get busted by his fans and by original owner. If you like someone's character, art, photography then makes a fan art for him to show him how you respect his skills. It doesn't matter how crappy and poor look like the matter of the point is, an artist will respect it and share it with his followers and other members on dA.

:bulletred: There's a button called "Favorites" on every deviation page you visit, use THAT to add stuff you like to your collection, because that's why it's there.

This one is so obvious, :grump: I don't know how many times I heard stupid excuses like:
But I'm faving it because I like it. I don't steal it if I post it on my gallery account. Or an example of this can be found on every stolen deviation they submit:
I'm just sharing it to show others, on that way I'm making original artist more popular. No you don't, you just make yourself look like a total fool when you do that. :facepalm: If you want to make original artist popular, here's a better idea:
:bulletred: Feature his deviations in journal portal with a title featured art of the day, week or months.
:bulletred: Make a fan art of his character that You like, mention him or send him a fan art by viaNote. :note: Or, you can make a support stamp with included artists personal character in.
:bulletred: Suggest a volunteer member to give a Daily Deviation of an artists character that you like and you believe it should be featured in DD section.
:bulletred: Suggest global community groups to feature his deviations in their journal so artists can get more attention and respect from new members.
:bulletred: Tell Director of CEA Community what kinda artist he/she is, suggest him to get a seniority announcement, tell him what an artist did for dA community, who knows, maybe the Director of CEA Community will like the way how artist is doing his job and pronounce him for a Senior member of the months. To see how seniority announcement works, review the FAQ located here. :pointr: FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?
There are plenty of volunteers who will listen your suggestion of which art should be featured in Daily Deviation category so everyone can view it and share it in other art global groups by via Journal features. On this way you will make artist more popular and show him how you respect his hard work he spend by making an official character, commissions, personal OC's and plenty of more to count. Stop being a cry baby. :| You're not making yourself look smart when you say all these words I mention it above, you look like a total idiot when you behave like this.
But A'm autistic I don't knouw da ruls, stap bulling mi!!1!
Oh Dear Lord NO! Just not THAT! :facepalm:
Bullshit Excuse Stamp by xXShivaChanXxYour Own Damn Fault by xXShivaChanXxYour stupid rules are not DA rules by xXShivaChanXxLearn The Rules People by xXShivaChanXx

Top 15 most dumbest excuses that you can hear from art thieves:

:bulletred: I'm autistic! :stare:
:bulletred: My English is not first language so I don't understand the rules of dA! :facepalm: Ask someone to translate it for you; 
:bulletred: I have a mental disorder :stare: So? Is that your excuse for being stupid?
:bulletred: My mother made this account :facepalm: Then your mother is stupid, just like you;
:bulletred: I saw other sites share it, so I decided to share it too. :roll:
:bulletred: I don't own this :stare: THEN DON'T POST IT! Is that too hard to understand? :facepalm:
:bulletred: This is my mothers computer :facepalm:
:bulletred: I'm 11/12 years old (too young) [underage] to understand the copyright law! :facepalm: FAQ #696: How does deviantART comply with COPPA? Too young to be here. :banned:
:bulletred: I found this on Twitter, tumblir, FunnyJunk, [SHIT]book (Facebook)! :roll:
:bulletred: Somebody hack me, I didn't know I was hacked until I found out. :iconheaddeskplz:
:bulletred: My sister/brother did that. Blame her/them, not me! :facepalm:
:bulletred: Others stealing it from me, so I'm stealing it from them! That's not how it goes my friend; :pat: :iconrapefaceplz:
FAQ #155: How do I report a deviation which I think breaks the rules?
:bulletred: But I credit it, so I don't break the rules. :facepalm: :iconfatherplz::icontellplz: Not enough! 
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
:bulletred: "Dis is da interwebs. I can do wut I want!"
:bulletred: I don't need this shit! Then why did you request one if you don't need it? :iconyoumustbenewhereplz:

There is no excuse for any of it. Thievery is still thievery, no matter what BS you concoct to get your rear off the hot seat.

:bulletred: Mental illness? Get treated for it; that doesn't make you not guilty.
:bulletred: Someone else posted to your account? Okay, take down the picture, stop arguing if you are supposedly "innocent."
:bulletred: Found it on another site? Whoopie doo for you, doesn't mean you made it; so take it down if you don't want to be branded as a criminal among every art website on the net.
:bulletred: Crediting the artist, but posting without permission? YOU ARE STILL DOING IT WITHOUT PERMISSION.
:bulletred: Wanted to use something for reference to improve your art? Awesome! Establish that fact in your comments, and do not just copy paste an actual image, link back to the original and artist, credit them, and if you are going to post it, ask permission from the original artist to post your remake.

Is this really not all common sense? Are thieves really so disconnected 

ART THIEVES WILL BE CAUGHT. They will be held responsible for all the crap they dish out. They will not be trusted by artists and enthusiasts ever again. They will ruin their chances at developing real connections and relationships with artists who may really be able to help them improve and become the type of artists they are admire enough to "steal" from. They burn their bridges before they even get the chance.

If I and NinjaKato got money for every time when We hear these kind of excuses, especially most popular one like: mental disorder, hacked and autistic, we would probably buy our self a country to live. :facepalm:

Keep it in your mind that this is deviantART community, not
  • deviantTRASH
  • deviantGARBAGE
  • deviantPHOTOBUCKET
  • deviantFACEBOOK
  • deviantTUMBLIR
  • deviantTwitter
This is deviantART made for ART community, not for posting things you don't own. If you believe you have rights to post whatever you found on internet, then this site is NOT a place for you. Deactivate yourself and go back to cave where you belong. People like you are NOT welcome here. :icongtfoplz::icongetoutplz::icondoorplz: Or even better, go to Facebook and post garbage you stole it there. Facebook don't care about artist copyrights. It's perfectly fits them when their shitty site is filled with art thieves like you. :|

That is nagging, goodbye.

Wat by milovanf

:bulletred: -- Firstly: Nagging is not when somebody is trying to help you from getting into serious shit, we are nagging you? Good, then deactivate yourself if you believe that helping you from getting into a serious trouble, is a form of nagging.

:bulletred: -- Secondly: Nagging, in interpersonal communication, is repetitious behavior in the form of pestering, hectoring or otherwise continuously urging an individual to complete previously discussed requests or act on advice. A form of persistent persuasion that is more repetitive rather than aggressive.

According to the Wall Street Journal, nagging is "the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the other person repeatedly ignores it and both become increasingly annoyed".[1] Thus, nagging is an interaction to which each party contributes.

According to Kari P. Soule "That Interpersonal ritual is nagging. Yet, the term nagging seldom appears in interpersonal communication or conflict textbooks.It appears that "nagging" is commonly used in everyday conversation but it rarely makes it to academic print"[2]

The word is derived from the Scandinavian nagga, which means "to gnaw".[3]

Nagging by spouses is a frequent marital complaint. Psychotherapists such as Edward S. Dean have reported that individuals who nag are often "weak, insecure, and fearful ... their nagging disguises a basic feeling of weakness and provides an illusion of power and superiority".[3] Nagging is sometimes used by spouses of alcoholics as one of several "drinking control efforts",[4] but it is often unproductive.[5] Psychologically, nagging can act to reinforce behavior.[5] A study by the University of Florida found the main factors that lead a person to nag are differences in "gender, social distance, and social status and power".[6]Nagging has been found to attributed to be more of a feminine form of interpersonal communication rather than masculine. Nagging is often seen as at repetitious form of persuasion rather resorting to more aggressive persuasion tactics in order to gain compliance .Which was found in a study by Kari P. Soule (Ph. D., Communication Studies)--Northwestern University of 63 females and 40 males aged 19 and one of 202 people aged 24 to 84-49.[7] An equal number of men and women nag,however studies have shown that women are more likely to nag both men and women ,while men are more likely to nag only men . Meaning women nag all people,which can be attributed to the reason why women are stereotyped as nagging people all the time.

Nagging can be found between both male and female spouses, though usually over different subjects, according to a Good Housekeeping article which described husbands' nagging as usually involving finding "fault with their dinner, with the household bills [and] with the children", along with "carry[ING] home the worries of business."[8]It has been found that behavioral noncompliance is more common among spouses. Behavioral noncompliance referrers to when person whom is being nagged remains silent while being nagged or who agrees to complete the request, but later does not follow through. This is strategy in order to end the confrontation or interaction quickly without conflict, which is why its is common among spouses or partners. As the nagging interaction that starts out in a calm and polite manner which continues and persuader becomes more repetitive, the interaction is more likely to become aggressive in nature. The persuasive target could also respond in a more direct fashion through the tactic of verbal noncompliance. Verbal noncompliance refers to when the persuasive target telling a persuader through word that they will not comply. An example of verbal noncompliance could be a simple no, or I am too busy right now more even more elaborate response. This tactic does end the nagging interaction more rapidly; however it can cause a more aggressive response from the persuader who may alter persistent persuasion to threats or another aggressive form of persuasion.

Parental and child nagging

In terms of parental nagging of children, a study at Washington State University in 1959 stated that this nagging was a "symptom of the rejection of the child" because of the way that children interfere with the parents' "individual needs and aspirations" with their requirements of "time and energy".[9] According to James U. McNeal in his 1992 book Kids as Customers, there are seven classifications of juvenile nagging, wherein children nag their parents to obtain something they desire.[10]

The interpersonal interaction

Nagging as a form of interpersonal communication is considered to be a form of persistent persuasion that requires a persuader and a persuasive target. The interaction can be broken down into a 4 step interaction process according to Martin A Kozloff A researcher whom has identified in his work the four main steps of the nagging . The 4 steps in the interaction are as follows:

  1. Nagger gives signal to perform or stop performing a task or behavior.
  2. Naggee does not comply to request from the nagger.
  3. In response the nagger repeats their request or signal in further effort to gain compliance.
  4. The Naggee again responds with non-compliance

Kazloff argues that this interaction cycle continues until the Naggee complies to the Nagger’s request or the nagger gives up the attempt to persuade the Naggee. Kazloff also identifies other important aspects of the persistent persuasion such as non-compliance is necessary for the persuader to be persistent and the persuader will often change the initial requests words and Paralinguistic cues as a strategic tactic. This will hopefully entices the persuasive target into complying with the request. Nagging a very common form of persuasion which is used in all aspects of life whether domestic , professional it is common practice in order to avoid more aggressive persuasive tactics like threats.[11]

You're bullying Me! 

Whatdidyoujustsayplz Dev ID by Whatdidyoujustsayplz

What is bullying?

:bulletred: -- Firstly: bullying is not when somebody is trying to help you. Bullying would be when somebody make a parody out of you, say things that He's fell ashamed off. Bullying is a form of embarrassing, humiliation and making a parody of an internet member. If you believe that explaining you the rules is a form of bullying, then law that you must respect is bullying, telling you what to do and what not to is bullying, following the rules of this site is bullying, when staff members trying to help you is bullying. Hence! If you think like that, then leave this website /or/ a country that you live and you will never be bullied from a side of a law ever again. [If that what you think it is.] The further forms of bullying and harassing someone on internet, E-mail address, or SMS mobile communication can be viewed here :pointr: Cyberbullies, what are they and how to avoid them?

Quit trolling Me!

DafuqIJustReadplz devID by DafuqIJustReadplz

What is trolling?

:bulletred: Trolling is a form of harassment, leaving disturbing comments and finding a way to piss you off by posting offensive deviations. Offending your nationality, throwing pity insults on you. Trolling is not when somebody is:
:bulletred: Trying to help You;
:bulletred: Critiquing Your art;
:bulletred: Explicit an opinion;
:bulletred: Saying You to remove a Violation deviation;
:bulletred: Having different thoughts about something that You like/hate.

This a private gallery!!1! Stay out of it!!1! U DON'T KNOW ME11!!!

Wat by milovanf

Oh! Excuse me, but last time I checked, whatever you posted here on your profile it's in public and everybody are willing to argue about it! LOL If you didn't want to be public but private, then discuss about your shit you are spitting by viaNotes so no one can see it. Laughing my ass off!
..Somebody must be new to the Interwebz. :iconyoumustbenewhereplz: For one thing, they kept accusing everyone of being a "creeper" because they were looking at their pictures... [Or when somebody is accusing them for posting them when they Violate Copyright and etiquette policy rule. :roll:] When the pictures were out in plain sight. LOL
Second, they clearly didn't realize that their gallery is not private and nothing on their page is private either.
(Even when you block people, they can still see everything on your page, cupcake...)
Third...They also didn't realize that the concept of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" applies to the Internet too.

Here's a great tip for everyone on the Internet. If the page is public and your shit is public, everybody can view it and jump into your conversation, critique your crap that you post, report it if it's break the rules of dA terms of service, whether you like it or not. :stare:

Rude as it is, but the "Freedom of Speech" clause applies to other people too. Don't like it? WAAAAAH. Go cry me a river.
If you didn't want people jumping into your conversation or view your stuff that you post, then don't post it in public. IS THAT TOO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? Stare

Here, let me make clearer for you:

If it's public, it's everyone's business!

This goes for everything on the Internet, whether it's your work, conversations, or your information. So don't bitch at people for looking at certain things in your gallery, because your gallery is PUBLIC. Everything on your page is pretty much public.

And just because you block people on here, doesn't mean they can no longer see your page. They still can.

"U DON'T KNOW ME!!1!! :iconfuuuplz:" [That same crap again, as always.] Roll Eyes
Yeah, you don't know me either. LOL Seriously, I don't have to know you, to know what your conversation is about, what your gallery contain, [unless I'm not interest to see what it is and /or/ to report it to admins for breaking the rules.] :dalogo: Especially when your conversation and your art has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR PERSONAL LIFE AT ALL.

:bulletred: Do the smart thing and take it to notes if you don't want people jumping in. That's what I do when I want to talk about something personal, that the general public shouldn't know. Or...I hide the comments if they are public. [Including deviations when I believe that they worth of being hidden, putted in a storage.]

:bulletred: But keep one thing on Your mind kid, even when You put Your violation images in a storage, $taff members still have a ability to view them and remove them for violating a copyright and etiquette policy rule of dA terms of service. So, You can't hide nothing from us. It's like You can run but you can't hide thing. You believe that hiding in a dark means We wont see You? You're wrong, dark can see You without knowing that. :iconrapefaceplz: So, what out what You doing kid, and maybe next time You wont lose your head for causing troubles for nothing /or/ just to get some attention from us and call that a popularity.

But I Google it, Google is a free art site, I can find there whatever I want.

:iconbitchpleaseplz: You don't know nothing about Google don't you?

Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.[8] Most of its profits are derived from AdWords,[9][10] an online advertising service that places advertising near the list of search results.

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University. Together they own about 14 percent of its shares but control 56 percent of the stockholder voting power through supervoting stock. They incorporated Google as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. An initial public offering followed on August 19, 2004. Its mission statement from the outset was "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful,"[11] and its unofficial slogan was "Don't be evil."[12][13] In 2004, Google moved to its new headquarters in Mountain View, California, nicknamed the Googleplex.[14]

Rapid growth since incorporation has triggered a chain of products, acquisitions and partnerships beyond Google's core search engine. It offers online productivity software including email (Gmail), a cloud storage service (Google Drive), an office suite (Google Docs) and a social networking service (). Desktop products include applications for web browsing, organizing and editing photos, and instant messaging. The company leads the development of the Android mobile operating system and the browser-only Chrome OS[15] for a netbook known as a Chromebook. Google has moved increasingly into communications hardware: it partners with major electronics manufacturers[16] in the production of its "high-quality low-cost"[17] Nexus devices and acquired Motorola Mobility in May 2012.[18] In 2012, a fiber-optic infrastructure was installed in Kansas City to facilitate a Google Fiber broadband service.[19]Google+

The corporation has been estimated to run more than one million servers in data centers around the world (as of 2007);[20] and to process over one billion search requests,[21] and about 24 petabytes of user-generated data, each day (as of 2009).[22][23][24][25] In December 2013, Alexa listed as the most visited website in the world. Numerous Google sites in other languages figure in the top one hundred, as do several other Google-owned sites such as YouTube and Blogger.[26] Its market dominance has led to prominent media coverage, including criticism of the company over issues such as search neutrality, copyright, censorship, and privacy.[27][28]

In school tracing is a fundamental taught to beginner artist and it helps them form their own style and does encourage creativity!

Kevin-Hart-Really-GIF by NinjaKato

If somebody told me this, I wouldn't believe him. Look, you cannot just take someones a picture pull a line on a line, painted and say, Look at my masterpiece I made, praise my skills. If that so, the artist would tell you to trace someones art, not use an anatomy book to improve your skills. Same thing goes for art school.
:bulletred: Tracing is a big problem of artistic community and none of tutors form art school told us to trace art. Tracing is NOT a fundamental technical aspect of art, and it's only useful for cleaning up your own rough sketches (which is also the only acceptable use of tracing within art school). It certainly doesn't help young artists develop their own style -- all they're doing is tracing the lines put down by another artist in THEIR style. (As I've stated above.)

:bulletred: Artists that young don't need to worry about style anyway. In art school, style isn't addressed until toward the end of your junior year and through your senior year, which is when you receive guidance in "finding" your style. Style is something that develops after the basics (or "reality") have been mastered to the point of being able to convincingly bend that reality without completely breaking it, thus forming a new reality with its own set of rules.

When reality is bent to the point of breaking, that's what is called "crappy anatomy that makes no sense".

:bulletred: Tracing only hinders creativity, because those who do nothing but trace have never learned how to draw on their own in order to BE creative. They have to have someone Else's guidelines in order to draw anything. It doesn't teach you to expand beyond what you're tracing, and it quickly becomes a crutch for many young artists because of that.

:bulletred: Tracing teaches you nothing but how to follow a line that's directly in front of your pencil to directly recreate it, which is why it's only useful for teaching preschoolers how to write.

:bulletred: That's why eyeball copying is encouraged in the teen years rather than tracing, because that's what still life drawing really is at its source: eyeball copying what's set up in front of you.

:bulletred: Eyeball copying makes the artist look at the form, proportion, spacing, etc., of the image they're looking at in order to correctly reproduce it on their own sheet of paper. It teaches your form, composition, proportion, negative space, anatomy, and basically how to "see" as an artist to transfer what you're looking at through your hand to the paper.

:bulletred: Eyeballing in art school is usually called "master copying", and it's usually done in painting class. The student chooses a master's painting and reproduces it to the best of their ability, because reproducing it makes them explore the methods that the master used when originally creating the piece, and through exploring and recreating those methods, the student learns those methods.

:bulletred: If you trace another artist's work in art school, on the other hand, all it does is get you expelled for plagiarism, because that's all it is. Even eyeball copying another artist's work will get you expelled if it's not an exercise in reproduction.

:bulletred: When kids try to learn how to draw by tracing, all they do is stunting their own growth and put themselves behind the usual "curve" of artistic development for their age bracket. That's why it absolutely shouldn't be taught in art classes past Elementary school.

:bulletgreen: If you want to learn and praise your skills, use anatomy books for that, you can find good Anatomy tutorials to improve your skills and became a better artist then you are right now. Better that, then trace someones art and say look at my masterpiece, I did praise my skills. No, art that is similar to other doesn't count as tracing either, if the piece is done in the same pose have a different painting, done in your style, then you don't trace someones work, if you trace original pose which was done by an artist, then yes, you do trace his work and that doesn't help you to improve your skills. It's just causing more troubles than help.
Never forget to practice by referencing from photos as often as you can! Do /not/ reference from other artists work if you're trying to practice realism or you'll end up copying their mistakes! But even when you do that as We state above, always make sure to say from who you took a picture and reference it, on that way, you won't be in trouble. ;)

See also! :pointr:

  1. How To Report a Violation
  2. Copyright Infringement
  3. International Copyright Law
  4. Copyright Infringement
  5. NET (No Electronic Theft) Act
  6. DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)
  7. Copyright Term Extension Act
  8. Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act
  9. Fair Use
  10. More info on Fair Use
  11. Exclusive Rights
  12. dAmn-Army Blog: US Law and dA Policy
  13. Cyberbullies, what are they and how to avoid them?
  14. deviantART education TOS VIOLATION!
  15. How can I add watermark on to protect my art from thieves?
  16. CEA Blog: How to Submit an Abuse Report
  17. Artwork Storage and Protection
  18. Protection from Art Theft
  19. Improved DMCA Reporting System
  20. Spamdexing, what to do about that?
  21. What the heck is copyright
  22. Protecting Your Work
  23. How to report art theft on dA
  24. What needs to be changed...[...And I seriously mean it.]

EDIT: A great site to use to find original images of stolen pieces: Reverse Image Database. It's pretty accurate (although, sometimes you'll get no results for a picture)

And yes, one more thing to add here. We know that thieves and trolls can be funny when they start getting butthurt because of getting caught for art thievery/trolling. But to avoid all that, just report them and move on. Stupid Shit Gets You In Trouble by xXShivaChanXx
Just use this method :pointr: My three master words. by Deep-Strike and everything will be okay.
When you start following these rules we mention it above, you wont have problem with us and you will live longer. Follow them and everything will be alright. :pat:

We're looking at you, art thieves. :stinkeye: We're actually trying to HELP YOU from getting into serious shit! Not harass you with the rules. :|


Yes, you are allow to re-post this wherever you want to as long you as you give credit and don't claim as own. Just go for it! No need to ask.

:bulletred: [EDIT 1, 2, 3]: Doing a cleanup and removing all spelling mistakes from this journal;
:bulletred: [EDIT 4, 5, 6]: Adding more sources on copyright infringement, stupidity, and excuses from art thieves;
:bulletred: [EDIT 7, 8, 9]: Doing a tidy and correct scheduling of this journal with all necessary sources in;
:bulletred: [EDIT 10]: Adding a final resource of what needs to be changed on this site. 
:bulletred: [EDIT 11]: All mistakes have been removed and journal has been properly scheduled for all members to read it well. [EDIT 11b]: Adding reverse search engine for all member to use it, so they can find original sources of stolen art that they found on [EDIT 11c]: Adding FAQ's of all copyright sources, volunteering, seniority announcement, etc.
I forgot to mention this long time ago, the reason of this it's because of volunteering in Clinical Center. Before that, Academy studding and preparing for final exams. Damn, I've became seriously lazy with this. :x
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2012 Summer Contest! (Deadline Extended!)

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 3:46 PM

My Profile PageMy GalleryMy Journal

:iconpiper1plz::iconmarina1plz::iconsaysplz:Hey guys, this is a new summer contest with GREAT prizes!

All you have to do is draw two HUMAN characters doing a summer activity!

Contest rules:

:bulletred: There can be photography and literature!

:bulletorange: Link your art to us so I can put it in an folder for the contest

:bulletyellow: The deadline is August 20th, 2012

:bulletgreen: No mature content!!!

:bulletblue: We accept new AND OLD art!

:bulletpurple: Only ONE entry per person

:bulletpink: It MUST BE DRAWN (written, or captured) by you! No bases, no exceptions! Thanks~ (Collabs are also okay, but ask first)





:star:First place::star:
:bulletred:  1 Month Premium, or 396 :points: from us!
:bulletorange: A journal feature from us!
:bulletblack: 10 favs from us!
:bulletyellow: A journal feature, and llama from greepix
:bulletgreen: A journal feature, and llama from museoda
:bulletpurple: Watch and llama from repple
:bulletyellow: Detailed fullbody from greepix
:bulletwhite: Animated Pixel Icon from Laisana-and-Drew
:bulletpink: A llama from Vivceptable
:bulletgreen: A custom Adoptable from MinteaLeaf
:bulletblue: Custom icon from Magical-Ferret
:bulletred: Free commission from Natalie4ever
:bulletyellow: Plushy OC of your choice from Kataws like: !
:bulletgreen: Llama and fav from Kuro-Nisshoku
:bulletblue: Llama and Watch from xMelodyHeartsx
:bulletwhite: Full body Colored Drawing from keirui
:bulletblack: 50 :points: from xChrysalis
:bulletpink: Fullbody Drawing from ScaryGnome
:bulletorange: Full color chibi + 100 :points: from :iconblueberrychanplz: (Sweet-Sisters)
:bulletred: Pixel icon and Pixel chibi from :iconstrawberrychanplz: (Sweet-Sisters)
:bulletorange: Any digital animal commission from Charlockle
:bulletyellow: Llama and commission from ForgetAboutYellow
:bulletgreen: 1 free commission from faithdakitty

:star:Second place::star:
:bulletwhite: A watch and llama from repple
:bulletred: A journal feature from us!
:bulletorange: A journal feature from greepix
:bulletgreen: Llama from museoda
:bulletblack: Static Icon from Laisana-and-Drew
:bulletpink: A llama from Vivceptable
:bulletgreen: Llama and fav from Kuro-Nisshoku
:bulletblue: Simple Colored Commish Natalie4ever
:bulletpurple: Llama from xMelodyHeartsx
:bulletyellow: Animated Icon from iAmoret
:bulletwhite: Halfbody Color Drawing from keirui
:bulletblack: 35 :points: form xChrysalis
:bulletred: Half body drawing from ScaryGnome
:bulletorange: Chibi sketch and 75 :points: from sweetsisters
:bulletpurple: Pixel Chibi (animated) from Sweet-Sisters
:bulletblack: Free custom from faithdakitty

:star:Third place::star:
:bulletpurple: llama from us!
:bulletblack: Journal feature from us!
:bulletyellow: Llama and sketch from museoda
:bulletgreen: Llama from greepix
:bulletpink: Static Icon from Laisana-and-Drew
:bulletwhite: A llama from Vivceptable
:bulletgreen: Llama and fav from Kuro-Nisshoku
:bulletblue: Digital Sketch or Bust Shot Natalie4ever
:bulletred: Llama from xMelodyHeartsx
:bulletorange: Simple Animated Icon from iAmoret
:bulletwhite: Fullbody Sketch from keirui
:bulletblack: 20 :points: from xChrysalis
:bulletorange: Bust sketch from ScaryGnome
:bulletpurple: Chibi sketch and 50 :points:from Sweet-Sisters (:iconblueberrychanplz:)
:bulletgreen: Free blinkey icon from faithdakitty

This contest will be judged by museoda and greepix. If you'd like to help judge, you have to have donated at least 2 prizes, and go through the judging test (via :note:)

You will be judged on the skill of the piece and how well it goes with the theme.

Just ask if you want to pitch in for the prizes!!!! Thanks!


This is where you feature your friends.

This is where your featured deviations go.

Skin created by (c) r0se-designs
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LeftHandedArtists Left-Handers Contest

The contest's theme is "Minority" and you can find more information at the link above.

By the way, my brother is left handed so I'm pimping this out of principle :XD:

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Gathered a bunch of new questions, so here is the new FAQ!

Commission related Questions

How can I contact you about commissions?
Please EMAIL ME (not notes) at wolfnymph AT gmail DOT com for any questions or comments regarding commissions!

What are your prices?
My price guide can be found here -…

When do you open for commissions?
I don't schedule my commission openings, but I try to open up at least once a month after I complete a certain amount of already existing work.  Commission openings happen via my journals on Deviantart, Furaffinity, Weasyl and Tumblr!

What is your turn around for commissions?
I have a very long turn around time, I will admit.  I don't have a usual turn around time, but I am trying my best to get to everyone as quickly as I can while still taking on enough work to pay bills.

What are my rights as your client?  What will I get when I commission you?
That information can be found in my Terms of Service -…

What will you NOT draw for commissions?
That can also be found in my Terms of Service -…
"The artist will not handle depiction of illegal activities, sexually explicit (x-rated) materials and hateful images. Non-explicit fetish, artistic nudity, violence, gore, and humorously offensive work will be considered on a case-by-case basis."

Do you accept trades, or will you do free art for me?
I no longer accept trades, and I don't do free art.  I must pay my bills and feed my family with the income generated from my art, so all my time is dedicated to working in paid work.  When I do get any free time for other art, I like to work on personal art if I can.

Do you do collaborations?
Sometimes, but very VERY rarely!  As implied in the above answer, it has to be a collaboration commission for it to be worth it for me.

Livestream related Questions

Where is your channel?
My stream channel can be found here -…

Where can I find your chat rules?
You can find the chat rules here -…

What time do you livestream?
The time I stream varies greatly, as I struggle with some sleep issues.  I can't ever promise the time of day or night I will begin a stream session.  

How do I find out if you are streaming?
I post stream alerts to Tumblr, FA, Weasyl, and Twitter.  In addition, Tigerdile has a subscription feature which alerts you via email when I am streaming.

How do you decide what you are going to livestream?
I stream when I have commissions so that I can better time myself and validate my hours. 

Art and Business Related Questions

What program and tablet do you use?
I use Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Intuos 3.

Do you have any tutorials?
I have a few resources in my DA gallery here -…

How did you get started drawing?
My mom taped down a piece of paper to my high chair when I was very small, and gave me crayons to smash into said paper!  I always wanted a way to express what I dreamed about or thought up.  It just snowballed from there.  Now I guess I just smash other materials onto paper in a slightly more sophisticated manner!

What art school did you go to?
I graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 2009.  I have a BFA with a focus in illustration.

What have been your major artistic inspirations and influences?
My biggest influence and inspiration will always be nature and animals (moss, birds, trees, bugs, animals, rivers, mountains EVERYTHING!)  Artistic influences have changed over time.  When I was a kid I was heavily inspired by comics and video game art, as well as fantasy book covers.  In high school anime was very influential for me, and I discovered the online furry fandom around that time as well.  

Entering college, my influences exploded and blossomed into a million different facets!  Art history showed me Baroque art and classical sculpture.  I learned about golden age illustrators are came to appreciate the work of J.C. Leyendecker.  I immersed myself in the work of painters and illustrators alive today, and took influence from dozens of fellow working artists.  

One of the artists that's stuck with me as an influence from the very very beginning though, is James Gurney, creator of the Dinotopia books.  He continues to be a major inspiration for me, and I learn a lot from his blog and his books!

Any tips for young artists?
The two most important thing I can tell a young or inexperienced artist are to KEEP DRAWING and to HAVE FUN!  Practice really does make perfect, draw as much as you can.  And if you stop having fun at art, maybe you are loosing sight of why you want to be an artist.  Try to recapture that, even if it means taking a break.

How do you use references as a tool without having to exactly or almost copy it to get the anatomy right?
I'll look at maybe a dozen photos of an animal I want to draw, sketch them directly from the photo as practice, and then take what I've learned from that practice to draw my own.  I also might take one of my own photos (a stock photo whose owner allows it) I've taken and exaggerate/tailor it in my drawing.

How did you get the audience and clientele you have today?
I started posting my art online when I was very young, before I went to art school.  I've gradually built up an presence and a name for myself just from being active in online art communities and being productive with my art.  There is a lot to be said for just being present when it comes to marketing.  I've found a great online niche, but it's always good to be present in art communities in real life too.  Join your local art association, try to get work hung at local coffee shops.  VOLUNTEER, just about any volunteer work will get you noticed and be fun and helpful!  You never know where a good art connection will be made, so go out there, meet new people and be PRESENT.

How do you pick whether to work in digital or traditional for an idea or commission you get?
For the most part, these days I am working mostly digital.  So unless something is specially advertised as a traditional commission, it will be done digitally.

Why have you stopped using markers?
I've developed a sensitivity to the fumes of markers that leaves me coughing for days after I've stopped using them.  I've tried different brands, and it's not really a matter of ventilation.  I physically cannot stand using them anymore, so it's not an option.

Do you draw humans?
Yes! I don't often get commissioned for art of humans, so you don't see them in my gallery very often.  But I can, do and very much enjoy drawing and painting human subjects!

What conventions do you go to?
I always go to Rocky Mountain Fur Con, and some years I attend FC as well.

Character Related and Personal Questions

Can I use your character(s) to RP, or in a story of mine?
Please don't!  My character all have their own personalities and stories already.  Creating your OWN characters and stories is way more fun than using someone else's anyway.  Get creative, make your own world to play in with your rules and your characters!  

Do you accept fan art?
Of course!  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I get fan art of any of my characters.  All I ask is that you don't depict any of them in adult situations.  But I'm sure Nym would love to have tea with one of your characters, or climb trees with another!

Can I chat with you?
I'm on Tigerdile streaming a LOT, so you can chat with me there!  I don't really use AIM, gchat or skype very much at all, I just can't get in the habit of it.  Although I do have a public Skype account under the username Eskiworks.

What is the deal with your dog?
A lot of people are very confused about my dog and art of him...  So here's the skinny!  My dog was an American Eskimo Dog (eskie for short) named Wolfy.  He was my childhood best friend, who lived a long wonderful life till the age of 16 when he passed away of old age.  He is NOT a character.  He was a beloved family member with real stories, and a real life.  I have drawn a lot of art of him because he was my very best friend for much of my life.

If you had all the time in the world to work on any art you wanted(no more commissions, school projects, etc), what would you create?
I would develop the many worlds and stories that have been churning in my mind for years. I have several head-worlds that are just BEGGING to get out and be created!  I try to write about them or draw bits from them when I can, or when urge to create gets so strong it hurts, haha!

I might add to this at some point, but for now that's it!
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Hi my dear friends , I have now 450 000 pageviews and 30 000+ watchers !   This is absolutely  incredible !! Maybe I only dreaming or you are the  best  on the world!  Thank you so much guys :hug:  I really appreciate it  :) 

Here is the little "contest" for you :hug:  


1. This contest is only for my watchers so WATCH ME  -
2.  FAV this jounal 

Yes thats all :hug: and what you can win ? 
FIRST PLACE - win  500 deviantart points :points: by Pixelisto


For selecting winners i use Randomizer - ;



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/update added more stallions~
/ even more stallions added~

guess it was about time i did this, eh? X'D anyway, sorry for the wait. i'm still in the process of drawing out my characters but... i think there's quite a few to choose from already, and you can just browse my favourites to see what else i've got XD
a little bit of a thank you for all the awesome people around here <3 thanks for the support guys! ;w;
so without further adue, here are the basics~

:bulletblue: Choose a pony of mine from from the lists and name it in your comment

:bulletblue: Link me the pony you are going to use ( must show all their colors )

:bulletblue: And that's about it... oh yeah, include the password in your comment!


:bulletblue: Yes, i accept same gender pairings
:bulletblue: Alicorns are okay
:bulletblue: Gimme some markings to work with D:
:bulletblue: If you are using a joke OC, plese be aware that none of the foals will have very vibrant colors this is just a personal prefference, sorry ;n;
:bulletblue: Original species are okay, as long as you have the permission to breed them
:bulletblue: Please only use your own characters, that means no canon ponies or ponies that you are not the owner of
:bulletblue: Please be aware that i have a lot of other projects i'm working on, so please don't hurry me
:bulletblue: the pass word is whooves
:bulletblue: You have to be a watcher to join this
:bulletblue: You can sugest a max of 2 pairings if you'd like

Lets see... other than that, i'll just include a few notes after i list the ponies ;P

I'll randomly choose the winner using, so everyone has a chance!

Well whats the prize already?!

jeez, calm down, i have it right here~

:bulletblue: a nice picture of the two ponies to be used for the breeding like these ( will be fullbody )
Fireworks by Ivon-Cheetah Designing by Ivon-Cheetah Get Well Soon! by Ivon-Cheetah

:bulletblue: a batch of 8 foals on my supersecretnew foal base =w= don't have any examples of the base itself, but for the quality of the foals here are some reffrences :

Midori and CoffeeBean foals {closed} by Ivon-Cheetah Saine and Love Poison foals {closed} by Ivon-CheetahMidori and Tulips foals {closed} by Ivon-Cheetah Saine and Tiny Spark foals {closed} by Ivon-Cheetah


Stallions list part 1 by Ivon-Cheetah <--- stallions, part 1                mares, part 1 ----------> Mares list by Ivon-Cheetah
Stallions list part 2 by Ivon-Cheetah<-----stallions, part 2         stallions, part 3 ---------> Stallions list part 3 by Ivon-Cheetah
i'll keep adding more as the time goes, so watch out!

When does this end?

:bulletblue: I'll stop accepting new entries 2 days after i have uploaded all of my ponies, in other words think 1-2 weeks

Have an awesome day! ^u^
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