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:sing: sing along with me ;p

this was recorded
with a very shitty mic
a few minutes ago (:


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Go here for a better experience -> [link]

Sometimes there are projects that take a little eternity. They'll get started, dropped and picked up again in a frequent manner and the as time passes by, you'll start to doubt that they're ever completed.

Dreams of Flight is a piece that I started thinking about in 2008, I wanted to challenge myself writing a Symphony piece of extraordinary proportions containing powerful themes and clever orchestration, all packed into a Hollywood worthy production. The subject was storytelling through music, something my few listeners always highlighted in my arrangements. Filmmusic needs to tell a story after all, otherwise it could just be described as background music. I started this piece with a piano suite and wrote the first themes in 2009, when I started writing this piece in 2010 I started to work on a feature film, marking my entrance into the commercial world of scoring. Due to these forthcoming commercial project the progress of this piece started to become negligible, there were times where I laid it down for half a year, picked it up again only to drop it again one week later. Luckily my experience and technical possibilities have evolved greatly during that time which enabled me to lift the quality of this track into new heigths. However, getting back into the piece after half a year wasn't easy sometimes and often left me with a headache.

The piece is portraying all sorts of excitements one could get from orchestral music. You'll spot some obvious influences like Powell's Dragon score as well as nods towards Zimmer and Alan Menken which have always been my favorites. However, with this piece I was aiming for a signature sound, with thematic quality high enough that one could easily mistake it for a suite to an animated movie. This piece was supposed to be used for my application at Berklee, but knowing what they charge composers I'm currently rather doubtful that I'll make an entrance there, it's just too expensive.

Dreams of Flight contains 4 movements, similar to a symphony but not following the rules excactly. So I want to use this term with caution.

1. Once upon a Nighttime

The piece makes a calm start with woodwind solos and light orchestration. This part was inspired by Irish Folk music, putting a strong storytelling aspect into the piece. It ends with a buildup that hints at the main theme.

2. Building upon Dreams

A typical montage arrangement introducing the main theme and its continuation. The second part was obviously influenced by Powell's Dragon score, ending with the "musical line of awesomeness", rowing a line of exciting themes.

3. Journey

At this point the piece will calm down and move back to a similar sound as heard in the first movement with the focus on wind solos. In the second part it goes back to the familiar montage sound, but with a lesser presence focusing on explorationary aspects. It ends with a buildup towards the last movement.

4. Limitless

The most powerful and epic movement, throwing everything around that was introduced in the former movements. Several ups and downs here with the focus to never run out of energy. It ends with the maintheme similar to the second movement.

This piece would've never been possible without the great players who performed in this piece. I'd like to thank everyone who had the patience and time to record for this piece!

Kristin Naigus: Oboe, English Horn, Tin & Low Whistle
Sean Lin: Clarinet
Daniela Wolf: Flute
Berker Sen: Bassoon
Mario Hinke & myself: Some choir voices

Special thanks to: Robert Eichenseher (for introducing me to a flute player), Toniko Pantoja (for keeping me motivated), Mario Hinke (additional motivation) and Eastwest Quantum Leap for their excellent libraries.

Credit for the great artwork goes to Niken Anindita. [link]

This piece marks my 5th year of composing music, I've never had any musical training before and completely learned by experience. My goal is to be on par with great composers such as James Horner and Alan Menken someday and I'm ambitious enough to get there one day. My name's Denny Schneidemesser, I'm 25 years old and this is my work.
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From the results of the poll it looks like most people like to see fighting animations. While robots were #3 on the list... so here is a fighting robot animation. My process just like before, all modeling and animation is done in Maya, post production rendering is done in Flash, but its really not flash made animation, but because flash is the only category that allows flash format files I continue to submit into flash. I informed DA about this issue many many times... but nobody seem to care.

Credits as always:
Cain modeling and both character animation is by me
While rigging was done by Steven Kalinovski (Cain) and Mike Calvin (Red)

Enjoy and check out my previous works on Robocop Models

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YouTube Version:
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Its feeding time.

Cain from RObocop 2. Vector render from Maya 7. Final editing in Flash.

Modeling, animation, rendering is by me.
Rigging is be Stev Kalinowski at [link] one of top riggers I know.

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A short flash looping animation
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Example of the retouching I do for clients

The full tutorial for this is for sale. Email me at

Roll-over for full view

Photo by :iconaslikolcu:

Flash by :iconselmakoparan:
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Get ready, because here comes Super Fun Buddy! He's like a Tamagotchi seasoned with awesomesauce and served with a side of awesomefries.

This was my final for my Visual Computing class, so it took around a week to make. I've never animated anything substantial before in flash, so this was a real treat :] I made the music track in GarageBand, so don't bother asking what song it is ^_^ Have fun playing!

EDIT: Song is available for download here: [link] Enjoy!

Flash CS3
Lots of coffee...

Enjoy! <3

*note: frame rate is unusually slow in Safari. Try Firefox if you can.

[edit] fixed minor coding problems. stopped scripts while animation is running so it won't get stuck anymore :D
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What category???? HELP.
Drawn with mouse pad in the time I was away. Tell me if it doesn't work!

Once-ler (The Lorax) Dr. Seuss, Illumination Entertainment
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Grief - Barn Swallows

It's a story about the barn swallows...

In Taiwan. Saturday in Harbor-South. It's a cloudy day. Many barn swallows appeared in Harbor-South, and some of them stayed on the street in flocks. Looking at the trucks running forward and backward on the street, I was worried about them. Suddenly, a big truck passed swiftly in front of me. What left on the ground is a little pile of black shadow. I knew some disaster had happend ... again.

Birds are also quite sentimental. Even though the swallow lying on the ground would no longer budge a bit, another one, looked like his family, flew to the side of him, relunctant to accept the truth ...

The third swallow came close to them, seemingly trying to tell him that the truth couldn't be changed ... But, he screamed dolorously, demanding his friend to leave ... he would rather believe that the disaster had never happened...

Another big truck passed. Strong blast turned the dead swallow on the ground. Observing the change of his gesture, the family swallow was inspired and flew immediately back to accompany the dead swallow ...

Accompanying the dead swallow, he shrieked at him, "Get up! Get up!"

Unfortunately, the other one could no longer respond ... Suddenly, the family swallow stepped closer, trying to grab his body and get him up ...

However, it's too much a burden for him ... But still, he fluttered the wings, again and again ...

The dead swallow couldn't respond, even through he wanted to .... I believe so ...

Another car passed, the family swallow flew up in fright, but came down again immediately after the car had left ...

Even though the other swallows told him that the efforts were in vain, he didn't give up, hoping against hope that his family would get up again ...

Another truck passed. The body budged a bit because of the blast ... The family swallow was inspired again and tried every possible attempt to get him up ...

Finally, he used up all the strength he coud possibly gather ... but still, he couldn't get any response from his family ... All of a sudden, he couldn't bear the sorrow, shrieking at him, "Why don't you get up ?!!!"

I couldn't continue the writing. At last, I was worried that this family swallow, which kept flying up and down when the truck passed, would get hurt by the vehicles, so I couldn't help but move the dead swallow to the bush on the side of the street, although I knew I shouln't have interfered. The family swallow hovered in the sky and screamed several times. Finally, he flew away ... accepted the truth
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