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Well here it is, my final entry

Tried hard to stick to the Minmitar style, building off of the T3 stylings to battlecruiser size

Also studied CCPs concept presentation, guess this is for modelling so should be a clean representation

Modelled in Max, plain grey model. Rendered then paintover in PS using various techniques ( aircraft part photos, textures and digital painting ). Time taken to properly trace over ortho views in PS usign varying line thicknesses

Hope you like it. Have a look in full size, there's a wee bit of detail in the paint
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Here is the Final Submission for the Eve Online Contest.

The Naru-Kami Battleship Class

Length: 1000m
Height: 275m
Width: 415m

Submission two link -->

Thank You.

Revised The Logo to look more Japanese instead of Maori.
THanks for the Heads Up Hoaxnz.
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My 2nd submission.
Info inside. Please, check full-size.


Aquilon. The Roman god of the cold north wind, described as a winged man with serpents instead of legs.

The Greek equivalent of Aquilon was Boreas.


And 1st one (Shaitan) here [link]
3rd here - Strix - [link]

I appreciate your attention
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Tsunami Battlecruiser
Created for EVE Online: Create a starship contest.

There are more views of this ship at the following locations:

Tsunami Primary Arrangement [link]
Tsunami Colour Arrangement [link]
Tsunami Perspective A [link]
Tsunami Perspective B [link]
Tsunami Perspective C [link]
Tsunami Perspective D [link]
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Hereīs my entry for the Starship-Contest held by EVE Online.
Almost didnīt make it in time! Thatīs also why i couldnīt add a isometric painting of the ship as well, though i would have loved to... meh.

Anyway, good luck to everyone! Great entries in this contest...!

Wow, Semi-Finale!
Thatīs way more than iīve hoped for, awwwwesome! Thank you!!
I think iīll do a painting of the ship next weekend; i know this wonīt raise my chances, but iīm highly motivated right now :D
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This is a second concept for this contest.It is a Minmatar ship for support fleet .She is projected in the spirit of Brutor tribe's philosophy of warfare: simply fit as much firepower onto your ship as possible...

I hope you like it
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It's finally finished...My baby is up and flying, her crew ready and able so to speak. It's been fun working on it I hope there will be more contests like this cuz I love making starships :D

It's a shame that we're only allowed 7 views in one image, I wish I could pin some more shots to show some more details like the tiny tech lights in the section cracks and the bridge superstructure etc etc.

SO as you can see it has headlights... probably not that cool but I figured...what the heck, space is dark :)

Comparison to a Rokh HERE: [link]

Shaded Orthogonal Views HERE: [link]

Length is 807m(3 Titanics long): [link]

Texture and tech lights test can be found HERE: [link]

A Gatekeeper theme wallpapers found HERE: [link]

AND HERE: [link]

More Shots coming soon....I need a break :D
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I made a blue version of the render and although the lighting works better with that i decided to go with the yellow/beigey theme. Turned off shadows and did just a line render. Hopefully this adheres to the requirements =)

EDIT: Changed the name. I highly doubt there is one with this name
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I was overwhelmingly excited about this contest since designing science fiction craft is probably my favorite thing in the world to do.

For this contest I looked at some of the ships already in the game and how they have definite visual motifs based on their respective races. The ones I was immediately drawn to were the Jovian ships. As I understand it they are a mysterious NPC race of people, with technology that far eclipses any of the other races. I fell in love with the organic, possibly, sea creature inspired lines of the vessels. Luckily, I also noticed that many of the ship classes are currently vacant for this race; such as the battlecruiser class, the role this ship is meant to fill. It's length and abilities would fit somewhere in between the Jovian Phantom and the Eidolon.

As always, I tried my best to keep in mind some of the elements of design while working on this. Form, rhythm, harmony, unity, symmetry, color, texture, flow. The end result is supposed to evoke mystery, beauty, nature, and terror.

The name "Vision" fits in with the supernatural naming scheme of the Jovian race. It comes from the captain of the first vessel to have seen the ship. He wrote in his diary, "It emerged from the violet Magelanic clouds like a strange vision, then vanished as quickly as it came...". It's Jovian name is at this time, unknown.

Little else is known about the ship other than it is powered by some sort of transphasic cyclical reactor that uses a dark mater hybrid fuel thought to have been extinct following the creation of the universe.

ProlificPen is available for commissions year round! Email or note here for more information.

Re-posting welcome, but please credit!
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Another entry into this fun contest.

more info:

Something of a science vessel, having powerful sensors and advanced technology needed for the exploration and surveillance of planets, uncharted systems and enemy territories. Focusing on sensing/tracking/navigation modules with a monstrous computer, it can cover great distances and quickly inspect its surroundings.

Although a science ship, due it to the potentially hazardous nature of it's missions it is not lacking in firepower or defenses. It can easily survive small engagements alone, and escape before real trouble arrives, and can serve as a capable, if not improvised support ship when with a fleet. The Atlas possesses great energy capacity for intensive warping, and utilizing high-end modules for long durations, but lacks the sturdiness to contend with larger or more numerous ships for very long.

Or something like that… I'm just glad to participate and see all the other awesome designs.
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