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Custom Customization Contest

Pack by *00Velvet00Dreams00 and =Jaziel

Icons by =Jaziel and *00Velvet00Dreams00 Wallpaper by *00Velvet00Dreams00

This pack Contain:
62 Icons in PNG | ICO | ICNS formats (256px)

Wallpaper in 2 variations (Blue and Pink) in 1024 x 768 | 1280 x 1024 | 1600 x 1200 | 1920 x 1200 Resolutions

wallpaper more deails in: [link]

Im =Jaziel, i want to thank to *00Velvet00Dreams00 for giving me the opportunity to work with her, also thx to ~mariux for all the testing on the icons, thx to all for download :aww:
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This is an exclusive mockup for Gaia 09 - A project to raise awareness for climate change:

Climate change and the conservation of our planet is one of the most important issues facing us today. A group of designers and themers have tried to find a way of contributing their own part. How though could a website about desktop customization help to combat global warming?

A mentionable majoritiy of co2 emission is produced by industry. Private households also add significantly to the problem by using multiple fridges, televisions, cars and - last but not least - personal computers. So what can we do to support the movement? With this project, we want to raise awareness for the issue and remind users of nature and its beauty. To remind you of shutting down your computer at night if it's not in use. To turn your gadgets off instead of having them on standby.

With this voluminous release of skins for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux we want to bring attention to the topic in the community and hope to make you think more about the issue and your own ecological footprint.

We hope this project will reach a lot of people. If you want to help us by writing an article, blog entry or an interview feel free to contact us!

Join this project on [link]

We are currently looking for artists, musicians and writers to join our team! So come over and join this project for a great cause!
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My entry for the Winamp Freestyle Skinning Contest. A classic winamp skin to fit with a Vs I´ve been working on. Hope you like it.


:bulletred:1st: Get Winamp and install the software in your computer.

:bulletred:2nd: Download the skin by pressing the download button located in the left margin of this page.

:bulletred:3rd: Unzip the file and copy the .wsz file you will find inside to your Winamp skin directory ( c:/..../Winamp/skins).

:bulletred:4th:Open Winamp, right click on the main window, go to skin sub-menu, apply the skin and you´re done.

|Terms of use:

This skin is not open source, so no modifications are allowed. This skin can not be used in any way for commercial purposes. Thanks for reading and enjoy the skin.

©2008 Roberto Abril Hidalgo |

EDIT: 09/15/08 ----->Now up to celsoteque22: Changed main color scheme. Fixed overlapping pixels on main screen numbers. Many other minor retouches.
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Submission for the Custom Customization Customising Contest.

All credits go to [link] for the Heaven-Hell Wallpapers :) Thanks for the permission and inspiration !


the .zip file includes :

- Hell and Heaven Wallpapers by =manicho
(full, wide and dual)

icons : My Computer, Recycle Bin (full and empty), My Documents, My Network Places
Heaven :
- 2 styles (normal, less), 5 icons, 3 types of icons (png,ico,icns 256px)
Hell :
- 2 styles (normal, less), 5 icons, 3 types of icons (png,ico,icns 256px)

Hope you will like them =) cya for the next collab manicho !


well...congratulation to :icon00velvet00dreams00: and :icongakuseisean: who win the contest ;) i'm waiting for new contests...
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VS: Me
LS: Me
Media player reshack and image: Me
Mirc: nnscript
Wallpaper: Ecco by imrik


Firefox custom userchrome: ?
Firefox startpage: Mini-Man (moded)

My screenshot for this years SSC :)
The arrow next to the clock toggles the tray on and off. The search is an LSXCommand.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with probelms, came up with suggestions etc :D

Visit [link] for more fantastic SSC screenshots :)
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A mock-up of a style I would like to see being used in Windows 8.
I just wanted to express my views on the future of Windows, and since I found this wonderful contest, I decided there couldn't be a better way to share my ideas...


Changes I would like to see in Windows 8:

1. Do away with AeroGlass! I would really like to see a different view on the use of transparency - there should be a greater degree of window opacity.
2. Bring in a black and grey carbon-themed skin.
3. Make the Start Menu feature a cut-down version of Explorer to allow you to actually "start" directly with your files.
4. Improve the logon screen.
5. Separate the permanent elements of the taskbar and the open windows into two separate bars.
6. Make the more common buttons simple to access.
7. Add transparency to inactive windows in order to bring focus onto active ones.

What I would like to be kept the same:

1. Keep the Window switching method in Windows 7, but use names instead of icons.
2. Keep Flip3D (though I hardly use it any more ;) )
3. Maintain the stability and the performance speeds experienced in Windows 7 (which is now my primary OS).


Critiques are enabled.


Salman Arif
Ideas Unlimited...
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Jordan Speer
Bowling Green - Kentucky


Bryce/wings 3d/photoshop
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Second Submission to the Terraspace Contest here on dA.

This Kinda came to me while watching my 2 year old play.. The imagination of a child blows me away sometimes. I wanted to do one more terraspace themed piece and this is what I have done with that thought.

DP Studios™

All Photoshop cs2
Stock Image of Little Girl from Corbis. Royalty Free.
112 Layers
.psd is 41.2 MB

Cloud Brush by [link]

I give full permission to use this in any way they need for the contest.

Its been brought to my attention that maybe its my responsibility to protect my own art here at DA regardless of copyrights and Creative Commons Deeds.
If you are a visitor or member at DeviantART you may download my work to your hard drive for personal use ONLY. If you wish to use my work on this site or another site then you MUST contact me first to get permission.
I wont sit here and tell you everything you cant do to my work...The only thing you can do without my permission is download it for personal use on your hard drive. If you do not agree with this, please remove yourself from my gallery.

Thank you.

:bulletred: EDIT
Cleaned up the stock part of the image in Photoshop. Tried to smooth it out some.
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Master Chief is my second HALO related WindowBlinds skin. I made this to participate the mimic contest. But in the whole skin, I wanna make it usable as always and more than just mimic the feeling of Master Chief. And I designed every element to be easy to use.

As the contest rule, I gotta post a Master Chief image even every one knows him. :D

I've been busy in school works and other stuff for months and this skin was finished in limited time, so it is only optimized for Windows XP and WindowBlinds 6 .

Hope you like it and comments are welcome.

:bulletblue:My Portfolio:
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for the "Multi-Monitor Mayhem" contest :

This is a desktop ready for three monitors featuring captn' chrom the creation of chromius [link] which I have permission to use.
Referenced a google image of a compass rose.
Created in Illustrator.

This was a ton of fun to make, I hope chrom likes it.
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