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Just finished this game a day ago, added some cool things to it, but I'm planning on releasing a giant game with tons of clothing very soon.

Create your own little gothic, punk, emo doll with over 75+ hairstyles and tons of clothing and accessories. You can even give her some cat ears, bunny ears, vampire teeth even little devil horns.
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I've been pretty busy working on creating games for both the web and android. This one has a lot of stuff in it and is a step up from the previous creator game. If you like you can message me your image and I'll throw it on my dream-maidens blog ^_^

Create a dress up character with over 800+ items and accessories to choose from. You can customize the stage as well as dress up the character. Make yourself, your friends, or a fantasy character with lots of different styles like cute, classy, moe, anime, punk, rock, goth, lolita, RPG, etc. Tons of options to choose from. This game is great from kids up to adult it is very easy to play. You can save your creation to your computer and share with friends. This game is also available in the Android Marketplace!

Its a free app

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You'll have to excuse the "dooshbagery a-hole" description below. Got really tired of some ridiculous mess going on when people decide to make decisions for what people want. I've accepted their ways and no longer care.

Perfection tends to make things boring, so we've whipped up an un-perfect scene game with an un-perfect description. (Not that the developers wanted to make a dressup game like others before, with today's assumed specs.) Tons (200+) of clothing and props to create a scene. Use your imagination if you have one that isn't decided for you. You can create guys and girls and up to 8 different bases all at once. Everything is drag, no themes, no story, no snapping in place, no smooth lines (we are in love with jagged bitmaps), and a nice whopping 2MBs worth of game that can leave between 1 minute to unlimited game length, if you are given the chance to play this game.
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*UPDATE: You can now download this game on your android phone. It is in the app store for FREE!

This was my first updateable game using multidimensional arrays. I had fun learning about php as well. Hopefully I will be able to add more features in the future as I continue to learn more.

Create an dream or dark maiden avatar with over 200+ items and accessories. Save avatar and check back for new item updates, with many other features like user runway and videos coming soon in the next update.

Click on the buttons to change the look of the character. When completed, save avatar and share with friends. Check the item feed for more items and other features added to the game weekly!

December 2010 Update

- Added 36 new items, including a new tattoo layer. Also I added some info bubbles when you hover over the icons to let you know what each one represents.

- 43 Items were added including guitars, and other cool items. I believe its about 400+ items in game right now.

- Another 60 items were added along with a new layer.

- 62 items have been added. I also edited the splash page. If you would like to showcase your avatar, email with your name and avatar image. Avatars will be showcased on our website.
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Sooo, I've been uber obsessed with mermaids lately.

This game took forever, because I was using the hell out of gradients in Flash. It turned out alright I think, and I learned a lot doing this game.

All done in Adobe Flash CS5.

The programming/code all belong to ChixR.Us.
The music is from
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These dresses took me a while, but I had a lot of fun making this game.

Game Description: Decorate and style with Lolita fashion. This fashion brings together classic as well as goth appeal, which is a popular trend in Tokyo, Japan. Over 20+ dress styles, 60+ hair styles as well as many accessories to create a little Lolita doll.
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A little funny story happened about this game.

They asked for cute = check!
They asked for snap = check!
They asked for theme = check!
They asked for clothing variety = check!
They asked for smooth outlines (vector) = check!

So enjoy!
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Yay! Create a Monster Everyone!

*Ahem, please excuse my weirdness.

For school this week we've had to do some work experience, so we pretty much could go to any work place we wanted to.
I chose to do some Flash animation which has been awesome. I've been working on this for about three days (with many breaks XD) And this is the end Product.

Simply click on the arrows to change the body part, and drag them to where ever you want it to be.

Please leave a comment below of what you think about it! I need some tips :)

(Keep an eye out for the cat XD) :iconcatplz:
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Note: You need to put the deviations you made under your "My Scrapbook" section :)! Dont forget!
Here is a mega avatar creator!!!

:star:You can:star:
Create your oc,id or whatever you want with it ,Just credit please :)!
:star:You can't:star:
Steal the art or any content in this game.
Chew or eat it. :3
:star:Useful information:star:
There are soooo many options.
:star:The hair in this game has separate parts.
So you can mix and match easily!
:star:It has a make up section with zooming.
:star: most of the items have different patterns,additional parts and all of them has 12 different colors.
:star: You can hold the bags with 2 hands and also one bag has a shoulder option!
:star: The finish button has a surprise! :P
Well you can just play and see all of the options!
I hope you have fun cuz it was a lot of fun creating it!
:star:Useless information:star:
Ive been working on this one for a long time T_T im exhausted!!!
This one has a different style than the other games!
All of the coding in this one made my brain melt X_X...
really messy coding too my actionscript teacher will kill me :3!
But anyways it was soo much fun working on this one.
So it turned out to be good in my opinion ^^!
:star:What you made:star:
:heart:If you make an oc,id or a style with this game and put rinmaru in the keywords or send me a pm, i can put your style here ^^! :heart:
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It's a little big ^^; so it might be easier to play if you download, that way you get it fullscreen :3

-------click and drag items to dress!

Another novice dressup game C:

The Toxic Lolita, for you to use and gently abuse. >:3
I kinda used Lolita fashion as a jumping off point for some of this stuff, so it might not all be strictly Lolita >___>

SO YES :3 Have fun with it, and let me know if anything is glitchy D: I'm still learning.

feel free to screenshot the outfits you concoct and show them to me ^ u^
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