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THANK YOU for your many kind comments and favs!!
I was thrilled when got a DD, and I must admit that it's just as exciting to receive it for the second time!
I'd also like to mention as a clarification that this template was modeled after icons featured in GO Launcher EX, and came into being when I wanted to create additional icons for apps not included in GO Launcher's theme.


A quick and easy icon template, ideal for docks and Android!!

1. Paste your artwork to "YOUR ICON" layer, make sure to preserve the layer mask!
2. Merge "YOUR ICON" layer with "Effects 1" folder and copy.
3. Edit the smart object in the "Reflection" layer and paste the copied icon, flipped vertically.
4. Merge all layers (except Background), copy and save as PNG.
5. Adjust colour balance and levels to pimp up your icon and really make it shine :)
6. Enjoy!!

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One of my minor quibbles with MyPaint is canvas size. There's no good way to see the current size of either your view window or your total canvas. This can make it difficult to insure that your painting is big enough to print, or small enough to meet some other restriction.

That's why I created this background tile. It supplies landscape and portrait sized outlines for 5x7", 8x10", and 11x14" images, assuming a 300dpi print.

Because of its large size, it takes MyPaint a long time to load it when you switch to it. Because of this, I suggest setting the background, blocking in your image dimensions, and then switching your background to a different tile or a color for performance considerations.

To Use:
1. Click the download link for the actual image. The preview image does not conform to the 64x64 pixel requirement of MyPaint, and would therefore be unusable. It is also only 900px wide. :)

2. Save to your "backgrounds" folder. ~/.mypaint/backgrounds in Linux, or <MyPaint Install Directory>\backgrounds in Windows.

3. Open the Layers->Background dialog and select this background.

Lots of thanks to :iconedgedrifter: and his tutorial
He figured out the details like the 64x64 requirement and kept my job simple.

Created in GIMP

Edit to Add: Jonnor from the #MyPaint chatroom on FreeNet IRC pointed out that one could just load this template (or others like it) into a layer instead.

Edit 9/18/2011: You can also check out my template pack with handy marking for rules of thirds:
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15 Christina Aguilera icons
These were actually made a very long time ago, about 3 or 4 years, which is why the quality isn't so good. (and they were uploaded on Photobucket)

Comments and faves are very appreciated!

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You have full permission to use this resource in your artist's comments/deviation description, journals, etc, without linking here or crediting me. You may NOT reupload this and/or claim it as your own.

Contains GIMP XCF file and Photoshop PSD file.
Comments disabled by owner.
my current desktop, with rainmeter stuff. Most of these can be found in my favorites. Some of them are modified by myself.
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Second file folder psd to modify to your liking.

.zip-file includes the .psd and .png(s) of the open folder with paper and without.

Please give credit to mercscilla@deviantart.
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My V4 brushkit for Mypaint 0.9 ( and + ) is here. Click the following [link] to read on my website the article about, with preview, exemples, download links , installation (copied here too ) and licence instructions.

Install :
1. Download and save the zip file on your computer
2. Open Mypaint 0.9 ( or later ) and go to the Brush menu, click on 'Import brush package'. A file explorer will open, select on your disk the zip file downloaded previously.
3. The licence Pop up ; you need to accept to go further.
4. Done ! the 'Deevad4' group appear in Mypaint in the Brush list. Happy painting
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Free to use! :-D

Fave if you use it! c:
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My second icon set :]
First set here: [link]

I drew these by hand on paper, scanned them, then edited them in photoshop.


:bulletblack: Mac Set [Folder]
-11 Mac Icons
:bulletblack: Windows Set [Folder]
-11 Windows Icons
:bulletblack: Be My Valentine Icon Set [Please Read].txt
:bulletblack: Be My Valentine Icon Set Preview.jpg

File Format: .rar
File Size Total: 1.36MB

-The Large Icons work best.
-Large Icons for Windows will only work for Vista
-I'm unable to test the Mac Icons as I am on Vista, so any problems with them please do tell me.
-If you have any trouble 'installing' them please feel free to ask for help.


Intructions for .rar file:
:bulletblack: You will need a program such as WinRAR to be able to access and use the files.
:bulletblack: To get the file Press Download.
:bulletblack: Once downloaded, Right click the file and select 'extract'
:bulletblack: You're done :) Enjoy!
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Tick by Gasara Yes, you can use
Cross by Gasara Please do not edit
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Note by Gasara Please credit if used outside deviantART

Right Mood Icon by Gasara Terms of Use

FAQ14 - How do I add images to my page?
FAQ15 - How do I find an image URL?
FAQ18 - How do I use deviantART thumbs?
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