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~:bulletpurple:*Relógio Zirgui*:bulletpurple:~


:bulletpurple:Sistema de determinação de tempo e hora usado e criado pelos Zirguis.

Sim, este é o esquema do relógio deles, basicamente um sistema de aneis que funcionam como ponteiros marcando segundos, minutos, horas e um ponteiro adicional que determina se está dia ou noite. Se o simbolo do "sol" estiver no topo, é porque é meio dia e se o simbolo da "Lua" estiver no topo, é porque é meia noite.

Este arquivo flash que foi feito graças a ajuda do meu grande amigo :icondbsanches: que é extremamente experiente no Flash, conseguiu a forma funcional do relógio, ele se ajusta a hora de seu computador.


:bulletpurple:Determination system and used time and time created by Zirguis.

Yes, this is the schema watch them, basically a system of rings that act as pointers marking seconds, minutes, hours, and an additional pointer that determines whether it is day or night. If the symbol "sun" is on top, is because it is noon and the symbol of "Moon" is on top, it's because it's midnight.

This flash file has been done through the help of my good friend :icondbsanches: who is very experienced in Flash, was able to form functional clock, it adjusts the time on your computer.

:bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple:
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Analog clock with date
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:bulletred: Show me how much you love the generator by buying me a cookie. :icongrineagerplz:
(Alternatively buy me one with points on my page.)

:bulletgreen: 1.4.1 mini-update!
Releasing this minor version increment to fix a few things that were bothering me about 1.4.0.

- The "standard" and "realism" categories have been renamed "open" and "default" respectively and have switched places. The "default" category contains all sorts of rules and parameters in an attempt to create sensible results, while the "open" category is able to combine virtually anything with anything.

- Rephrased ALL THE VERBS for more natural results than the constant "is being". :iconxalltheyplz:

- Done a lot of changes to the Fantasy and Sci-Fi categories to emphasize them more, though I'm open for ideas on how to expand them even further if anyone have any.

- Also keen to hear ideas for more verbs that could be squeezed in here and there.

The generator and you
While you can take the generator results as they are, I personally recommend taking them a step further. Think about how the scenario in the results could have come to pass, whether there's any way to build on them or even whether there's any way to make them better on your own. But if you want to just take the results literally, go ahead.

The generator and I
Polishing and improving this tool is a fun project and I'm open for any ideas or suggestions for ways it could be better. While I know my way around an ActionScript code, I'm not a professional coder and not an expert in the language. Still, I try my best. Writing a tool like this is still pretty sweet, right?

Thanks for the DD!
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If you like this then please consider joining my group! :iconhellsplumber-fc:

Woke up this morning and saw the giveaway 100+messages! Thanks alot for the Daily Deviation! :w00t:
If you like this they you might also like my dA Journal Creator!

Behold! My latest invention!
The Critique Creator:

This one lets you critique deviants work in the same way that subscribed members can.

Just enter the critique, rate the deviation out of 5 stars for each aspect, and the Critique Creator generates the code!
Then just paste it into a comment to that deviation and it will be formatted in a similar way to official critiques, including the star-ratings.

The star-ratings are as follows:

Does the artwork present or reflect a point of view, theme or idea?

Is the artwork fresh or new in its style, execution or approach? Is it something you haven’t seen before in its particular genre? Does it surprise you?

Was the artwork skillfully created?
Does the artist exhibit advanced knowledge of the medium and/or bring special focus to the craft of the medium used.

Does the artwork resonate with you or evoke strong emotions? Does it make you think? Does it blow your mind?

Anautomatically created average rating based on your selections within Vision, Originality, Technique, and Impact.

Rules for the #Critiques-Requested group!

Before submitting your deviation:

Before submitting your deviation to our group, copy the following code and paste it into the end of your deviations description:

<div align="center">
<hr>:iconcritiques-requested:<hr><b><a href="">Click here to create a critique!</a></b><hr>

A good example of what this code looks like is here: Friendship by NaturallyLecherous

This lets people know you're looking for critiques, and gives them a link to the groups Critique Creator. It also let's US know that you actually want critiques are aren't just looking for publicity ;)

Before leaving a critique:

Before leaving a critique, please remember that the artist is looking for helpful, useful and well structured critiques!

Only provide critiques if:

You can provide in-depth feedback for the deviation.
You can offer advice or point out areas that can be improved.

If you can't give alot of advice and help, then simply leave a comment instead!

If you'd like to learn how to give critiques then please read our Useful Critique Guide!

Anyone can leave critiques on any deviation in our Critique Gallery using our Critique Creator, even non-subscribed memebers!
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-UPDATE- Added preloader, replay button, and SOUND!!! :heart:

I started this animation over 3 years ago, got it about... maybe 60% done, and then abandoned it. I've always wanted to finish it, but didn't have the ambition... until yesterday. I got on a roll and started coloring and drawing in unfinished frames, adding effects, shading, etc...

Oh yes, it was fun trying to match my old style again! :heart: I think I may switch back, it seemed to work for me.

So, after over 3 years, I finished it...! I really finally finished it! I wanted to do 8-bit or 16-bit style music, but really... do I need to go that far? If I do any Super Chrisseh cartoons in the future, I plan to reuse this a few times. :D
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//Current number of floors: 32

As a little apology for not adding new floors in a while I designed a free-to-use
~~ Emoticon Set ~~

Best wishes to all of you!
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Done instead of working on college applications and while waiting for Otakon to arrive. D:

Heavily referenced from Vampire Knight's ending, "Still Doll" by Kanon Wakeshima (which is the music in the background, if you didn't notice). I just thought it would be fun to do since I didn't want to do anything else. 8D;;

It'll be cleaned up and colored at some point, but not until I get some other things done I realized I really need to do. >>
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Anywhoo, I've been pndering the idea of animating "A Dangerous Path." from teh warrior's series.
and this would be in the opening, I suppose. c:
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I like the style used in Yin Yang Yo so I attempt to use that style on my OC
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