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:bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple:

~:bulletpurple:*Relógio Zirgui*:bulletpurple:~


:bulletpurple:Sistema de determinação de tempo e hora usado e criado pelos Zirguis.

Sim, este é o esquema do relógio deles, basicamente um sistema de aneis que funcionam como ponteiros marcando segundos, minutos, horas e um ponteiro adicional que determina se está dia ou noite. Se o simbolo do "sol" estiver no topo, é porque é meio dia e se o simbolo da "Lua" estiver no topo, é porque é meia noite.

Este arquivo flash que foi feito graças a ajuda do meu grande amigo :icondbsanches: que é extremamente experiente no Flash, conseguiu a forma funcional do relógio, ele se ajusta a hora de seu computador.


:bulletpurple:Determination system and used time and time created by Zirguis.

Yes, this is the schema watch them, basically a system of rings that act as pointers marking seconds, minutes, hours, and an additional pointer that determines whether it is day or night. If the symbol "sun" is on top, is because it is noon and the symbol of "Moon" is on top, it's because it's midnight.

This flash file has been done through the help of my good friend :icondbsanches: who is very experienced in Flash, was able to form functional clock, it adjusts the time on your computer.

:bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple:
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:bulletred: Show me how much you love the generator by buying me a cookie. :icongrineagerplz:
(Alternatively buy me one with points on my page.)

:bulletgreen: 1.4.1 mini-update!
Releasing this minor version increment to fix a few things that were bothering me about 1.4.0.

- The "standard" and "realism" categories have been renamed "open" and "default" respectively and have switched places. The "default" category contains all sorts of rules and parameters in an attempt to create sensible results, while the "open" category is able to combine virtually anything with anything.

- Rephrased ALL THE VERBS for more natural results than the constant "is being". :iconxalltheyplz:

- Done a lot of changes to the Fantasy and Sci-Fi categories to emphasize them more, though I'm open for ideas on how to expand them even further if anyone have any.

- Also keen to hear ideas for more verbs that could be squeezed in here and there.

The generator and you
While you can take the generator results as they are, I personally recommend taking them a step further. Think about how the scenario in the results could have come to pass, whether there's any way to build on them or even whether there's any way to make them better on your own. But if you want to just take the results literally, go ahead.

The generator and I
Polishing and improving this tool is a fun project and I'm open for any ideas or suggestions for ways it could be better. While I know my way around an ActionScript code, I'm not a professional coder and not an expert in the language. Still, I try my best. Writing a tool like this is still pretty sweet, right?

Thanks for the DD!
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Analog clock with date
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DeviantArt USD to Point Calculator

Alpha version 1.6

Created in Adobe Flash CS3 AS 2.0

Premium Content | Commission Widget Disclaimer

As of Jan 2013 DeviantArt introduced a way to generate earnings using either st.ash or uploading DA deviations as Premium Content.… (This also applies to the Commission Widget ) This allows you to earn money by selling additional downloadable content or services. It can be withdrawn as real world currency or converted back to DA :points: It is important to know when uploading Premium content values you are only accounting for your "Gross Earnings" at the time of upload. This is the value before the 20% tax gets taken out. This calculator accounts for your "Net Earnings". Net (or Nett) refers to the amount left over after all tax deductions are made. If you are uploading Premium Content or offering Commissions please account for the 20% tax before you use this calculator.

100:points: = 1$ (is your Gross Earnings) only before the 20% tax gets taken out. After 80:points: = 1$ (is your Net Earnings).

Your Net Earnings is the actual value points are worth across DeviantArt. When you click on the "shops tab > Points Balance" it will show your net points total for your account.

Artist Comments

Part of the reason why I've strayed away from doing point commissions on DA is because I'm really not good at math. Figuring out the conversion rate between USD amount into DA points takes me about 2-5 minutes per calculation. (I have to usually triple check my math ) Which is why this calculator was born! My husband did the coding for it and I designed the interface and how it functions. There is one other Deviant art point converter but I wasn't happy with the drop down feature as its function wasn't really necessary. Important things to note, we tested this calculator on many of the items in the DA store. All the calculations came out correctly with out the round up feature.

When using this calculator you need to use the decimal to indicate cents. Using no decimal will indicate just the dollar amount.

If you find any bugs or anything wonky please comment or send me a note. This flash file is intended to also help other artists! Sharing is caring, but please credit the original source.

What are points?

► b0r3d13 did an excellent job breaking down the basics of points! so check it out!

Regarding different country's currency's

:earth: Its been suggested by multiple people that there should be different currency's represented by this calculator. We actually planed to do this but hit a pretty major road block. Since the currency exchange rate changes daily, we would have to pull the numbers daily as well for the equation to work. Right we're now not sure how to do this or even if it is possible. So for now I suggest using Oanda currency converter… after using this point conversion calculator.

DD Honor Stamp by UniqueNudes
Thank you for the DD and all the wonderful comments! Honestly it was a surprise. I just wanted to make an easy to use converter which has a simple to use interface with no buttons, drop down menus or fuss. I hope this will serve the Deviant Community well!

Alternatively, some people like to troll high profile areas. This is your only warning: All trolling comments will be hidden and all trolls will be placed on my block list.

Also do not beg for points in the comments section. I will report them as spam. 

Credits and Special Thanks to:
DeviantArt Logo = n0M3n
DeviantArt Point Logo = atti12
Math Conversion Documentation = RenaKigakari

PLEASE DONATE POINTS stamp by KawaiiLizzie
:points: Use this calculator often? Any donation is much appreciated for the long hours put into my free resources. See my DA homepage Thanks!

:bug: :bug:

Version number and Bug Notes

:bug: :bug:

v1.6 My previous versions had the entire thing working with numbers. When dealing with numbers, it makes adding a 0 behind a decimal somewhat difficult. I’m sure there are a thousand easier ways to do it but this was seems to be working with flying colors. Now it works using strings instead of numerical values. I converted the string into a number and run the math. Meanwhile, I have all these checks on the string to make sure the number fields look exactly how its intended to be used. I also changed the way it hunts for zeroes and decimals which makes it much more efficient.

In short re-wrote most of the engine for these fixes. Thanks to Tekarah, murisakii, oujinx, Dediggefedde, Elemental-Quest, and jujukittychick for the bug reports. If anything else seems wonky please let me know in the comments below.

v1.5 - Thanks for the DD! and with more eyes means more bugs to debunk!

Kodai-Az-Kite reported the over 9000 bug. To where if you typed in $112.52 it should = 9001 but instead gave you 9001.6. This was an easy fix, a rounding calculation was disabled in version 1.4 so we just re-enabled it.

cybertim reported the endless zero bug to where 00100 = 5120, while 100 = 8000. This was a bit more complex to fix. Not to say anyone would really need to put 000 before the number but if you did it broke it. So the fix was to convert the number into a string and put it back in. Hopefully this fixes the issue while not breaking anything else.

v1.4 - Allows for you to copy and paste the content. Didn't allow you too in older versions.

v1.3 - Fixed the crappy backspace to 0 issue. Now you can type in the field boxes without getting the hang up.

v1.2 - Made a edit if you want to know how much DA Points are worth in dollar amount you can type in the DA Point text field. Auto highlight in text field is now active. However this change is a little weird in that if you backspace the 0 the file can hang up a tad. If this happens click in the field to reactive it or ctrl+a to auto select.

v1.1 - Small bug, if you typed in a dollar amount with characters exceeding 13 spaces, DA point value showed decimal places. Quick fix this version limited how many characters you type in the USD field box. Bug reported by 10Sly10

V1.0 - DA Alpha launch original version
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Well, here's a different version of the gulp in Aiko Swallow Test 2. I want to know what you guys think of this one compared to the others. It's a bit bigger and faster (the latter of which I'm not too pleased with), but it might be more realistic for a bigger belly bulge.
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This animation was done for my Digital Cel I class. This version has no sound because I'm too busy to add sound at the moment.

Please, no Twilight bashing. I don't care if you hate it. Same goes for Twilight fans. I honestly could care less if you think the movie/books are awesome. I will disable comments if they get to the point of useless comments.

This is supposed to be done in the style of Don Hertzfeldt, but I suck at stick figures and hate the redrawn text loop effect.

Lemme know if you find any problems. I kept running into them and fear I may not have found them all. Especially timing.

Oh, and at the end, that's Jareth from The Labyrinth in case you couldn't tell.

And somewhere in there is the Wind Planeteer.

So yes, Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer and Jareth belongs to Jim Henson. And Gi belongs to Ted Turner I guess...
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Thank you SO much for your faves and feedback, I can't describe how happy I feel about every single one of your comments! ^-^

I updated the version. For those of you who had black screen instead of the game - the issue is fixed.

Click to drop fruits (up to 5 at once). Feed all animals to unlock next level.
For a more challenging experience, hit all pins to achieve high score and get a golden pineapple :)
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EDIT: YAY for some reason DA accepts the animation now even though I just reuploaded the file...:P Finnicky DA.

edit II: alternative title - Moe Moe Beam

I am amazed that nobody's posted something like this before (from what I can tell). XD Somebody was saying "Miku Miku Beam" and I immediately thought of this, haha. So I HAD to draw it. It's just too amusing to make fun of serious "stoic" characters like Riku...:iconimhappyplz:

I originally animated in Photoshop but it had a lot of obnoxious color loss as a .gif, so I had to struggle to learn Flash to keep color quality. There are still a lot of things I'm unhappy about in terms of the animation (eurgh those uneven rings >___>) but considering the last time I used the program was in 8th grade, I think it's something of an achievement. P: Seriously, I think the animation part took about as long as the drawing part did because I spent so long wrestling with Flash as it lagged my computer to death.

13 stars for Organization XIII!

Challenge: Find the paopu fruit!

Riku & Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix/Disney
Miku Miku Beam > Nagaru Tanigawa (Mikuru does the Miku Miku Beam in Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya).
Background - found here [link]
Art (c) ~Nocturnax me.
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A little Buri Hamachi animation of Ike from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. He's also seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

You can find the little sprite sheet (If you want to call it that) here: [link]
You can also watch the animation here: [link]

Made using Adobe Flash CS6 and Paint Tool Sai
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