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ON YOU-TUBE: (in one piece...) [link]


Please turn on your sound. :)

A few people asked me questions with regards to how I made this piece. It's very technical, so I figured it'd be easiest to explain with a quick video tutorial on my process - and how I actually do use both traditional and digital in equal parts. And, as I have said before - thank you so, so, so much for your support, especially on my original work.

If you have any more questions, please comment below!

I'm going to do a giveaway on my tumblr since it's been a good two years since I've finished something this size (it's been over two years!), For every re-blog, I'll enter you into a raffle to win an 18"x24" canvas print of this piece. :)

Characters belong to Grace Fong, :iconfongmingyun:
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*dies forever*

... Uhm, ok, I can do it :heart:

I felt pretty pathetic about doing this and than posting it, but still. On Walter and Luca's wake, me and :iconvitto-lf: decided that these two should have had their own pompous, tearjerker, happy ending, in one of their various AU's, and well, yeah... I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT, I'M JUST FANGIRLING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. That was my dream :iconawwwplz: Of course all this marriage thing referrs to Eve's universe, so that they can be a real family, with a daughter and married parents. GWAAHHH, I'M DYING :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Now, let's talk about the animation xD This took me three days, and I feel pretty proud about it :love: Also, I wanted something to expel all the stress accumulated in these days of exams, and what's better than some loveydovey animations? :heart:

Again, I can't get credits for the audio, which is from the Italian episodes of Brothers and Sisters, Kevin and Scotty's marriage <//3 I just love the voices actors o3o

Alan/Scotty's voice actor: Marco Vivio
Maxim/Kevin's voice actor: Francesco Bulckaen

PS + SAI + Animations Shop + Windows Movie Maker

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The first Short Movie I finished ! I have tons of projects that never went into complete filming/editing. I'm glad I finally finished one !

I wish to thank the entire crew:

Charlène, who helped me to find the actor and the pianist, who supported me during all preparation and who had a few good ideas during the shooting.
Thomas and Sami, who live two hours from Bordeaux by train and are very talented.
~Mathi09 who did a great job, and helped me a lot during the editing.
Mary who is a great camera operator.
Jeremy who had to travel three hours by train to come. He did a great job too.
Laurine, a magic girl I consult a lot when it comes to music.
And of course Fred, my long time best friend and roommate who had to support me during preparation, production and postproduction, who did a wonderful job as a co-director.

I also wish to thank my teachers in my art school who helped me about the location, and tips for the piano construction. Some of my classmates who supported me as well. And my parents, of course. :p

Pygmalion, it's...

2 month of preparation
100$ of budget
2 days of shooting
25 square meters of cardboard
1 liter of "chocolate" acrylic
77 minutes of video rushes
65 minutes of audio rushes for post synchronisation
3 weeks of editing
36gb of files on computer.

Music Credit:
Sonata op. 1 n° 2
Prélude op. 3 n° 2
Prélude op. 32 n° 10

For on set picture, check this [link]
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This is one of the three animations, that I have made for one theatre play in Slovakia. It was great experience. They are all from Chaplin environment. These animations were projected behind the actors.
This is the larges one. It represented Chaplin´s way to hollywood when he have got his firts job there.

The train model was provided by my friend Sqelx (I made a material and rig), a airplane model was made by Peter Beno and all the rest was made by me. The music was made by Anton Popovic and sound by Igor Baar.
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There it is, my most recent film, finished in 2010 as a graduation project in university. It's done some mileage so far (it was screened in approximately forty festivals around the world), but its festival life is nearing its end so I'm posting it online now!

Drawn on paper, scanned and coloured in Toon Boom Digital Pro. The backgrounds were coloured in Photoshop. Everything was assembled in Adobe Premiere Pro.

I hope you like it :heart:

24 scenes
1,860+ drawings
2 semesters
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My first submission to dA's film:

This is a segment from a video shot onboard the National Geographic Endeavour in Antarctica. The video is shot for Lindblad Expeditions (

Shot using a Sony Z1U with various accessories. Edited using Final Cut Pro. Music is from a stock library.

What you see was shot and edited in about 20 hours.
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Corto animado hecho en el 2009 por Andres Ciambotti, Juan Pablo Boraso y Thomas X. Roger
Audio por Nicolas Scatamacchia.

"Teofrasto & Tesla in Electrostatic Disintegration"
Short animated film made by Andrés Ciambotti, Juan Pablo Boraso & Thomas X. Roger
Audio by Nicolás Scatamacchia.

A love story.
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This is the main reason I haven't posted anything in aaaaaages - but it was worth it. Entirely developed and animated by myself over the last six months or so.

Music video "Part 3" from Rhian Sheehan's awesomely atmospheric album, Standing in Silence. If you're into music with epic cinematic scape, check it out.
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This is the story of a little boy who wasn't able to sleep and felt that something weird was happening out of his room, so he decides to take a look, but soon he would realize that he isn't home, maybe fall asleep wasn't so difficult.

Color Script [link]
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