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Lineart Natsu from Fairy Tail 245

Color. [link]

You can use this, if you give me credits. :D

Other color.

:iconnaruttebayo67240: [link]

:iconthereaper93: [link]


Natsu (c) Hiro Mashima
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Youtube Background for FREE

Design by Innachan ~Innachan
Please Donate if you like my work!
Original Luka Pictures arent from me!!
Every grafic is made by ME. From the buttons to the shine effects ^.^ everything!
Second version and a request. The quali is better ^^

If i just see somewhere that you cut one of my graphics out and used it for something then your dead! O.O I allow nothing like that! I worked 5 hours for the full bg! That includes all the graphics in the bg and i will be pissed if i see them somewhere else O.o. I work hard for all my bgs and i do this bgs for people who cant work like that. Please respect that!

Other Vocaloid in this BG Version:

1 fractal picture...

Adobe Photoshop (CS4)
Adobe Illustrator (CS 4)

Youtube Settings:

* Font: Times New Roman
* Wrapper Transparency: 100%
:bulletblack:Color Palletes
* Transparency: 100%
Feel free to choose your own colors ^-^
Own Youtube Account: [link]
YT Background Group:
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Cursor Minni Mouse! :heart: YA TIENE INSTALADORRRR!! :squee:
Super Beioo :P

Espero Les Guste

Da Credits si lo Pones en un packsitow!

Que lo Disfruten! ^^

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Bueno estos son mis primeros cursores ^^ Espero que les gusten mucho mucho c:

No tiene contraseña.
Si los usas en un pack, por favor dame créditos, te lo agradecería mucho!


Copyright © 2012 Todos los derechos reservados.
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Wowie so i suddenly remade most of my god tiers and dumped them all here for no apparent reason. This time with just the canon aspects though.

It's a reeeeaaaaally big file, so go to the download button for the full, non-blurry image 

Shoe colors aren't really constant, so change 'em how you like.

Also proportions might be a bit janky, so mess with the shapes and sizes however you'd like to fit your sprites!


Sage: Sages are meant to teach others about their aspects, to enlighten them. A Sage of doom and teach others how to stay off the path of doom, while a sage of light can inform others on the right path to fortune. Like a Seer, a Sage has partial knowledge of the future, but the primary purpose of a Sage is to give the information to others specifically.

Bane: Banes are hostile and deadly classes (but are not exclusively limited to them) that start with immense knowledge and skill about their aspect. One way or another, however, the bane will slowly lose, or lose all at once, their aspect. A Bane trying to fight this usually ends up with disastrous consequences, so it's best to use your powers before you loose them. Banes might also be looked at from a humble approach, they might recognize that they must give up their aspect in order to ensure their teammates success. It is the active counterpart to the Pawn.

Ace: Aces are extremely lucky classes. The main skill of an Ace is that they can afford to gamble and do high stakes regarding their aspect which will almost always work out in their favor in the end. In order to reach their true potential, however, the Ace must overcome a huge risk that has legitimate consequences attached to it (This is often part of the Ace's Choice with their Denizen.)

Foe: Foes take away the trait of others that matches their aspect to their advantage. While Theifs or Rouges steal their aspects in general, the primary purpose of a Foe is to take it away specifically from others. Example: A Foe of Mind takes away the intelligence of others and shroud their decision makings. Often seen as the antithesis of the Con.

Voice: Voices are great at preaching their ideas at other players. They are great at spreading and convincing others of their opinions and views, depending on what their aspect is. Often seen as the passive equivalent of the Sage, a voice must drive their companions opinions and ideals towards the benefit of their aspect.

Fate: Fates always try to and usually succeed in on trying to fulfill their own and other's fate as long as it includes their aspects somehow. They can see into the future of their aspect, also. (If they are a Fate of Death, they might make sure whoever is /supposed/ to die shall die)

Guide: Guides are natural born leaders, and they lead others to what ever their aspect is. They are generous and usually only help others and rarely themselves with their goal. (A Guide of Light would help others "find a light"). The antithesis to the Shroud.

Scouts: Scouts are masters in the art of split second decision making. Scouts have the best intuition and instinct about their aspect, and act on impulse as opposed to planning things out. The Scout class is usually assigned to those whoever analyse situations to often, and must learn to make a life changing decision on the dime. The antithesis of the Scribe and the active equivalent of the Ace.

Knave: ???

Dames: Dames are similar to Knights in the fact that they are head strong and quick to protect their friends. The Dame is not necessarily the antithesis to the Knight, nor is it a passive/active equivalent, however they do share multiple similarities. While knights are 'ones who equips themselves with [aspect]' or 'one who improves themselves with [aspect]', the Dame's primary function is to exploit their aspect to better improve OTHERS.

Monk: Monks completely devote and discipline themselves to their aspect. In order to achieve their full potential, the Monk must go through rigorous training and practice that would certainly result in emotional or mental trauma. When the training is complete, however, the Monk will realize the necessity of these trials to ensure their success. Considered the passive version of the Spy.

Wraith: Wraiths are usually given to those with sinister and vile intentions. When a Wraiths gain power by fulfilling their aspect, so under the right circumstances to lead to disastrous consequences. Often seen as the active version of the fate, the primary purpose of the Wraith is also to go forth with what their aspect intends.

Nymph: ???

Host: ???

Chief: ???

Imp: ???

Sprite: ???

Fool: Fool use dishonesty and half truths to achieve their full potential, their main purpose is the deceit and confuse to get what they want. Often dishonest but have good intentions, their power would be lying about their aspect to achieve a certain result. 

Shroud: ???

Squire: ???

Con: ???


Rake: ???

Spark: ???

Laird: ???

Steed: ???

Queen: ???

Rex: ???

Drone: ???

Spy: ???

Nurse: ???


Groom: ???

Pawn: ???

Tike: ???


[[[ Descriptions coming soon!!! ]]]

[[[ Hoodless version coming soon!!! ]]]

[sage and bane made by ZephyrOfStar ]
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Espero te guste este cursor editado por mi FabiiEditions :) *-* trae su notita de creditos y asi espero te guste :)

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oh god guys forgive the Gurren lagann spam of art.
i found this rotting amongst my gurren lagann doodles.
so i colored it LOL.



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Reloj Hello Kitty Transparente...

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Youtube Bg for dominoleeanne :heart:
hope you like it Nami! :meow:
&my channel -> [link]

Bg color: #dfd0d4
Other colors you can use:

Credits: [link] , [link] , [link]
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Cursor Echo Por Mi ! YA TIENE INSTALADOR! :squee:
Espero Les Guste ! :heart:

Dame creditos si lo Pones en algun Pack!

Ciao! (:

Canelita'309 :heart:

En Zip....
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