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espero os guste :)
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The symbols of the magic schools in my comic.
Harmony - Shields, Divination, Voodoo.
Finesse - spell scripts, emulating other schools.
Body - Healing, Augmentation, Gene manipulation.
Matter - Artificing, Architecture, Booby traps.
Chaos - Teleports, Time travel, Gravity manipulation.
Force - Elements, Forces, Things That Go Boom.
Soul - Spirits, Undeath, Animating dead matter.
Mind - Telepathy, Illusion, Self discipline

Rightfully, Harmony and Body should shift colors, but... neither school WANTS the other color... (Also, the "Wheel of magic" is a gross simplification of the relationships.)
I had fun listening in to the mage council that set these symbols:

Headmaster: Right, I've HAD it. SIMPLIFY, people. Here you go, four sticks to each school. Make your symbols out of those - and pick a color while you're at it. I'll be back in half an hour.


Headmaster: Let's see what we've got.
Harmonic Mage: THIS... is a thing of beauty.
Headmaster: Two brackets.
Harmonic Mage: It evokes the isolating property of our school.
Headmaster: Okay. Approved.
Harmonic Mage: And the mirroring aspect.
Headmaster: I can sort of see that.
Harmonic Mage: Plus it evokes the crystal shape, which we admire. Really, there are layers upon layers of meaning...
Headmaster: I'll just be leaving now.


Headmaster: I see you managed to get the coveted color Blue.
Mind mage: We managed to persuade the others, yes.
Headmaster: I bet you did.
Mind mage: We made a stylized eye. As in "Mind's Eye"
Headmaster: Hm, Okay. Approved.
Mind mage: But if you could... *bend the rules a bit*... we could-
Headmaster: Your mind tricks won't work on ME. I bid you adieu.
Mind mage: Drat.


Headmaster: So this is an... Arrow pointing up? Like, "Rise from the Grave!"?
Soul mage: Could be. We thought it more like a "mind over matter" thing.
Headmaster: Fine. Approved.
Force mage: The triangle is clearly a teabag.
Headmaster: I'll be with you chaps in just a minute.
Force mage: The line's a corpse. They're teabagging a corpse.
Headmaster: That was out of line, son.
Soul mage: Log on to Magenet tonight, Everton, and I'll teabag YOUR corpse, you wanker!
Headmaster: Moving on...


Headmaster: I see you managed to get the coveted color Red.
Force mage 1: We argued that red is the colour of Fire, and of Blood.
Force mage 2: Both of which would fly about, if we didn't get Red.
Headmaster: Right. So. Crosshairs, right? Makes sense for a trigger-happy lot.
Force mage 1: Oooh, nice. But we thought more... primal.
Force mage 2: Yeah, like, what's the first thing you think of when you hear "Force Magic"?
Force mage 1: Blowing shit up, am I right?
Force mage 2: So this is a picture of some shit blowing up.
Headmaster: ...Approved. I'll just be leaving now.


Headmaster: What the Hell?
Chaos mage 1B: We've arranged the sticks in a tetraedric fashion.
Headmaster: How are we supposed to put THAT in a stylized image?
Chaos mage 1A: Holograms!
Chaos mage 1B: Seriously though, take a perspective image.
Chaos mage 1B: It'll be a dot in the middle, then three fore-shortened sticks pointing outwards..
Headmaster: I... guess that'll be OK. Approved.
Chaos mage 1A: Score! We got the exclamation mark cubed!
Chaos mage 1B: And it only took me four tries!
Chaos mage 1A: High five, older me!
Chaos mage 1B: High five, younger me!
Headmaster: So. the color Magenta, eh?
Chaos mage 1B: It's the only color which doesn't exist as a single wavelength in the spectrum of light.
Chaos mage 1A: Yeah, because you've got to think outside of the box!
Headmaster: I think I'm getting a headache.


Headmaster: A stick man on a green background?
Body Mage: We wanted red, really, but it was... taken.
Force Mage: You better BELIEVE we took it.
Headmaster: It's a nice stick man, though. Nicely symbolizes "body".
Body Mage: Actually, I've been making these a long time, hanging them in the woods...
Headmaster: Right. Approved. See you.


Headmaster: At the risk of repeating myself - what the Hell?
Matter Mage 1: Um. We took the sticks, and debarked and straightened them.
Matter Mage 2: And we made a square. But it seemed a bit plain.
Matter Mage 1: Then we split the sticks lengthwise a couple of times.
Matter Mage 2: And we built a model house from the splints.
Matter Mage 1: But that seemed a bit plain, too.
Matter Mage 2: So then we pulped the splinted sticks and made a paper sheet.
Matter Mage 1: Which we folded into this origami rose.
Headmaster: ...
Matter Mage 2: It's enchanted to cleanse the air around it, and to glow softly in the dark.
Matter Mage 1: We were bored.
Headmaster: Right. Here's four new sticks, I'll just place them out like so...
Headmaster: And voila! We have a house. Approved. And now I'm leaving.
Matter Mage 2: But-
Headmaster: Leaving.


Headmaster: You've made an... asterisk.
Finesse Mage: It's the wheel of magic.
Headmaster: Pardon?
Finesse Mage: You're going to arrange the symbols in a wheel, yes?
Headmaster: Well, yes.
Finesse Mage: So it's that wheel. All the eight magic schools. We can emulate them all.
Headmaster: Wait. YOU are one of the eight magic schools.
Finesse Mage:Yes?
Headmaster: So, what, you emulate yourselves?
Finesse Mage: Well, I never said it was EASY.
Headmaster: ...Approved. Now I'm going for a drink.
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I obviously do not like this.
This is Ariella 'Love' Tony; fairy of Love. I decided to surround her palette with pinkish colors, including a nice pink streak that was made her bangs. I also wanted her to look somewhat like Diaspro - you'll find out why soon ;P

Base: ~hyperster
Ariella, PA & Wings: *AngeliqueKat
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First collection of new Green Lantern emblems.
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Isaac :U; stop being so fun to draw ffff;;

decided to doodle a quick Isaac while waiting to go out~ u wu <3 hope everyones having a lovely Easter :D <3

hoping to update Return to Sender soon too~ got lots of pages drawn up yep u wu <3

Isaac/art (c) Little-miss-boxie
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Desktop Icon of Monster from Robot and Monster. For Windows Vista/7

Robot and Monster and it's characters are ŠNickelodeon
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Esta padree y es purpuraa D:
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Kiriban for devLaminaNati:

всю "дорогу" казалось, что у нее что-то с размерами головы О.о но когда мерила, оказывалось вроде в порядке....
Давно уже не рисовала винксятину...разучилась совсем><

Art by *Carrota
Design by =LaminaNati
Character by =LaminaNati
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Where: Magix Colosseum -
- - - -
Starly:Winx Club
Winx Club:Iginio Straffi
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I'm SIMPLE IN LOVE WITH HER ! And trust me,i am.
She is too cute,right? :D Oh,well . . .
Sangie,as her brother got name from word "Angie" which is coming from "Angel" obviously lol
Sangie you can relate to Starly,right? Well this practicly and like IS Starly in Moster High. :D But,i was like come on,change the name. And yeah name was changed quickly,so that is why its so lame. :D Im gonna accept ur propositions for names too,as long as they start with letter "S" . :D Also,as her brother,she has an bracelet with letter "J" as first letter of her bro Jangie.
- - -
Sangie is an Original Monster High Character,so please do not steal.
Also,thank you for all the comments,and favs of course. :D
Xoxo J.

- - - Also look - - -
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