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This is Lena a Think Pink Guardian Angel

She's my entry for the Artisan Crafts category in the Think Pink V contest. [link]

She's had a complete facial repaint where all her original factory paint was removed, and then lovingly repainted with artist quality acrylics. Her hair is styled with two simple lace braids on the sides that join together with a hand beaded barrette. A closeup can be found here

Her wings were created with tons of hand picked white feathers, and is securely fastened to the doll.

The design on her corsette was tooled into very thin tooling leather and then the entire piece was painted pearlized white and & the design in deep pink. Tooling a think pink ribbon that small was a challenge! *grin* It laces up on the side with gorgeous nylon thread through tiny silver eyelets. Her skirt is made from a gorgeous pink crepe that has been hand embroidered with a blanket stitch.

For her shoes, I made her viking/guille boots from thin silver leather & painted the edges pink. A closeup of them can be seen here...

I named her after my grandmother, who lost her battle with cancer way before I was even born. She's always been my Guardian Angel.
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My last contibution to the Think Pink Contest by :iconjunkbyjen: :-)

Category:- Digital Mixed Media
Background: 3 of my own fractals
Figure: From my personal collection of free tubes.

Since i won 3rd place with this image it has been pointed out to me that the girl in this is an image by :iconacidlullaby: [link]
I recieved this image in an email from a tube club that i have been in for many years that i have always trusted, i never saw this image on deviantart and never intentionally used something that is copyrighted, if this is the case. I have written to the maker asking permission to keep the image up and am waiting for an answer, i have also emailed the sender of this image and requested that they tell me where they tubed it from. If it turnsout that i have violated a copyright then i am truly sorry and will delete this image straight away. I am not accepting any of the prizes at the moment until this is cleared up. As for the features, some are already out and cant be helped now. Please dont be too hard on me or say cruel things as i am trying my hardest to clear this up as soon as possible ... Thank you!

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconarttheft1plz::iconarttheft2plz:
My gallery and images contained in it are Copyright 2007-2010 AmorinaAshton. All rights reserved. None of the images contained in my deviantART gallery may be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, borrowed, duplicated, printed, downloaded, or uploaded in any way (that includes blogs etc.) without my express written permission. My images do not belong to the public domain.
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Beauty, confidence, friendship, believe, inspire, support and many more ...
That's what being her means!

For `JunkbyJen's Annual THINK PINK V C:bulletpink:ntest for Breast Cancer Awareness!

:bulletpink:Category : Text Art
Adobe Photoshop


resurgere - dholms

A typographical piece from Even though the whole piece doesn't have the the colored resources used, I still want to put them here, as they were used in the previous one.

**Beauty does not necessarily mean women are to be prejudiced because they are porcelain smooth and runway model...

This work won the 2nd place in the Think Pink V contest under text art category! :faint: Thank you! :la:

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This is my entry for `JunkbyJen Think Pink V Contest.
Find more info about the contest here --> [link]
This entry is for the 3D Catagory.

:new: Won 1st place


We sat there five years ago
The doctors let us know, the test showed
Shed have to fight to live, I broke down and cried
She held me and said its gonna be alright
She wore that wig to church
Pink ribbon pinned there on her shirt
No room for fear, full of faith
Hands held high singing Amazing Grace
Never once complained, refusing to give up
And I thought I was tough


My Entry was inspired by a song sung by Craig Morgan, written by Monty Criswell & Joe Leathers titled "Tough". The song is through the eyes of a man who's wife has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The song is very powerful and I thought very fitting to the contest.
I felt a need to my entry through a man's view. It can been scary for a woman, but I can only imagine what the husbands, fathers, grandfather & close male friends feel when They here those words about there loved one.

V4 from Daz3d
M4 from Daz3d
Stylin For M4 from Daz3d
Jai Hair from Daz3d
Beth Hair from Goldtassel & Swam found at Renderocity
Gothic Revival Poser Materials from parrotdolphin found at Renderocity
Frankfurt Top from 9MBi
Background from ~yana-stock [link]


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Finally I managed to get some extra time to take part in the Think Pink V contest. (…)
This yearly contest is organized by JunkbyJen, a survivor of breath cancer for almost a decade.:thumbsup:
So, supporting the cause, here is my entry. =)

:bulletpurple: Category: stamps

Feel free to use it in your journal, but please, fav it. Every comment will be very appreciated. =D

:bulletred: my blog
:bulletred: my facebook page…
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All those brave women who fought against breast cancer will always live in our memories :heart:

:bulletpink:Category: Fractals
(Done entirely with UF)

:butterfly: This is my entry to "Think Pink V" contest.
I hope you like it :cuddle:

:rose: :rose:
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Model: Me
Photo: Timer

This is my entry for the 5th Think Pink Contest by :iconjunkbyjen: for Breast Cancer Awareness.

News Article

Category is for Photography>People and Portraits>Glamour

FacebookPortfolioYoutubeFan Page

Copyright Shavaughn Kathleen Murphy
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Entry for the contest "Think Pink IV"
Category: Digital Art - Photomanipulation

The best protection is early detection... all people with Cancer.

Model~*mjranum-stock [link]
Sky~ ~riktorsashen [link]
Ribbon~ ~vampbabe-stock [link] 1251131_83494709, 201993_2415, 1249801_85076570, rest purchased
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What I wanted to represent with this doll:

In her dress is represented the essence of women, delicacy, femininity, tenderness, softness and why not a little magic ...

In her shield is represented her ability to fight adversity from the heart and with love.

Because of her great capacity for struggle, women reborn as the spring. This revival is represented by the branch with flower buds. The woman touches the twig and fill herself with flower buds, so she reborn to carry on forever against all odds.

All the flowers of her costume, her hairstyle and the flower buds are handmade with fabric and then sewed ..
The shield contain handmade flower buds sewed in five different types of fabric.
Stand flowers are made of painted paper and fabric.
Her hair was dyed with touchs of pink.
The twig is a real one that was picked up by my daughter in our garden, and then painted in pink.
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For `JunkbyJen's annual Think Pink breast cancer awareness contest: [link]

Category: 3D

:bulletpink: Heart and Ribbon modeled by me in Hexagon
:bulletpink: Ribbon "draped" on the heart with Poser 8's cloth room
:bulletpink: Materials and rendering in Vue 7
:bulletpink: Sky settings from Filip Stamate's free Vue 6 Atmospheres on ShareCG [link]
:bulletpink: Postwork in GIMP

Every year I enter this contest to honor the memories of my Aunt Charlene, who died of breast cancer, and my Granny, who survived but was eventually claimed by Alzheimer's.

Breast cancer kills both women and men, but the best chance of surviving it is with early detection. So please think of those who love you and add breast cancer screening to your medical regimen.

Terms of Use:
If you would like to use this image, you may within the following conditions:
:bulletpink: you do not claim that you made it
:bulletpink: you do not sell it or charge others to see it (this includes posting on Photobucket, since anyone can buy the image from that site)
:bulletpink: you do not modify it in any way other than resizing (no cropping out my copyright!)
:bulletpink: you do not remove/obscure/alter my copyright notice
:bulletpink: you do not use to promote hate/violence/abuse of any kind.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
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