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Yeyuhhh guess who likes Gravity Falls now.
This guy girl!

Holla about time I watched this. Take some Mabel on a stamp.
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Dipper is my favorite character amg yes. You can never have enough Dipper.
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I just have a lot of feelings and nowhere to put them okay. :iconbedcryplz:
I saw a few of these comparison picture scattered around Google, but I didn't see one where the characters were compared with both of the actors in costume so I decided to make my own and share it.

Download for full view! :heart:

Star Trek CBS/Paramount
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If you didn't already know, this is from an anime called Hetalia where countries are personified as people. It's like the best idea ever to be conceived.

I loved this episode. That poor, poor wall... XD. I'm seriously surprised no one has made a stamp for this yet. :0

(It took me an hour to figure out how to make this. I feel so content that I finally created a GIF stamp from an actual episode. |D)
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I just thought I'd throw one up since I couldn't seem to find one.

Doctor Who BBC
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I used to post legitimate art, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

Skyrim Bethesda Softworks
Stamp design =SacredLugia
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Yeah, so, I made a really basic Lance stamp. I swear, he's the only reason I watch that show.

"His slacker attitude, laid back feel, bad boy look, and a demonstration of martial arts skills against three jocks has instantly earned him the admiration of every girl in the school, short of Ilana. His unfamiliarity with Earth customs and social norms, combined with a life in the Galaluna military and his overprotective attitude towards the Princess, leads him to mistakenly see almost everything as a threat -from children crying in the street to barking dogs."
~ Wikipedia

Ilana and Octus Stamps:
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I waited and waited and waited for an Elementary stamp, but none came. :iconambcryplz:
So take this lame one instead.

I totally support BBC Sherlock (and happen to prefer it over CBS's version), but I can't help and feel a love for Elementary as well. It's probably the police consultant thing.

Elementary CBS
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I literally just came home from seeing Hansel & Gretel and I just want to drown in my feelings okay. :iconwhatdoesitmeanplz:

I love Jeremy Renner more than words, guys.
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:bulletpink: Name: Pink Thunder
:bulletpurple: Secret Identity: Nina Bell
:bulletwhite: Age: 15
:bulletpink: Gender: Female
:bulletpurple: Species: Emolga
:bulletwhite: Height: 5'4"
:bulletpink: Birthday: August 24th
:bulletpurple: Romantic Interest/Attraction: N/A
:bulletwhite: Squad: Gamma
:bulletpink: Nature: Adamant
:bulletpurple: Summary Characteristic: Very finicky
:bulletwhite: Ability: Static - Nina has an ever-present electrical charge, so she will often shock things if she's not wearing rubber gloves to nullify the ability. Keep your electronic gadgets hidden!
:bulletpink: Powers/Abilities:
Generates electricity -
POSITIVES: Nina acts like a small generator, and she always has an electric current running through her. By utilizing her weapons, she can channel it into a useful form that can be semi-controlled.
NEGATIVES: Nina generally has a hard time controlling her electricity - she can never predict how strong a jolt will be if she's not concentrating, and expending too much of it too quickly will wind her pretty quickly.
"Flying," aka gliding -
POSITIVES: Nina's bones are hollow like a bird's, so she is able to easily use winds to her advantage by utilizing her arm flaps to ride air currents. The optimal way to do this is by jumping off of great heights, such as tall buildings or trees, and coasting in a general downward movement.
NEGATIVES: Nina can't fly on her own (meaning she can't just flap her arms and gain lift), and if she's not careful, she will easily be thrown around by heavy winds.
Enhanced agility -
POSITIVES: Nina is very agile due to her hollow bones, and this allows her to jump higher, run quicker, and react faster.
NEGATIVES: Because of her bone structure, however, she is also more vulnerable to blunt-force attacks, which makes her susceptible in direct hand-to-hand close combat if she doesn't have the advantage of speed or surprise on her side.
:bulletpurple: Moveset:
In game: The user nimbly strikes the target. If the user is not holding an item, this attack inflicts massive damage.
In PYJ: Nina will attack the enemy with a flurry of quick hits using a collapsible bō staff during close combat, and shuriken in long-range combat.
Electro Ball:
In game: The user hurls an electric orb at the target. The faster the user is than the target, the greater the damage.
In PYJ: Nina generates a ball of condensed electricity in her hands, flinging it at the target. (She's still just learning how to do this; more often than not, it'll blow up in her face before she gets anywhere!)

:bulletwhite: History:
Nina was born into a modest family in Portland, Maine, where she was the youngest child with five older brothers. Needless to say, much of her childhood was shaped by this fact, and she grew up with a healthy amount of variety in her personality because of their influence. Her mother worked as a nurse in a local hospital, while her father was employed as a prodigal mechanical engineer. Her parents worked long hours, so she was most often left to the care of her brothers while they were away.

Naturally, Nina had to be quick on her feet and sneaky if she wanted to fit in with her brothers. This led to the development of her active and sporty demeanor, and she quickly learned that crying over something wouldn’t get you anywhere. Whenever she wasn’t roughhousing with them, she would always stay attached to her second-oldest brother Roderich like a leech. He was studying to follow in their father’s footsteps, so he was always in the garage making interesting gadgets and electronics that Nina loved to test for him. He was kind and acted like a father figure for her, and being around him always calmed her down when she was feeling anxious.

He specialized in making things like small weapons and devices that Nina thought any good spy should have, but he never told her why he needed them. She never asked, content enough to spend time testing things out with him. She quickly got adept at aiming by throwing around shuriken, and learned to defend with a bō staff. Soon enough, she was beginning to craft her own weapons. They were basic at first, but after a few years she started to specialize in customizing them with small cartridges that gave them a bit of flare. Her favorite modifications were those that centered around electricity, manipulating sparks and voltage to change the colors or strength of a current.

One day, when Nina was attempting to fix one of her broken electric weapons, Nina’s hand slipped and she gave herself a large shock. Instead of receiving a burn, however, something else happened. She seemed to react with to the electricity, and her normally yellow-pigmented areas turned a shade of light pink. Nina was understandably freaked out, especially after a few hours passed and she didn’t return to normal. She stayed hidden in the garage, afraid to touch anything metal because of the spark she seemed to give upon contact. It was like she had become a miniature generator! Nina wracked her brains for a solution to her problem, trying to find a way to nullify the charge that was coursing through her. After a bit of thinking, the solution hit her – rubber! The Emolga quickly rummaged around the garage for a pair of rubber gloves that she had seen earlier, slipping them on. With an exhale of relief, she saw that her pigmentation returned to normal and was glad to see that she had lost her “shocking” abilities as well.

She tried to keep this hidden from her family, but after a few weeks of wearing rubber gloves 24/7, they of course grew suspicious. Nina eventually fessed up, taking off her gloves and showing them her “condition.” Of course they were all a little surprised at first, and some of her brothers even laughed at her for it. Roderich, ever the understanding one, saw her new abilities as a good thing. It was then that he shared a secret – at night, he would leave the house in secret in order to patrol the streets of Portland for crime, donned in a mask to protect his identity. This was also where he made use of his weapons, and he claimed that he had a solid reputation under his belt. He believed that with a bit more training, Nina would be ready to join him as a sort of sidekick.

Their parents, already overwhelmed by Nina’s secret, almost didn’t want to believe that Roderich could have been hiding something so crucial as well. It was only after much persuasion that they even considered letting their kids continue what they were doing, but in time they managed to accept the idea and permitted them to act as heroes. Eventually her older brothers stopped their teasing when they saw the usefulness of Nina’s new ability, and if they weren’t careful around her they were prone to get a shock or two from their little sister. A year or so passed, and Nina and Roderich earned a solid reputation in Portland as a hero tag-team of vigilantes.

Due to their father’s job, the family recently ended up moving to Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Roderich left for college, but Nina didn’t yet feel ready to go out and stop crime on her own since she always preferred to have someone at her back. The family caught wind of a famous group of teen fighters in the area, and thought it might be a good idea if Nina applied to join so that she could continue to do what she loves – kicking villain butt.

:bulletpink: Personality:
Summary: Free-spirited, impulsive, active, kindhearted, feisty
Extended: Nina is very headstrong and goes after what she wants, when she wants it. She isn't afraid to get dirty if she has to, and scorns anyone who thinks she's weak because she's a girl. However, she doesn't consider herself a tomboy because she thinks that most girls who use the term state it as more of a classification than a truthful summary of their personality. In all honesty, Nina has just as much fun wearing dresses as she does rolling around in the dirt. She doesn't really tolerate "boring" people, though. She likes to be constantly entertained, so she prefers to hang around people who know how to have a good time (she loves messing with shy kids, though, since they fluster easily). She's very sporty and active, and can often be found outside in her free time.

:bulletpurple: Hobbies:
♠ Baseball, hockey, frisbee, and tennis
♠ Electric guitar
♠ Videogames, particularly the Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and L4D series

:bulletwhite: Extra:
♠ She is missing one of her top row teeth. When she was younger, she was roughhousing with some neighborhood boys when she tripped and knocked her tooth out on the sidewalk
♠ Her spade tattoo was gotten during a dare when she was thirteen
♠ Whenever she takes her gloves off, the current inside of her resumes and reacts with her normal yellow pigmentation, causing a recessive birth defect to show (her father is a Flaffy, so her recessive "pink" genes are temporarily shown for however long the charge lingers)
♠ She has a total of six piercings - two in her left ear, three in her right, and one belly button piercing
♠ She finds confident guys attractive
♠ She has a size "AA" chest, but she's alright with it because "huge boobs get in the way"

For #PKMN-Young-Justice
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