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This Okami doll is a commission to :iconkazame:
It is entirely made out of cold porcelain, handmade by me.
I really like this doll, it poses very fine! It is also very simetric =D

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Chibiterasu Doll by vonBorowsky Amaterasu Poseable Doll by vonBorowsky Toothless - POSEABLE by vonBorowsky BJD Spyro by vonBorowsky Ball Jointed Opalescent, the Dragon by vonBorowsky  Handmade Ball Jointed Doll - Commission: Xeshaire by vonBorowsky

VIDEO of one of my dolls being posed!
How to Ask me a Commission?
Etsy Shop


I do not own Okami. It belongs to Capcom. It is a fanart.

I will not make any tutorials, and I do not have any tutorials about how to make this dolls.
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It's finally...done... @_@

I've been feeling better these 2 last days,and the cold is starting to wear off :yum: So I managed to finish this! ^-^
took me quite a while tho :P
Ammy is drawing teh sun :3
I suck at wolf anatomy lol >_>
Nothing is copy/pasted here ;3
(except for the Okami logo in the bottom right corner)
just had a bunch of ref's xP
I played around alot with the background xD
Issun(the tiny char in green glowy stuff) was actually drawn in detail,but I decided to make him alot smaller,with a darker overlay :0
I might post a zoom-in picture detail of him later :3
but yeh...

...I love this game haha:iconawesomenessplz:...

that is all... :iconwthplz:

Art(c)mee :iconkimbia28:
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This Original piece is for sale~$35 (paypal only)

Okami Fanart.

Shiranui and Wakka, background drawn/colored with prismacolor watercolor pencils.
Wakka &Shiranui colored with prismacolor pencils.

Don't re-use this anyway, I don't own Okami or anything of it,but this is My artwork.

[old art from previous account :Inu-Hanyou69]
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Felt like doing a cute realistic thing today. Was thinking of doing Ammy as a baby but she was probably Shiranui back then, and I can't do Shiranui's markings. AT ALL. So instead I do.. HOLY SHIT UBER CUTE CHIBITERASU! :glomp: I'm OVERJOYED They're doing a sequal to Okami, but.. CHIBITERASU? CHIBIterasu? HOLYFISHPASTE IT"S TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway, yea, enjoy having your eyes bulge out from the cute :meow:
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this is the first time that I draw using photoshop, so... I don't know how to use all the tools!!! yet...! I painted shiranui ,that is from the game Okami (I love this game!! XD) Enjoy!
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I really don't like doing them, because they take a looooong time for me. But I'm starting to change my mind because it makes it look much better.

This is fan art for the awesomesauce game Okami. Ninetails is such an awesome-looking badass boss, but he's actually pretty easy to defeat. I don't think I've got the masks' markings right.

I drew this on paper with colored pencils first, outlined Ninetails with a pen, and edited it in Photoshop.

I've become a quite a chatterbox lately. I usually don't comment this much.

Ninetails (c) Clover Studios
Drawing (c) me :iconinfernokat:

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it has been done
ladies and gentlemen
let me show you
"The Lich"
ayyyy :hooray:
i'm so happy and exited, this is defenitly one of my favorite models i've made so far
and it turned out so awesome
:iconvictorydanceplz: :icondweebdanceplz: :iconcarameldansenplz: :happybounce: :squee:

and it really was about time that this is no done ^^;
i had this over a year now on my pc or rather where i ask :iconfirstkeeper: FirstKeeper for the original model
Lich.Presentation shot. by FirstKeeper

why this took so long?
just simple, i didn't had the knowledge at this point to edit 3d models in that way that it work
so i had to gain some experience first until i was ready to do this ;)

but the waiting time was worth
this is really an unique model which stands out of my normal fanart pieces
and just to clear this
even it looks like a model from WoW

this is NO fanart

this lich is designed as an OC
and because i just owe her this
i will handle it like that too
that means i will decline every suggestion from a fanart group
i hope you can understand this :)
i'm not gonna put this in some sort of suitcase
first i thought too that this something from DnD or an other RPG
but she made this model on her own
and she did just an awesome job :cuddle:
it was just a pleasure and also a honor that i had the chance to build this :w00t:

and if you say
but in this or that game there is also a lich
then you should take a look at wikipedia "what" a lich is ;)

ok, enough talking
let's see what you get here ;)

file description:
the file contains as always three pdo files
one with texture and folding lines
one with texture and without folding lines
and one white version with folding lines

so you need the Pepakura Viewer what you can get "here"

all three pdo's are not protected
so if you have the Designer, you can edit the sheets in the way you want :)

the original texture is NOT included
only the my from the orb

model description:
the model come on 44 pages with 301 pieces and is 45cm tall (without the pedestal)

the model is actually not hard but there are a lot tiny and special pieces
so i would say the difficult level is about 8/10
if you have any trouble, feel free to ask me or/and take a look at the "building process gallery" where i explain how this and that is working :)

to download the model
click on the download button on the right side
you can thank dA for, that i can't write the direct link anymore

some word to the bloggers

because this is a collab, you have to give credits to :iconfirstkeeper: FirstKeeper too!
otherwise i can't allow it to write a blog entry

you have the permission to use my photos
you DON'T have the permission to use her renders ore screenshot of it
except she allow it

this model is a Deviantart only download
so do not upload this model somewhere else
and the most important thing

this model is free and should it be
so let it be!

and trust me, i search for my stuff ;)

feel also free to write a critique :)

sry for the bad photo quality
the conditions at the moment are very bad and i didn't understand the setting of the phone camera ^^;

other shots:
The Lich - b by Destro2kThe Lich - c by Destro2kThe Lich - d by Destro2kThe Lich - e by Destro2k
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download for full view

thiiiis is something I've had on my computer for a while
there are loads of things wrong with it but I don't think I'll be able to re-do certain parts or whatever sooo


I-I love Tobi from Okami ;w; A-AND I CRY EVERY TIME
no spoilers for anyone but jd;aksdfashd
;__; T-Tobiiiii

also I can't draw wolves :ccc

Okami (c) Clover Studio, Capcom
art (c) me
done in | paint tool SAI & photoshop cs3
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Ugh puns...

A watercolor painting of Amaterasu and her son.
Nothing much else to say.lD

Okami(c) Clover Studio
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Oh another one! 8DDDD

Yes! I have done too much art while our net connection was broken.

This one is actually done only because I had so boring day O_o I had no idea what I could do so I just starded drew something... and look! There is Oki who is chasing Amaterasu.
Maybe they are playing something....

I drew amaterasu again with my own personal style.... I hope that dosen't disturb you much.
btw......I had some difficulties with background when I started doing it in sumi-e style

Image (c) :icongrypwolf:
Amaterasu and Oki (c) Clover Studio.
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