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BECAUSE I'M NOT :iconawesome2plz:

The original canvas size for this was about 2500x3000 pixels... I forget. But it was big :I

I wanted to draw Cress and Motoko after the wonderful piece ~Nithak did and I had to include Van in there too. But then, before I left... I saw Kiku... and fell in love *SHOT*

This started off as a pen sketch but I took a photo and drew over it on PS while I was gone. I didn't have a scanner so it was blurry :I


I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiink this piece took about two days to complete. And I managed to capture a new hair colouring style through all that effort c:

So ~apol8mlyn, ~smilingmask and ~Nithak this is for you guys c: ily~

Motoko (c) Me
Van (c) ~apol8mlyn
Kiku (c) ~smilingmask
Cress (c) ~Nithak
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Oh, TsunSoli |D He only wanted a hug.

I had to redraw Soli a grand total of 4 times. And every time, her anatomy didn't work X'D She was supposed to be shoving Aker away but it just wasn't wooooorking. Eventually I settled on this. And I'm quite pleased with it.

But I did lie about two things .3.
1. I actually have one more pairing picture to do after this.
2. I'm not actually going to draw the Bromance. I'm drawing Caleb and Noel instead.

But even before that, I have to draw Yuuhi a birthday present. Because it's his birthday tomorrow.

SO UM YEAH back to Aker and Soli.
I've never really specified anything about Aker whenever I've drawn or written about him .3. He's an archangel, sure, but specifically he has regeneration abilities, basically when he gets hurt his wounds heal up almost instantly (could be useful if Anubis ever tries to maim him).

He's also a trickster. He'll try and embarrass the heck out of you if he fights you. Either by not using his full strength or idk making the finishing move a wedgie. *shot*
Since he's not been in many fights so far, he's constantly playing pranks on the ever gullible Soli. Much to her distaste X'D
One day, she'll play her own trick on him.

Or slap him across the face. Either or.

Aker (c) Me
Soli (c) ~BakaNekoChanSan
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One day I will make a homemade background instead of using a Photoshop backdrop...

This is number two of five new OCs for EP, Yukino. This is sweet Nagisa's daughter. I'll do a meme later for her, but here's some stuff you can know about her now (get used to hearing that).

She's my old Game Boy Advance. Not SP. Just Advance.
She's 8 years old (it may not look like it, I'll admit).
For someone so young, she's extremely smart.
She always has those giant headphones on.
She gets her hair color from her dad.
She has a collection of shirts that glow.

That's it for now. Hope you guys like her design. I finished her sketch around 11 pm and was gonna color it the next day, but I got so wrapped up in it that I accidentally pulled another all-nighter... But at least I'm not tired.

Oh, and one more thing. None of my other three new EPs is the father of Yukino. Maybe I should do that 8 facts meme, too...

Yukino (c) me
:iconelectronic-persona: FTW
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..Download button is recommended since the transparency and stuff. XDD

I wanted to draw Mystia Lorelei from Touhou <3 I dunno, I like her alot 8D Especially her ears, so fluffy XD And her theme, Deaf to all but the Song is so much win <3

..I just felt like playing around with the bg, I don't know XDD This was also some practise of cell shading, I haven't done that for awhile < u >

Mystia and Touhou © ZUN
Brushes © ~Booyakaja
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I finished him. I finished him! 8D Thank god! I re-designed him a bunch of times but now I'm finally happy~

So this is Bagriel (name derived from a near typo I made of Gabriel). He started off as a joke between myself and *Nithak when she typo'd Chi as 'Hic'. Then I said something stupid like. "Hey, they should ttly be the EP gods of death. Derp derp |B" ... And that is what we did. :I They've become quite the villains X'D It's rather funny.

Bagriel is in charge of the aging processes of EP's, their death dates, probably their fate lines, and also making sure the haunts and reapers do their jobs.
Hnn I'm so lazy I'll just link you to Hic's profile rather than type out a bunch of crap. X'D
Go have a look :V I command theeeeee~

Soooo since Bagriel is a typo of Gabriel I had to make him somewhat Gabriel-like. He the reverse of Gabriel's personality, his colour scheme and he symbolises the opposite too. Gabriel is more associated with life and happiness whereas Bagriel is associated with death and formalities and all that jazz.

Gabriel holds a lily which can be associated with purity, and sometimes death. So I've given Bagriel a white poppy, linked with eternal sleep.
Oh and whatever happens to Gabriel on the inside happens to Bagriel on the outside I have decided. :U Hence the scars on his neck. Long story short, Gabriel was forced to eat razors by Time. Wheee~ 8D *shot*

Oh man, I'm too tired to type any more about him X'D He's Motoko's boss and he's not very nice. Let's leave it there.

Character and artwork (c) Me
Hic (c) *Nithak
Gooooo look at her workkkkk do it do it do it :U
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Listen to this song for maximum impact :iconimseriousplz: [link]

Got to drawing this yesterday afternoon and finally finished. kasbdcshcb I got de-railed towards the end but managed to finish somehow X'D

Uhh... whoops forgot what I was going to say now D: I'm pretty sure it wasn't important though X'D

[Edit] OH I REMEMBERED. The moon in the background is a brush I downloaded from here [link]

Um... enjoy~

Air (c) ~smilingmask
Leahcim (c) Me
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FFF I was supposed to get round to drawing Asahi for *apol8mlyn ages ago but I failed every time ; A ; I'm sorry Emily. Hopefully this will make up for it.

This is Gael and Satomi c: Their plot hasn't gone very far yet, but hopefully soon it'll take off |D
Gael did confess he liked Satomi but she didn't quite grasp what he meant and thought it was just friendship X'D Bless her, she's adorable~

Satomi is always getting herself lost, thankfully Gael has been there to guide her along :> I wanted to draw out a scene where Satomi wanted to show Gael her house and Gael had to swiftly turn her around and point her in the right direction XD

And FFFF the background. Yes. It looked so unnatural I just blurred the fuck out of it so keep the focus on Gael and Satomi XD
Then I added some petals for some motion.

Hope you like it, Emily c: ily~

Gaelord (c) Me
Satomi (c) *apol8mlyn
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I wanted to post it now~ < u < Because tomorrow I'll post my sketchdump of love <3

This started as AkerSoli sketch I did while waiting to get home but then I started to ink it and it turned into a Christmas pic XD
It's pretty much Soli's first Christmas~ What better way to spend it than in Aker's arms? |3 XD
And Aker was probably explaining the concept of mistletoe, thus the small panel |D
The mistletoe was supposed to be in Uboa's mouth at first but it looked like Uboa was throwing up so.. no. X'DD

Soli © Me~
Aker © :iconakuaoioni:
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[Edit] Fix background. |D I never liked the old one. Used a texture, but aosahf I FORGOT TO PUT THE NAME OF THE MAKER ON THE FOLDER AGAAAIN.

You run, through the hallways with ceilings and columns made of marble decorated with gold, under chandeliers made of thousands of falling drops of crystal, across gardens with vibrant, impossible colors of flowers. A vine gently touches your shoulder when you run past, and you catch by the corner of your eye the marvelous sight of a blue rose.

Everything is so beautiful, so peaceful, so perfect, but you know you're in Hell.

You try the tiny golden key you've been clutching in your hand into every giant door you walk past, until it fits. As you turn the key in the knob, you want nothing more than know who has the right to hold you in this place, in the Hell that you don't deserve. You absolutely don't expect one door to snap open, and you peek through the crack into a huge library.

A book has fallen to the floor, you pick it up and read.

"My name is Mammon. I was once an archangel. I build palaces all over Heaven, making it the beautiful place that all virtuous souls long for. I want to expand it to no end, to push its beauty over all limits. I want all the gold in the world to decorate it, all the gems to make it shine more gloriously than the old boring sun, all the most exceptional creatures to entertain its guests...

But then the Gods decided that I have gone too far. They ordered me to stop. I didn't. I kept going with my projects. And they sent me to Hell. I am now a Prince of Hell, ruling over the 4th level of Hell - Avarice.

I am the Prince of the Deadly Sin Greed, Mammon. Now I build palaces all over the 4th level of Hell, and one day they'll rise to be higher than the Heavens."

Another book lies a little further away.

"I love her. Ever since she was the little girl piling up the rocks in her father's garden to make a mountain, I have been looking at her. I love Lisa and I shall not rest until she's mine.

Even though we signed the contract of marriage before Lucifer, I know she is still not completely mine. Her heart stays with her leader, James, her brothers, and other people she cherish.

I try to drag her to me. I want to make her happy. I collect everything that I know she'll like, dresses, hairpieces, jewels... I worked six months straight to breed the purest blue rose, the only flower that'd deserve to honor her. I built her room in a tower that has the shape of a rose, because her splendor deserves nothing less.

But she's still not happy.

She's happy when she works for James. She's happy when she talks to her friends. I want to smash them to piece, but I can't. She will be unhappy.

I want her to be happy. I should learn to be happy from her happiness. But when she's happy, I know she's not completely mine.

I'm the Prince of Greed. Everything must be mine.

Everything is already mine. Everything but the one I love.

But sometimes, I feel that it's all right that way. She doesn't have to be mine. I only need to see her by my side to feel that I have touched the fire."

This took me one week, for I was pestered endlessly. _ _''

I watched a bunch of belly-dance vid for this, but still couldn't come up with a pose on my own orz. This is totally ripped off a reference.

Err... Well, I hope you like it. |D

For those who don't know it, Mammon is my brother's soon-to-be-mine super awesome set of computer. |D

Lisa (c) :iconkittysuna:
Mammon (c) :iconsmilingmask:
Background pattern (c) Unknown D:
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Olly Kaiser
Height: 6’2’’
Age: 19
Birthday: July 20th
Zodiac sign: Cancer.
Blood Type: B
Actual Persona: Motorola W220i
Relationship Status: Married [Patty] [link]

Originally known as Nega-Stieg XD I didn't imagine Olly would become a character all of his own. I'm glad that he did though. I couldn't imagine Patty with anyone else. <:3
I gave Olly a big revamp here. Cut his hair, got rid of a piercing or two, kept the bluetooth and camera. XD Now he's much more of his own person, rather than Stieg's other half.


Truly a child at heart, Olly has never really grown up, always making fun priority. He’s athletic the way his late mother was and has inherited her purple eyes. His personality comes from his father only.

Olly grew up with only his brother, Stieg, and his father, Reggie. His mother died when he and Stieg were born. Claris was adopted into their family when his parents died.

Olly had a crush on Patty ( *BakaNekoChanSan ) when the two of them were children but she was older than he was and already had a boyfriend. He backed off and the two met again years later. Olly recognised her immediately but he has no idea if Patty remembers him from back then. Their relationship has taken off at great speed, not settling for just being boyfriend and girlfriend but spouses too. They have adopted Ick ( ~Nithak ) and Fynn ( ~naminooo ) into their family and bought a house of their own. Patty is now expecting twins also, not that’s she’s aware of that yet. > u >


Olly and Artwork (c) Me
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