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EDIT (2/9/08): This piece has moved on to live with my dear friend Jen (aka Treasure the Pirate).


This is my absolute pride and joy right now. The band is 45" with twist finished fringe. It's made of three colors of crochet cotton: blue, green, yellow. The warp is that of a basket weave. The pickup pattern is a Celtic braid.

I honestly thought with the cold dry weather, my fingers were going to fall off while working on this. If I do this pattern again, I'm going to add one more row of yellow on one side of the knotwork, and I'm going to use the right color for the edge border (oops).

Pattern altered from one found at

EASlucas 2008
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Tablet woven belt with brass buckle. Can be used as part of historic costume...

I wove it (about 10 hrs), my boyfriend made the buckle and the end-piece (about 3 hrs).

It was B-day gift for my dear friend Margit.:heart:
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I cut into my misery
The blade skims across my arm
Nothing could mend my teenage angst
But this self inflicted harm

Cutting and scraping
Until Iíve reached the bone
Why wonít you acknowledge me?
I feel so alone

The reflection I see haunts me
It drives me insane
I hate myself so much
I deserve to feel this pain
I wrote this poem in two days. They were not particularly good days either... I think if you read it, you will understand what itís about.
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In the dark
Search the stars
On this moonless cloudy night
For the magic
Of the elves
As they play the glimmering light
Like a top
Like a song
Those who can see all delight
In the whispered lighting fancies they behold.

Itís the elves
Who control
The light thatís in the dark
And their magic
That we see
With each beating of our heart
So look up
In the night
Leave the city find a park
And loose your conscience in the magic of the elves
This is the prize promised for getting my 666th pageview. the prize goes to xxkorinxx, (thank you, I hope you're not disapointed in the poem.)
she gave me a list of words to include.

Ying and Yang

I got them all but Ying and Yang. (sorry)
this poem is a bit diferent than my usual style.
anyway, I'll quit ranting.

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If I wrote you a lullaby with verses of moonlit, fogged breath and a chorus of heartbeats- would you fall asleep with our melody in your palms?

I lie awake at night and watch traffic lights outside my window shout RED into the peace quiet and occasional hazy rev of traffic. I lie awake and shiver through layers and wish to silent stars it wasn’t winter, wish the nighttime cool wouldn’t paint quite so many goose bumps on my skin and make my eyelids so cold. I lie awake at night and night-dream without sleep- about you and all your eyelashes and beautiful wordings.

I like the way your collarbone lies horizontally beneath your neck, resting on light shoulders. God must have hidden it beneath your peach skin in a hurry, because with hurried hands he didn’t push it in quite far enough. I imagine him assembling you, I envisage your organs and elongated limbs before you were in a single piece, a mess-heap of portions and parts of beautiful. I would have liked to build you up myself, just to step back and inflatedly grin at my artwork.

I make a habit of closing my eyes before I come too close, your eyes send me into a dangerous euphoria and I’m the kind of girl to faint. I wonder if you notice, I wonder if you wonder if I notice the way you smile too often, don’t get enough sleep and eat too much sugar.

I write you love letters in my mind, and when I try to recite them, all I can do is speak cloudily with made-up words that mean things I can’t quite say; in awe of everything that is you, and everything that is possibly, probably, wishfully and longingly us.

If you were the moon I’d be nighttime’s navy breath in your craters. If you were the sand I’d be the rolling waves submerging every golden grain of you. If you were a heart I’d be the encasing ribcage and the hot blood in your arteries.  If you were a boy I’d be your lover.
inspired by him.
and all his silences left to imagination
and his juttingly beautiful collarbones.
[and ofcourse the rest of all that is beautiful of him.]

its 4:30am so i figured i should write something [i write best late at night/early morning.]

enjoy. :]
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Size = approx 1m x3.5cm

After my first disasterous experience trying to follow a pattern of tablet weaving I decided to make my own.

Shows both back and front.

Colours = Yellow, orange, red, blue & black.
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A commission by *Laerad (Yay! Thank you!!)

Tablet-woven belt with a threaded-in pattern. The ends are tapered a little bit into a single tassel. 22 4-hole tablets were used to make it.

The design was based on one that *Laerad found online here: [link]

This was so much fun to make! It was a nice change to be weaving with thicker wool again. I tend to go for lighter yarns when tablet weaving, but the worsted weight wool looks so awesome woven this way.

100% Black Sheep Nature Spun Worsted weight wool

Close-up link: [link]

My husband was getting tired of taking boring pictures of textile just lying around so I'm trying to spice them up a bit for the poor man, lol :) Thus the two pottery pieces which have absolutely nothing to do with the belt.

Thank you so much for looking!
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knotted mobile bag out of 72 strings, own pattern: [link]
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The beginning of the story

Alone against the wind
the battlefield orphan now stands.

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