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--Name: Caoimhe " Keva" O'Connor
--Name meaning: gentle, beautiful, precious
--Hair color: Strawberry blonde, Short cork screw pigtails
--Eye color: Green
--Skin tone: Fair skin
--Place of birth: Dublin, Ireland
--Birthday: May 14th
--Birthstone. Emerald
--Name Monarch Emerald
--Age: 15
--Hair color: Strawberry blonde,
--Eye color: Green
--Skin tone: Fair Skin

--Representative planet Jupiter
--Representative birthstone: Emerald
--Henshin item: Emerald Butterfly Henshin Wand
--Henshin phrase: Enchanting Emerald Butterfly, transform!
--Introductory phrase: Evil spirit return from wench you came,For I, the monarch bathed in emerald light, shall remove you from this world!
--Weapon: Lighting Emerald Blade
--List of attack(s)
Pulse Strike : Electricity pulsates around her body during melee attacks, when she hits her for they not only get knocked down by her force they get shocked/Electrocuted.
Electric Volt(summons sword): She extends her wand above her head, And it is struck by lighting , and it forms the sword from it.

This is for :iconsailorlunarangel:'s project called " Prisma Butterflies" I am working on finishing her image up, so look for it please.

Character (c) Both :iconsailorlunarangel: and I, she created the idea and concept, I designed the character and wrote the bio.
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This is just a little doodle of a crack pairing suggested by mi Papa Ottah.

As this picture shows, Motoko and Jean-Pierre are cuddling.

You see Motoko suffers from night terrors and gets very little sleep. They were on vacation in France when he noticed she was up while the others were sleeping.

Jean-Pierre : "Motoko, what are you doing up ?"

Motoko: "Oh, I couldn't sleep, what about you?"

Jean-Pierre : " Oh, ma chère, I am so sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?"

-Motoko smiled sweetly , a pale blush came across her face- "Oh...umm " she couldn't bring herself to ask him to help her, not since they had just been introduced a few weeks before. Over time she found herself falling for this lovely fellow. She couldn't help but think how much he reminded her of someone.. she just couldn't put her finger on it. She hasn't noticed that while she had dazed off in to the night sky. He had cover her with his pajama shirt in attempts to keep her warm.

"Motoko, mon amour, would you like me to stay with you so you can rest? Je veux bien."

and that is how I got to this... O_O I know I know.. I could have gone a little more with it.. but My muse fell asleep..

Motoko (c) :iconsailorsun18:

Jean-Pierre Leo (c) Bisco Hatori

This was inspired by a base that the awesome :iconsaroona97: and their base [link]
And I would like to thank them for making something so awesome. ^_^ Thank you all
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Well hello there everyone this is yet another lovely oddly colored OC brought to you by my...

she was inspired by a few things.. mostly Mikuru and Orihime lol >_< and i was looking around for a name for her then my lovely RP/Online daughter said hey what about "Mikume Adahita"

and for some reason i think it fits.
I hope to have a bio up for her later.. i have other things to :work: on*coughslogoforZombieshortscough*

:star: EDIT :star:
Mikume is going to be my vocaloid Oc.
get this everyone Mikume means - beautiful crimson eyes "

Mikume Adahita (c) :iconsailorsun18:
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Well the is a two week long project that was for :iconstuffyfrog: And well my dear, it was very hard lol. But I did it..

^_^ Thank you for commissioning me.

Chacters are copy written to their respective owners :iconstuffyfrog: and :iconsihria89:
Background from Nasa website.

Art by :iconsailorsun18:
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Power coursing through her
Cruel as the icy wind
A freezing chill surrounding her
Death lingering around her again.
Shadowed in darkness
Adorned in a sparkling dress
Light bouncing through her cold eyes
She appears from nowhere like a terrifying surprise!
A cosmic constant
Born and raised in the dark cold of space
Laying dormant
Until she is called to take her place.

Name: Lenoire Raven La Rue 
Age: 26
Occupation: Traveling Fortune teller.
Name meaning: La Rue "The Street"

Often called Nevermore for her sudden apperitions and exits.The swiftness that is of a particular bird. 

Backstory: She has been wondering for as long as she can remeber. 
Her first step was in the shadows, the shadows of others that were deamed more important than her.
Because of their linage, Telling her that she was not of royal blood. 
They hid her from others, she trained in secret. Knowing that one day 
her power would be needed. And she could take her rightful place. 
The star's danced across her gown in the night , helping her take those that threathened her home. 
In to the eternal sleep. 

You can tell when she approaches, the air around her is still and cold. Beautiful she maybe, but her power is too much for anyone, including herself.

Lenoire Raven La Rue(c) :iconsailorsun18:

entry for :iconsenshievolutions: Song of November contest.

I used a pose I had seen from a stock account,The lovely :iconmahafsoun: did such a wonderful image, and it stuck in my head while I was in school. So I had sketched it out (while being on a 10 minute break) And it really helped me understand the pose. Again thanks to her I was able to make this lovely image. I worked on it for 5 days, and I wanna say around 3 hours on it, from start to finish. I added a lovely background of skulls and the moon,, as well are the planetary glowing orbs for the effect of a few or the cannon senshi.

BSSM  Concept (c) N.T

Thank you 

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The most adorable pairing I have ever done, is right here. Motoko Asakura and her love, Jean-Pierre Leo. Moments of first contact can be so important to how characters interact. And from the moment this pairing was suggested and made official. I grew more and more in love with it. 

Background from the game/Anime . I only imported it in to SAI so I can use it.

Ouran Academy stairway /OHSHC/Jean-Pierre Leo(c) Bisco Hatori

Motoko Asakura (c) :iconsailorsun18:

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Name: Kiyoko Suzuki
Means:  ( “Pure Child” of the “Bell tree”)
Age: 16
Height: 5’4
Weight: Do I really have to say? 
Color: Orange, lavender
Season: spring
Food: Mabu Tofu
Drink: Milk tea
Movie: Titanic
Time of Day: Mid-day
Sports: Soccer, Swim team
Favorite things about yourself:  Personality.

Food: plain, no flavor
People: Liars, scammers and posers

Personality: Loves to be around people, is a very good judge of character, can’t handle crowds that are too big, but will do so if she has too. She is loyal and true, and loves her friends. There is nothing in the world that she won't do to help them.

Hobby: drawing and sculpting 
Weakness: Too nice, is often referred to as a “Door mat”
Ambition: To help Aine and the other succeed in their dreams. 

Other facts
Favorite Subject: Art
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Gifts You Like Receiving: Well thought out gifts with meaning.
Identifying Characteristics: Eyes and high ponytail hairstyle
.Bath Time: 30 minutes
Guys You Like: Sweet, well mannered and polite, not scared to be beat by a girl.
Guys You Hate: Jerk, and know it all/play boys.
Thoughts on Marriage: Maybe one day, but not now.
Ideal Family: One that understand the importance of family dynamics. 
Where You Relax: In the bath or in a pool.
Habits: Normally drifts through the mornings almost zombie like, does her house duties and goes to school.
Happiest: When she is able to see her friends.
How Long Does It Take You to Get Ready In The Morning: Depends on if she was up studying all night.

Kiyoko Suzuki (c) :iconsailorsun18: 

I created her for :iconmoondanceraya:'s story Aya, and anyone else on her project is allowed to draw her. I have also included a color palete to it.
I used :iconsenshistock: as a reference for this image.
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Many days of work, from sketchbook to screen XD
This is the result of me seeing the group :iconcrystalanimamates: By the lovelies :iconsailoralcyone::iconicheddar: and :iconginbutt:
Pose stock images was from  :iconsenshistock:

Name:Synnove Lysande II
(Named after her Paternal Grandmother)

Name Origin & Meaning: Scandinavian/Swedish origin
Means "Gift of the sun" / Lysande "Randiant/Bright"

Nickname: None as of yetAge (Birthday)

18 (will be 19 April 4th)

Height & Weight
5'4 / 143

Hair: Short blonde

Eyes: Green and Hazel
She has two different color eyes due to


Country of Origin: Norway
She was born in a small home in the middle of Arendal
(Not to be confused with Arendale of Frozen), 
not far from the harbor. The lighthouse could be 
seen from their home.
Born to a Swedish father and a Norwegian Mother. On
the day of her birth it was a bright spring day and 
the sun gave her its blessing.She was born with a 
small birthmark on the left side of her chest right 
over her heart (will be drawn another time). 
She was given the name Synnove, which means "Gift of 
the Sun". 

Growing up , Synnove always traveled with her mother
and father. Both her parents being performers, they 
would get invitations to different events in 
different counties.Synnove would accompany her 
parents to such events, and even participate in the 

~(Any info regarding her powers, and how she awoke

to them are being worked on.)~
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This is a wonderful picture that I have been working on. And I am very happy to have it. And thanks to a lovely base by :iconnullifie: (Also know as PandaMeiMei)
Jean-Pierre and Motoko are out for a lovely day at the beach. And he brings back a Popsicle like an eager little boy. Motoko is sporting her favorite sundress and her bathing suit is under it. So I hope that you all enjoy it.

Base used as a ref was from :iconnullifie:

Jean-Pierre Leo/OHSHC (c) Bisco Hatori
Pattern on the dress is called Flowers in Paris and it was created by :iconandreeaarsene:
Motoko Asakura (c) :iconsailorsun18:

I hope you all enjoy it. It was fun to do. And a little over due for another picture from a future part of the story. Don't worry part 2 is coming soon of S'il vous Plait. Until then Thank you and come back soon!~

Okay, I had to change his hair on this.. I managed to make it more wavy, and he looks a lot more like he is supposed to look. And NOT LIKE TAMAKI BECAUSE IT IS NOT!! lol anyway.

Thanks again. Enjoy!
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This is for my dear friend :icontheofficialkaechan: It is of her and Goku from DBZ I used a base as a reference as well. and Goku's hair was difficult...but I got it in the in end. Enjoy Kae-chan.

Goku/DBZ (c)Akira Toriyama

Katie is :icontheofficialkaechan:
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