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High guys, get ready for awesome :XD:! This is my Original Kaiju (monster) that I mentioned in my journal. His name is Sodoragon (by the way, SDN is my abbreviation for Sodoragon) and he kicks major @$$age :XD:. I love this pic and its one of (or if not) my best pics ever and I treasure it very much (hey, this pic was hard to draw :D) :lol:. Actually, the only thing I dislike about the pic is his waist, his waist is a little thin which is something I didn't want but that's about it. I gave him 4 wings because... well, its awesome :D.

UPDATE: I added more to Sodoragon's backstory and added some new powers (and tweaked some of them) not to overpower him but to help add character to him.

:bulletblue: Bio:
:bulletblue: Height: 95 meters
:bulletblue: Weight: 45,000 tons
:bulletblue: Powers/Abilities:
:bulletblue: Laser Vision :bulletblue:
Sodoragon's primary/main beam attack. The beam originates from the gem on Sodoragonís chest and travels up through his neck, head, and into his eyes. Once it is fully charged, Sodoragon fires a single laser from each of his two eyes. The beam is very powerful and is able to take out a weak to average monster (unless if the monster has a strong defense) out in one shot at full charge/capacity and it is also capable of reducing city blocks to rubble and cutting sky scrapers in half.
:bulletblue: Energy Spray :bulletblue:
Even though it is not Sodoragon's primary/main beam attack, it can be twice as deadly depending on the circumstances. Similar to the laser vision, the beam originates from the gem on Sodoragonís chest and it travels up through his neck and into his head although itís fired from his mouth in a shotgun-like fashion. At close range, the attack is usually fatal, reducing weak to average monsters into nothing but an explosion to remember them by but the attack can be resisted by monsters with a very high defense however. The energy spray is also very effective on taking out swarms (as is tanks, jets, planes, buildings, other monsters, etc.) that are out of reach and while it doesn't do as much damage when the beam is fired at a long range, it definitely guarantees a hit on the enemy due to the spray.
:bulletblue: Output Cannon :bulletblue:
Sodoragon's most powerful weapon. The six blue lines on Sodoragonís chest open up which reveal six surrounding gems around the large center one, the gems charge up and release a beam that is capable of decimating an entire city the size of Tokyo. This attack is very fatal and monsters who are hit by this are reduced to nothing but the only drawback about this weapon is that it depletes most of Sodoragon's energy, leaving him somewhat exhausted which can give the other monster an upper hand if it survived the blast. Even after survival, monsters that do survive the blast may not be in good shape for battle afterwards.
:bulletblue: Heat/Energy Absorbing Wings :bulletblue:
In order to replenish any energy lost during battle, Sodoragon has the ability to absorb heat, beam, or energy attacks through his wings. Sodoragon uses this method of defense by shielding himself with his wings and as he shields himself, the purple patterns on his wings glow and absorb the attack. Afterwards, the heat is then converted into energy for Sodoragonís benefits during battle.
:bulletblue: Hurricane Winds :bulletblue:
Using his 4 wings, Sodoragon is able to create hurricane-like winds that are powerful enough to knock over buildings and push back other monsters.
:bulletblue: Flight :bulletblue:
Sodoragon is able to fly at supersonic speeds and is very specialized in combat during flight. Sodoragon's usual speed is at Mach 5 but if the situation calls for drastic measures, Sodoragon can do short hypersonic flight bursts of up to Mach 6 (this flight however, doesn't last long and can exhaust Sodoragon).
:bulletblue: Aquatic Swimmer :bulletblue:
Sodoragon uses his 4 wings and tail as paddles underwater in order to propel himself forward. Sodoragon is also capable of combat underwater, but being underwater tends to slightly slow him down.
:bulletblue: Adaptive Breathing :bulletblue:
Sodoragon can breathe in any kind of environment, even in outer space and underwater.
:bulletblue: Regenerative Powers :bulletblue:
Sodoragon is able to regenerate his wounds within a few minutes if they are minor and if his wounds are very severe, it may take at least a few hours to completely heal. Sodoragon can even re-grow missing limbs (this however, can take at least a few days)!
:bulletblue: Claws, Teeth, Tail :bulletblue:
Sodoragon's primary way of fighting at close range. Sodoragon has very strong jaws and well sharpened blade-like claws and teeth that can easily carve deep into other monsters, even if the monster possesses a thick hide. Sodoragon can also use the claws on his wings as slashing, stabbing, or even gripping weapons. Sodoragon also has 3 blades (and many sharp spines) at the end of his tail that are used for stabbing, slicing, or hooking into his foes.
:bulletblue: Thick Hide and Wings :bulletblue:
Sodoragon can withstand everything from bullets to missiles to nuclear bombs. The only thing that has any chance of penetrating his tough hide is another monster. Sodoragon can also use his wings to cover and protect himself against any attacks that may prove harmful.
:bulletblue: Agility :bulletblue:
While Sodoragonís speed is lacking, his agility makes up for it. He is capable of dodging some attacks during battle and landing hurtful blows on his opponents.
:bulletblue: Super Strength :bulletblue:
Sodoragon can lift monsters much bigger than him with ease. Sodoragon can also lift other monsters or objects with his feet in a pterodactyl-like fashion. Sodoragon also has the strength to lift up monsters with his tail (after his tail blade impales and hooks them).
:bulletblue: Extraordinary Jumper :bulletblue:
Sodoragon can jump far distances.
:bulletblack: Description :bulletblack:
Sodoragon is a "Space Dragon", a dragon that comes from outer space (obviously). Each and every male Space Dragon has a role and instinct to find a planet with life and claim it as their territory and Sodoragon did this exact thing to Earth. As a baby, Sodoragon was captured, raised, and eventually controlled by the Drakenarens. He was their most powerful monster as he was used to conquer many planets including Monarth itself. However, not all went as planned as Sodoragon persistently and continually broke free of the control that the Drakenarens had over him and destroyed any resistance that kept him from escaping. Some years after escaping into the debts of outer space, Sodoragon followed his instincts and flew to Earth and coincidentally landed in the middle of Osaka. Thinking nothing of it, Sodoragon walked through the city, trampling over buildings and people until the GDF (Global Defense Force) showed up and after receiving rockets and bombs from tanks and planes, Sodoragon fought back and decimated the entire city, thinking that the humans merely attacked him to take his new territory: Earth. Since then, Sodoragon has been seen as a severe threat to humanity and while he has claimed Earth as his territory, Sodoragon is willing to share it with other living beings (except for other male Space Dragons) as long as they aren't considered a threat to him or his new home. While Sodoragon doesnĎt have humans on his list of things to protect, he doesn't completely hate humanity but he does view them as an annoyance. While he only dislikes the human race due to their constant interference, Sodoragon completely hates the Drakenarens for manipulating and controlling him throughout his prime and will do anything to fight off the alien race if encountered again. If the Earth is in trouble, Sodoragon will be there to defend it but don't expect him to watch out for any humans or cities that stand in his way.

I hope ya like it ^^.
Sodoragon is my kaiju and belongs to me :).
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So after many weeks of work, here is my first lego mecha.

If you look at the WIP photo [link] you can see I've changed a fair amount. I managed to find more black and white pieces and replace a lot of the grey.

There have been a lot of changes and tweaks, like the guns beside the head and a few changes to the head. I also managed to find the pieces to alter the front of the legs and add the jets on the back.

Overall, I think it's come out better than I thought it would when I first started out, although I definitely don't want to make one of this size for a while (this one is 33cm tall) I'm going to keep try out a few smaller designs first.
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High guys, back with another kaiju for Sodoragon. Does anyone else but me think I'm getting better at drawing :lol: ? I really don't have anything to say about his one except that this is probably one of the most perfect drawings I've ever done (perfect, yeah right :XD:) :lol:.

UPDATE: I tweaked some of Galden's powers and some of his backstory to help add more to his character.

:bulletblue: Bio:
:bulletblue: Height: 110 meters
:bulletblue: Weight: 80,000 tons
:bulletblue: Powers/Abilities:
:bulletblue: Prism Beam :bulletblue:
Galden's primary/main beam attack. Galden's fires a prism beam from his mouth that is obviously destructive, capable of wiping out weak monsters in a single hit and destroying several city blocks. While it is a destructive attack, it is definitely not the strongest of monster beam attacks as it only does medium damage to most monsters but due to his fast recharge rate, Galden is able to fire his beam multiple times making the battle quite an annoyance to his foes if they decide to stand at a distance for too long.
:bulletblue: Tail Shards :bulletblue:
Galden's tail splits into twin tails near the end and on these twin tails are large diamond-like shards. Galden is able to fire the shards off of his tail in the direction he points it in. The shards are extremely hard and can penetrate just about any known surface (even if the monster has a thick carapace). The shards penetrate the victim and they penetrate very deep, causing severe wounds if the monster doesnít move out of the way of defend itself properly. The only drawback to this is that Galden may run out of shards if he fires too many during battle. However, the shards usually grow back within a day.
:bulletblue: Burrowing Ability :bulletblue:
Galden is very slow whether he is walking to his destination or fighting an opponent, to solve this he usually burrows and travels underground. Galden's burrowing can also be used as a weapon as he can tunnel directly beneath his victim and drag them under where he then proceeds to maul them and toss them back out. Another option he uses is digging a sink hole around his victim, causing them to fall and possibly get buried alive. Galden also burrows underground when he needs to sleep or go into his healing hibernation. Galdenís burrowing speed is at least three times faster than his walking speed.
:bulletblue: Mineral Absorber :bulletblue:
If Galden is injured, tired, or needs to replace any diamond-like armor that was lost, then Galden will tunnel very deep underground and sleep. As he sleeps, his body collects minerals which heals his wounds and replaces any lost diamond-like armor and as Galden burrows under any circumstance, his body continuously gathers more minerals and adds it to his armor, making his hide bigger, thicker, and stronger. Galden is also attracted to any type of shiny mineral object especially diamonds. However, when Galden finally makes contact with the mineral he winds up devouring them for nutrients.
:bulletblue: Claws, Teeth, Twin Tails :bulletblue:
Galden's primary way of fighting at close range. Galden's jaws and teeth are very strong and jagged, capable of crushing and cutting objects as hard as diamond. Galden's claws may somewhat blunt, but when he grips his opponent, itís hard to get away. His twin tails are also used as lashing weapons due to the large diamond-like shards at the end of each tail.
:bulletblue: Very Thick Hide/Diamond-like Armor :bulletblue:
To make up for his very slow speed, Galden has a very thick hide and diamond-like armor. While his armor has the appearance of diamonds, it is actually much thicker. Galden is capable of taking massive damage and if a nuclear holocaust went off, Galden would probably come out almost unscathed.
:bulletblue: Super Strength :bulletblue:
Galden can lift monsters much bigger than him with ease.
:bulletblack: Description :bulletblack:
Galden is a very large dinosaur who went into hibernation during the extinction of the dinosaurs. In present day, miners were sent to dig up diamonds somewhere in Angola but were only rewarded with large rumblings and small earthquakes. Despite the problems, the miners were told to keep digging for diamonds and as the miners dug, they eventually came across the sleeping dinosaur: Galden; who hibernated in the diamond mines due to his attraction to shiny minerals. After coming across the dinosaur, the machinery and digging in the mines awoke Galden from his slumber. Infuriated about the uncalled wake up call, Galden got up and the mines collapsed which caused many casualties among the miners. Still unhappy about the disturbance, Galden began to attack Luanda in Angola and while Galden was wreaking havoc, Sodoragonís instincts sensed that another monster was causing destruction somewhere on his new home. Sodoragon flew to the destination only to be met by an infuriated Galden who not yet had any trust in him. After Galden attacked Sodoragon, the two had a brawl that lasted for 10 minutes and eventually, Sodoragon realized that Galdenís armor was very thick so he finished the fight by using his output cannon. Galden barely survived due to his thick armor and was severely wounded from the attack so he retreated. Since the incident, the two monsters have had a truce and even though Sodoragon is not Galden's best friend, Galden is willing to help Sodoragon defend the world against both mutants and invaders alike who threaten their home.

Galden is my kaiju and belongs to me ^^.
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'Victorious' Acrylic on canvas, 30x40 inch. Showing Handley Page Victor XL189 having just refuelled Avro Vulcan XM607 on the black Buck raids...

The original of this is still available for sale, please contact me for prices, Thanks!
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my 2nd stupid idea.....
a tuned version of the gundam Sandrock
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I'm still not sure how to categorize and present sculptures on this site, so sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I've decided to try and adapt the first two chapters of the Tyrantis Saga into a short movie. It's going to be my big project as I prepare to go to college in the coming fall. I've already decided on stop motion as my method of making the monster (suit-a-mation is more expensive for me), and so we have this little deviation.

I've done quite a bit of stop motion during the past two years in my high school film class and have found I absolutely love it. I really wish it was used more often as it is so much fun (for me)! My first project was called Battle of the Behemoths and was, of course, a giant monster flick (I was originally going to do a short with pirates fighting skeletons in honor of Jason and the Argonauts, but decided on a giant monster movie after the original King Kong finally came out on DVD).

In that movie I made the models out of pipecleaner-skeletons and felt (you can see a similar sculpture in my gallery. It's an Audrey II). While they worked for the three minute long film, they had some problems. The pipecleaner skeletons didn't hold their poses as well as I'd hoped and could only stand so much stress before snapping and becoming useless (thankfully it didn't happen during filming, but now those models are looser than a ten dollar hoor). My next animation was done with Legos (an extension of my original skeleton idea) and gave me an idea.

Using all my old Lego Technic pieces from my Bionicle collecting days, I built a tyrannosaurus rex stop motion skeleton (I wish I had taken a picture of it). I then made a felt skin (it's cheaper than the foam rubber that Harryhausen used, and I'm not made of money) over it, and voila! A superior giant monster of my own design!

It's still not flawless, of course. The felt skin does not allow for the level of detail I'd like, and the skeleton is so big that I'll have to be very careful when moving it to keep from screwing up a shot. Still, I think it'll be the most impressive stop motion I've made to date.

I'm thinking of making the movie a double feature (Grindhouse was my best experience at the movies this year, even topping Hot Fuzz) and, if it goes well, maybe making a sequel. MechaTyrantis, anyone?
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Norris Packard
and his mobile suit MS07-B-III Gouf Custom
from my favourite gundam series, 8th MS Team

fixed some obvious seams on shoulders and repainted them.

Mecha is Master Grade 1/100
Norris is about 1/20 i guess.
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AT LAST IT'S FINISHED!!! I've been working this project since November! The project was to choose a photo as a reference and do whatever we wanted to...
I chose a photo of Milla Jovovich by Bettina Rheims and decided to draw her as the medusa...
Here's the original photo I used (the second picture in row): [link]

The resolution isn't that nice cause this is a photo I've taken with my camera and much of the detail is lost...
So, here's finally my illustration of pretty medusa!:)
coloured with coloured pencils on a canson paper
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MG-RX2 Pattern vs GK-0 Pattern!

scratchbuilt with PVC & Styrene w/ Mr. Hobby paints

commissioned unit for :iconcvphased:


-13.5 cm tall
-33 points of articulation
-Movable jaw
-Movable Radome
-Movable Radome fins
-Movable FE Laser (up/down, 360 deg. horizontal rotation)
-Movable toe spikes
-Extending lower legs w/ simulated hydraulic rams
-Ball-jointed neck (base of head)
-Ball-jointed feet
-Ball jointed Railgun & Radome
-Ball-jointed side armor
-Dual ball-jointed hips
-Collapsible & swiveling knees
-Movable spine
-Double-jointed heels

-1 inch tall
-Support stand

Metal Gear, Metal Gear Rex, Gekko belong to Konami Digital Entertainment, Yoji Shinkawa & Hideo Kojima.
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