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This is the tutorial for the "proper crane", the one that most people will think of when it's mentioned. I know that my photoshopping skills suck and he pictures are a bit blurry, but bear with it and you should be fine.

I would highly reccomend you practice with the flappign crane for a while to get the hang of reverse folds, petal folds and squash folds before attempting this one.
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After downloading rename the parts as follows:

Part 1 of 3 "Time Machine 3D Model OBJ.part01.rar"
Part 2 of 3 "Time Machine 3D Model OBJ.part02.rar"
Part 3 of 3 "Time Machine 3D Model OBJ.part03.rar

(This is necessary because DA renames uploads to suit its own needs)

After renaming, place all files in the same folder, simply extract the (OBJ) file as normal from the first file.


Model is ideal for educational use, great for practising texture mapping of Wood, Glass, and Metals as well as for fun with light and Caustics.


You can submit finished renders of this but don't re share the model it itself anywhere, if you think your version is worth sharing contact me directly and i will see about sharing it here instead.

Please credit with 'Time Machine Model By Hameed' if you publish renders anywhere online.


'Powerful' machine required, comments, feedback, questions most welcome, please do show me your renders i would love to see them!!

This is the actual model from:

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:star: If you are having problems still with this PDF, I'm sorry that there isn't anything more I can do to help - yes, it is an absolutely huge file to download, because it is full of photographs of many of the steps. Be patient.

:pointr: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to view this PDF :pointl:
:pointr: Also! This is a big file (almost 40mg) compressing it was causing problems with it being downloaded, so I'm reuploading it without any compression~

:star: Please, if you make something with this tutorial (or any of my other one's), send me a link to it - I really want to see it! :star:

OMFG. Okay, I've been working on this on and off for the past week, and really wanted to get it posted before I leave for the weekend. Not to mention, it has been my most requested tutorial, too. And, I have to say, I'm very happy with it.

Just like my kimono pattern tutorial, this is my methodology for creating (fake) hakama for cosplay purposes.

:pointr: The pictures for this were taken while I was working on my Mai from Avatar: The Last Airbender commission, and that is where I got the methodology down.

It is long, and you do have to do math. Read through the whole tutorial first, before attempting to make it, so you understand the points.

As with all of my tutorials, they're wordy, because I want you to understand everything that you are doing. I abhor tutorials that are "and then do this, and then do this, and then this, and then you're done," especially for things that are sewing based off of measurements. You need to understand what you are doing.

This also may be more advanced than some peoples sewing skills are at, I would tag this as a "MEDIUM" tutorial, in terms of difficulty. You need to know how to hem something, press something, and what words like "seam allowance" mean.

These are not historically or Kendo accurate hakama, so there is no need to point that out to me in a comment - I know, that's why the word "fake" is on the preview image!

If you do want to make more historically accurate hakama, Folkwear has a hakama pattern available, just do a google search for it. These are meant to be more dramatic and stylized for cosplay purposes, because for many applications, traditional hakama are no where near as full as they should be.

There are two different styles described in this tutorial - ones that have elastic in a waistband for comfort, and where the hakama aren't going to be seen, and ones that have side slits and ties to close them, so they look more accurate to traditional hakama (they do not, however, have a backboard - you're going to have to figure that one out on your own if you want to add one)

I would ask that you do not sell anything you make with this tutorial~

I know that there isn't any way to enforce this, but if I do see this happening, it's going to keep me from writing or making other one's, or even deleting what I have done already, okay?

I'm appealing to your conscience.

© 2009 Samantha Lemieux/Taeliac Studio
Do not edit in any way, repost or redistribute without permission. DO NOT STEAL!
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I had a couple requests for the PDO (PePaKuRa) files for Cortana's model since I didn't write up any instructions for it, so here they are in a WinRAR archive.

You can get WinRAR here if you don't already have it.

Assembled Image

PDF of Pieces

If you can't figure out how to download this file, refer to this One-Step How-To Guide

Have you built this or one of my other models? Feel free to let me know how hard you thought they were!
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With permission from :iconcyberdrone: , thanks buddy. ^^

Out of all the Cubeecraft Daleks he's made, I noticed that this variant had escaped his collection. Although they got almost no screen time (they could be seen in Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways for a little bit, floating around the Dalek Emperor), I always thought they were cool looking and a nice throwback to the guard Daleks from Evil of the Daleks.

I was unable to find the proper name for the other weapon, but it's based on the design given to the 12" RC version. I vaguely remember hearing in a review somewhere that it's some kind of vortex weapon linked somehow to the Emperor or something near him.

The only part I drew was the new weapon, the rest is all Cyberdrone. Daleks and Doctor Who belong to BBC.
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Bullet; Red Don't just change the colors and add birds or so, must be a big change or used with models and objects. 
I will ask to deleted if its not. 
Bullet; Red Do not use my stock to make another stock.
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Bullet; Red Credit me in the page of your work, outside or in DA.
Bullet; Red Credit the owners of the resources i use to make the premade backgrounds. 
Bullet; Red Leave a comment on the brush or stock used with the link of your work

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My Custom Cubeecraft / Papercraft Cutout template of Char's Zaku from the Gundam Series.

An illustration of this Cubee to what it look like put together can be found here [link]

Zaku II [link]

I also have some Mobile Suit Leo Cubeecraft Templates. these can be found with my other Anime Cubees here [link]
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Step by step tutorial on how to make your own Zaku mecha helmet out of craft foam (or rubber sheet in some regions). Be sure you follow it based on the size of the head you plan to have it worn on. This is very basic so feel free to improve on it in terms of designs, gimiks and colors.

Drawn in vector via CorelDraw.

What is a Zaku? [link]

What is Craft Foam? [link]
(usually used for Flip-flops)

Where can I buy them?
If you are from Metro Manila, Philippines, information on sources can be found at FilCosplay Forum's Cosplay SOS Directory: [link] You would need to be a member to view it, membership is free.

If you are from other countries, try to find your nearest supplier online.

Will you be making the whole Zaku body?
Soon. If im successful, will post a tutorial if i can.
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Been wanting to make this one for a while. I'll post one on making armor fingers later! Thank you to Goldy for introducing me to this method.
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If used or downloaded, I would really appreciate a *Fave* :)

I’ve been playing around with the GPL Photo Manipulation tool, GIMP, which is a fantastic alternative to Photoshop. I use the GIMPSHOP version because it’s close to being set up like Photoshop itself. And I’m a huge supporter of Open Source for the masses. If you don’t want to break the bank with Photoshop, you should give GIMP a shot - I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did.

Anyway, I wasn’t thrilled with the brushes available for GIMP, so I decided to try to make my own. Here is my first batch. The vectors are from and You are free to use these brushes for personal use.

Also available for download on my blog, DesignShrine: [link]
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